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Night Free landline calling and Free mobile roaming – potential game changers not only to stimulate growth but to avert definite and catastrophic jeopardizing and sealing of ensuing pay revision. Are we serious and keen not to be left in the lurch and profusely bleed? Only way out is to put the company on a sustainable growth trajectory.

Wounds inflicted by denial of on the cards pay revision would be deep, incurable and shattering. Psychological trauma would be incredible. Let us understand this reality and escape from going into vegetative state.

Comrades, even though it is needless to reiterate, time and again, that doors of coming pay revision would be shut for us, if we don’t considerably bridge, if not completely wipe out the losses, by the time 3rd PRC knocks at our doors, and which is not quite far away, yet, we are compelled to reiterate this hard and inescapable reality, keeping in view and fully visualizing and understanding the psychological trauma and magnitude of agony that denial of pay revision will inflict on us. We will be completely shattered, left in the bewilderment and keep on bleeding. It is not a question of scaring anyone but just a matter of going in for a very serious and honest self introspection to reveal and understand the deadly consequences of doors of coming pay revision getting closed for us - fatal consequences.       

Yes, it is nearly impossible to wipe out completely the accumulated losses of about Rs 8000 crores in the intervening time but if we succeed in considerably and continuously bridging the losses, it gives us strategic leeway in terms of arguments to convince and impress upon pay revision committee that we are on an upward and sustainable growth trajectory and are gathering momentum with each day to completely overcome the accumulated losses in due course of time. This surely should not and will not fall on the deaf ears of the wage committee, administrative ministry and the Management. And if it falls on the deaf ears, we get all the justification, legitimacy and strength in the world to hit back with a big bang. Otherwise nothing – we even cannot make smallest dent on 3rd PRC.

New Chairman of the Company having taken radical, unprecedented and bold decisions, hitherto never even thought about and fraught with huge risks, of Night free landline and free roaming, has not yielded tangible results in terms of revenue generation. We have miserably failed to capitalize on the huge business potential that these twin decisions inherently have. More than 200 SSAs are yet to generate any revenue increase, underlying our complete failure. These radical business decisions have not been marketed at all and obviously have not percolated to users. And we should understand that these decisions have been taken with incredibly huge risks – a virtual business gamble- we can lose revenues in hundreds of crores if we fail to capitalize on them as quickly as possible. True, we have good number of lousy and non performing CGMs/SSA heads that have no concern, affinity whatsoever towards the Company but it is our responsibility to ruthlessly thrash and expose them to make them act and decide. Strategies for marketing, providing of new connections, improving and monitoring quality of services, reaching out to users, strengthening of network etc. have to be closely worked out at SSA levels and got executed. Simply pleading that CGM/GM is not performing has no meaning - it only implies our failure and lack of commitment to get the act done.

Hon PM and MOC are pragmatically and proactively getting focused on revival of BSNL and its public and media acknowledgment and presence is getting increasingly visible. This is something great. Top Management is going on in a big way in expansion, with Wi-Fi hot spots, NGN project, major expansion on GSM by 50% add-on order etc. Mobile add-on order will cover south, east and north zones. For western zone, separate tender is planned.

Management and owners of the Company getting committed to revival of Company, it is our duty and responsibility to piece our acts together and respond to these initiatives in a spontaneous, outstanding and exemplary manner – exhibiting rarest of rare determination, focus, commitment and involvement to reach our destination. Reaching destination means looking forward optimistically and confidently to getting eligible to 3rd PRC and thereby escaping from the gallows of getting strangulated, incurably wounded and psychologically traumatized and finally going into a vegetative state. 


Forum Circular on campaign on Night Free call facility and Free roaming facility-- All CSs/SSA Secretaries are requested to fully involve in the campaign
Forum circular


Night Free call facility and Free roaming facility: Campaign extended for one more month.

The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting on 26.06.2015, reviewed the implementation of the Forum call to conduct a month long campaign from 8th June to 7th July to popularise the “Night Free call” facility and also to increase the number of landline and broadband connections. The Forum meeting expressed its dissatisfaction over the slackness on the part of the circle and district level Forums in implementing the month long campaign. So far the CHQ of all Unions/Associations have not received information from any circle except Chennai TD regarding the implementation of the campaign. Subsequently "Free roaming" facility also announced by the Management from 15th June. After detailed discussion, the meeting decided that the campaign should be extended for one more month.  Forum took the decision that all circle level Forums should compulsorily meet by 03.07.2015 and finalise the strategies for the successful implementation of the campaign. Similarly, all the district level Forums should meet by 06.07.2015 and finalise the strategies to be taken at the district level for the successful implementation of the campaign.  Forum also took the decision to write to the CMD BSNL about the inaction of the circle and SSA level administrations in taking steps to increase our customer base, utilising the offers. Hence, all circle and district secretaries are requested to take every possible step to effectively conduct the campaign. 


The BSNL Management has taken two bold marketing initiatives recently.  They are the "9 pm to 7 am" free call facility from landline and the "free roaming" facility in mobile connectionss. Both these steps have been largely welcomed by the public as a result of which the BSNL image has also greatly improved. At the same time, we should not forget that, the Company is going to lose its revenue to the extent of hundreds of crores of rupees as a result of the implementation of both these concessions. Increasing our customer base substantially, is the only way to save the Company from this loss of revenue. Hence, we the employees, have to take every possible step, to increase our customer base in a big way, both in the landline, broadband and mobile segments. The next one month period should be entirely and effectively utilised to boost our customer base.


“Post card campaign" in the month of August.

The Forum meeting held on 26.05.2015 expressed its dissatisfaction over the fact that, the government has not taken any meaningful step for the revival of BSNL. It is already 2 months since the 2 day strike has taken place, and also talks were held with the Secretary, DoT. Except in the matter of 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners, no improvement has come on any other issue. The Forum has decided that, the whole month of July should be utilised to popularize the “Night Free call facility” and “Free roaming facility” and increase our customer base. At the same time, the Forum has come to the conclusion that, we cannot remain silent for long. Hence, it is decided in the meeting that a "Post card campaign" should be conducted in the month of August from 10th to 22nd August, 2015. Post card should go from each and every employee to the Hon Minister of Communications, demanding immediate steps for the revival of BSNL.

The text of the post card:

"Hon Minister of Communications & IT is requested to immediately settle the demands submitted by the Forum, for the revival of BSNL"

The post card should be signed by the individual employee with name, designation and name of SSA.


Meeting with Sri Madhukar Gupta, Jt Secretary, DPE: Secretary General/NCOA, President/NCOA and GS/SNEA met Jt Secretary, DPE on 25.06.2015 and held discussions on the terms of reference for the next wage revision committee. NCOA suggested to include uniform increment date, removal of bell curve for PRP, open ended pay scale, consideration of pay revision for the loss making and sick PSUs etc etc.  On pension revision, Jt Sec assured that the issue will be included once a reference is received from DoT.

The 3rd PRC is not constituted yet. The proposal was send to Cabinet Secretariat on 07th October but so far no decision on PRC is taken. NCOA is planning to organise some protest actions in the near future if the Govt delays the decision.
Letter to Cabinet Secretary by NCOA


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This is rejoinder to some of the misleading information published in the website of AIBSNLEA. SNEA(I) never claimed that it is directly a party in the JTO to SDE promotion case. For strategic reasons, SNEA(I) fighting the case in the name of the additional respondents no 6 to 14 and private respondent 7 from Chennai and 8 from Jabalpur who are SNEA(I) members in the original case at CAT and High Court(HC) by engaging Sr Lawyer Sri. O. V. Radhakrishan. The reply, MA, urgent memo etc will be filed in the name of the respondents. In Chennai also SNEA(I) fought the case in the name of private respondents only. Similarly in most of the cases, due to strategic reasons, SNEA(I) is fighting in the name of affected party, eg: 1966 seniority, 270 seniority, 147 seniority etc. In few cases only, SNEA(I) is directly a party like ITS case, 3G case, MT case, LDCE case etc.

In the name of private respondents, SNEA(I) is directly party in the case. AIBSNLEA simply impleaded in the CAT and even they couldnot include a single affected party (JTO) from Kerala or elsewhere alongwith them! It is admitted by them that they are not filed the vakalathnama in the Hon HC even after 5 months since February. Without filing vakalathnama and appointing a lawyer, how they are fighting for the JTOs in the HC for the last 5 months, it is not known? If they are sincere in the case why they didn’t filed the vakalathnama and engaged the lawyer for 5 months? Why they are waiting for the notice from court? They should have available in the court from day one to defend the case. Are they not aware of the fact that appeal is filed in the HC?  Everytime in the website they are writing that they are fighting in the high court but in reality they are not appeared even once in the HC. In the CAT also just they filed an impleadment application but their lawyer was not present in most of the days even on the final hearing dates in the Tribunal. This fact we didn’t reported earlier keeping trade union ethics. Whether they impleaded in the case just to delay the case like this? However, we are very happy to know that now they filed the vakalathnama on getting intimation from us.

Cause list of the case at Hon Ernakulam High Court on 25.06.2015



After lot of persuation BSNL management decided to circulate the Hon SC direction, DoPT and DoT orders on the eligibility of Diploma holders with 10 years service "equivalent" to Engineering Degree for the promotion to EE in Civil/Elect etc wings. This will address one of the long pending issue and SNEA demand for parity in promotion in all wings.