Austerity Measures - 28-12-18
AMC Optimisation - CM Vertical - KERALA Circle reg 12-12-18
Highways cable laying ROW Policy 16-07-12
Customercare portal - Registering Procedure
EoI Document for Broadband Services on cable TV network
BSNl Corporate office Intranet - New login procedure reg 30-04-15
Revision in existing procedures for disposal - utilisation of obsolete and scrapped - surplus store equipment in BSNL - Instructions 09-01-17
Clubbing Cable damage Charges with IUC bills - Clarification 27-06-12
EOI for Out sourcing BSNL Hoarding 15-03-12
Policy for Leasing out BSNL Hoardings 13-03-12
Guidelines regarding revision in existing procedures for disposal -utilisation of obsolete and scrapped-surplus store-equipment in BSNL reg 17-01-18
Gist of initiatives taken for Business promotion 17-06-11
Flexible Fabric inner-duct -Introduction reg 09-02-15
Flexible Fabric inner-duct - Annexure
Guidelines for granting ROW permissions for laying telecom cables ducts on NH land reg 13-10-13
EOI for out sourcing BSNL hoarding
Classification of E-waste non Ewaste list 26-12-12
Highways Cable laying MORTH direction lr 16-07-12
Disposal or Utilisation of Scrapped - Obsolete and scrapped stores or equipment - Amendmentreg 09-03-1
Policy for disposal of redundant NW equipments in BSNL 26-12-12
E tendering implementation reg 07-12-11
Policy of placing reservation quota order on ITI Ltd 11-03-14
DO letter from The Secretary MoC and IT regarding RoW to The Chairman Railway Board 28-03-16
General safety tips and safety tips on using E-mail reg 04-03-13
Regarding safety from Fire incidents 26-03-18
One stop Solution to Communication - BSNL
Launching of new BSNL website on 17-05-12
International roaming - instructions to make it effective 160311
Fire accident- Precautions