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Grant of facility of Deduction of subscription to Executives Associations - Instructions reg 08-11-17
Policy for provision of GSM Mobile Service connection to the Officer Bearers of the Recognized Association reg 06-10-17
Violation of provisions of BSNL-REA-Rules 2014 reg 27-09-2017
Regarding violation of provisions of BSNL REA Rules 2014 - Communication by retired employees reg 20-09-17
Membership verification - Extension of last date for submission reg 23-06-16
Membership verification - Calling of applications reg 18-06-14
Membership Verificastion of Executives - Instruction to ITPC reg 08-01-14
Immunity from transfer- Non executives recognized union reg 17-03-15
Membership verification - Facilities for Applicant associations reg 16-06-14
Stay on clause 5-1 of Recognition Rules reg 150714
SNEA Manifesto 2016
SNEA Manifesto 2016
Result of First Membership verification of Executives Associations in BSNL 09-12-16
Referendum for Executives association - Tendative revised schedule 10-11-14
Recognition of only one Representative Association of Executives reg - SR section letter 13-12-16
Recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL-Facilities reg 25-05-2016
Recognition of Executives Association Rules 2014 - 07-01-2014
Recognitation of majority representative association of serving executives associations in BSNL - Facilities reg 28-10-16
Rate of honorarium to be paid to the functionaries in the First Executives MVP 02-12-16
Procedure for conduction of MVP and counting of votes etc - 17-10-2016
Printing of ballot paper for conduct of First MVP through secret ballot n 07-12-16 reg 19-10-16
Preparation of Electrol roll - Executives Membership Verification reg 07-06-16
Preparation of Electoral rolls for conduct of first membership verifications for Executives reg 01-08-16
Prepararation of Electoral roles for firsr MVP - Consolidated guide lines 01-07-16
Notice for holding First Executive Membership Verification-Calling up of application reg 25-05-2016
Non transfer of Executives till the completion of first membership verification process of Executives reg 31-05-16
Non transfer of executive staff till completion of first MVP of Executives associations in BSNL - Revised guidelines reg 01-07-16
Non transfer of Executives till the completion of First Membership verification process - Instructions reg 10-06-16
Non transfer of Executives till the completion of First Membership verification process - Instructions reg 06-06-16
Nomination of Circle level SNEA representatives for the purpose of Membership verification reg - GS to CGMs 17-08-16
MVP - Displaying the electoral rolls etc – requesting for extension of time reg - To DIR HR 24-08-16
Message from Dir HR regarding first MVP 01-12-16
MV result 09-12-16
Membership verification schedule
Membership verification postponed 11-11-2014
Membership verification - Finalisation of Electoral rolls extended up to 05-09-2016 reg 31-08-16
Hunger strike on 27 to 29-09-16 - GM SR letter 23-09-16
Grant of the facility of deduction of subscription to SNEA - governing deduction of monthly subscription 22-12-16
Grant of status of Recognised Representative Association and Support Association reg 13-12-16
First MVP-BSNL CO has requested Chief Labour Commissioner to provide observers 24-10-16
First MVP for executives -Supplementary Voers list reg 10-11-16
First MVP for executives -Appointing polling and Counting teams reg 10-11-16
First MVP for executives - Duties of Observer reg 24-11-16
First MVP for executives - Date of voting on 07-12-16 - Instructions for smooth conduct of election reg 25-11-16
First MVP for executives - appointment of Observers reg 22-11-16
First MVP - Instructions for appointing Returning Officers and Asst Returning officers reg 01-08-16
Extension of dates of conduct of election and declaration of results reg 18-10-2016
Eligible Association in 1st Membership Verification 12-08-2016
Deduction of Subscription to SNEA in salary - Revised instruction reg 18-01-17
Constitution of Core group to deal wth matters related to first MVP among Executives reg 08-06-2016
Conduct of First MVP for Executives - Appreciation to field Admin staff reg 19-12-16
Conduct of First MVP for Executives - Appreciation to all pariticipants reg 19-12-16
Casting of votes by provisionally by promoted JAOs in the First Membership verification of Executives Associations in BSNL- reg 29-11-16
Amendment to the BSNL -Recogntion of Executives Association- Rules 2014 -25-05-2016
After MVP election - GS extending thanks 12-12-16