SC ST OBC Reservation - Constitutional provision_Back

Proceedings against the employee who got appointment on the basis of fake -false caste certificate -reg 11-07-17
Welfare of Minority community- Special consideration in Rec - 15 poits prgramme of PM 20-12-11
Updating reservation roster of SDEs for the vacancy year 2011-12 12-06-12
Updating of Reservation Roster in respect of TES Gr B SDE T - Lr 27-02-12
Treatment of Back log vaccancy - 22-08-08
Treatment of own merit SC ST - clarification - 10-08-10
TA DA for SC ST attending exam - 04-01-10
Special recruitment for backlog vaccancy 24-12-08
SC ST grievance redressal procedure - 04-11-10
SC ST and minorities inclusuion in SB and COmmittees
Review of monitoring of Rules of reservation 15-05-12
Reservation for OBC in civil posts and services under CPSE - Sub quota for minority community reg 22-02-12
Reservation for OBC - Subquota for minority - DPE guidelines - 02-01-12
Reservation and Representation reg 27-03-14
Replies to questinnare - Resevation policy implementation - 24-01-09
Recommendations of NCST - Seventh report for the period 2011-12 - 15-09-15
Parliamentary committee report on Welfare of SC and ST reg 28-09-16
Grant of facilities to SC ST Welfare Association 16-06-11
Filling up of backlog vaccancies SC ST and OCB reg 17-07-13
Duties and responsibilities of Liasion officer reg 28-08-14
Creamy laye r- OBC - Revision of Income criteria
Concession for SC and ST category in Promotion by selection reg 13-03-14
Consultation with NCSC and NCST on policy matters 26-03-12
Compailation of SC ST Reservation policy in Govt Service
Accomadation to SC ST - Roaster