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Non applicability of ST on USOF from DOT 15-05-12
Amendment- Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 - 26-04-12
Lowering of tender value for end to end E tendering from 01-04-2016
Applicability of Excemption clause from payment of service tax reg 03-06-13
Acceptance of Single tender - guide lines 22-09-12
Clubbing Cable damage Charges with IUC bills - Clarification 27-06-12
Civil Electrical service charges for renting out vacant staff quarters to CPSUs etc 18-06-13
Revision in existing procedures for disposal - utilisation of obsolete and scrapped - surplus store equipment in BSNL - Instructions 09-01-17
Postpaid bill payment thru CBPCT- Accounts and procedure reg 23-08-12
Exclusion of PT levied by local bodies reg 17-08-12
GPF Rev interest rate
Clarification of certain issues relating to Service Tax 17-01-12
Dispensing Police and RA Reports for OS due cases 14-03-13
Delegation of financial powers of CGMs of telecom circles 26-02-14
Service Tax chargeability - EB Diesel bill in Infra sharing reg 29-08-12
Final order of CESTAT Chennai in CENVAT credit case - 31-07-12
AGR revised calculation in view of Hon SC judgement dated 11-10-11
E-Payment implementation in BSNL
Treatment of Service Tax in Samadhan BB settlement cases reg 18-12-12
IUC rates for Emergency calls - Revision 07-02-12
Property tax is the responsibility of the owner of the property - Infra structure provider reg 02-02-17
Bill collection at PO - Looking for cheaper alternatives - 18-10-12
Extent of ST payable for receving or providing service reg 17-08-12
EXCEMPTION OF whole of ST for services provided for FDM reg 17-08-12
Merger of CMTS accounting unit - Clarification reg 22-01-14
Implementation of E tendering 24-09-12
Material supply to franchisee against RTGS 05-06-12
Clarifications on Service Tax on Discounts 17-01-12
Service Tax and CENVET credit rules - guidelines on preparation of bills - Electrical and Civil wing 17-09-13
New Service tax rate 19-03-12
Clarifications on Service Tax - Sim Cards reg 17-01-12
Discontinuance of interest payable to Security epositreg 05-06-12
Affixing rev stamps on receipts reg 10-12-12
Recovery of revenue share - ST- LF - IPTV reg 04-09-13
Non applicability of some sections of FA 1994 - 29-06-12
Gratuity and Leave Encashment Funds management reg 05-03-15
Amendment in Cenvat credit Rules 2004 reg 20-04-12
Guidelines for safe banking in BSNL 17-10-12
Charging of FMC after disconnection reg 17-08-12
Enhancement of financial power to CGM and SSA heads for single tender reg 17-02-14
Amendment- Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 - Annexure-I 26-04-12
Payment of interest on Deposit- MPLSVPN- ILL - LC -MNS -Clarification 23-08-12
Delegation of powers to CGM TF reg 18-03-13
Swatch Bharath Cess - FAQ
Service Tax Rules Amendment - 03-04-12
Amendment- Cenvat Credit Rules 2004 - Annexure-II 26-04-12
EXCEMPTION OF ST on taxable service reg 17-08-12