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Update on Meeting for Negotiations for Renewal of BSNL GHI Policy: As decided in last meeting 30/05/2024, on receipt of revised rates  from M/S Oriental Insurance Company with 20% Co-payment, the meeting for negotiations for renewal of existing BSNL Group Health Insurance Policy was held on 13/06/2024 at Fourth Floor, Committee Hall, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi.

The meeting was Presided over by Shri Sanjeev Tyagi, PGM Admin BSNL CO and from management side it was attended by Mrs Anita Johari, CGM SR BSNLCO, Shri. P.D. Chiraniya, PGM Finance BSNL CO & designate CGM UTKD Circle, Shri S.P. Singh, PGM Estt. BSNL CO, Shri Rajeev Kumar Sharma, DGM Admn/PR and Mrs. Rupmala , AGM Admn BSNL CO.

This meeting was attended by the representatives of recognized Associations i.e. SNEA AIGETOA and recognized Unions i.e. BSNLEU NFTE BSNL.

From SNEA, this meeting was attended by Mrs. Anu Agrawal, CP SNEA Delhi, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CS SNEA Delhi and Shri M.S. Adasul, GS SNEA.

The meeting started with welcome by DGM Admn and brief idea about the revised quotes received from M/s Oriental Insurance Company. Copy<<<>>

In house discussion between management and the representatives of Recognised Associations and Unions took place.

Before starting the discussions on negotiation of rates, the following clarifications were called by representatives of Unions and the same were clarified by the Admin section.

·      Co-payment is applicable only for dependent or it is applicable only to parents, and it was clarified that it will be applicable in case of each claim.

·      It was asked that Company has put rider of diseases related to Blood Pressure and if it is so then all the claims will be rejected as majority of problems initial symptoms are blood pressure and if we accept this condition, majority of diseases will be barred from coverage of claims and this GHI Policy will be of no use for the applicants or their dependent.

·      Further, it was queried whether the rider is applicable for all new entrants and it was clarified that rider is not applicable for all and it will be applicable for dependent parents and not to applicants and their wards and this also will be applicable in case of only five types of surgeries/treatments viz. Heart Attack, Hernia, Knee Replacement, Heap Replacement.

·      On this, we have made it clear that Heart attacks are not planned and it is part of an emergency and the same should be removed from rider list and it was assured to look into it.

Then DGM Admn updated members about the views expressed by the company representatives and informed that the company has given this as final quote and is not ready for reducing rates further.

From SNEA side we clearly told that the revised rates are again high and not as proposed in earlier meetings. We reminded that in last meeting it was informed that if 20% co-payment is applied then the rates should be maintained same as that of last year, but the company has just made reduction for namesake and this is not negotiation of rates in favour of executives, but it is enhancement of rates in favour of the company.

We categorically pointed out that M/s Oriental Insurance Company is applying 20% co-payment and the premium also is in increased percentage and during this year riders are also applied and it seems that company is detecting terms on BSNL.

We made it clear that we, the representatives of Executives, are here to protect the interest of the executives and not to protect the interest of Insurance company. We once again pointed out that the company is increasing the premium every year and that to be in high percentage. Hence number of participants are reducing and if we continue with this attitude, there will be very poor response for this renewed policy and it will be closed by next year, then better to close this policy this year itself.

Then some representatives have added that the company has certain formula to calculate premium based on claims made during last year i.e. claim ratio and they are also bound to maintain increase the premium to stop the loss. We shared in clear words that if M/S Oriental Insurance Company is not ready to give reasonable and justified rates, and if our executives have to pay premium of about Rs One lakh is majority cases which comes to be salary of one or two months for some applicants, there is no meaning in continuing this GHI Policy and better it is closed in this year itself. We strongly pleaded that we cannot give consent to Insurance company to extract lakhs of rupees from our employees/ executives for Group Health Insurance which is available at lesser rates in market and hence we will not accept this proposal.

PGM Admn explained that co-payment was a proposal from BSNL side and hence it is added and the has initially given plain rates without co-payment. We added that if one applied under group Plan D having premium of Rs 95000 and unfortunately one of member of his family needs claim under this policy causing expenditure of Rs 4.5 lakhs then he will have to pay premium amount of Rs 95000 and 20% of Rs. 4.5 lakhs i.e. Rs. 90000 means total Rs. 185000. It means that for a claim of Rs. 4.5 lakh under this GHI Policy, one has to pay a total of Rs. 1.85 lakh and even in individual policy for senior citizens also such high rates are not applied for Health Insurance coverage by any company.

We have also reminded that co-payment was proposed from the Management side to have a check on unwanted expenditure on hospitalisation and it was agreed only when the premium rates were/are kept at par with last year. We also reminded that the proposal for co-payment as discussed in the said meeting was for 10% and not 20% as is being applied by Insurance Company now.

We have elaborated that as per last year report given by company, about 68% applicants have made claims and if we maintain same ratio , instead of Rs 12 Crore premium last year, with 20% co-payment on 68% claims, the amount receivable by company will be more than Rs 25 Crores and this will be more than twice the amount BSNL has paid last year.

Similar views were expressed by the representatives of all Associations and Unions and finally it was analysed that co-payment is not in the interest of BSNL Executives and employees and instead it will add definite and fixed burden on everyone who will have submit claims under this policy and it defeats the very purpose of insuring under GHI Policy.

After deliberations and sharing views by all, it was unanimously decided by all that BSNL will have fresh negotiations with M/S Oriental Insurance Company for reduced quotes without co-payment option and the renewal will be done if company is ready with 20% increase in last year rates, otherwise this policy will be closed and efforts will be made for strengthening BSNL MRS policy.

Then the representatives of M/s Oriental Insurance Company who were already called by Admin section were invited in the meeting wherein Mrs. Swati Agroyee, Regional Manager along with one more lady representative participated in this meeting.

The details of discussions held in the internal meeting of BSNL were shared with these representatives that the rates quoted with 20% co-payment and with increase in rates is not acceptable to BSNL. The company representatives put their side and expressed their inability in reducing further rates stating that they cannot go with this loss making policy.

From the BSNL side, it was informed in clear words that BSNL want to go ahead for renewal of rates without co-payment and it was requested to M/S Oriental Insurance Company that the company should give negotiated rates without co-payment option.

It was informed to company representatives that with such high rates, there will be no takers for this policy due to high rates and if rates are reduced further, then there will be an increase in number of Optees/participants for the GHI policy. Then company representatives requested to give a fixed minimum number of the participants in this policy so that rates can be decided. BSNL made it clear that the number of participants is inversely proportional to the premium rate of GHI, higher the rates lower will be participants and lower the rates higher will be participants.

We reminded company representatives that we have already made it clear that if the company offers reasonable rates, all the applicants in SNEA and AIGETOA policies will be added to this policy and these policies will be closed. Then company representatives asked for the total number of existing families covered under these policies and it was informed that about 2800 families are covered under SNEA policy and about 800 families are covered under AIGETOA policy. On this, the company representatives responded that if there is addition of these members to BSNL GHI Policy, company may offer further reduced rates. Company further added that if BSNL comes with a minimum fixed number of Participants in GHI Policy, the proposal of BSNL for reduction of GHI renewal rates can be considered.   

It was categorically explained to representatives that the premium rates are too high with 20% co-payment policy and with these restrictions no one will opt for the GHI policy. We also narrated that personal Medical policies are available at cheaper rates having these no restriction clauses in the market.

In response, M/s Oriental Insurance Company assured to study the revised proposal and offer revised rates after getting consent from their internal committee and higher office. SNEA insisted that every time the reduction is being done by the company for namesake and time of a week or fortnight is being taken for deciding it. We reminded decision in an internal meeting to offer a proposal from BSNL side for keeping the renewal rates to a maximum of 20 % of the last year rates and the same was informed by the Management to Company representatives.

All leaders of association and union and mainly Mrs. Anita Johari, CGM SR insisted to the company representatives to provide additional lucrative features in the policy so that more executives take the policy and company representatives assured us to look into it.

On a query about exclusion of Diseases due to Blood Pressure, it was clarified that the same will be included and not excluded from GHI Policy as that of existing policy.

On a query about riders on exclusion of certain diseases, the representatives of Insurance Company clarified that we have categorized five diseases for parents of new entrants viz. CAPG, Cancer, Dialysis, Hernia, Hip replacement and Knee replacement. To this questions were raised by association leaders that CAPG must be removed as it cannot be termed as planned surgery. M/s Oriental Insurance responded that they will discuss this with their Head Office team and update.

Further, we have asked M/s Oriental Insurance if the rider condition can be removed for parents of new entrants by charging new entrants more premium amount but the same was not agreed by M/s Oriental Insurance Company.

It was again clarified that for certain diseases waiting period will be applicable only to parents and not to the applicants or their children.

In conclusion, BSNL conveyed a request to representatives of M/s Oriental Insurance Company to increase the rates to 20% and it was also informed that company may quote the rates for minimum number of participants i.e. for 5000 participants, for 10000 participants, for 15000 participants etc.

In response representatives of the M/S Oriental Insurance Company have assured to work out the same after getting concurrence of their higher management and submit their final/revised proposal latest by first working in in next week, and the next meeting will be held on receipt of the revised proposal from M/s Oriental Insurance Company.

We are hopeful that M/s Oriental Insurance Company will come with justified and reasonable rates for renewal of GHI Policy as discussed in the meeting with true spirit for renewal of policy.

Otherwise, we will not give consent for the renewal of this policy and under such compulsions, we will continue with the existing GHI Policy by SNEA with M/S New India Assurance Company wherein we are sure to get reasonable rates if we go for renewal of this policy and at the same time, we will continue our efforts for strengthening BSNL MRS policy. 



Update on LICE JTO/JAO Pay Loss Case at CAT Ernakulam: Pay loss case filed by SNEA in CAT Ernakulam was listed on 11/06/2024 wherein hearing took place on MA field by GoI/DoT through their advocate to delete name from the party array. The premise on which the deletion is sought is that after the constitution of the BSNL, the first respondent has no role in its functioning. It was argued by advocate by DoT that BSNL is a Public Sector undertaking and its management is completely free to finalize its day to day affairs, which are purely in the domain of the BSNL. Above arguments were defended with logical reasoning by SNEA advocate.

Hon CAT heard both the sides and opined that the presence of the DoT in the party array is essential either as formal party or as necessary party and accordingly issued orders to dismiss the MA. Copy <<<>>

The applicant,  SNEA is granted time to file rejoinder and case and next hearing in this case listed on 03/09/2024.


Update on Reservation in Promotions for PwBD Category executives: SNEA is getting continuous queries about implementation of reservation in promotions for PwBD Category executives with retrospective date as the timeline given by date given by CAT Delhi is also over.

In this regard, is to inform that this issue is being continuously pursued by SNEA along with GS DEWAB and the work is delayed due to delay in updating the data of the PwBD candidates in ERP required for effecting the Promotions with retrospective date. Now, data has been received in respect of all and the process for implementation of Reservation is being started with the SDE to AGM Telecom promotions and subsequently it will be implanted in call cadres and wings. We are hopeful that the orders for implementation of PwBD reservations for SDE to AGM Telecom promotions with retrospective effect will be issued in coming week. SNEA and DEWAB will further pursue to ensure that the reservation in Promotions for PwBD category executives are implemented with retrospective date for all wings and all cadres as early as possible.    


DPE issued OM for increase in IDA rates by 1.4% from existing 215.4% to 216.8% w.e.f. 01/04/2024 for Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Executive employees drawing pay in IDA pay scales revised w.e.f. 01/01/2007. Copy<<<>>


AGM CSS BSNL CO issued reminder to Heads of Concern Circles regarding Preparing of all India eligibility list PS (Field Units) as on 01/01/2023 and reservation rosters of PPS (Field Units). Copy<<<>>


Update on AO to CAO Court case : After judgement by Hon CAT Chandigarh on AO to CAO Promotions and applicability of catch up rule in February 2024, serious review was taken at BSNL CO and finally it was decided to call for legal opinion and to take further course of action.

On receipt of legal opinion, finally it was decided by BSNL Management to file appeal in the High Court Chandigarh and same has been filed in May 2024. It is understood that BSNL has mainly stressed on the different court cases on subject matter and called for quashing the orders issued by CAT Chandigarh.  

The summary hearing in this case was held on 28/05/2024 and it continued about 40 minutes. BSNL has appointed very senior advocates who have pleaded for non-applicability of Catch-up rule in view of existence of OM dated 21/01/2002. Several other submissions were made by BSNL advocates to justify the contention of BSNL say and prayer to set aside judgement of CAT Chandigarh

During the hearing, the Hon Court raised a pointed question as to any exercise being done for collecting quantifiable data with regards to adequacy of representation as mandated by M. Nagraj and Jarnail Singh, to which BSNL advocate responded that since we prepare rosters ,  such exercise is not needed as it is akin to the mandate of M. Nagraj and Jarnail Singh cases. BSNL advocate presented to the Hon Court the interim orders of Hon Supreme Court in Jarnail Singh v/s Vijay Ghorge cases which permitted reservation in promotions in accordance with law.

On preliminary hearing Hon Court has issued directions for submission of certain documents and mainly to place the interim orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court in cases of Jarnail Singh etc. No stay is granted on the decision of CAT Chandigarh and next hearing is scheduled on 04/07/2024.   


As per notification issued by AGM Admn BSNL CO next meeting for negotiation of rates for renewal of GHI Rates is scheduled at 1100 hrs on 13/06/2024. Copy<<<>>   

Since long these negotiations are going on and though this policy was to be renewed from 01/06/2024, till the process is not completed. Instead of reducing rates, M/S Oriental Insurance Company has increased rates by addition of co-payment @ 20% of expenditure against request by all Associations /Unions and BSNL Management for keeping same rates of last year with 20% co-payment option, WE are hopeful that today company accepts this proposal and renewal is finalized. Let us hope for the best. 


Update on Meeting dated 30/05/2024 for Negotiations of BSNL GHI Policy Renewal Rates: There was some confusion in rates of Renewal of GHI Policy renewal of GHI Policy and after meeting dated 22/05/2024, Admn section has received rates from M/S Oriental Insurance Company with 20% Co-payment and 16% reduced rates as submitted by Company and files was being processed for its approval.

SNEA has further critically analysed these rates and it was understood that the rates finalised are higher than the rates quoted initially and applicants will have to pay higher amount due to addition of co-payment and not keeping same the rate as that of last year as unanimously demanded by all leaders of Associations/Unions.  When this issue was raised with team Admn & mainly with PGM Admn BSNL CO and he also understood the grievances and this fresh meeting was called.   

Accordingly meeting for negotiations for renewal of existing BSNL Group Health Insurance Policy was held at Fourth Floor, Committee Hall, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath New Delhi on 30/05/2024. 

The meeting was Presided over by Shri Sanjeev Tyagi, PGM Admin BSNL CO and from management side it was attended by Shri , P.D. Chiraniya , PGM Finance BSNL CO, Shri S.P. Singh, PGM Estt. BSNL CO, Shri Rajeev Kumar Sharma, DGM Admn/PR and Mrs. Rupmala , AGM Admn BSNL CO.

This meeting was attended by the representatives of recognized Associations i.e. SNEA AIGETOA and recognized Unions i.e. BSNLEU NFTE BSNL.

From SNEA, this meeting was specially attended by Mrs. Anu Agrawal, CP SNEA Delhi,  Shri Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA and Shri M.S. Adasul, GS SNEA.

The meeting started with welcome by DGM Admn, who further gave a brief idea about the purpose of the meeting as per concern expressed by SNEA. He submitted the last  proposal received from M/s Oriental Insurance Company with Co-payment Option and riders for parents of new entrants.

SNEA was asked to share the concern that has been observed and raised about the final rates. GS SNEA explained the issue in detail and made it crystal clear that how these rates are benefitting only insurance company and how it is damaging the applicants who will continue or join this policy.  He expressed that as  the rates have increased than the rates of last year and co-payment is also applied along with rider condition for new entrant and expressed in clear words that these rates are not at all acceptable for us and number takers for this policy will reduce further defeating very purpose of the introducing GHI Policy.

We added that if rates are not reduced, there is no meaning in continuing this policy forcing BSNL employees to pay higher rates.

We shared table showing how the applicants will have to pay higher amount than the amount as quoted by the Insurance Company in initial proposal and made it crystal clear that this proposal is not acceptable to SNEA.

It was also reproduced that in first meeting we have requested for proposal by keeping premium fixed to last years rates i.e. 2023-2024 in order to check the fictitious cases, preplanned surgeries and mainly to continue the BSNL GHI policy for the long term.

Leaders requested the Officers representing Management for approval of reimbursement of Co-payment amount for employees and dependents from BSNL. But all of them,  informed that it is not under purview of the committee and leaders should take it with BSNL Management directly.

After elaborate discussions, the leaders of all Associations and Unions unanimously demanded that the rates finalised with 20% Co-payment and with 16% reduced quotes and in one voice demanded for further negotiation of rates for renewal of policy as per the last year rates and co-payment of 20%.   

PGM Admn BSNL CO clarified that earlier 12 different categories have been clubbed to Six categories only as the premium for other options were more or less the same so in order to make it simpler the categories having similar premium amount have been clubbed together.

After elaborate discussions, it was agreed by all that there is strong base in say of leaders and the final rates given by company are really high as compared with rates quoted in initial offer for this year. As such , it was finally decided to have further negotiations with the M/S Oriental Insurance Company and DGM Admin called representatives of Company.

Then the representatives of M/s Oriental Insurance Company who were already called by Admn section were invited in the meeting wherein Shri. R. S. Rawat, DGM, Shri. Mukesh Goyel, Sr Divisional Manager and  Mrs. Swati Agroyee, Regional Manager attended this meeting from M/S Oriental Insurance Company.

The details of discussions held in the internal meeting of BSNL was shared with these representatives who first defended the high rates by quoting high claim ratio during last year.

We have categorically explained to the representatives that the premium rates are far too high with co-payment policy and with these restrictions no one will opt the GHI policy at all. We also narrated that personal Medical policies are available at cheaper rates having these restriction clause in the market. M/s Oriental Insurance Company was asked to keep the premium rates same as that of last year with co-payment option.

All leaders of association and union and committee members unanimously told to adhere to discussions held in the first/second meeting for confirmation of GHI renewal rates as that of last year and co-payment thereof.

We have also narrated that if the diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension are to be excluded then there is no use of GHI Policy and applicants will have to bear each and every charge. It was clarified that the condition of execution of Diabetes and Hypertension is withdrawn and all such diseases will be covered. It was clarified that exclusion certain diseases and waiting period will be applicable only to parents and not to the applicants.

In conclusion, BSNL conveyed request to representatives of M/s Oriental Insurance Company to keep the rates as that of last year with Co-Payment Option, in response representatives of company have assured to work out the same after getting concurrence of their higher management and submit their final/revised proposal and next meeting will be held on receipt of the final/revised proposal from M/s Oriental Insurance Company. 


AGM W&S BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Units heads calling for agenda items for 13th Meeting BSNL Staff Welfare Board. Copy <<<>>

The last date for submission of agenda items is 30/06/2024.

We appeal all members of SNEA to share details of the agenda items to be included in this 13th Meeting BSNL Staff Welfare Board meeting to Shri. Arvind Pal Dahia, CS SNEA BSNL latest by 29/06/2024, so that desired agenda items related to Staff Welfare can be added in the agenda of the meeting and discussed in depth for conclusive decision.


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued long awaited Own Cost OTP Request Inter Circle Transfers wherein request of 101 SDEs  and AGMs is given consideration  SDE <<<>>   AGM <<<>> 

The OTP request was supposed to be issued in March 2024, but were not given consideration in view of code of conduct during Lok Sabha Elections.

Many of the SDEs/AGMs have submitted options through OTP window, but only partial requests are given consideration.

There is mass unrest among the executives who were waiting for consideration of their own cost requests, but same is not given consideration. The request to Circles having excess Executives, request of executives  not completed three years at Transferred place are not given consideration.

Though, it is being reported that consideration is given in policy manner by framing certain guidelines, but we observe that there are certain discrepancies or deviation from these guidelines and SNEA CHQ is consolidated data of the same and will pursue for consideration of remaining OTP requests.

SNEA CHQ convey thanks and gratitude to Director HR BSNL Board, PGM Pers BSNL CO and all the concerned officers in Pers section for giving consideration to these genuine requests.


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued cancellation of Transfer orders of three AGMs who were posted to Hard Tenure stations and also issued transfer order of two AGMs to Tenure stations as per their request. Copy<<<>>  


Sr. GM Tech ALTTC Ghaziabad writes to all Circle Heads regarding Trainings to proceed without Hostel facilities at ALTTC Ghaziabad w.e.f. 10/06/2024. Copy<<<>> 

Since taking over of ALTTC Campus by NTIPRIT, there are critical disputes due to certain officers from NTIPRIT and BSNL request for allotment of Hostel to BSNL trainees is  not agreed by NTIPRIT.

As per feedback from CS SNEA ALTTC, we have taken up matter with DoT and we are pursuing for permanent allotment of Hostel for BSNL Trainings so that this request and refusal issue is sorted out and trainees are not made to suffer as happening now. Let us hope for the best.


AGM SEA BSNL CO issued orders for retention of AO under transfer but holding post eligible for Immunity and transfer order of next two AOs are transferred as substitutes. Copy<<<>>  


AGM Estt. BSNL CO writes seventh reminder letter to all Circle Heads regarding expediting the action to settle disciplinary cases pending after the issue of charge sheet in respect of JTOs and Non-Executive officials. Copy<<<>>  


Opening of ESS window for Association Membership : DGM SR writes to all Circle Heads regarding Opening of ESS window for all executives in BSNL for submission online option for new membership or changeover  of Association membership through deduction of subscription from salary. Copy<<<>>

The e-membership subscription window in ERP ESS portal will be opened w.e.f. 16/06/2024 and will be closed on 15/07/2024.

This option for opting for fresh Membership by non-members of any association, Change over existing membership and to withdraw or stop the membership of already opted  association will be available for all the executives.

This is one time option during this window period and option once submitted either opting for fresh Membership by non-members of any association, Change over existing membership and to withdraw or stop the membership of already opted association can be modified only once during this window period and hence all executives will have to take firm decision and then take action for ESS Option.

Further this option once given cannot be modified till next window which will be opened in next year on 16/06/2025 and not before it once window will be closed  on 15/07/2024.

SNEA CHQ appeals all executives in BSNL to come forward and opt for membership of SNEA and support the sincere efforts being taken by SNEA as Majority Association in resolution of pending HR issues and be assured for certain firm solutions for important HR issues of the executives including important financial issues like 3rd PRC, Upgraded Standard Pays scales for affected BSNL recruited JTOs/JAOs in BSNL, issues related to promotions of executives in all wings and cadres and for other issues as being pursued by SNEA in different formal agenda meeting and getting desired results as seen in enhancement of Mobile handset reimbursement amount and promotions in cadres and wings not having stay through court cases etc.

We are thankful that you all have already given us super majority in 3rd MV and if the same is reflected in paid Membership, then it will be direct authority to pursue the issues successfully and in time bound manner.

Please strengthen SNEA and give further powers and authority so that we as Majority Association succeed in our ongoing mission for approval of Upgraded Standard Pay Scales for affected BSNL recruited JTOs/JAOs and implementation of third PRC for all executives in BSNL.    


Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA CHTD : (Report by Shri. A.S. Suresh, CS SNEA CHTD} : As notified the Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Chennai Circle was successfully conducted on 21/05/2024 at Conference Hall, Hotel Chennai Darbar, Chennai. pHOTOs <<<>>

The CEC meeting was conducted in two parts in morning session the internal discussions were held which concluded at 1400 hrs with break for lunch. In after lunch session, the Open Session was conducted in presence of dignities from SNEA CHQ and CHTD Circle administration. Entire proceedings of the meeting were presided over by Circle President Shri. S. Boobalan.

The proceedings of the meeting started with welcome address by Assistant Circle Secretary Shri. Buddhadev Gantayat, who gave warm welcome speech at the outset of the meeting, congratulating all 45 Executive Body Members for their dedicated contribution to SNEA's historic win in the 3rd MV process.

Circle President Shri. S. Boobalan then emphasized the importance of democratic, participative, and transparent principles adhered to by SNEA in building a strong and vibrant warrior ethos to protect the interests of the executive fraternity in BSNL. The meeting then commenced with the scheduled agenda points.

Circle Secretary, Shri. A.S. Suresh presented a detailed report on the issues addressed with Chennai Circle Management, including the implementation of restructuring in both Telecom and Finance streams, Rule 8 Transfer issues, and more. He extended heartfelt thanks to all executives who voted for SNEA in the 3rd MV, especially SNEA members. The marathon campaign led by our beloved General Secretary, Shri. M. S. Adasul along with Shri N.D. Ram GS SEWA CHQ, played a key role in SNEA securing a historical 52% vote in the 3rd MV.

The efforts taken by SNEA CHQ to resolve pending HR issues under the leadership of our GS, Shri. M.S. Adasul, during the past 8 months, have started yielding results. Now, after 20 years, the mobile reimbursement has been enhanced.

During the discussions by Executive Members, several deliberations were made at all India level and its details are as follows.

·      Immediate Launching of 4G to remain competitive in the Telecom Market.

· Enhancement of the Kilometer ceiling for Hired Vehicle / OLA facility will provide greater flexibility to ensure efficient mobility for official purposes.

· Inclusion of additional disease(s) in the Medical Immunity Category

· Direct Reimbursement of Mobile and other claims without the need for bill submission.

·   Fixing 2 Years Tenure period for Inter Circle Long Stay Transfer Policy and exempting female executives, as well as all executive above 50 years, from long stay transfers.

· Issue of MRS Card on a PAN India basis to simplify administrative procedures.

· Extension of Chandigarh CAT order regarding DoT Pension case to all eligible Executives of BSNL to ensure fairness and parity in pension-related matters

· Reinstatement of additional increment in the same scale on functional promotion under EPP

· Uniform Working Hours for all BSNL units by extending 2nd Saturday Holiday to all units.

·   He explained how efforts are being for settlement of Financial HR issues are priority issues. 

· Resolving issues in extending Transfer Grant and Joining Time facility to Special Recruited LICE JTOs to provide equitable benefits.

· Payment of Health Insurance Policy Premium by BSNL, including the possibility of offering an EMI option by BSNL.

·    It was unanimously resolved by the house to pursue all these issues in the larger interest of BSNL and its executives. District Secretary (West) Shri. S. Manoj Kumar from the Special Recruited JTO batch delivered vote of thanks.

Grand Open Session, CEC Meeting: Nearly 100 members of SNEA Chennai enthusiastically witnessed the Grand Open Session, honoured by our Chief Guest General Secretary, Shri. M. S. Adasul, and the Guest of Honor, the Principal General Manager (HR), Shri. D.M. Bhaskar, Special Invitee Shri. G. Valanarasu Circle Secretary,  SNEA TN Circle.

Addressing the house in brief Shri. G. Valanarasu Circle Secretary, SNEA TN Circle, elaborated the journey of SNEA and it has played effective role in resolution of HR issues.

Shri. D.M. Bhaskar, PGM (HR), congratulated our SNEA Chennai team for their valuable inputs and suggestions, which facilitated the smooth implementation of the long-pending restructuring. He also appreciated the Chennai Enterprise Business and FTTH segment for their excellent performance.

In the impressive and illustrative added General Secretary Shri. M.S. Adasul, touched all burning issues and updated house about vision of SNEA and how SNEA is seriously pursuing for resolution of long pending HR issues of the executives. The highlights of his one and half hour address are as follows.

·      Building Executive Unity in BSNL is paramount

·      All possible efforts are being made to settle the 3rd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) recommendations in BSNL.

· Continuous persuasion with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to find a logical conclusion for the upgraded Standard E2/E3 pay scale for affected JTOs/JAOs.

·   Efforts being made by SNEA in achieving a minimum Rs One lakh salary for JTOs and JAOs.

· Multiple dimensional working opportunities for executives, including roles in HR, Sales, Core Networking, IT, and more and special abilities of BSNL executives and its recognition by BSNL Management and Government.

·   Pursuation by SNEA for settlement of issues created due long stay transfer, particularly the finalization of the tenure period and the exemption of female executives. .

· The efforts of CMD to get financial support from Government of India are commendable, providing BSNL with positive momentum.

·   Crucial role played by Dr. Kalyan Sagar Nippani ji, as new Director HR BSNL in resolution of the pending HR issues.

·   Future road map and action of SNEA for resolution of pending HR issues of the executives.

Circle President Shri. S. Boobalan in his presidential Address summarized the entire proceedings of the Open Session and assured house for all possible efforts for resolution of pending HR issues at Circle level and requested GS to take care of issues at CHQ.

Before conclusion of Open Session, GS SNEA CHQ satisfactorily replied all the queries and doubts by the members present in the meeting.

The Open session started at 1500 Hrs concluded with vote of thanks by Circle Treasurer Shri. V. Saravanan and National Anthem.

pHOTOs <<<>>


DGM Pers BSNL CO conveyed Posting of Management Trainees(MTs) as Manager after completion of 52 weeks training. Copy<<<>>


Rule 9 Transfer applications only in Online mode w.e.f. 01/06/2024:  AGM Estt BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding Implementation of Online Transfer Application Module for inter-circle temporary transfer under Rule -9 of BSNL Transfer Policy. Copy<<<>>

In order to make the process transparent and efficient, ERP-HCM unit, BSNL CO has developed an Online Transfer Application Module for Rule  9 Transfer under OTA Tab in ERP-ESS portals and this module shall be made operational w.e.f. 01/06/2024.

This issue was pursued by SNEA for last one year and it has come into use for all w.e.f. 01/06/2024 and henceforth all willing JTOs/JAOs can submit their Rule 9 Requests through this window.

In similar manner, the work for online submission and consideration of Rule 8 requests of all JTOs/JAOs  also has been finalized and will be made operational very shortly.   


AGM Estt. BSNL CO issued Rule 9 Temporary transfer of JTOs  (Telecom) on Spouse working Grounds. Copy<<<>>