Sir, I was working as SDE Officiating from 2003. But my pay was not protected when I was promoted on regular basis in 2009. Even my pay was recovered. Sir my officiating promotion was as per RR (SCF). I had three charges of SDE, I have delivered my all duties without fail as a SDE in the interest of BSNL for continues six years. As my duty as SDE was continued till regular promotion, my pay could have protected. But on the contrary Nagpur SSA has recovered and reduced my pay. Sir when department was in need they have promoted as per RR and BSNL was definitely benefited with our timely devoted services then whats wrong in giving pay protection to us ?. CMD had promised to clear this issue in july 16. Sir we are very hopeful that you will settle this issue in stipulated time. With regards.- From - P R Phasate
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P R Phasate
Sir, you are right. Court has also given a judgement in favor of pay protection. If you have continued your officiating till you get regular posting, pay must be protected.
Sir, My case is also similar I am a 1994 batch JTO .My JTO phase I training started wef 1/9/1997 and my date of appointment is 5/1/1998.I am doing SDE officiating wef 1/9/2001 and get Ist TBP wef 1/9/2006 .I become regular SDE wef 28/11/2008 after passing LDCE 2007 for VY 2001-2002.