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GS writes to Hon MoC & IT: Abnormal, intriguing and inexplicable delay in according approval to initiation of disciplinary action against Sri. M. S. S. Rao, Ex-CGM/Kerala, against whom serious charges of corruption have been prima facie established after extensive investigations. Delay raises legitimate, serious and justified concern that officer who is retiring on 31st December, 2015 is getting tacit support from the office of MOC&IT so as to allow him to retire without initiation of appropriate disciplinary proceedings prior to his retirement.
Letter to Hon MoC & IT


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Congratulations: CMD informed that the refund of Rs 1250 Crores on account of USO Subsidy due for 2012-13 is released by DoT yesterday. Forum was in the forefront to fight for the refund and it was one of our major demand in the last strike.

Committee on pay fixation during Officiating promotion and pay protection had a meeting on 23.11.2015 and discussed the matter.


SNEA Bhavan booking: The online booking may be approved by the SSA and Circle Secretaries without delay. Delay in approval by SSA/Circle making inconvenience for the approval from CHQ. Change of SSA secretaries may be intimated to GS or CHQ Treasurer for incorporating changes in the website. For any clarification, pl contact the CHQ Treasurer.


Discussion with Sri Ameising Luikham, Secretary/DPE and Sri Madhukar Gupta, Addl Secretary/DPE on 23.11.2015 on the notice for protest demonstrations at DPE office demanding constitution of 3rd PRC:

On the notice served by NCOA for protest demonstration at DPE office on 26.11.2015, against the abnormal delay in constitution of 3rd PRC and demanding immediate action, Secretary/DPE invited NCOA for discussion. Sec/DPE, Addl sec and Director/DPE were present during discussion. NCOA represented by Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com V K Tomar, President/NCOA, Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com Shiwani, Treaurer/BHEL Federation.

During discussion, Sec and Addl Sec informed that now Govt is seriously considering the NCOA demand for constitution of the 3rd PRC. PMO already initiated the process and Secretary/DPE is meeting Cabinet Secretary today itself on the matter. Since VII CPC report already submitted, Govt is actively considering the proposal of DPE to constitute the 3rd PRC. Again a reminder was send to Cabinet Secretariate and PMO on 18.11.2015 alongwith the copy of the notice served by NCOA.

The notice given by NCOA generated tremendous pressure in the Govt and DPE. Sec and Addl Sec appealed NCOA not to go for any protest action at this point of time when Govt is actively considering the demand of NCOA for constitution of 3rd PRC. They assured that Govt will constitute the 3rd PRC without any further delay.

Based on the assurance given by Secretary/DPE, NCOA decided to postpone the protest demonstration arranged on 26.11.2015 by one month.

In the meeting, Secretary/DPE specially mentioned about BSNL performance last year in which it recorded operational profit and in revival path which is a good news for all of us and congratulated the GS, all the employees and BSNL management.


Meeting with Sri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 23.11.2015: CMD BSNL invited core committee members of the Forum to explain the performance and balance sheet of BSNL for the last financial year, 2014-15. The salient features are:

Last year, BSNL recorded operational profit of 672 Crores. Previous year loss was 691 Crores.

Top line revenue increased by 4.16%, highest during last 5 years.

Even in CFA segment, revenue from services increased more than 1%.

As per the new norms for calculation of depreciation applicable from 2014-15 onwards, the depreciation increased considerably and hence the total loss as per balance sheet increased from 6900 Cr to 8600 Cr. If the old depreciation method was used, the loss would have been less by 1500 Cr.

On future expansion plan, CMD explained that major MPLS expansion in EB segment is finalized and equipment will be available in 4 to 6 months.

In GSM front, add on order is already placed for replacing the Phase I, II and III eqpts and Nortel and Nokia eqpts of Phase IV. For western zone separate tender will be floated. More investment will be made on Wi-Fi hotspots.

CMD appealed to all the employees to work together taking these positive developments and the collective movement stated yielding results. Circles are started lot of marketing initiatives. Bihar Circle is conducting road shows. In TN Circle, Assns and Unions are sponsoring some SSAs having very poor performance and improved a lot.


Finally Mr M S S Rao, Ex CGM Kerala forced to accept the authority of BSNL Management.

Today morning, Hon Supreme Court dismissed the contempt petition filed by Mr Rao in the Hon SC. In the contempt petition, Mr Rao challenged the BSNL order posting him as Principal, RTTC, TVM which is headed by a DGM. He pleaded that DGM post is a very very lower position and not equivalent to CGM post. BSNL informed the Hon SC that he is posted as Principal, RTTC as per the assurance given by BSNL to Hon SC on 30.10.2015 and he is posted as PGM, RTTC which is an equivalent post. Accepting this plea, Hon SC dismissed the contempt petition.

In another development, today, Mr Rao forced to withdraw his petition in the Hon CAT, Ernakulam challenging his transfer order from CGM post as there is no option left for him. When the council for Mr Rao requested liberty to file fresh OA if required, Hon judge asked him “what left for you when Hon SC rejected the contempt petition”?

Earlier BSNL pleaded before the Hon SC, HC and CAT that Mr Rao removed from the CGM post on corruption charges, his name is appeared in ‘Agreed list of officers” as per the recommendations of CBI and he is not able to keep industrial peace in the potential Circle. Even after this submissions, some Assns and Unions openly supported him, surprisingly, putting a big question mark on their credibility and trade union ethics.

Now ex CGM Kerala who initiated series of vindictive actions against the employees and destroyed Kerala Circle is posted as Principal, RTTC, TVM.

Today, new CGM Mr Anantharam revoked the suspension of all the 20 employees suspended by Mr Rao as a vindictive action. We are extremely grateful to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR) and DIR(CFA) for the initiatives taken by them to restore normalcy in Kerala Circle.



Meeting with Addl Secretary, DPE on the NCOA demand for immediate constitution of 3rd PRC at 15.30 Hrs of 23.11.2015.

NCOA served notice for demonstration at DPE office on 26.11.2015 protesting against the abnormal delay in constitution of 3rd PRC and demanding immediate action.


Core committee meeting with CMD, BSNL on developmental issues on 23.11.2015 at 18.30 Hrs.

Assam Circle conference at Bongaigaon on 15th and 16th Dec: 2015.

Rajasthan Circle conference at Sikar on 19th and 20th Dec: 2015.