Com Jogi Ji, Pl take up the following issues seriously: 1.First TBFU in 4 years to all. 2.Oficiating pay protection is still pending. 3.In proposed CPSU Hirerchy promotion to directly DE/AGM to all regular SDEs having completed/going to complete 10 years regular service. 4.Modification of SDE RR wef 2002 instead of 2009 sothat all SDEs will be benifited.And all court case can be finished relating to seniority.Also it will increase our membership.
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Pl also write on SDE RR modification issue wef 2002 instead of 2009 sothat the LDCE passed SDEs can be given justic.As BSNL conducted LDCE for VY 2001-2002 on 2007 and result decleared on OCT 2008.What is the fault of a JTO appeared in SDE LDCE 2007.Res.Comrade yes you can do this.