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All Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL for agitational Programme:  


Charter of Demands

(1) Settle:-

(a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b) Settle pension revision.

(c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3) No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.  

Agitation Programme:


(1) Whole day satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by the paying of SHRADHANHJALI at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018 by the leaders of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

(2) Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018.

(3)  Massive March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018.

Notice for Trade Union Actions


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL: A meeting is held today between the CMD BSNL and the Core Committee today. Com K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com P. Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU, Com Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA and Com K. S. Kulkarni, AGS/NFTE attended the meeting. In the meeting, the following information is given by the CMD BSNL.  

Financial results of BSNL for 2016 – 17: CMD informed that the fianancial results for the year 2016–17 is encouraging, under the tough competition. Operating profit (EBIDTA) is Rs.1,684 crore and the net loss of the Company slightly come down and is estimated at Rs.4,793 crore. The CMD BSNL also informed that according to the new valuation mechanism, the net worth of BSNL is valued at Rs.34,319 crore and that, the net asset worth of the Company is estimated at Rs.91,684 crore.  

Launching 4G service in January, 2018: BSNL will be launching 4G services in January, 2018 starting with few Circles. Further, BSNL demanded the allocation of 5 MHz of 4G spectrum, in 2100 MHz band. The price of this 4G spectrum comes to Rs.16,000 crore. BSNL Board proposed that 50% of this amount should be adjusted through capital infusion by the government, and the remaining 50% would be paid by BSNL in 10 equal installments. CMD told that DoT response is positive in this regard and that a final decision is expected to be taken soon. After allotment of 4G spectrum by the government, BSNL can add another 10,000 BTSs through add on order in addition to the ordered 10,000 BTSs for rolling-out 4G service. 

Core Committee members raised serious issues with the CMD: In the meeting the Core Committee members raised certain serious issues with the CMD BSNL. Withdrawal of the free calling from landlines on Sundays, change in the timing of the night free calling, change in the commission for DSAs and Retailers, acute shortage of equipments for providing FTTH connections, large scale damaging of BSNLs cables were discussed with the CMD. After the change in night free calling time, it become very difficult to market landline and the field staff and officers are facing very embarrassing situation, we informed CMD. CMD advised detailed discussions with the concerned Directors in this regard. DIR(CFA) is on tour and the matter will be discussed with him on his return.

The issues of non-settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company with an IAS officer as its CMD are seriously agitating the minds of the employees, Core Committee told CMD.


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SDE Tenure Transfer order.


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Hon CAT Ernakulam vacated the stay on approval of CPSU Hierarchy proposal and allowed BSNL Board to take a decision and publish it. The MA dismissed accordingly. 


BSNL Withdraws Unlimited Sunday Free Voice Calling from Landline and Broadband Plans Across India................For the unaware, BSNL is currently the leading broadband service provider in India with over 12 million wired subscribers. Thanks to some affordable and luring broadband plans, BSNL achieved this feat, and notably, the company has coverage across major parts of the country.
But this year, BSNL has been harsh on its broadband customers, which will result in subscriber loss. BSNL has its operations across the country expect Mumbai and Delhi. BSNL said that it would start informing the customers very soon about this new change.

Since the start of 2018, BSNL made a total of four big moves, out of those, two moves were underwhelming, while other two are excellent moves. And both underwhelming moves are related to the broadband sector. It is understandable that BSNL has no competition in the broadband sector, but the company should not stop offering benefits which made it the biggest ISP in the first place...... View Media Report.


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Tenure transfer orders of SDEs Telecom reg.
Internal Circle transfer orders of SDEs Telecom reg.


3rd CEC of Rajasthan Circle was held on 13th Jan., 2018 at Udaipur. Besides delegate session that was addressed extensively by CHQ President Com AA Khan, Com Shankar Sharma CHQ Vice President and Com Manish Samadhia, AGS, an open session was also organized and held in the morning session.

In the open session, views on future viability of the Company, the crucial business policies and strategies that the top management of the Company needs to finalize and implement as quickly as possible, implementation of 3rd prc in its totality were expressed elaborately. The decision of the govt. to form separate tower Company was strongly and unequivocally condemned and members were urged upon to get fully ready for a very prolonged struggle to defeat formation of tower Company as well as implementation of fully justified and legitimate 3rd PRC in its totality. Policies of the govt. to weaken CPSUs in general and BSNL in particular came in for strongest condemnation. Open session was addressed by PGM Udaipur, Sh. Mineria, CHQ president, Com Khan, Com Shankar Sharma, Com Manish Samadhia, Com G.L.Jogi & Com Rajput, CS/Rajasthan. Com Kuldeep, DS/Uaipur delivered welcome address, also addressed the open session and Com Khichar, Circle President delivered vote of thanks.

In the afternoon session, Com Rajput submitted a detailed report covering organizational activities and other important issues. Com A A khan, CHQ Presideny, elaborately explained the stand of the CHQ on crucial issues like standard pay scales of E2 and E3, CPSU cadre hierarchy, and the constraints involved in going ahead with DPCs according to existing RRs till finalization of CPSU cadre hierarchy. Com khan assured the CEC that CHQ will virtually leave no stone unturned in ensuring that these critical issues are finalized as quickly as possible and exhorted upon CEC to remain in a state of complete organizational preparedness for getting pending issues resolved. 

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DE Transfer Order - Modification reg.
SDE Tenure transfer Order.
SDE Inter Circle transfer Order,
DGM Transfer order.


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Happy Pongal,Makar Sankranti, Magh Bihu, Maghi, Uttarayan and Lohri


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Development on E2 and E3 pay scales
Convenor, Joint Forum spoken to the concerned officers in DOT regarding the matter. As reported earlier, DoPT advised DOT to get the guidance of Dept of Expenditure as DoE deals with pay scales. Last week, entire history of the case along with documents are forwarded by DOT to DOE for guidance. The approval of E1A and E2A scales in 2003, 2nd PRC recommendations, PO issued by DoT on 28.03.17, BSNL stand on the PO and the demand for E2 and E3 with BSNL justification, Assn demands with justification etc forwarded to DOE. Even though it is related with DPE, DOT forwarded it to DOE as per the advice of DoPT.


The case at Ernakulam (CPSU cadre hierarchy) listed today. Some more persons applied for impleadment. Our Impleadment along with others allowed and for the convenience of all the senior counsel, MA posted for 17.01.18 for final hearing and decision.


Unanimous decisions taken in meeting of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” on 8.1.2018 to intensify the struggles for achieving wage revision and for the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’.


“The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”, held it’s meeting at New Delhi on 8.1.2018 to discuss about the steps to be taken for intensifying the struggle for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and to ensure the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’. The meeting was attended by the General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and TOA BSNL. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO. The following decisions are taken unanimously for intensifying the struggles to achieve the demands.


Struggle programme:


(1) Whole day satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by paying of ‘shradhanjali’ at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018, by the leaders of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.


(2) ‘Indefinite Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018.


(3)  Massive “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 28.02.2018.


(4) Leaders of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” will take all out efforts to meet Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, the Secretary DoT and CMD BSNL, within a week’s time.


(5) The meeting entrusted to Com. G.L. Jogi, Leader, SNEA, and to Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, with the responsibility of exploring possibilities to take legal action to roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(6) A Steering Committee consisting of the General Secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA is formed to monitor the struggles.


(7) Meeting the leaders of political parties and Central Trade Unions, by 30.01.2018, to mobilise support in favour of the demands of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.


Charter of demands

(1)   Settle:-

(a)   3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.

(b)   Settle pension revision.

(c)   Settle left-out issues of the 2nd PRC.


(2)   Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3)   No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS. 


View Corporate Office Orders:
Contribution of Employer towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of DR employees increased by BSNL - Reg.
Promotion posting to the grade of DGM Adhoc Telecom finance - reg.


Joint forum leaders held a meeting with Director(HR), in the presence of PGM(Pers.), GM(SR) & GM(Est.) on 8/1/2018 to discuss about the proposed agitational call of Joint forum from 09/01/18. BSNL  management earnestly appealed the Joint forum leaders to withdraw the proposed agitation as some of the issues are settled and remaining issues are vehemently pursued by management. In this regard a formal appeal was also issued by the management.
In view of the appeal made by the management the joint forum proposed agitation programme beginning from 09.01.2018 stand deferred.

Appeal by BSNL Management


As per the information received through RTI, the membership details of various Associations during Oct: 2017 are:

SNEA:21,708, AIBSNLEA:10,109, AIGETOA:3,526, AITEEA:212 and BBOA:210.

Attention of all CSs, SSA/Division/Branch Secretaries,

All the non members and new Executives should be approached to enroll them as members and submit the form for salary deduction before 10th of every month. LICE JTOs, direct rect JTOs and all non members may be approached before 10th of January and get the forms filled up.

Change from one Assn to another Assn can be made from 15th December to 15th January, once in 6 months. All SSA/ Division/ Branch Secretaries to take special efforts in this regard and enhance the membership. 

Membership details through RTI