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Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of SNEA will held on 17th and 18th October, 2020 (online).

Organizational matters:

1. Review of 2nd Membership Verification.

2. Strategies to implement the Non post based Time Bound Functional promotion upto AGM equivalent Grades for all wings w.e.f. 01.07.2018 and the Ongoing Restructuring process in BSNL.

3. Launching of 4G services and BSNL Revival.

4. Issued faced on Outsourcing of CFA, OFC and CSC work.

5. Reorganization of Circle/SSA bodies post VRS.

6. Other important HR issues.

7. SDE seniority list issues.

Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting should be convened by all the Circles before the CWC meeting and the view of the Circle to be presented to the CWC on all the above important issues. Cooption to the Circle OBs posts and CWC members (as per the present membership) to be completed before CWC.

Similarly all the SSA bodies also to be revamped where ever Conference is due or OBs taken VRS/retired. 


Fixation of Seniority of JTO cadre, consequent to Ernakulam High Court order.

Ernakulam High Court in its order dated 05.06.2018, directed BSNL to fix the inter-se seniority of JTOs based on Date of Joining (DoJ) instead of Training Centre marks as prayed by the applicants. Till that time , the inter-se seniority of JTOs were  fixed based on Rect Year and Training Centre marks, since 1963, by DoT and BSNL as per the DGP&T order of 1963. This is a time tested procedure followed by DoT and BSNL, for decades. Now, Hon HC directed for new criteria, DOJ instead of Training Centre marks which is having serious implications as it will spill over to earlier batches and Rects held during DoT period also. JTO to SDE DPCs held by BSNL and DoT earlier also may come under review if the new criterion is implemented, just like 206 seniority revision going on since 1990 for the JTO to SDE promotions took place since 1980s and DE and DGM promotions from 2000 onwards. This process is not yet completed.

The Review Petition (RP) filed by BSNL dismissed by the HC on technical ground that the RP filed by BSNL is similar to an appeal and hence it cannot be entertained.

Recognizing the long term implications, it is understood that as per the legal opinion received recently, BSNL management decided to file SLP in the Hon Supreme Court against the Hon HC order of Date of Joining and pleading for restoration of recruitment year and Training Centre Marks as per the guidelines in force. In the JTO RR 2014, the inter-se seniority criterion is defined as recruitment year and Training Centre Marks.

Meanwhile, BSNL management is in the process of circulating the provisional All India Eligibility List (AIEL) of JTOs recruited from 2000 year onwards, following Rect year criteria as proposed in 2018. BSNL is not strictly following DOJ criteria as directed by the HC. The final inter-se seniority will be subject to the Hon Supreme Court decision. The same method of preparation of AIEL was suggested by us as an interim measure and accepted by BSNL management in 2018 itself to go ahead with the JTO to SDE DPC for the remaining vacancies. BSNL filed an affidavit in December, 2018 in the Hon CAT in this regard and completed the preparatory work also. However AIGETOA and its activists not accepted that and demanded that the JTOs promoted on 15.06.2018 is to be reverted (for which they filed the contempt petition in the Hon CAT/EKM) and promotion is to be given in the ratio 1:1 between promotees of 1995 and DRs of 2001 rect years respectively. This 1:1 promotion demand is not accepted by BSNL management. 

The AIEL will be based on Rect year, to the extent of Promotees and DRs are available in a particular Rect year quota (not on 1:1 basis). JTOs recruited for a particular Rect year will be enbloc senior to the JTOs recruited for the subsequent rect years irrespective of Date of Joining. DoJ criteria will be followed limited within the same rect year, for the fixation of inter-se seniority within the same rect year. There is no change in the method of preparation of AIEL, same method proposed in 2018.  After having blocked the promotion offered by the Management in 2018, in writing as an affidavit before Hon. CAT Ernakulam, whether AIGETOA and their activists will accept it now OR object the same as done in 2018, it is to be seen.

From our side, we demanded that i) The unfilled quota for 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy years should be filled, w.e.f. 15.062018 notionally and ii) The All India Eligibility list should be prepared as per the norms by calling the Gradation particulars at least for all including the 2013 JTOs batch and sufficient JTOs from SC/ST category to fill up the SC/ST quota.

As far as SNEA is concerned all JTOs having completed 5 year of service in the present grade is eligible for promotion to next Grade w.e.f. 01.07.2018 as approved by the BSNL Board and any promotion less than this will be a loss to the Executives and adversely affect their future promotions.


View Corporate Office Order:
Implementation of eOffice in BSNL reg.


GS writes to CMD/BSNL:

Consolidation of Business Areas and rationalization of Work. The decision to merge the following SSAs may be reconsidered based on the justifications given.

GS letter to CMD


View Corporate Office Orders:
SDE Inter circle Transfer Order -I.     
SDE Inter circle Transfer Order -II.


Meeting with Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR):

GS, President and both AGSs met DIR(HR) on 21.09.2020 and held discussions on different issues. Further it is decided to have detailed discussions next week on the various important issues as per our letter dated 18.09.2020. This week, HR wing is busy in the meeting with the Parliamentary Committee scheduled for 24.09.2020. 

GS letter to DIR(HR)


BSNL Bond for Rs 8500 Crores for 10 years:

BSNL Bond with Govt Sovereign Guarantee got good response from the market. BSNL got the entire amount of Rs 8500 Crores for a comparatively good interest rate of Rs 6.79%. Some bidders quoted higher interest rate @ 6.9%. BSNL has to pay the interest half yearly. 


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View Corporate Office Orders:
AGM Transfer order reg.
SDE Inter circle transfer order reg.


BSNL floated Bonds for Rs 8500 Cr today
By closing the bid by 12.00 PM, 229 bidders quoted and BSNL got an offer for Rs 17183.10 Crores. BSNL will be finalizing the bid based on the rate of interest offered by the bidders.


Meeting with Shri Vivek Banzal, DIR(CFA) on 18.09.2020:

GS, President and AGSs met Shri Vivek Banzal, DIR(CFA) and held discussions on Restructuring, consolidation of SSAs into BAs and consequent post reduction:

We explained the adverse impact on merging small SSAs and creating BAs, thereby surrendering DGM/AGM level posts and creating GM level posts. This will adversely affect the promotion avenues of the Executives, we explained. More DGM/AGM level posts are to be created in BAs, based on the Revenue in the SSAs under Cat 1, 2 & 3 BAs, we demanded. In fact GM level Officers are not available in BSNL but there are sufficient number of Executives eligible to become AGM and DGM, without incurring any additional expenditure.

DIR(CFA) agreed to consider the matter. However DIR surprised to note that none of the CGM has taken up this serious issue with BSNLCO. So far, the proposal come from the CGMs are related to rearrangement of BAs.

All Circle Secretaries may take up this important matter urgently with respective CGMs by demanding DGM/AGM/CAO level posts based on assets also.  Pl refer CHQ letter to CMD dated 14.09.2020 in this regard. 


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL
Policy on External plant maintenance– the amendment made in favour of the vendor to be modified, allowing incentive evenif MTTR as per SLA is not met – reminder to CMD.
In the amendment, calculation sheet modified as: Monthly Incentive for high FMC working Numbers instead of Monthly Incentive for MTTR adherence for higher FMC customers

Now vendor is eligible for incentive even if the MTTR as per SLA is not met in addition to the normal rate applicable. This amendment is only to favour the vendors and BSNL has to spend lakhs of rupees as incentive without meeting the MTTR.
GS letter to CMD


View Corporate Office Orders:
Discrepancies found in SAP / ERP data of the employees and its correction there off.
Promotion posting of JAO to the grade of AO on regular basis reg.
DO from DIR (HR) for settlement of pending issues in respect of retired employees under BSNL VRS-2019.
Pending pension cases in respect of retirees under BSNL VRS-2019 reg.   View List


Meeting with Shri S K Gupta, DIR(Fin) on 16.09.2020:

GS and AGSs met Shri S K Gupta, DIR(Fin) and held discussions on various points:

Restructuring, consolidation of SSAs into BAs and post reduction: We expressed our serious concern for merging small SSAs and creating BAs, thereby surrendering DGM/AGM level posts and creating GM level posts. This will have adverse impact on the promotion avenues of the Executives, we explained. In fact GM level Officers are not available in BSNL but there are sufficient number of Executives eligible to become AGM and DGM, without incurring any additional expenditure. DGM/AGM level posts to be created in BAs, based on the Revenue in the SSAs under Cat 1, 2 & 3 BAs, we demanded.

Similarly DGM(Accs & Budg) required in Cat 2 BAs instead of CAO.

The management proposal for making AGM and DGM posts interchangeable is feasible only when the promotion from AGM to DGM is on Time Bound (when promotion to DGM is not post based). DIR(Fin) agreed to our view points and assured to discuss with CMD and DR(HR) in this regard.

Payment of dues: The Pension Contribution not paid to DoT for one year and about 1100 Crores is outstanding. Society, medical payment to retirees from April 2019 etc are also pending. This month, bank loan quarterly repayment of Rs 1100 Crores is to be done. In December month, the instalment is about 2700 Crores. This week, the GST payment of more than 200 Crores will be made. On salary payment, DIR(Fin) informed that it is expected in next week.



The Case filed by Sanchar Nigam Pensioners Welfare Association (SNPWA), AIRBEWA & Others jointly for Pension/minimum pension Revision for the pre-2017 BSNL Pensioners in the PCAT, New Delhi is came for admission today. Hon PCAT admitted the petition and issued notice to DoT, DoP & PW.

i) The prayer is for Pension Revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017 for the pre-2017 Pensioners on the IDA Pension as on 31.12.2016 for the BSNL combined Service Pensioners as per the Govt Scheme of Pension assured at the time of absorption, as per the provisions of Rule 37A and as per the Pension Revision given for the counterpart Central Govt employees as per 7th CPC.

ii) It is proposed that the anomaly between pre-2017 Pensioners and the post-2017 Pensioners (serving employees after 01.01.2017) can be removed by giving notional Pay Revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

iii) Affordability clause cannot be a ground for denial of pension revision to the Applicants whose pension is to be paid by the Government as no affordability clause is applicable for them.

iv) The pensioners have no role in the financial status of the Company since they do not and cannot contribute to the financial growth/ decline of the Company.

Sr Advocate Shri Rajsekahr Rao appeared for SNPWA. Next date of hearing is 03.11.2020.


GS writes to GM(Pers):

Correction in JTO Recruitment year and subsequent consequential benefit of on SDE promotion and revision in the SDE Seniority list – cases of 3 JTOs belongs to A&N Circle.

Correction in SDE Seniority list 8– cases of Shri Tilak Raj Thakur, SDE, HP.

GS letter to GM(Pers) on correction in JTO rect year-- A&N Circle caseGS letter to GM(Pers) on SDE seniority correction


Meeting with Shri Jagdish Prasad, GM &CLO(SCT) on 15.09.2020

GS, President and AGS met CLO and held discussions on filling the unfilled SC/ST vacancies in SDE cadre for the vacancy years, 2009-10 and 2010-11 for which DPC held was in June, 2018. They are eligible for promotion notionally from 15.06.2018 itself as others got the promotion on 15.06.2018. The SC/ST quota could not fill up as JTOs from 2001 rect onwards are to be considered for promotion but the method of fixation of inter-se seniority was quashed by EKM HC and ordered for fixation of seniority as per DOJ. In ST category, 216 vacancies out of 220 vacancies as per 7.5% quota remain unfilled as on 15.06.2018.

CLO assured that the matter will be taken up with Pers section as per the information furnished by SNEA in the letter dated 11.09.2020 to promote the JTOs belong to the SC/ST category for the unfilled vacancies of 2009-10 and 2010-11, notionally w.e.f. 15.06.2018.

It has come to our notice that this matter was not taken up by the SC/ST Welfare Association, SEWA BSNL so far with management to fill up 15% SC and 7.5% ST quota.

GS letter to DIR(HR) dated 11.09.2020 in this regard


View Corporate Office Orders:
Tenure transfer of SDE (Telecom) - reg
Inter circle / Tenure Transfer in Telecom Stream -reg


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Extending E1+5 increments to post 2010 Recruited JTO/JAOs as an interim measure to address the huge pay loss of thousands of JTO/JAOs recruited from 2010 onwards in the provisional Pay Scale of E1.

GS letter to CMD


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