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Postponement of ofline conduction of all training programmes till March-2021 reg 21-01-21
Mandatory training under Exe promotion policy -Clarification 02-08-10
Training Policy for Non Executives
Mandatory training in emode under EPP - Status and Review 25-07-12
Restriction of the Training to the executives posted in tenure stations reg 02-07-13
JAOs - Deptl -Ph-I due for training - NATFM letter dt 22-03-17
Mandatory Trainning - Change of Mode - E MODE 05-05-11
Attending Workshop Seminars etc conducted by external Organisations - Instructions reg 10-11-16
JAOs - Deptl -Ph-I due for training - NATFM -Reminder letter dt 04-04-17
Web based upgradation training in BSNL 11-02-10
JTO Telecom Induction training - Clarification 13-11-13
Mandatory Training under Exe Promotion policy 19-07-07
Mandatory training clarification on 2 weeks training 04-01-08
Launching of BSNL Online certificate programmes 09-11-12
Provision of Service training to BSNL officers - Officials reg 27-07-12
DOPT sponsored long term management courses - Stopping Sponsorship 09-06-11
SC ST pre recruitment training - TA DA eligibility reg 02-02-10
JTO Induction Training for LICE qualified candidates -Corrigendum reg 11-02-14
JTO Telecom Induction Training Structure amendments reg 31-10-13
Improvement in Skill set - Local Training at SSA level -reg 28-10-13
Identification of Training needs - 18-06-12