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WLL - Updation in Kenen FX billing system - TN Circle
To Know CDMA prepaid data usage - Procedure
Teracom datacard Compatibility with Windows 8 - Procedure reg
Tariff for roaming test SIMS reg 16-09-13
Steps for popularising Data usge in BSNL 26-06-13
SMS termination charges reg 10-06-13
Scrapping of GSM Equipment 29-11-11
Scheme of penalty for EMF radiation vialation - DOT letter 20-11-13
Sancharsoft for CDMA - Guidelines - 02-09-11
Sales Promotion GSM
Sales promotion CDMA Leased line PCO
Root Cause Analysis OG Fail Prepaid Rooaming customers -07-10-11
Railway track cable crossing - ROW charges
Requirement of Indus towers for sharing reg 18-06-13
Prepaid SIM swap thru Sancharsoft - Guidelines
Property tax is the responsibility of the owner of the property - Infra structure provider reg 02-02-17
Post paid bill payment thru CTOP up - 05-10-11
Physical targets projections in respect of CDMA WLL connection and EVDO card connection for 2013-14 & 2014-15 reg
Parameters affecting 3G Speed -20-08-09
Parameters affecting 3G Speed - 20-08-09
Parameters affecting 3G Speed - 20-08-09
MSC codes issue on VLR data basis instead of HLR 26-01-11
Monthly tariff card at POS reg 21-10-13
Monthly tariff card at POS reg 21-10-13
Monitoring Thresh hold - Revised Procedure 08-08-12
Modification in CM S and D Policy 2012 - 20-11-14
Mandatory use of telecom tower standards - TEC 14-02-13
Installation of mobile Towers on Postal Buildings reg - Gudilines
Guidelines to provide ISD & Internal Roaming 27-04-11
Guidelines for hiring of Building - Premises for GSM BTS sites 03-10-13
GSM revnue analysis for Sep 2014
Fraud instances reported in relation with GSM RC Vouchers 04-07-12
EVDO roaming implementation 05-04-11
EMF measurement from BTSs - Revision of Test procedure 26-09-13
Efficient Utilisation of Satellite bandwidth for improvement of Qos of Mobile data 16-03-15
3G - implementation of 14
Data speed check through NetPerSec tool
Data setting for handsets in BSNL
Creative for 3G exp centre
Configuration of GPRS in FWP instruments
Computation of call drop rates
CDOT Report Generation SW to know status of IOP - 12-08-11
CDMA WLL instruments programming keys
BSNL mobile VAS Deactivation Procedure
BSNL Application sotre - Power Point
BSNL Application Store promotion reg 20-07-11
BSNL 3G data card Troubleshooting Guide
BSNL 3G data card -HFCL- Training manual
BSNL - Application Store FAQ 09-06-11
Blackberry- FAQ
Blackberry product configuration sheet- MMS WAP
Blackberry BIS Lite OverView
Black berry- BIS Social service - Carrier Overview
Benefits passed to Franchisees
Auto APN correction feature in SGSN - 20-09-11
Actions to be taken to improve the Qos of Nortel net works in Mobile data services reg 10-03-15
3G Teracom Datacard - Presentation
3G Node-Bs Migration to IP backhaul to achieve 14
3G node-B Migration to Ethernet backhaul - Power point Presentation
3G Modem device - User manual
3G DataCard - Power point Presentation