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Open policy for engaging RBSP for providing BB -Voice services - Clarification reg 21-05-20
Broadband FAQ for Call Centre 08-09-10
Excess usage-one time settlement 07-04-11
CPE ZTE tYPE i upgradation 09-06-11
Broadband operational parameter for year 2011
BB - prepaid tariff rationalisation on DSL access 25-07-11
Re launch of Samadhan scheme for BB disputed limited usage bills reg 27-04-15
Instructions to use e-mail id of BSNL for official communications reg 17-09-14
Ways to achieve the target 05-08-10
Target Projectwise 2011-12
QOS Broadband - TRAI draft proposal reg
Out sourcing Wireline BB connections - Instructions 17-02-15
Centralised billing through P3 for bulk 24-09-11
Slow BB speed MOM 08-12-10
Heavy disconnection DO letter 24-03-11
VAS Growth stratagy South Zone review - PP
Roll out of Motive application in BB NW reg 28-04-14
Provisioning of Broadband Connections of BBNL reg 05-07-17
Balance based tariff reintroduction 30-09-10
IVR bases VAS thru OBD - On Mobile 02-04-13
Broadband Disconnected subscribers survey with Questinaire reg - Cov lr 18-06-15
Promotion of BB Schemes during festival season 30-10-12
Broadband Disconnected subscribers survey with Questinaire reg - Annex A 18-06-15
Out sourcing wireline BB services - Provisioning and Mtce reg 06-08-14
Suggestions - Proposals for rationalistion of BB tariff 19-10-12
Minutes of Dir (CFA) meeting
Increasing DID Business - Clarification reg 22-01-14
Advisory regarding nonsharing of BB service connection over WiFi reg 17-09-14
Slow speed 25-10-10
MOM Motive implementation 31-01-11
SMS bases BB usage 25-03-11
BB Maintenence out sourcing reg 25-03-09
Prepaid BB Vouchers - Extn of Shelf life Volume based Prepaid vouchers 26-12-12
MOM Discon on BB committee 07-02-11
Mktg campaign - BB services reg 31-10-12
Allotment of APN for VPN created in NIB 04-07-11
Voice & Video over BB workflow annex 14-06-11
Use of CAT 5 Cable instead of Dropwire for providing BB to sub 04-04-13
Leased Lines using Broadband Network 11-04-11
Outsourcing of BB provisioning and maintenance - Guidelines reg 13-04-16
Melas Govt employees scheme 28-10-09
Point to point Leased Line VPN Over BB 09-05-11
Motive application-Multiplay implementation 06-05-09
How to Rectify Slow speed BB
BB 8mbps relaunch 22-12-09
Exit interview for Disconnection reg 30-05-11
VAS Promotion CMD DO letter 12-09-11
Procedure for accounting CPE 01-02-10
One Free prepaid BB to all Postpaid BB customer in 5 SSAs - 25-07-11
Voice & Video over BB workflow 14-06-11
SMS based usage alerts - Annex
Printing of MRP in CPE boxes 15-05-09
Onlive DSLAM monitoring by SMS alert 15-02-11
Migration P2
Tests DELT and SELT 24-01-11
BB coverage at Common service centre 04-05-09
Multiplay motive client CD - annexure
Guidelines for destroying Life expired Prepaid Broadband Vouchers 23-04-12
Agreessive marketting push for BB 25-06-09
MIGRATION OF P2 to Multiplay Annex
Complaint redressal mechanism 09-06-11
SMS based usage alerts - BB 22-09-11
OTA Bookmark service in BSNL NW with Google 29-12-11
BB connectivity to NME 21-07-09
ADSL nomenclature 25-02-10
Broadband Disconnected subscribers survey with Questinaire reg - Annex B
Software tool for selecting suitable BB plan 18-01-11
Slow speed presentaion reg 14-07-11
Motive application for Multiplay - Cov
MOM Motive implementation 24-02-11
Field training for BB provisioning & Mtce 14-06-11
BB Slow speed issues presentation
BB outsourcing Marketting Installation 09-03-09
email id entry in CAF for BB 16-02-12
Removal of jumper from disconnected BB reg
SW TOOL for best fit BB plan 08-03-11