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Performance review of revenue targets for postpaid IN services - Corrigenda reg 26-12-14
ISD revised tariff 23-05-12
Shelf life extn of IN prepaid cards reg 26-02-13
IN Services Pamphlet for Voice VPN
IN services extension to Ported In Sub 28-04-11
IN services sales through Post offices 14-09-10
FIXED IN Service - Alcatel
Extension of Shelf life of e-PINs of Prepaid IN cards available with franchisees reg 12-07-13
Rev performance of IN services 23-06-11
Wireline IN - Product information booklet
Product hand book - Wireline UN
E pin Franchisee commission for Prepaid IN extn 20-04-12 - Modification 08-05-12
IN Marketing Booklet for TFS
IN Marketing Booklet for VPN
IN Marketing Booklet for UAN
IN services details 30-09-2009
Karnataka Circle IN marketing
IN Revenue target -2011-12
IN Revenue presentation - BSNL CO
Clarification reg Charging IN Calls for UAN numbers out of prescribed range 20-05-13
List of IN Test nos reg
Extension of ITC e-pin franchisee agreement - Delegation of power reg 14-11-12
E pin Franchisee commission for Prepaid IN extn 20-04-12
IN Postpaid- Increasing Revenue 20-10-10
Quarterly review of Revnue performance of IN services - 29-07-11
Product Manual for employees
BSNL tariff book IN services
Restructuring of UITC and FLPP cards reg 13-05-13
IN services revenue increase 19-11-10