For Submission of subscription Forms to DDOs: CHQ drawn Attention of Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries for Special focus may be given to members working in Non-recruiting units like Mtce Regions, Transmission Project, Civil, Elect, Arch, QA, T&D/INSP, NCNGN, Training Centres, NFS, Term Cell, CCAs, ITPC, BBNW etc. “ In this I would like to mention that, the CHQ should take special focus on the HR issued particularly transferred face by the Executives working on non-recruiting circles. All of us known that in Non-recruiting units because of higher authority are not in the same location i.e. CGM at one location, GM at another location, and DGM at another location so there is delayed in every issued from HR to Technical. So if any executive willing to transferred from Non-Recruiting circle to Recruiting circle they may be give chance to work on Recruiting circle. So that problem face by executives working on non-recruiting may be share by all the executives. ”
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