Temperature and Humidity control in NT switch rooms 06-06-13
Updatrion of New RAISE SW 22-07-12
Tariff and charge band for Basic services
Structure of Standing committee for Scrapping Electronic Switches 23-11-11 -
status of CDMA operational issues - By ZTE 09-04-12
Standard Charge band for Centrex calls in C-DOT 22-06-12
RAISE- Real-Time Applications Integrated Software Environment
RAISE website - Centralised monitoring - 04-10-11
RAISE SW updated version reg - 25-10-11
Raise software patch reg 04-10-11
RAISE SW common mistakes made while installation 26-12-11
RAISE Software implementation reg - 12-10-11
O&M IP Tax Document
MSC codes issue on VLR data basis instead of HLR 26-01-11
MOP Doc for TERMINATION of Incoming ILD traffic from One Softswitch to other - 20-12-11
IUC rates for Emergency calls - Revision 07-02-12
ITFS non implementation reg 18-01-12
IP Tax Connectivity with MPLS issues
Fire incidents - Precautions
Day to day operations IPTAX
Creation of PRA in EWSD procedure - 25-08-11
Creation of new Charge bands and analyse - 22-09-11
Creation of PRA - Procedure for OCB283
Creation of PRA - Procedure for 5ESS
Consolidation of CDOT switches Annexure 02-08-12
Consolidation of CDOT switches 02-08-12
CCR Improvement - PP Presentation
Call filtering in OCB 283 Local switches - TCCCP regulation
Call filtering in EWSD for TCCCP Regulation
Amendment in the structure of scrapping committee of Electronic exchanges greater than 1000 lines 24-09-13
5ESS Exchanges - SU 13 upgradation