MTNL & BSNL merger is coming rounds. MTNL people are on standard pay scale where there is no E1A and E2A. Now, when MTNLians opt to join BSNL, they are offered BSNL Scales. What is this? Does this means, non-standard pay scales are having the sanctity from DoT? Further, MTNLians are now having Rule-37A with Govt Pension. News are coming out that MTNLians who do not want to join BSNL can opt for VRS with 2 increment for every left out year service. BSNL optees and Association must demand implementing standard IDA pay scales before taking any decision on MTNL merger and also similar VRS in merger on same terms and on par with them. Loss amassed by MTNL is not going to be borne by BSNL it seems. This means BSNLians and Associations must demand similar terms in merger of both entities for BSNLians also. This is the good chance for us also.
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