ERP - Enterprise resource planningBack

Reorganisation of HR related payments and settlements 20-12-13
Volunteers for ERP at Ghaziabad in the grade of SDE 14-08-12
Updation - Entering of staff number of SDE in ERP for the - preparatlon for e-DPC- Reg 06-03-17
Sanction of Temporary Advance in ERP 05-02-15
Revenue Accounting in CDR system - ERP implementation 28-04-14
Restructuring of Civil wing Units post - ERP reg 04-03-15
Paperless working in ERP 15-09-14
Relieving of employees in ERP system - Instructions reg 21-06-16
Relieving guidelines and Clearance from ERP system - reg 29-02-16
Employee Self Service - BSNL ERP User Manual
Prepaid TU through Cheque - DD at CSC counters - ERP query 15-04-14
Posting of SDEs T in ERP - Clarification reg 09-05-13
Payment of TA DA to JTOs voluntered for ERP reg 26-07-12
Organisational structure in ERP for CM Vertical - Detailed guidelines 19-01-15
Organisational structure of implementation of ERP in BSNL during roll out phase of ERP 20-09-13
Number of staff required at SSA - Circle level - CM Vertical 28-01-15
Missing career history in ERP - Updation reg 03-12-16
Norms for staff and vehicle at SSA - Area - Circle level - CM Vertical 28-01-15
Mergerof Civil Electrical to SSAs in ERP - Existance of FP reg 29-08-14
Merger of CMTS accounting unit with SSA-Clarification reg30-05-14
Merger of CMTS accounting unit with SSA reg 21-05-14
Merger of CMTS accounting unit with SSA reg Clarifications 22-01-14- 21-05-14
Maintenance of ServiceBook - Clarification - 25-08-11
Interworking of SAP ERP and Sancharsoft and Pyro system in post ERP scenario 27-09-13
Important activities for smooth transition from Legacy to SAP 20-12-13
Implementation of ERP in BSNL 07-07-13
Implementation of ERP in BSNL 07-01-14
Handling Temporary Advance in ERP - 25-08-11
Guidelines for Ctopup through Channel partners and CSCs - Post ERP implementation reg 27-11-14
Formation of Buisness Areas in ERP - Clarification reg 01-09-14
Filling Transaction Data Templates - Guidelines FICO ERP
ERP-FICO-Transactional Data-Migration Document
ERP-FICO-Transactional Data-Migration strtegy 07-01-14
ERP Updation pending - GRP-A-B Details 06 -12-16
ERP Implementation reg - Instructions 19-12-11
ERP implementation FICO module -Preparation of Assets template 24-12-13
ERP implementation - FICO Module guideleins
ERP Complaints resolving procedure 10-10-13
ERP - Implementation of FICO module - Preparation of Assets Template 07-01-14
ERP - Accounting of CWIP Assets etc 13-01-14
EPP - Applicability of foot note -1 below schedule IA, IB, IC and ID of BSNLMS RR 2009 - Clarification on implementation therof 27-09-13
CM Vertical - Organisational structure implementation in ERP 02-12-14
Carrier progression reg
Briefcase and Towell uniform procedure for ERP
Asset Master template - Final 07-01-14
Activities to be started for implementation of ERP 03-07-2014