Important Circulars ↣ Staff

Release of terminal benefits to the family of employees who died due to COVID-19 infection or other reasons reg 13-05-21
Operation and Maintenance and functioning of Administrative Offices in view of spread of COVID-19 pandemic - Instructions 04-04-21
Temporary ban on forwarding of applications of BSNL permanent employees for deputation to other organizations till 31-12-2022 reg 26-11-20
Discrepancies found in SAP-ERP data of the employees and its correction there off 17-09-20
Clarification regarding absorption of Group B , C and D employees ( BSNL optee) reg 10-08-20
Cadre controlling functions in respect of unabsorbed Gr C and D working in different circles etc reg 08-07-20
O and M and functioning of the Admin Off during the lockdown period w e f 18-05-20 in view of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic 21-05-20
Guidelines on Preventive measure -Covid 19 - PwD exempted from dutiy 27-04-20 reg
Guidelines for effective use of Aarogyasetu App reg 01-05-20
Calling of option for new personal taxation regime s - Extension of last date for opting reg 23-04-20
Revision of Sanction strength of various cadres in BSNL in the aftermath of VRS-2019 scheme reg 21-04-20
Calling of option for new personal taxation regime of reduced tax rates reg Annex II 21-04-20
Calling of option for new personal taxation regime of reduced tax rates reg 21-04-20
Calling of option for new personal taxation regime of reduced tax rates reg Annex I 21-04-20
DoPT guidelines for exemption of persons with disabilities (PwD) employees from essential duties reg
Grant of VC for obtaining passport - Guidance of DoP and T 18-02-20
Consolidated instructions on Casual Labour reg - DoP and T 13-02-20
FAQs on Special Casual Leave reg 04-02-2020
DPE instructions regarding direct representations from emplyees - Associations to DPE directly reg 20-12-19
Payment of Hardship Compensation to the BSNL staff posted to NE Region reg 06-11-19
Compassionate Ground Appointment - CGA - Keeping in Abeyance thereof 09-04-19
Economy measures and rationalization of expenditure – guidelines relating to Company Cost transfers and own cost transfers reg 14-03-19
Advisory to all concerned Officers - Executives - SR section 05-03-19
HR Integration of Finance wing of BSNL CO, New Delhi with Personnel Wing- reg 24-01-19
Amendments in Leave Rules for WRILL, CCL and HPL - DoP and T notification 11-12-18
Procedures to be followed on Promotion of Government servants found fit by review DPC after retirement - DoP and T 15-11-18
Restructuring and re-distribution of Hindi cadre posts in BSNL reg
Voluntary Contribution of One Day Basic Pay by BSNL Employees towards PMRF for the victims of Flood in Kerala State reg 29-08-18
Voluntary Contribution of One Day Basic Pay by BSNL Employees towards PMRF for the victims of Flood in Kerala State reg - Modification 29-08-18
Child care leave - Instructions to follow DoP and T instructions time to time reg 27-08-18
Clarification on Compassionate ground appointment reg 13-08-18
Formation of internal complaint committee on Sexual Harassment of women in work place reg - 06-08-18
Disbursement of Salary to employees working in BSNL reg 01-08-18
One month free VAS Subscription pack to all BSNL GSM services reg 09-07-18
CGA - Creation and Calculation of vaccancies 28-12-11
Recovery of excess - wrongful payments made to employees of BSNL – DoT instructions 23-03-17
Grant of Child Adoption Leave to female BSNL employees and extention of the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers reg 20-03-17
Grant of PLI to BSNL Employees for the year 2014-2015 - 07-10-16
Handling of Investigation - Departmental action in Non Vigilance cases reg 09-03-18
Childcare leave - DoP&T orders
Revision of Stipend to various cadresd in BSNL from 01-01-2007 - Request for submitting details reg 09-02-15
Reduction of Executive staff from Circle Offices-regarding 09-11-17
Working pattern in field units - clarification - 22-09-11
Instructions to use e-mail id of BSNL for official communications reg 17-09-14
Guidelines regarding PVR - Police Verification report - Clearance of JE - JTO reg 23-04-18
Distribution of staff by Recruiting circles to non-recruiting units on bulk rec -promo- tr in Circle Cadres reg 15-03-17
Reservation for the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities — reg DoP and T order 15-01-18
Transfer requests - Canvassing out side influence reg 16-12-14
Handling of non vigilance Disciplinary cases 21-02-13
Revised Staff norms Exective and Non Eexcutive
Definition of Dependent family member for CGA reg - DoP and T clarification 25-02-15
Annulment of Presidential order for absorbtion in BSNL - Clarification 01-02-13
Staging Strike Dharna Demo by Unions - Associations - Instrutions 22-09-14
Employees suggestion scheme 2012 - 15-06-12
Procedure for maintaining waiting list for transfer under Rule -8 reg 23-02-16
Facilities for Persons with Disabilities - Guidelines 12-05-14
Disciplinary authority for awarding Major penalty to NE Gr C oofficial in case of non availability of DGM level officer reg 21-01-14
Revised Reporting Strucutre of JTOs and SDEs in the wake of huge man power shortage reg 18-03-16
Disclosure of Movable and immovable properties - Lokayukta instructions
CGA appointment - change of procedure reg 15-12-14
Conducting DR JAO in BSNL through open competitive Exam reg 05-08-17
Grant of Child Adoption Leave to female BSNL employees and extention of the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers - DoP and T order 20-03-17
Exclusive staff for VAS 23-01-12
Posting of Staff in Circles on exclusively for VAS reg 01-08-17
Manpower Norms -
Posting Exclusive staff for VAS 04-10-12
Policy regarding insurance of laptops issued to the officials - Officers reg 08-05-13
TTA to JTO selected as Deptl Out side retaining old HRMS number - 19-07-10
CGA weightage point reg - Clarification 13-02-14
Extension of Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL Program for BSNL Employees reg 24-01-2018
Applicability of consolidated instructions of DoPT on Technical Resignation and Lien to BSNL employees reg
Vigilance Clearance for Promotions - DoP and T Instructions 02-11-2012
HR Integaration reg 27-11-15
Special Leave connected with inquiry on sexual harassment to aggrieved female candidate - DoPT order 14-07-16
Guidelines for settlement of claim for compensation on accidents applicable to Dot and PSUs under its control reg 03-02-17
Know about Child care leave
Blackberry devices on EMI to staff 22-08-12
Last date for Declaration of Assets extended up to 30-04-2015 - Do PandT instructions
Stremlining the work by HR integration and processing of promotions of executives reg 14-07-17
Minimum period of leave clause in Child care leave - Clarification by DOP and Training 05-06-14
Staffing norms - 23-04-10
Facilities for Persons with disabilities -DoPT 31-03-14
EPF Registration of digital signature reg-EPFO instructions 25-07-2013
Trade Apprenticeship Training in BSNL - BSNL Swavalambi Scheme 2016 22-06-2016
Offering CGA to dependents of the deceased who died due to accident while on duty reg 05-02-16
Scheme for providing facilities to the Employees with Disabilities - DoP and T 11-03-16
Accounting live cadres excluding wasting cadre - 26-07-11
Periodical review for ensuring probity and efficacy among employees - Clarification 15-03-16
Holding of social media contest for BSNL employes-Reg 10-11-17
Distribution of SAG level officers in Telecom Operations stream in Territirial Circles and SSAs on provisional basis reg 28-10-13
Working pattern - BSNL Consolidated orders - 13-09-11
Verification of character - Police verification and antecedents reg - DoP and T guidelines 09-03-17
Technical Resignation and Lien - Consolidated guidelines of DoP and T reg 08-04-16
Special Leave to aggrieved female Govt Servant up to 90 days to the inquiry of sexual harassment - CCS LR 1972 Clause 48 amendment - Notification 15-03-17
Volunteers in SDE grade for working in BBNL 06-08-12
BSNL Empl Gratuity rules Amended - 01-04-14
In ordinate delay in relieving of executives under Transfer reg 20-10-15
Staging Strike Dharna Demo by Unions - Associations -Instrutions 18-09-14
Social Security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees entirely to be funded by them on pay roll - Suggestions reg 21-06-17
Staging Strike Dharna Demo by Unions - Associations - Revised instrutions 29-09-14
Grant of Child Care leave to women employees of BSNL 08-03-13
CGA appointments - Change of procedure - 01-10-14
Social security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who die untimely - Benovalent fund - Suggestions reg 28-08-2017
Alteration of date of birth of a Government Servant - DoP and T instructions 16-12-14
Guidelines for considerung the requests of BSNL Employees for deputation to Outside organisations reg 21-07-16
Targets to staff working in TRA cells in SSAs reg 21-09-17
Appeal by SR Section 04-08-17
Gazettte notification of the rights of persons with Disabilities Act 2016 - reg 29-03-17
Child Care Leave - FAQ
Constitution of Councils in BSNL - FAQ - Jan 2017
Reservation for ther person with Bench mark Disabilities reg 21-02-2018
Mtce of Lady officers officials Pool for allotment of BSNL Staff Quarters 31-03-15
Retention of Original Certificates in respect of DR JTOs JEs in BSNL - Guidelines reg 07-03-18
Prevention of Sexual harassment at work place - Guidelines reg 28-03-17
DOPT Clarifications on LTC NDA CCL and Children Education Allowance 29-04-15
BSNL Empl Gratuity rules 2nd Amendment - Cov lr 01-04-14
SDE Sanctioned and WS as on 31-03-12 - Cor off lr 26-06-12
EPF Online Transfer reg 18-12-2013