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CCL Amendment-26 Apr 2022
Prohibition on bringing any political or outside influence to further employees interest i r o, matters pertaining to employment,postings or transfers in BSNL 17-06-21
Treatment - regularization of hospitalization - quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandamic reg - DoP&T instructions 07-06-21
Implementation of the concept of Deemed Resignation in case of unauthorized absence- absconding employees-Reg 04-04-21
Clarification regarding absorption of Group B , C and D employees ( BSNL optee) reg 10-08-20
Release of pensionary benefits to a retiree against whom personal court case is pending in competent court reg 24-06-20
Amendments in Leave Rules for WRILL, CCL and HPL - DoP and T notification 11-12-18
Regular Departmental Action against retired officers of BSNL reg 25-09-18
Impact of disciplinary cases of major penalty - Vigilance cases erupted after due date for TBP - EPP upgradation - Instructions reg 25-09-18
FAQ for completing Disc proceeding in time bound manner under CCS CCA Rules 1965 - DoPT guidelines 08-12-17
Payment of Honararium to serving IO - PO reg
Annulment of Presidential order for absorbtion in BSNL - Clarification 01-02-13
Revised Reporting Strucutre of JTOs and SDEs in the wake of huge man power shortage reg 18-03-16
CGA appointment - change of procedure reg 15-12-14
Regarding violation of provisions of BSNL REA Rules 2014 - Communication by retired employees reg 20-09-17
HR manual - Compilation of important Circulars - Guidelines on HR matters 11-04-13
Clarification in respect of encashment of Earned Leave to reemployed pensioners - DoP and T 27-06-17
Know about Child care leave
Instructions relating to filling up the Integrity Column of APAR by DoP and T 11-02-16
Amendment in the payment of Gratuity act 1972 - Enhancement of Ceiling reg - DoE Order 11-04-18
Special Leave to aggrieved female Govt Servant up to 90 days to the inquiry of sexual harassment - CCS LR 1972 Clause 48 amendment - Notification 15-03-17
Requirement of permission to leave HQ while leaving abroad reg - DoP and T instructions 27-07-15
Payment of Honararium to Part time serving IO and PO appointed by BSNL DoT reg 15-04-15
Guidelines for considerung the requests of BSNL Employees for deputation to Outside organisations reg 21-07-16
Constitution of Councils in BSNL - FAQ - Jan 2017
Child Care Leave - FAQ
Payment of honararium to the part time IO and PO - Clarification 08-05-15
Child Care Leave - CCL — DoP and T Clarification Reg 03-04-18