R/Comrade Kindly write to CMD and DOT on SDE RR modification issue wef 2002 instead of 2009 sothat the LDCE passed SDEs can be given justic.As BSNL conducted LDCE for VY 2001-2002 on 2007 and result decleared on OCT 2008.What is the fault of a JTO appeared in SDE LDCE 2007.It is great injustice .Res.Comrade yes you can do this.
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Gulshan Sood
Sir You can not change the things by going back in past. You should challenge this anomaly (if you feel so)at the time of notification of SDE RR 2002. Now nothing could happen Please see the things in broader prospect not only with personal benefit only
Yes Comrade it is a burning issue pl takeup this issue seriousy with management/DOT.In my openion this is simply a clerical mistake happened during SDE RR modification on 1996 and also BSNL has modify SDE RR wef 2002 simply copying DOT SDE RR1996.in SDE RR1981 rota/quotq provision is clear but in SDE RR 1966 only 75% and 25% provision is mentioned.R/Comrade if DOT/BSNL corrects its mistake then there should not be any problem in VY based seniority.Every this is possible.