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Defeat Govts preposterous moves to reduce BSNL to rubble-Roll back BBNL and augment BSNL transmission network to successfully meet challenges of Broad band penetration.

Alarm bells have started ringing loudly and ominously since Govt. in collusion with vested interests have started serious and concerted moves to destabilize our beloved Company. It all started with creation of BBNL. What for we do not know except to kill BSNL whose biggest ever strength has been all along its last mile connectivity, both in underground cable as well as OF network. In almost all the Circles, our OF cables are stretched to block level and to the Grama Panchayat level in good number of locations. This inherent strength has enabled us to generate huge business potential in leased circuits and MPLS circuits, even through competitive tenders. Our SWAN circuits to State Govt’s, connectivity to Universities, Colleges etc. are result of this strength of ours. Massive capital investments of BSNL on which virtually no returns have accrued due to hostile policies of the Govt. and non level playing field have gone into building this last mile connectivity infrastructure.

BBNL is formed just to extend the OF cable to the Gram Panchayats and villages which are  not connected by BSNL so far by simply laying few hundred of meters of OF cable from where the fibre of BSNL is already available. The project work has been distributed among BSNL, Rail Tel and PGCL in the ratio 70:15:15. The entire project is funded by USO fund. The assets will be added to BBNL and BSNL is reduced to a mere contractor since it will get peanuts as commission from BBNL for using its bandwidth.

Natural and legitimate choice for executing the project should unquestionably be BSNL since BSNL is the biggest contributor towards USO fund and is a 100% Govt. owned PSU having massive OF network across entire length and breadth of the Country. What is the rationale in creating two PSUs, BSNL and BBNL to give BB connections? This is policy approach and vision of the owner of the Company. Not only is BSNL deprived of legitimate resources from USO funded projects but the basic and crucial objective of the Govt. to take Broadband to the door step of every Gram Panchayat is defeated today because of abnormal delay. This is simply because BBNL has no expertise, background and professionalism to execute such projects. The only inference that can be easily drawn is that creation of BBNL is surely a stepping stone in weakening BSNL in an area where it has enormous strength which private operators don’t have. The sordid story does not end here but diabolical steps are being taken to convert BBNL into a parallel service provider. Recruitment of executives in BBNL and other sinister moves and calculated steps point clearly towards creation of BBNL as a competitor of BSNL to greatest advantage of private operators.  

In the name of BBNL, BSNL has stopped laying fibres towards the customer ends, thus mortgaging the entire potential and strategic last mile connectivity to BBNL. It is completely misleading to conclude that assets of the NOFN with which BSNL is associated will be added to BSNL. It is a mischievous propaganda of vested interests who find an opportunity to grow in BBNL? All that BSNL will earn is a few hundred crores on account of its mortgaging its potential dark fibre to a non- existent entity, BBNL. Larger danger is that even our existing potential leased line circuits, MPLS connections, SWAN circuits, connectivity to Universities, colleges etc, may also be shifted to BBNL once it become operational fully. Our existing dark fibre upto block level will become redundant once BBNL decides to go for tender for the dark fibre connectivity upto block level in the future? Our growth will be crippled.

Toughest part of any new project, survey and planning, is completed by BSNL for a few crores. Other strategic data of the project gathered by BSNL like location, availability of BSNL OF fibre to be tapped, length of each OF cable to be laid to Gram Panchayats and other locations with route etc are available with BBNL. Now BBNL started blackmailing BSNL, putting the entire blame of delay in the project on BSNL. BBNL is threatening BSNL that second phase of OF laying may not be given to BSNL. If the BBNL does not have the survey data, will they talk like this?

BSNL management played hell with its business by getting associated with BBNL and not laying OF cable to the premises of potential customers in the name of NOFN? Entire work force of BSNL attached with transmission project wings and transmission work are diverted to NOFN work. The OF cable laying work of BSNL suffered and our aged and faulty OF cables are not getting replaced. OF cables are not available. Eastern region is worst affected, ETP is not able to make any headway in this regard for the last few years. If BSNL allows this to continue by focusing on BBNL work, ignoring our own strategic importance of strengthening the BSNL transmission network, we will be surrendering another strong area where BSNL is having ver high reach compared to other operators?

There is a strong need to relook at our priorities, big focus is required on OF cable laying to strengthen our own transmission network and our fibre should reach to the customer premises having business potential. This strategic business area should not be surrendered to BBNL which is another company. Finally, even though quite belated, we must rise up in arms and resolutely demand rolling back of BBNL into BSNL. Otherwise, we will be reduced to rubble. We have faltered at not defeating move to create BBNL. Let us not delay its rolling back. 


Proposal for switching over to Online examination in BSNL. Feedback has to be submitted by 14.11.2014
BSNL proposal


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CHQ extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today  on superannuation, for  a  happy  and  peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a  new  journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.


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Meeting with Sh. Bhardwaj, GM (FP): GS along with both the AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede and Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya met Sh. Bhardwaj GM(FP) on 30th Oct and thanked him and his team for issuing the CAO(Adhoc) to CAO regular promotions for 285 executives. About 92 VC are still pending and some cases are under sealed cover, he mentioned. We assured of full cooperation and persuasion with vigilance section for issuing of VC, as done earlier also, so that the pending cases are also cleared. Regarding JAO to AO he mentioned that the DPC file has been again sent to CLO for necessary clearance. Association reiterated that the interest of SC/ST should be protected as per the constitutional provisions.  

Meeting with Sh. S S Agarwal, GM (Pers): GS along with both the AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede and Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya met Sh. S S Agarwal GM(Pers) and discussed on

  1. Filing MA for JTO to SDE Promotions at Hon. Ernakulum CAT to seek permission for the conducting DPC and promote the executives who are waiting for their first promotion even after 17-18 years. GM (Pers) has fully assured of necessary action.
  2. Modification of postings in AGM regular: Association pointed out that some cancer and critical medical cases have been left out, to which he assured of considering them. Also association requested for modifications to BSNLCO to which he agreed to consider.


Uttarakhand Circle Conference will be held at Dehradun today, 31.10.2014. GS, CHQ President and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya attending the conference.


GS writes to GM (Pers.) / Cor. Office regarding  Exploring the possibility to issue promotion order from JTO(T) to SDE(T) seeking permission from the Hon CAT, Ernakulam. .........View Copy of the letter.


Regular promotion to the grade of SDE Civil - Calling for ACRs for 4 executives.
Regular promotion to the grade of SDE Civil - Calling for VCs for 4 executives.


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