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AO to CAO promotion: The issue regarding implementation of reservation and own merit in CAO promotion is referred to the legal section and then to a Sr Advocate for the expert legal opinion. All other DPC work is completed. As soon as the legal opinion is received, promotion orders can be issued.


Vacation of stay on DE to DGM(T) promotion:  Based on the CAT judgment vacating the stay on AO to CAO promotion, BSNL is filing an MA for early hearing and vacation of stay in the Hon CAT on the same ground. Originally the OA is listed for 29.10.2018. On our request, DIR(HR) given the approval for the same as soon as the information regarding vacation of stay for CAO promotion received BSNLCO. All the documents supplied to the BSNL lawyer for filing the MA.


LICE for JE to JTO promotion: The proposal to conduct the LICE from JE to JTO promotion for the vacancy years 2016-17 and 2017-18 sent to Rect Section by the Estt Section. Last week DIR(HR) approved the proposal. 



What compelled SNEA to launch agitations from 24.09.18:

The developments which compelled SNEA to launch the agitations from 24.09.2018 on various issues will be discussed one by one. When negotiations and discussions does not yield the result and resolution of the issues, we don’t have any other option other than trade union actions. Normally in such situations, management will get involve in serious discussions to settle the issues in the best possible manner but unfortunately nowadays, the entire energy is diverted in doing research, how to discipline the Associations/ Unions, instead of addressing the serious HR issues comprehensively. In this situation, as a responsible Recognised Executive Association, we are duty bound to protect the interest of our members as well as all the BSNL Executives.

1. Notify and implement BSNL Executive promotion Policy Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board and solve the huge stagnation in different cadres. Bring Parity and Uniformity in promotions among equivalent cadres of different wings. All the existing vacancies in different cadres like SDE(T), CAO etc shall be filled notionally w.e.f. 29.06.2018 as per the earlier rules.

The urge for a Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy, delinking from availability of posts and seniority related issues, as prevailing in other CPSUs, was the demand of our beloved Association from the day of formation of BSNL. This is because of our bitter experience in the past, directly recruited JTOs retired as JTOs, without a single promotion or waiting for 20 to 25 years for one promotion etc due to want of vacancies. SNEA alone fought for the Time Bound Functional Promotion policy in 2002 and laid the strong foundation in the form of Terms and condition for absorption. In 2005, we sincerely tried to erect the structure in the form of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy by demanding Time Bound Promotion upto SG JAG level (E6 scale) but we could not fully succeed in the agitation. Finally EPP-2007 implemented and post based promotions continued as part of it as in a Govt department.

As a result of our agitation in 2015, the demand again picked momentum by the formation of Khan Committee. The Committee made a positive recommendation in October, 2015, recommending Time Bound Functional promotion upto AGM grade, after every 5 years. After the MV, management and SNEA further negotiated for the implementation as assured at the time of absorption in BSNL.  Finally, after considering the views of other stake holders also, the new promotion policy was approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

The approval of the minutes of the Board meeting taken some time and according to the approval, two points required to be examined before its implementation, 1) Whether financial implication is there or not for prior concurrence of DoT and 2) Reservation policies of the Govt is followed in the new policy? In the intervening period, before the next due date of promotion, ie. 01.07.2018 we conducted all the DPCs which are feasible in a record time and issued the promotion orders on 29.06.2018 which made the implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018 very smooth.

Meanwhile both the issues referred to two separate Committees:

1) Whether financial implication is there or not for which prior DoT concurrence required: The Committee after careful examination recommended that there is no additional financial implication on implementation of the new promotion policy, rather saving is there and as such it need not require the prior approval of DoT.

2) Reservation policies of the Govt is followed in the new policy? This matter was referred to a Committee of senior officers comprising Sr GM(Estt), GM(Per), GM(EF&FP) and GM(CLO). This Committee after exhaustive deliberations on the subject come to a conclusion that the Govt policies of Reservation is followed in the new promotion policy and submitted a unanimous report in this regard.

With the very positive recommendations from both the Committees, naturally we expected its notification and implementation atleast from 01.07.2018. By approving the proposal with a prospective date, instead of the proposed date of 01.01.2017, the Executives already lost one and half years of service. This already have a big impact on the future promotions. After implementation of the policy this issue to be deliberated further by seeking amendment for more relaxation.

Now management is dilly dallying on the notification and implementation w.e.f 01.07.2018. According to our rough calculation, about 18,500 Executives are expected to get promotion to one or the other grades w.e.f 01.07.2018. The HR plan and drastic reduction on the number of posts (about 40%) is hanging over our heads. So far we could stop it, till the approval of the new non-post based promotion policy, by delinking the promotions from the availability of posts and seniority. On approval of HR plan, it may become even difficult to justify the recent promotions as the number of posts will be less than the promotions. So many HR issues like E1+5 increments etc is pending in the BSNL Board, since 2014 for the approval, in the name of HR plan finalization.

All the vacancies in almost all the cadres filled up on 29.06.2018. Even after that, Executives recruited in the year 1988 as JTO(Arch) still remain as a JTO as there is no vacancy. JTO(E/C) form 1997/1998 are waiting for promotion, even SC/ST comrades. Is they does not deserve even a single promotion?  SDE(C/E/T) from 1998/2004 are waiting for AGM promotion. Every time can we look towards the Hon courts, vacation of stay and vacancies for our promotions? Can upgradation of posts as and when required is a feasible solution when the posts itself is going to be cut drastically? Even the SC/ST Executives are waiting for 10 to 15 years for their promotion in different cadres. As a solution we could get three assured Time Bound Functional promotions after 5 years in the new policy.

Comrades, CHQ could negotiate an excellent non-post based, Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy upto AGM Equivalent Grade, delinking from the seniority, as per the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL. We could get it approved by the BSNL Board also. Finally our efforts since 2002 for the implementation of a non-post based, Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy got Board approval, upto AGM Equivalent Grade. Now CHQ is facing difficulty in getting it notified and implemented. It is not possible without your active support. Our sincere efforts for the last 15 years should yield the desired results, ie. Un-interrupted promotions as in EPP. We seek your active support and participation in the coming agitational programs from 24.09.2018 with full spirit and commitment.

The PARITY IN PROMOTIONS among equivalent cadres in different wings is not a simple demand, we meant business. At the same time we once again want to make it clear that it is not against any particular cadre, rather it is for the welfare and uniform treatment of all the equivalent cadres. In upgradations or CPSU Hierarchy, parity is to be maintained atleast in the future. Discrimination in promotions will lead to demoralization and ultimately affects the performance.

There are huge number of vacancies available prior to 30.06.2018 in SDE(T) cadre and good number of vacancies in CAO cadre. This vacancies are to be filled as on 29.06.2018 as their juniors in equivalent cadres in other wings already promoted on 29.06.2018. This will bring parity in those cadres also. This demand already we placed before the management to protect the interest of our comrades.


View Corporate Office Orders:
Inter Circle transfer order of SDEs (Telecom) - Reg.


GS writes to DIR(HR): JTO to SDE promotions under SCF quota for about 5,500 vacancies for the years 2011-12 to 2017-18. Since the High Court decision on the review petition is pending, it is requested to explore the possibility of conduction of DPC covering all the JTOs of a particular year, without publishing the AIEL. As there is no stay on promotion, promotion orders can be issued to the maximum possible extent, recruitment year wise and the seniority can be decided later on, based on the final outcome of the court cases. Since the vacancies are existing prior to 30.06.2018, the promotion orders may be issued notionally w.e.f 29.06.2018, at par with the juniors promoted from other cadres on 29.06.2018. As per the available vacancies, the JTOs recruited for the years 2010 & 2013 also may be covered and hence the eligibility list particulars of the JTOs recruited in 2010 (SRD) and 2013 also may be called from Circles: 

GS letter to DIR(HR) on JTO to SDE promotion


GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding promotion to AGM Grade: Large number of AGM vacancies were reserved for untraceable cases at the time of DPC and it is reported that excess promotions happened against SC/ST quota in the promotion to AGM cadre. The matter may be reviewed and the eligible SDEs in list 8 waiting for promotion may be given promotion w.e.f. 29.06.2018 as their juniors are promoted on 29.06.2018.

GS letter to CMD about AGM promotion


View Corporate Office Order:
Tenure transfer of SDE Telecom.


RELAY HUNGER FAST at BSNLCO by CHQ Office Bearers, CSs, CPs etc from 24th September, 2018 onwards: All the CHQ OBs, CSs and CPs of all the Circles and other activists joining the RELAY HUNGER FAST is to reach Delhi by 23rd evening or 24the early morning. The RELAY HUNGER FAST will start exactly at 10.00 AM on 24.09.2018. Return journey can be decided later.


Circle Conferences of SNEA, WB Circle and Kolkata TD were held on 31st August & 1st September, 2018 at Kolkata. 

On 31st August afternoon, the open session held at Yuva Kendra Auditorium which was jointly convened by SNEA West Bengal Circle and Calcutta Telephones. The Auditorium with balcony was packed with the audience and the stage with galaxy of very senior officers from Circles and Regions. The session started by paying homage to our great leader Late Com Seshagiri Rao who served at various levels in SNEA and was the doyen of SNEA. Joint open session was attended and addressed by Com K Sebastin/GS, Com A A Khan/President, Com Padmanabha Rao/AGS & Com Sankar Sanyal/Joint Secretary(East), Sri Sitala Prasad Tripathy/CGM CTD, Sri S K Garg/CGM WBTC, Sri G Guha/CGM ETR, Sri A Maji/CGM ETP, Sri A K Kundu/CGM TF, Mr S Kujur/ GM(F) CTD, Shri P K Mahapatra/GM(HR &Admin) CTD, Shri K C Ghosh, PGM(NOW) CFA, Shri Pradip Gupta/GM/Tx, Shri Achintya Biswas GM(BA)/East, Smt A Das, GM(HR)/WBTC, Shri Hari GM(HR)/ETR, Shri A N Thakur GM(HR)/CTD. Shri Srikant Pal GM/Tx/CTD, Shri S K Deb GM/Cal SSA and Shri P K Sahana GM/ETR graced the occasion. The meeting was further illuminated with the presence of Shri Soumya Dutta, Secretary General, All India Banking Officers Confederation (AIBOC).

Both the Circle Secretaries of WB Circle and Calcutta Telephones Circle have placed the keynote address which included recent issues e.g. Implementation of CPSU Cadre hierarchy w.e.f. 01/7/2018, Implementation of 3rd PRC w.e.f. 01/01/2017, Earliest allocation of 4G spectrum, Extending 30% superannuation benefit, Approval of standard pay scales E2-E3, pay parity in the starting pay for  post-2007 JTOs/JAOs etc. and the problems prevailing in the respective Circles in respect of maintenance & development in different fields viz CFA, CM, Transmission, EB, Sales & Marketing, FTTH etc. Both the CSs, suggested the measures to be taken by the management of both the Circles to resolve the said issues.

All the CGMs and senior officers addressed the house. In their speech they assured to take necessary actions as pointed out by both CSs. They also openheartedly praised the initiative taken by CSs to mobilize their members for development of BSNL.

GS and President/CHQ highlighted all national issues and assured to take proper measures at appropriate level. Govts apathetic attitude towards BSNL, abnormal delay on allotting 4G spectrum and not complying to tender agreements in respect to supply of equipments etc are highlighted. Appreciated the performance of Calcutta Telephones and highlighted the progress with respect to other Circles in Eastern region. Over the last few years, CTD made a mark. The house emphasized to take special drive on FTTH connections and EB and called upon to build optical fibre network backbone.

All the CHQ office bearers addressed the house touching upon the burning issues pertaining to E2/E3 IDA pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and other equivalent cadres, pending promotion, the status on CPSE Hierarchy notification, 3rd PRC, Group Term Insurance, 1st TB promotion, pay loss to post 2007 JTO/JAO recruitees, E1A/E2A w.e.f 01/10/2000 for Civil/elect/Arch/TF etc and latest status in respect of each item was conveyed to the delegates.

The history of E2/E3 IDA pay scales was brought forth and explained on how some forces are putting weird demand of cascading and retrospective  effect (from 01/10/2000) to derail the issue. The Executives may be miffed at SNEA for the delay but there is no reason to shift allegiance when others stands for impracticable demand framed on popularity plank. GS conveyed how at the intervention of SNEA, BSNL took initiative to take up the issue with DPE and how the same is gaining momentum in positive direction. On promotions, by the continuous and visionary efforts of SNEA, a new promotion policy worked out delinking promotions from availability of posts and seniority and approved by the BSNL Board. The new promotion policy, once it is notified, assures 3 functional promotion upto AGM equivalent grades, in 15 years, on completion of 5 years each. It will be the ultimate solution with regards to promotion. DOT reportedly held discussion on 3rd PRC and conveyed instructions to prepare for its note for further processing. But the process to overcome cabinet approval will not be that easy. On Group Term Insurance, discussion with SBI Life and LIC is in its final stage to confirm on quotes and the matter is in its final stage. All employees upto 50 years are to get coverage of Rs 50 lakhs. GS explained the demand for 3rd PRC and that for E2/E3 pay scales need not be equated. 3rd PRC will benefit all as BR recruitees equally will be credited with contribution on enhanced pay scale towards EPF and Pension Fund. The demand is a common one among both Executives and non Executives whereas E2/E3 is an exclusive demand for the Executives. The withdrawal of pay protection on officiating promotion by the clarification dated 19.02.2010, which affected thousands of Executives facing recovery of lakhs of rupees resolved once for all. The orders to that effect were issued on 27.02.2017. The 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years which is part of Khan Committee was kept pending for the approval of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and now it will be pursued. The pay loss for post 2007 JTO/JAOs is a big heartburn for the young generation. Our demand for 22820 in comparison with other batches is not agreed by the management citing the reason that post 2007 rects are not eligible for 2nd PRC fitment. Now our efforts are to compensate it by giving additional increments which is possible only after the approval of E2 and E3 scales. Meanwhile to give much relief to the post 2010 JTOs, who not even got E1+5, we are pursuing with management for the same. This issue we highlighted recently. By this we are trying to bring all post 2007 rects to minimum E1+5 increments stage. Com GS intimated on Apex courts rejection of SLP filed by BSNL for pay fixation of JTOs officiating under FR 22(1)(a)(1) with FR-35 restriction. This paved the way for generalisation of the order. The E1A and E2A scales notionally from 01/10/2000 is approved by the MC and to be taken up in the Board. Com President made an inspiriting deliberation and urged upon new generation to take up the reins. He categorically told that if SNEA fails, then there cannot remain any other Association to achieve it. It is SNEA that holds credibility of such struggles and is confident to achieve it. He believes, the young Executives in SNEA have the prowess to bring the confused and directionless Executives into our fold.

The delegates unanimously called for immediate settlement of E2/E3 IDA pay scales, notification for CPSE Hierarchy, implementation of 3rd PRC, full 30% superannuation benefit, resolving pay disparity for post 2007 JTO  recruitees with special focus on E1+5 increments for 2010 onwards JTO/JAOs, Group Term Insurance, etc. The house held serious views on the above issues and delegates belonging to new generation held the issue of E2/E3 IDA pay scales as one of the main cause for discontent among new recruits.

The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously for the next term for Kolkata TD.

President: Com Sankar Sanyal, Circle Secretary: Com Dilip Saha, Treasurer: Asoke Kundu. CWC members: 1) Com Sankar Sanyal and 2) Com Saumendra Nath Ghosh.

The following Office Bearers were elected unanimously for the next term for West Bengal Circle.

President: Com Pradip Kumar Roy, Circle Secretary: Com Tapas Ghosh, Treasurer: Com Jayanta Mitra. CWC members: 1) Com Srikanta Awon, 2) Com Sandhipan Bhattacharya, 3) Com Siba Prasad Das.


AO to CAO promotion: The DPC work is going on and BSNLCO is awaiting the order from the CAT, vacating the stay. Earlier Hon CAT, Chandigargh vacated the stay on CAO promotions but the order not updated so far in the CAT website for taking further actions. Meanwhile some missing cases in the VC list and some PH cases brought to our notice is handed over to the SEA section.


GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding XXX All India Conference of SNEA, demanding withdrawal of the letter dated 07.09.2018 and to allow proper functioning of SNEA, the only representative Executives Association in BSNL and communication with the management with immediate effect. Also request to control some of the biased officers who are deliberately acting against SNEA and ensure legitimate functioning of SNEA as the Recognised Representative Association under REA Rules. 

GS letter to CMD, BSNL


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On 08-09-2018 AUAB leaders met Hon. Union Minister of State for Water Resources and Parliament Affairs Sri.Arjun Ram Meghwal at New Delhi. AUAB discussed the following issues with Hon Minister. 
1. 3rd PRC implementation.
2. 4G spectrum allotment to BSNL.
3. Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.
4. Pension Revision.
Hon Minister assured to speak to Hon. MoSC Shri Manoj Sinha and take us to the Hon MoSC to discuss the issues. 
In the 6th Rajasthan Circle Conference held on 24-08-2018 Hon. Minister was our Chief Guest in the Open session and assured us that he will take up the issues with Hon MoSC and also arrange one meeting with Hon MoSC Sri.Manoj Sinha shortly.
click here for the speech of Hon. Minister Arjun Meghwalji


RELAY HUNGER FAST at BSNLCO by CHQ Office Bearers, CSs, CPs etc from 24th September, 2018 onwards: All the CHQ OBs, CSs and CPs of all the Circles and other activists joining the RELAY HUNGER FAST is to reach Delhi by 23rd evening or 24the early morning. The RELAY HUNGER FAST will start exactly at 10.00 AM on 24.09.2018. Return journey can be decided later.


GS, President, AGS and CS/MH Circle met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 11.09.2018 and held discussions on a) DPE reply regarding E2 and E3 pay scales and DoT approval for it. We explained our meeting with Hon Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Shri Anant Geete on the issue. As per the instruction of Hon Minister, Assn will be meeting the Secretary/DPE for sending a modified reply from DPE. CMD assured to speak to the officers in DPE and DoT in this regard.

b) Cancellation of the transfer orders of the officers working for the new CDR tender. Two GMs working in ITPC and part of the CDR tender committee is transferred to irrelevant posts, jeopardizing the entire tender related work. They are the most efficient officers in the field and their presence in the tender committee and retention in the ITPC wing is in the best interest of the company. Such talented officers cannot be compared with other officers, we told CMD, requesting him to cancel the transfer order.


GS, President, Chairman, AGS and CS/MH Circle met Shri Prabhash Singh, Member(Technology), DoT on 10.09.2018 and held discussions on allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. Member(T) informed that the BSNL proposal is moving in the right direction in DoT and taken a positive shape now.


GS, President, Chairman, AGS and CS/MH Circle met Shri Ravi Kant, Member(Services), DoT on 10.09.2018 and held discussions on Pension Revision for the BSNL pensioners as per Rule 37A of 1972 CCS Pension Rules. The pension revision is nothing to do with the pay revision of the serving BSNL employees and the pension is to be paid by the Govt. The entire amount of pension contribution is paid by BSNL to the Govt.

DoT sought the opinion of DoP&T to delink the pension revision from the pay revision of serving employees. DoP&T sought some more clarifications from DoT on the issue inorder to give their opinion. We requested Member(S) to expedite the reply to DoP&T and process the pension revision by taking it to the Cabinet as done during 2nd PRC. Member(S) assured to help in all possible ways and asked us to meet him after 10 days.


View Corporate Office Orders:
Missing APAR up to period ending 31-03-2017  for  64 AOs / Sr AOs reg.
DE Transfer order reg.