Deduction of TDS on payment of Encashment of Half Pay Leave (HPL) against shortfall in Earned Leave (EL) of 300 days on retirement - reg 27-02-19
Post Launch Activities for SAMPANN - Implementation of Comprehensive Pension Management System (CPMS) - reg 14-01-19
Representations - court cases for grant of status of DOT employees absorbed in BSNL and to get benefit under the Rule -37A of CCS (Pension) Rule 1972 reg 25-10-18
Regular Departmental Action against retired officers of BSNL reg 25-09-18
Change of Circle for medical claim purpose by retired employees - Reg 23-08-18
Clarification on Compassionate ground appointment reg 13-08-18
Clarification reg introduction of pension Scheme and PSMB in CPSEs - By DPE 21-05-14
Pension contribution - who is retiring within six months reg 26-04-12
National Pension Scheme - Subscriber Information Brochure for Government Subscribers
Pension liability of BSNL - Should not exceed 60 per - DOT instructions 15-06-06
Councelling programme for pensioners and retiring officers by DoP and PW reg 04-12-14
Contribution of Employer towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of DR employees increased by BSNL - Reg 08-01-18
CCS pension rules amendment dated 28-08-2014
Policy for allotment of Vaccant qtrs to retired employees - Amendment 26-10-12
Applicability of revised rules of pension of 6th CPC to BSNL - 09-08-11
Traning allowance admisibilty for leave encashment and leave salary - 21-12-10
Eligibility of children from a void and voidable marriage for family pension - Dept of Pension and PW clarification 27-11-12
Pension liability of BSNL - Should not exceed 60 per - Clarification by DOT 05-01-09
Digital Life certificate for Pensioners - FAQ
Classes of Pension
Issue of Pensioners Identity cards reg 13-05-13
Family pension - Clarification by DoP and PW 16-01-13
Family Pension Eligibility of Widowed and Divorced Daughter – DoP and PW Clarification 19-11-17
Reply to clarification of DOT reg 78-2 fixation for employees retired between 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 08-08-13
Detailed process of getting digital life certificate issued for pensioners 10-11-14
Amendment ot CCS pension rules 1972 -DoP and PW 29-08-14
Pension contribution for empl absorbed from DOT in to BSNL - DoP and T reply 24-04-14
BSNLMRS facility extension to Retiring employees facing disciplinary proceedings and non irelease of PPO reg 12-04-13
Withholding 10 percentage of gratuity of retiring employees reg - Clarification 26-06-13
Revision of pension of pre 01-01-2007 pensioners - Corrigendum- 110411
Voluntary retirement under FR 56(k), etc
Revision of Pension who retired between 01-01-2007 and 09-06-13 reg - Informations called for 26-03-15
Pension settlement procedure 01-12-10
Revision of pension -family pension of pre-2006 pensioners -family pensioners in accordance with Vth CPC decision reg - II 18-07-13
Revision - Grant of provisional pension sanctioned under Rule 69 of CCS Pension Rules 1972 i r o pre 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners 24-07-13
Clarification regarding calculation of commutted value of pension by applying old or new commutation table reg 22-10-13
Revision of PPO of pre 2006 pensioners - Family pensioners even if if date of birth of spouse is not available - DoP and PW instructions 28-01-13
CCS pensionrules- 6th CPC applicability-08-09-10
Simplification of Pension Procedure reg - Instructions of DoP and PW 01-08-2017
Revision of pension -family pension of pre-2006 pensioners -family pensioners in accordance with Vth CPC decision reg - I 18-07-13
Revision of Pension of BSNL Pensioners - Family pensioners who retired prior to 10-06-2013 - DA - DR merger reg 18-07-16
Pending Revision of Pension cases - Pre 2006 CDA cases reg 27-12-13
Family pension - Extension of Scope - Clarification 08-11-11
National policy on Older Persons - II-1999
Monthly pension contribution to DOT in respect of BSNl absorbed employees reg 07-10-14
DoP reply regarding IDA merger for Pensioners in BSNL reg 15-10-14
Interpretation of dependency criterion for grant of two family pensions reg - 27-01-12
Grievance Redressal Cell for the Retired employees at Corp[orate Office 22-05-18
Indication of Aadhar number in Salary package SW and for seeding Service book 20-04-15
Rounding off of a fraction of a rupee in regulation of additional Pension - DoP and PW instructions 16-04-15
CCS pension rules Clarification reg BSNL absorbees - VRS between 10 to 20 years - 10-08-11
Full Pension to who retired after 01-01-06 clarification - 22-01-10
Qualifying Service for Pension and Gratuity - FAQ
Deduction of Pension Contribution under EPS 1995 - reg - Annexure 17-07-13
Sixth CPC - Revised contribution - Leave encashment etc 22-12-08
Enrolment for Aadhaar number and its seeding in pension records of all pensioners - DoP and PW order 31-03-15
Family Pension - Inclusion of name of members in PPO 03-10-11
CGA weightage point reg - Clarification 13-02-14
Pension liability of BSNL - Status reg 15-03-05
Monthly pension contribution payable for absorbed employees at par with deputationists
Anamolies committee report on Leave Encashment - Bunching increment -30 per ceiling - 24-09-10
Calculation of Pension Contribution reg 20-01-15
Calculation of Commuted value of pension in respect of BSNL IDA scale - post 2007 pensioners reg DOT lr 10-06-13
CCS Pension Amendment rules 2014 - 20-02-14
Pension Qualifying service - Clarification 10-12-09
Revision of pension of Pre 2006 pensioners - Delinking of revised pension from Qualyfying services of 33 years reg - DoT instructions reg 10-03-17
Monthly Pension Contribution during foreign service Clarification 19-11-09
Grant of Family pension - In case of missing family pensioner 02-01-12
Reported Missing Employees - Family Pension Gratuity etc Clarification 02-07-10
Instruction regarding superannuation pension scheme for directly recruited employees reg 05-12-17
Medical facilities extended to Retired employees - Instructrions reg 10-08-16
Date of effect of retirement of in case of Voluntary Retirement - Clarification reg
Calculation Monthly Pension Contribution during foreign service 05-01-10
Pension notification by DOP and PW - 25-07-07
Adhar based Digital life certificate reg 20-03-15
Pension scheme and PSMB in CPSEs - DPE guidelines and Clarifications 21-05-14
Grant of concessional telephone to retired employees - Modification reg procedure for proof of life certificate 12-06-14
Applicability of Full pension after 20 yrs of service - DOT instruction -16-08-10
Payment of Gratuity - Central Rules 1972
National policy on Older Persons - I-1999
Amendments in CCS pension rules 1972 reg 21-12-12
Deduction of Pension Contribution under EPS 1995 - reg 17-07-13
Change of settlement place for family pensioner 31-12-09
Retirement benefits of Govt service to persons dismissed or removed after absorbtion 21-07-09
Delayed Pension and Wrong fixation should be paid with interest - Swamys
Amendment in the payment of Gratuity act 1972 - Enhancement of Ceiling reg - DoE Order 11-04-18
TDS on Leave Encashment amount at the time of Retirement - Reg 04-05-12
Form 14 submission by spouse to the pension disbursing Bank after the death of the pensioner - DoP and PW instructions
Pension - Defered option cases - Instruction to SSAs 06-07-11
Rectification of anamoly in pension - BSNL employees retired within 10 months from absorbtion - 11-10-11
Outdoor treatment ceiling for pensioners after pay revision 08-09-10
Revision of pension by allowing merger of DA amounting to 78-2 - DOT order 11-07-14
Rectification of anamoly in pension of retired BSNL employees reg 18-06-14
Payment of Death gratuity to a minor reg - DoP and PW instructions 02-12-14
Decentralisation of Payments of Pensionary benefits in respects of heads of BSNL Circle etc at respective CCA officers reg 16-05-18
CGHS facility extension to BSNL Retired employees reg 29-07-16
DoT guidelines regarding release of DCRG during pendency of criminal appeal - revision of BSNL absorbed - recruited employees reg 26-05-18
Revision of pension -family pension of pre-2006 pensioners -family pensioners in accordance with Vth CPC decision reg 16-07-13
Monthly contribution towards pension reg 11-12-12
Payment of Gratuity - Instructions 19-06-12
CCS Pension Amendment Rules 2011 Notification 10-08-11
Sixth CPC- revised order by DOT for applicability in BSNL 12-08-09
Commutation of Pension Latest-FAQ
Pension revision cases as per 78-2 percentage IDA fitment may be identified and sent to the concerned CCA reg 06-04-18
Amendment in CCS pension rules 1972- Dop and PW notification dated 29-08-14 - Cov lr 13-02-15
Applicability of revised rules of pension of 6th CPC to BSNL- DCRG etc 22-05-09
USO Subsidy and Pension fund Record of Minutes 26-03-12
Pension on last month pay drawn or ten months average- clarification 11-12-08
Review of extension of without voucher facility to Retired employees - Release of dues reg 24-04-18
Release of pension and pensionaery benefitsas per Hon Sc judgement dt 14-08-14- Clarification
Higher pension option under EPF reg 30-03-17
Pensioners Identity cards Model
Instruction regarding Nomination under superannuation pension scheme for DR BSNL employees reg 22-02-18
Full pension admissibility after 10 years of Qualifying service in Govt - Clarification 04-01-12
BSNL endorsed revision of provisions regulating pension – gratuity etc as per 7th pay revision reg 21-12-16
Retirement benfits of Dismmissed or removed cases after BSNL Absorbtion - 04-10-11
Pension Contribution on existing pay for absorbed employees - Proposal rejected by FM
Eligibility of family pension for disabled children after marriage and for two family pension reg 09-01-15
Extension of family pension to widowed unmarried daughter 28-06-11
Sixth CPC applicability to IDA Pensioners 04-05-09
Restrictions on Top Level executivs of CPSES joining private commercial under takings after retirement 28-02-13
Maintenance of Pension contribution records in DOT cell -13-05-13
Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners - family pensioners who retired prior to 10-06-2013 - Instruction for utlising proforma reg
Revision of provisional pension sanctioned under Rule 69 of the CCS Pension Rules 1972 - 01-07-13
Revision of pension of pre 01-01-2007 pensioners - 04-04-11
Pension Contribution for BSNL absorbed employees in Maximum of the pay scale who are retiring within 6 months 22-04-13
Payment of Pension arrears to the nominees of Deceased Pensioners - DoE instructions 12-03-2018
Rule37A ammendment - Notification by DOT - 03-02-03