GS Sir, Iam 1998 JTO. Joined in Apr 1999 as JTO. I have got 1st TBP in Oct2006.Totally I got 1st TBP after 7and 1/2 years including before Oct2000 service.We are very much losers in all aspects including DPC.Kindly try to understand Sr.JTOs position and at least try to implement Chennai Court judgement 1st TBP for 4 years. We are the Sr. JTOs served for our SNEA for so many years in different levels.This is the good opportunity for SNEA to satisfy the Sr.JTO members by implementing the Chennai Judgement. All the effected JTOs are our SNEA Sr. members. Hence, I request our beloved GS to put more efforts in this regard and do justice.--Thank you sir.
Posted By : K S Prasada Rao ,  Srikakulam AP  Mobile: 9440000289
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