Sir, Regarding EPS option to DRs i want to share some points. Actually EPF has given option to us to choose between Provident fund and pension. If we want pension we have to lose provident fund because the amount diverted to EPS is non returnable. I have calculated the amount until now i.e. 10 years around 5lakh and from now on onwards 5400 monthly and 8% interest total amount which will be with EPS is around 84LAKH on at 2041i.e my retirement year. In actual scenario if basic and DA increase the amount will be much more if it is in provident fund. I guess it around 1.25 CRORES. This amount is non returnable to me at the time of retirement but they will give me pension on my full basic. It is useful to me if i live long after retirement may be more than 20 Years. Hence i request everybody pls calculate it then only give option for full pension. If i keep it in provident fund i will get 1.25 Crores and without tax and it will be useful to our family. If SAB 30 % in true spirit implemented means we will get pension without losing provident fund. Hence i request you to give more focus on finalization of forming of SAB trust rules as early possible. Present option is not a relief, rather it created lot of confusion which one choose. If SAB 30 % is implemented, then only we i.e DRs will get relief.
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