Technical Circulars ↣ Civil

Modifications regarding RCC pre cast chamber by BBNL 16-01-15
Composite tender for Civil external Project 20-06-13
Strategy for procuring external Civl works 25-08-11
Guidelines for hiring extension vacation and new lease deeds of Pvt properties for official use 28-0-13
External Projects- Nodal officer- Architect wing 05-09-11
External Project - Submission to Cor Off letter reg 17-11-11
Civil Elec Service charges for renting out vacant BSNL Qtrs to other PSUs reg 19-03-15
Regarding Retention of lands and buildings for DoT and its offices - Instructions 11-07-17
Composite tender - Civil Elec - Guidelines 10-01-13
Adoptionof CPWD Works manual 2014 - DSR 2014 in BSNL reg 08-10-14
Wealth Tax evaluation 20-04-11
The contract conditions of civil contract CS4 Annexure A - Ammendment
Nodal officer for external projects 05-10-11
External project Civil Architect Electrical - Co ordination 29-08-11
Commercial Harnessing of Land assets - 28-11-17
Civil Works - Maintenance Norms
Transfer of land from DOT to BSNL - Instructions based on the legal opinion given by the BSNL Legal counsel at Trivandrum 08-02-13
Service Tax and CENVET credit rules - guidelines on preparation of bills - Electrical and Civil wing 17-09-13
Empaneling BSNL as Construction agency for KVS work
Guidelines for hiring of Building - Premises for GSM BTS sites 03-10-13
Commercial exploitation of BSNL lands 02-09-11
GCC for civil works -2006 - Correction slip 4
Revision of BSNL IQ rates 13-12-2017
Adoption of CPWD works manual 2012 and Delhi Schedule of rates 2012 12-06-12
Architectural consultancy fee 07-08-12
ATMs in BSNL premises - At CSCs reg 26-09-11
Standard tender document for BSNL civil works- Modification reg 04-04-13
Civil Wing - Undertaking External work- PGM BW 08-07-10