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Reservation in promotion for PwBDs
Clarification reg grant of TB Upgradation under EPP - due to BSNL Executives during Deputation reg 22-04-20
Impact of disciplinary cases of major penalty - Vigilance cases erupted after due date for TBP - EPP upgradation - Instructions reg 25-09-18
Looking after arrangement in Circles - Wrong implementation -Clarification 17-06-13
JAO appointment order after Ph-I trng reg 28-03-14
Withdrawal of local officiating arrangement or promotion in BSNL 23-03-2013
Inclusion of eligible officers for promotion reg 14-11-14
Extension of benefit of TBP to Non executives granted executive scale under erstwhile ACP scheme in BSNL reg 06-12-13
Withdrawal of local Officiating arrangements reg - Clarifications 27-05-13
Arrangement for exercise of statutory powers in posts betng manned on look after basis reg 26-06-14
Refusal of promotion - Guidelines thereof 01-11-13
Promotion of Govt Servants exonerated after retirement — Procedure by Dop and T 25-01-16
Looking after arrangements by executives availing higher pay scales of pay-proviso and clarification thereof 01-04-13
Looking after arrangement - Clarification 29-04-13
Looking after arrangement by executives availing higher pay scales - Clarification regarding Official Facilities 18-10-16
Vigilance Clearance for Promotions - DoP and T Instructions 02-11-2012
VC submission within five days 06-06-13
Refusol of promotion - implementotion of guidelines thereof - reg 06-04-18
Issue of increment on regular promotion to the same scale - Rescinded by DoT - 05-07-17
Regularisation of STS adhoc of Telecom Finanace reg
JAO Part II LICE - Review of result reg 28-03-14
Implementation of first Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years for all the Executives, instead of 4 to 6 years - To Dir HR 21-10-13
Designation change for NE cadres reg 30-07-15
Local officiating arrangement in the grade of JAO - Instructions 16-07-13
Clarification regarding applicability of Mandatory TBP training in subsequent TB upgradation when it was exempted from previous upgradation 19-08-13
Clarification reg second upgradation under EPP -01-02-12
Introduction of Looking after arrangement by executives availing higher scales of pay 23-03-13
Circle IFA by making LA amongst the Senior most DGM level officer of Telecom Finance - reg 23-01-18
EPP - Applicability of foot note -1 below schedule IA, IB, IC and ID of BSNLMS RR 2009 - Clarification on implementation thereof 27-09-13