GS sir,WE all congratulations to you and SNEA.I am SNEA member and 1997 JTO BATCH. Kindly Accept our request,For getting 1st Time Bound for 4 years.The Chennai CAT given judgement on FTBP for 4 to 6 years, the Clause 3.1 is unconstitutional. Mean while recently the Mumbai CAT given judgement to consider the FTBP for 4 years within 12 weeks time, and final hearing completed on 08-02-2017 at High court Chennai&the judgement reserved in Chennai and judgement reserved in Hyderabad CAT also on this issue.Even other association wrote letter to CMD quoating MADRAS COURT judgement FTBP for 4 years only.Hence I am requested you sir, kindly recommend and pursue the case of FTBP for 4 years that will be helpful to be retired,retiring JTOs and all Senior JTOs. moreover the affected JTOs all most all are SNEA members.
Posted By : C.D.K.GUPTA JTO ,  HYDERABAD  Mobile: 9440000920
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