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Payment of EB Bills through Oorja Application reg 23-04-21
CMD Review Meeting -DG Rationalization 06-11-20
Regarding Sfety from Fire Accidents reg 21-05-20
Regarding Fire Safety incidents reg 06-12-18
Regarding safety from Fire Incidents reg 01-08-18
Safety from Fire Incidents 25-04-13
Earthing by using GI poles reg 17-01-12
Regarding Safety from Fire accidents - Instructions reg 23-01-2018
Regarding safety from Fire accidents reg 10-04-18
Energy Audit for Other Org Lr 14-11-11
Safety from fire incidents reg 30-08-12
Benefits of Power factor improvement
Free cooling 22-03-11
VRLA battery maintenence 16-08-12
Energy conservation strategy in Telecom Buildings - Presentation - TN Circle
Proposal of Fixed hourly energy charges for IPs - 09-01-12
Civil Elec Service charges for renting out vacant BSNL Qtrs to other PSUs reg 19-03-15
Energy Auditor Manager list 14-11-11
Specification on SMPS based PP
Compressors Phased out models reg 20-12-11
Implementation of Green Technologies in Telecom sector 23-02-12
Revision of SMPS PP specification reg 27-03-14
Stablizer versus AVR
Composite tender - Civil Elec - Guidelines 10-01-13
Safety from Fire incidents reg 15-04-14
Safety from Fire Incidents reg 20-09-12
VRLA battery backup time rev and procurement reg 14-03-14
Regarding safety from Fire Incidents reg 18-02-14
Single Point Earthing
Service Tax and CENVET credit rules - guidelines on preparation of bills - Electrical and Civil wing 17-09-13
Back up time for VRLA batteries - Revision reg 12-03-14
Energy Conservation Tips
Suitable Electricity tariff for BSNL 21-06-12
Free cooling system for energy saving reg
Implementaion of E- tendering in all Electro Mechanical works reg 23-01-15
7TR HPAC Specifications
Safety regarding Fire incidents 19-10-15
Reimburesement for Energy Auditor - Energy manager reg 10-08-11
Power solution in Rural Areas - BSNL IIT Kanpur - 04-08-09
Review of installation of Package AC units in exchanges and Comfort ACs in Office workspaces reg 06-03-18
Regarding safety from fire accidents reg 17-05-18
Fire incidents - Precautions
Energy conservation in Buildings - CMD DO letter 17-04-14
Safety from Fire Incidents
Electrical license - Mandatory requirement - Clarifications 12-03-13
Safety from Fire accidents reg 22-10-12
Energy Audit of BSNL installations 25-02-12
Eligibilty criteria for participation in BSNL Electrical - Electro mechanical works tender 05-04-13