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Volunteers from the Cadre of JTO to CNTX-South TN
Appeal to withdraw IDHF Strike 220428
SDE Not Joining-SCF
Director (HR) DO - SPS Cases
APAR Data Entry
Clarifiction in Subscription-26102021
Operation and Maintenance and functioning of Administrative Offices in view of spread of COVID-19 pandemic - Instructions 04-04-21
Holidays to be observed in BSNL during the year 2021
Temporary ban on forwarding of applications of BSNL permanent employees for deputation to other organizations till 31-12-2022 reg 26-11-20
Appeal to withdraw Black Day and Hunger Strike on 01-10-20 reg 29-09-20
Implementation of e-Office in BSNL reg 23-09-20
Regarding mentioning name of the officers on the note-sheets and letters reg 10-09-20
Re-classification of Mathura- Vrindavan Municipal Corporation as Y Class city for the purpose of HRA reg 07-09-20
O and M and functioning of the Admin Off during the lockdown period w e f 18-05-20 in view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic 21-05-20
Investigation of CBI case - Providing certified copies of relevant documents by NOFN executing Circles reg 12-05-2020
Appeal for contribution to Prime Minister Care Fund (PM-CARES) reg 05-04-20
O & M of Long Distance Transprot Network during COVID-19-Reg 20-03-20
Emergency instructions in view of COVID 19 reg 23-03-20
Extension of pay by date due to outbreak of Corona virus COVID-19 20-03-20
LA arrangement in the grade of DGM in Telecom Operation Stream of BSNL Cor Off reg 23-03-20
Compassionate Ground Appointment - CGA - Keeping in Abeyance thereof 09-04-19
Guidelines relating to transfer and posting - rationalisation of expenditure reg 08-04-19
Economy measures and rationalization of expenditure – guidelines relating to Company Cost transfers and own cost transfers reg 14-03-19
IDA Revision-BSNL CO orders endorsing DPE orders revising IDA wiith effect from 01-01-19 reg
Holidays to be observed in BSNL during 2019 reg - 27-07-18
Payment of IDA at revised rate from 01-07-2018 reg 23-07-18
Highways cable laying ROW Policy 16-07-12
JTO SRD for filling up backlog vaccancies 23-01-12
Declaration of Apr 14 as holiday reg 24-03-14
CGA - Creation and Calculation of vaccancies 28-12-11
Grant of Child Adoption Leave to female BSNL employees and extention of the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers reg 20-03-17
Inclusion of representatives of employees association of BSNL in sports and cultural board and staff welfare board 18-07-13
Improving conditions of IQ - Instructions reg 13-01-17
NE Unions - Framing BSNLs own recognition rules reg Cov lr 26-12-12
Purchase of diaries for the calender year 2014
Fixing Time slot to meet Dir HR informally reg 21-11-16
Closure of NCES circle and creation of NCNNGN reg 29-08-13
IDA revision as on 01-01-2016 - DPE order
Engagement of Apprentices in BSNL under apprentices act reg 16-12-14
Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2018 reg 20-06-17
Service Tax on service received from ILDOs - Not applicable to BSNL 10-01-12
Remnaming Orissa Circle as ODISHA - reg
Pass Port Delegation of powers for Private passports 29-06-10
Distribution of staff by Recruiting circles to non-recruiting units on bulk rec -promo- tr in Circle Cadres reg 15-03-17
Customer Delight month - 27-04-11- DR HR
Holiday - RH on 28-12-2013 on the occasion of birthday of Shri Guru Gobhind singh reg 23-09-13
Local council -Clarification 20-03-14
United forum struggle - Request from SR section reg 06-09-16
Compassionate Ground Appointment - CGA- Clarifications 27-06-07
Declaration of Soft tenure areas 15-04-13
Guidelines for provision of telephone connection with STD and BB to Recognized Employees Union reg 20-12-17
Repayment of bond amount on resignation by DRJTO- Clarification 22-01-13
MOU signed between DOT and BSNL - 2013-2014 - Cov lr
Conduct of Exit interview for VRS or Resignation cases - 16-05-08
Tenure transfer of Executives (Telecom) - SDEs reg 01-12-17
Transfer and Posting of AGM 08-07-14
MOU for the year 2014-15 - Target
Transfer of Bonds - Rulings - 09-12-05
Payment of revised IDA rate from Jan 13
Comprehensive examination of BSNL by COPU - Committee on public undertakings
Extra one hour work - Gesture of Unions and Associations - Dir HR letter 09-02-17
Holiday list for 2014
Action Plan for Swatch Bharath 24-09-14
Passport - NOC is not Required for Government servants to apply Passport - MEA
GMs authorised sign Agreement Affidafit etc 30-09-11
Grant of Child Adoption Leave to female BSNL employees and extention of the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers - DoP and T order 20-03-17
Tenure transfer orders of SDEs (Telecom) - reg 01-12-17
Transfer Application thru respective Circles 06-03-12
Payment of revised IDA at revised rates with effect from 01-10-16 reg 07-10-16
Holidays -2013 Corrigenda 16-08-12
Tenure transfer orders of SDEs (Telecom) - reg 01-12-17
BSNL Connecting Youth Campaign
Service book updation - 22-10-10
Closing of offices in connection with different Elections - Clarifications 12-04-13
Economy of expenditure under austerity measurers 14-12-12
Revised IDA rate from 01-01-2018 reg - BSNL order 22-01-2018
Payment of IDA in Revised rates 19-01-17
Diary purchase - Revised order 28-12-12
Closing of office in connection with Elections - DOP&T guidelines - 10-10-01
Declration of holiday on 14-04-18 reg 05-04-18
Provision of advance rent from visitors staying in IQs reg 26-08-16
Change of Holiday on the occassion of Muharram
MOU for the year 2014-15
DA for Central Govt staff from 01-01-12
Revised IDA rate order 11-07-13
Semi Hard tenure area - HP circle Categorisation reg 22-05-13
Settlement of commercial disputes between PSE and Govt Dept through PMA in DPE 22-07-13
Applications to UPSC or other PSUs - Guide lines - 17-08-11
Austerity measure-CMD DO - 03-11-10
Utilisation of In-house legal human resources at three levels reg - Dir HR letter 13-02-17
Holidays for the year 2015
Suggestions for the growth of BSNL reg 09-10-13
Trade Apprenticeship Training in BSNL - BSNL Swavalambi Scheme 2016 22-06-2016
SDE Inter Circle own cost transfer 15-04-14
Guidlines for Deputaion to other depts 22-05-12
BPCL Smart fleet Programme - Revised loyalty reward points reg 19-02-14
Posting of SDE in AP reg 04-07-14
Holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2017
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility New Guidelines reg 06-01-15
Highways Cable laying MORTH direction lr 16-07-12
BSNL Man Power - Draft Proposal 26-12-14
Review of engagement of Apprentices in BSNL reg 02-12-15
Holidays to be observed in BSNL offices in 2013
Revised IDA rates from 01-07-12
NAPS - National Apprentice promotion scheme - Notification guide lines reg 29-09-16
BSNL Connecting Youth Campaign - Revised 14-09-12
Licence fee for Departmental Quarters and Hostel revised w e f 01-07-2010 - 16-09-11
Labour Laws Compliance 29-02-12
Tenure transfer orddrs of SDE (Telecom) - reg 01-12-17
Change of date of holiday on account of Id-ul-Zuha -Bakrid reg 08-09-16
RK U CMD Message - 05-05-11
Posting of Office bearers of Executives associations in Sensitive posts - Instructions 05-09-13
CMD to GS reg May 2009 Editorial - 10-06-09
Transfer and Posting of AGM II 08-07-14
Declaration of holiday on Apr 14
Declaration of Soft Tenure Areas - AP Circle 22-05-13
Anupam Srivasta - CMD BSNL Apponitment order 15-01-15
Revision of scales of pay and allowances - IDA fixation from 68-8 to 78-2 - DOT letter to CMD 16-01-13
NE Unions - Framing BSNLs own recognition rules reg 26-12-12
Declaration of Holiday on 14-04-2018 - Birth day of Dr B R Ambedkar reg 12-04-18
Declaration of Closed Holiday on 14-04-2015 on account of Birthday of Dr B R Ambedkar 25-03-15
Staff quarters utilisatiion policy - 26-11-06
Payment of IDA as per revised rate reg - Cor offie order 12-01-16
IDA revision order - 13-07-16
Uniform timings - IQs Holiday Homes Hostels - 11-07-11
Apr 14 Closed Holiday Declaration 27-03-12
Payment of IDA at revised rate - BSNL Cor office order 15-10-13
Examination of Review on Loss making PSUs by committee on Public Under takings reg 27-03-18
Application of Govt servant for employment elsewhere - Guide lines - 15-07-11
Revision of BSNL IQ rates 13-12-2017
Holidays in BSNL - 2012
Grading of CPSEs on the basis of their compliance with guidelines for the year 2012-2013
SDE Inter Circle Transfer order 08-07-14
IDA revision wef 01-10-14 - BSNL enodorsement order
Labour Laws 05-11-08
Revised IDA rate with effect from 01-04-14
Withdrawal of closed holiday on account of HOLI in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circles reg 29-01-18
Payment of IDA in revised rates
Sensitive post and non sensitive post identification reg - 03-12-08
Immunity from Transfer - Clarification reg 17-09-12
Strategic plan of Synergy among PSUs and Other Organisations of DoT
All areas under Bihar and Jharkhand Telecom circles declared as Soft tenure areas reg - 03-12-14
RH on 17-02-2015 for Mahasivaratri reg
MOU signed between DOT and BSNL - 2013-2014
PIB press release on BWA spectrum refund to BSNL and MTNL
Physically handicapped - GOI Circulars