Initiation of e-APAR's of subordinates by reporting officer 10-08-17
Guidelines for filling eAPAR - last date for reviewing extended reg 20-07-17
Reporting and reviewing structure for Executives of Architectural wing in BSNL - 11-07-17
Reporting and Reviewing structure for Executives of Architecture wing in BSNL- Amendment reg 04-07-17
Guidelines for filling of e-APAR through ERP-reg 10-07-17
Vigilance Clearance - Schedule of delegation 03-07-2017
Filling APAR guidelines reg 12-06-17
Regarding APAR reported and reviewed by same officer 06-02-14
Writing of APAR - Manner and punctuality regarding - BW unit 07-11-13
Updation - Entering of staff number of SDE in ERP for the - preparatlon for e-DPC- Reg 06-03-17
Updating APAR in HRMS package and implementation of Bell curve approach in performance rating reg 12-12-12
Reporting reviewing of SSA Head - Amendment 12-11-10
Reporting and reviewing of SSA head - 25-06-10
Regarding mode of submission of APAR details for holding CPC in Cor off reg 20-07-16
Individual PMS in APAR reg - DO lr from Dir HR 05-06-14
Rating of numerical grading in APAR between 0 and 4 as to bench marks for DPC - 30-10-14
Modifications in APAR forms on the recommendations of 11th report of 2nd ARC reg 10-03-16
IPMS SCORECARDS for APAR from 2011 - 31-01-11
Guidelines for filling of e-APAR through ERP reg 29-03-17
Guidelines for filling out APARs of employees in BSNL 19-12-13
Guidelines for filing e-APAR through ERP reg 01-03-17
Guidelines for filling of e-APAR through ERP reg 23-02-17
Effect of Penalties on Promotion - Role of DPC - DoPandT guidelines 28-04-14
Clarifications regarding writing APAR reg 22-04-16
CR- Recording comments 17-02-09
CPC - APAR disclosure certificate reg 24-03-14
Clarification regarding Writing APAR - 20-09-16
Change in procedure for processing VC request after 31-03-2017 at BSNL CO - reg
Circle office APAR Reporting - Reviewing Structure reg 23-05-13
Below benchmark- ACR before 2008-09 - 13-04-10
APAR- Screening committee consideration for 4years - Clarification - 29-07-10
Below benchmark bsnlorders ACR 10-05-10
APAR- Reporting and reviewing structure amendment reg 09-05-14
APAR- Appeal against below benchmark cases 13-07-11
APAR proforma incorporating 2nd reporting officer w r o IFA in SSA 01-05-14
APAR Timely completion 01-04-10
APAR Procedures 08-04-10
APAR Procedure 29-03-10
APAR issue of certificate - 29-04-11
APAR maintainance with fairness reg - 27-07-09
APAR forms II and III further modified from year 2015-2016 reg 21-03-16
APAR Clarification - 08-09-10
APAR - IPMS reg - CMD 08-04-15
APAR - Juducual assesement by Reporting and Reviewing officer reg 25-03-15
ACR reporting Civil Elec - 16-07-09
ACR prior to 2008-09 - 16-02-10
ACR grading prior to 2008 - 06-01-10
ACR FORM-amendment 16-03-09
ACR as APAR from 14-05-09
ACR APAR with below Bench mark grading - Action in compliance of Court orders reg 05-12-12
ACR APAR Disposal of representation for upgradation in a quasi judicial manner reg 31-01-14