BSNL Employees Transfer policyBack

Advisory for retention of knowledge and expertise acquired by executives of Telecom stream - reg 21-11-17
Amendment in BSNL Employee transfer policy reg 07-07-17
Retention of quarters on transfer to rural area 25-04-08
Retention of Quarters on transfer BSSL-MTNL 10-12-04
Providing substitutes for Tenure stations under Non territorial Circles reg 29-08-16
Posting of Govt employees have differently abled dependents- DoP and T instructions 05-01-16
Modifications in the guidelines in transfer to Soft tenure areas in BSNL reg 26-08-14
Policy for request transfer under Para - 9 reg 29-08-16
Mutual Transfer and Transfer under para 38 13-02-12
JTO temporary transfer by Cor off - Instructions 12-03-12
J&K tenure period review for certain SSAs 01-09-09
Inter circle transfer policy of DRJTOs- Rule-8 Clarifications - 07-10-02
Issues regarding transfer to tenure stations and non territirial circles - Instructions 09-12-15
In ordinate delay in relieving of executives under Transfer reg 20-10-15
Immunity from transfer- Non executives recognized union reg 17-03-15
Immunity from Transfer - NE union Clarification reg 17-09-12
Immunity from transfer NE union - reg - Revised clarification 19-09-12
Guidelines for forwarding transfer request on completion of tenure posting reg 19-06-15
Applying on line Rule 8 request transfers on ERP Portal reg 12-04-16
Guidelines for forwarding transfer requests reg 04-05-2015
Grant of Perks to Executive employees in BSNL reg 23-05-16
Review of existing soft tenure stations and assessment of new soft tenure area - Feedback from Circles thereof 03-08-16
Transfer on actual requirement - Instructions dated 07-03-11
Transfer of Officers appearing in Agreed and ODI list - Instructions 18-04-13
Transfer Guidlines - DOT 16-03-12
Special concessions to CG employees - PSUs falling under CGs working in Kashmir Valley reg -DoP and T instructions 11-08-16
Review of Tenure period and related facility - Udhmpur and Rajauri SSA of J and K -Clarification 26-04-16
Review of Tenure period and related facilities - Udhampur and Rajauri SSAs - J and K reg 19-02-16
Review of existing Tenure Area - J and K and NE II Circle - 30-11-11pdf
Furnishing of Stay Particulars for SDE - DE - Instructions reg 24-06-15
Forwarding of Request to transfer - Instructions - 17-07-09
Exectuion transfer orders - Soft tenure cases reg 28-12-15
Employees Transfer policy reg 24-01-13
Delay in relieving executives under Transfer - CO will directly release reg 14-09-15
Consolidation of SSAs in to Business areas - Transfer liability of SSA cadre staff 03-01-2016
Clarification on Transfer Policy Para9a14217
Clarification in Transfer policy 08-08-16
Calling of options from officcers to post in WB circle with facilities equivalent to NE regions reg - Instructions 01-07-16
BSNL Transfer policy Guidelines 04-05-09
BSNL Transfer policy Guidelines 18-03-10
BSNL Transfer policy amendment dated -13-08-08
BSNL Transfer policy amendment dated 07-05-08
BSNL Transfer employees Transfer policy 06-09-07
BSNL Employees transfer policy revised guidelines 09-05-12
BSNL Employees transfer policy revised guidelines - CORRIGENDUM 14-05-12
BSNL employees transfer policy - Corrigendum 19-06-12
BSNL Employee transfer policy - Instructions 23-09-16
Amendment in BSNL Transfer policy reg 19-12-16
Amendment in transfer policy - Non executives reg 22-01-16
Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer policy reg 08-04-16
Amendment in BSNL employees Transfer policy 24-11-14
Amendment in BSNL transfer policy reg 03-01-2017
Amendment in BSNL transfer policy Annexure 03-01-2017
Accomodation at near by station on transfer to Rural area- 25-04-08