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Team SNEA welcomes Hon. MoC Shri Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia ji at Indore: Team SNEA lead by Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ, Shri. Manish Khare, CP SNEA MP,  Shri. Krishna Tetwa, DyCS SEWA MP Circle, Shri. G. H. Khan, ACS SNEA MP,  Shri. S. S Rathore, ACS SNEA MP, Shri Neeraj Tiwari, AS SNEA MP, Shri. Jitendra Sharma, DS SNEA Indore, Shri. Vijay Pal, DP SNEA Indore, Shri. Masum Dixit, DT SNEA Indore, Shri. Abhay Khoche DP SEWA Indore and Shri M.S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ gave warm welcome to Respected Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia ji Honourable Minister of Communications and Minister of Development of North East Region, GoI, who was on special tour to  Indore on  for Inauguration of Massive Tree Plantation Programme with theme “One Tree on Mothers Name”.

Team SNEA gave warm Welcome to Hon. MoC and congratulated on taking over this important Portfolio of MoC and conveyed Best wishes of his grand success. We assured total support from the recognised Majority Association of BSNL for mission Profit Making BSNL. We for requested for early solution of pending issues of executives in BSNL and for overall growth of BSNL. He appreciated BSNL and assured to look into issues. On brief submission of issues and on our requests Honorable MOC for grant of his suitable time slot  for submission from our side on issues related to growth of BSNL as well as issues related to Executives in BSNL and he assured to give grant suitable time at Delhi office shortly.

PHOTOs <<<>>

This meeting with Hon. MoC was organized in a short span of just five hours, facilitated by Shri Manish Samadhiya, President of SNEA CHQ, and the team SNEA Indore, through a special interaction with Shri Shankar Lalwani ji, Honorable MP, Indore.

Team SNEA also congratulated and conveyed thanks to Shri. Shankar Lalwani ji Hon MP Indore.

Team SNEA Indore  also  gave warm welcome to Shri M.S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ.  


Forceful and High Premium Rate GHI Policy with stringent Conditions approved by Admin Section, BSNL CO: DGM Admin BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding Implementation of Voluntary New Group Health Insurance Policy for BSNL employees w.e.f. 25/07/2024 with M/s The Oriental Insurance Company Limited. Copy<<<>>

Earlier each and every letter related to GHI was not only marked to all Recognized Unions/Associations but Associations and Unions were part of process for deciding the Group Health Insurance Policy for the employees of BSNL, but this time, in deliberate attempt the officers in Admin section have not even marked copy of this letter to any recognized Association or Union and are working and reasons are best known to them. 

The earlier GHI policy is closed on 31/05/2024 as M/S Oriental Insurance Company has enhanced the rates for renewal abnormally and also had put stringent conditions and many meetings held for negotiations of rates failed.

In last meeting held for renewal of policy or starting new GHI Policy, it was unanimously decided not to go ahead with this policy as M/S Oriental Insurance Company as it has increased rates abnormally and it is not in the interest of employees of BSNL due to stringent conditions and abnormally enhanced rates.

In this meeting no member of BSNL Committee was present and the leaders of all the recognized Associations and Unions have unanimously conveyed to stop this GHI Policy from M/S Oriental Insurance Company.

Over the years and in every GHI related meeting, when certain demands were made by Associations/Unions like certain payment of GHI Premium by BSNL,  it has been clarified by the Chairman and all Members of the Committee from Management side that BSNL Management is only facilitator in GHI Policy and nothing should be expected from BSNL.

It was always quoted that as this GHI policy was initially started as per request of Associations/Unions and the leaders of Associations/Unions only will have to take call on continuation or discontinuation of GHI policy and BSNL Management has no role in it.

When the leaders of Associations and Unions have requested PGM Admin as Chairman of the committee, for certain contribution of premium amount from BSNL Side or even for reimbursement of co-payment amount from the Medical claims of the employees as BSNL is saving about 25 Crores under BSNL MRS, he has raised hands stating that BSNL has no direct role in GHI Policy and BSNL is acting as facilitator for this GHI Policy.

Same has been mentioned in this letter under clause 4 that BSNL Management will only act as facilitator on behalf of beneficiaries of this GHI Policy. If it is so, why officers in Admin section are going ahead with this policy by keeping aside strongly oppose by all recognized Associations and Unions, is question to be answered by the officers in Admin section.

But now against this permanent Stand of Chairman and members of the committee from Management side, and when all Associations and Unions have conveyed in clear words to discontinue this GHI Policy due to high Premium and stringent conditions, the officers in Admin section have taken stand for continuation of this policy and this 180 degree change in stand of officers in Admin section establishes that something is pressing them hard to go against their own decision and stand and support M/S Oriental by compelling BSNL Employees to pay higher premium for policy with added stringent conditions over the last year policy. 

It means, when it is interest of Employees, officers in Admin Section are facilitator but when it is interest of M/S Oriental Insurance Company, then they are Promoters giving permission to company to loot BSNL employees.

But unfortunately the officers in Admin Section are much interested in this GHI Policy even with abnormally enhanced high rates and even with addition of stringent conditions by M/S Oriental Insurance Company, and we smell that vested interest of these officers are given more priority than the interest of the Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL.

By understanding manmade issues and self-interest of officers dealing with GHI Policy over the medical requirement and needs of the BSNL employees and interest of BSNL, SNEA CHQ has already given message to all executives and Non-Executives to have critical analysis of the newly proposed GHI Policy with Higher Premium rates and stringent conditions against the interest of employees opting for this policy.    

In fact the officers in Admin section including Chairman were over excited and eager to continue this policy with whatever rates but the member of Committee from Management side along with leaders of all recognized Associations and Unions have made all out efforts for reducing rates and removal of stringent conditions.

But same was not at all accepted by the representatives of the Insurance Company, rather company has added some stringent conditions after negotiation meetings and same are now accepted by Admin section in back door action. Earlier we have doubt, which is confirmed now, that someone from BSNL has joined hands with the representatives of the M/S Oriental Insurance Company and given them firm assurance that whatever condition you put, they will take care that policy will be renewed/continued in BSNL..

This approval of GHI Policy is being issued even without consulting any Association/Unions and  many of the employees are now asking leaders that who has approved the such high and abnormal rates.

In dramatic step, vide  letter dated 25/06/2024 issued to GS of all Recognized Unions/Associations, the Admin Section BSNL CO has conveyed that multiple requests are coming from the field units for continuation of this policy on whatever may be rates and whatever may be conditions and stressed importance of continuation of GHI policy. Copy<<<>>

But on our query, the with the concerned officers from the Admin section BSNL CO, it is informed that no written request is received by Admin section for continuation of existing GHI Policy from any Circle or BA officially or even from individual, but some individuals have called these officers in Admin section and requested for extension of GHI Policy. 

To counter check the say of Admin section, we have called for such feedback from individuals, but till today, we have not received any request for continuation of GHI Policy with such high premium and stringent conditions, rather we have received many complaints about high rates and stringent conditions applied in this new GHI Policy.

It is clearly establishing that it is lie pocessed in files and letters by the officers in Admin Section of BSNL CO so that this policy is continued at any cost.

In response to this letter, on 10/07/2024, SNEA has submitted details to PGM Admin BSNL CO in presence of DGM Admin BSNL CO and updated about responses from PSU Insurance Companies as well as from Private Insurance Companies. We have shred rates available from alternate policy from National Insurance Company and its comparison which shows how M/S Oriental is charging arbitrarily. NIC <<<>>

Comparsn <<<>>

Both PGM Admn and DGM Admn have given patience hearing to our information, discussed other details but have not given any final decision in conclusion of discussions.  It was expected to have discussions on this issue by one more meeting of Committee and leaders of all recognized Associations/Unions, but PGM Admin and DGM Admn are in so much hurry that they have taken fastest steps for approval of this GHI Policy without discussions with Leaders of Associations and Unions and also without formal meeting of committee members from Management side.

Important point is that they got approval of this GHI Policy from the Director EB when the regular Director HR has joined his duties and was rightly available in the office.

For approval of long awaited PwBD promotions even after binding directions from Hon Cat Delhi, the file is not cleared by Director EB giving reason that regular Director HR should look into all such issues and in this case of GHI Policy, same is approved by Director EB, when Regular Director HR has joined office.  This establishes the depth of vested interest and pressure of these officers in the Admin section dealing with this case.

At initial stage, some rates were offered by M/S Oriental Insurance company and there were no conditions applied, but later during negotiation process, the company has applied many conditions like restriction on entry of the parents, restrictions of diseases due to blood pressure, 20% Co-payment in place of initial discussions for 10% that to be with reduced rates, then condition for deciding proposal by 30/06/2024 otherwise increase in rates, then minimum membership of 5000 families and unfortunately all these conditions are accepted by Officers in Administration for reasons best known for them.

There are many lacunas in policy and on declaration of this GHI Policy SNEA has received many queries like.   

It may be please seen how the Insurance Company and officers in Admin Section are cheating the employees. We have consolidated some of facts which are as follows.

·      Under clause 15 & 16 of this GHI Policy letter it has been clearly mentioned that BSNL has no role in any policy opted by individual employee on its own and the claim will be raised and settled by individual employee on its own and any grievance of employees will also be looked into by BSNL through nodal officer to be appointed by Insurance Company.

·      If, Admin Section/BSNL Management is not taking any responsibility, then only role to be played by the officers in admin section is to deduct the Premium from monthly salary of the employees and making its payment to M/S Oriental Insurance Company i.e. safeguarding only interest of Insurance Company by forcing BSNL employees to accept this policy as higher rates and with added stringent conditions.

·      In this final letter, in deliberate attempt the officers in admin section have hidden the stringent condition applied by M/S Oriental Insurance    Company under Note (b) that this GHI policy will come to an existence only if minimum 5000 families are opting for this policy . Copy<<<>>

·      In the same letter under point 2, it has been mentioned that the group Insurance Policy is important in larger interest of employees and their dependents as it provides health insurance from the first day of the policy. But in this final letter for GHI Policy it has been mentioned under  clause 2.9 that Parents and newly enrolled Employees will not be eligible for claims against treatment for Cancer, Dialysis, Hernia, Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement for period of one year and the period of this GHI Policy is only one year.

·      Apart from this, nothing is mentioned about the condition under clause (b) of final offer put by M/S Oriental Insurance Company that this quote is valid only up to 30/06/2024, then only these rates are applicable and in case of any policy beyond 30/06/2024, new rates will be applicable.

·      This condition was not in the earlier policy or in initial negotiations, but company has added restrictions at later stage of negotiations and we have accepted it conditionally if the GHI Premium rates are reduced to 1.2 time of last year policy. But premium is not reduced as requested by BSNL but these restrictions are applied in this year policy and same are accepted by admin section.

·      If the parents are to be excluded from this policy, then very purpose of this Group Health Insurance Policy is defeated as many opt for this GHI Policy for taking care of health issues of Parents and for individual employees the individual policies are available at cheaper rates.

·      Nowadays, nobody has three children and on an average two children are present per family and as per clause 2.3 of this GHI Policy after age of 25 these Children are not allowed in this Group Insurance family by M/S Oriental Insurance company, then why three children and burden of higher premium is added is not cleared even after our queries during negotiation meetings. On stressing hard, it was only informed that if number of children are reduced then also premium will not be reduced much.

·      When policies are available in Insurance market from other PSUs for each person, why in BSNL such mandatory groups with group premium that to be at higher rates are allowed is under question which is not satisfactorily answered by the officers in administration or even by MS Oriental Insurance Company. 

·      One has to pay premium of Rs 1,15,472/- for Rs Five lakh Group Insurance Policy if he/she is opting for two parents, that means more than Rs. 30 are charged for Group Health Insurance of Rs. 100 which is highest in Insurance Market at least in India.  

·      Under Plan A of this GHI Policy of Rs Five lakhs for self, spouse and three children are available for Rs 34810 and under Plan D the GHI Policy of Rs Ten lakhs for self, spouse and three children are available for Rs 49314. That means for Rs Five lakh policy of this group total cost is Rs. 14504. If it is so, then why 34810 i.e. more than double the amount is charged under Plan A needs to be critically analyzed.

·      Under Plan E of this GHI Policy, Rs Ten lakhs claim is available for self, spouse, three children and One Parent at Rs. 95401 and under Plan F for Rs Ten Lakh Insurance only when one parent is added then it costs Rs 136163 i.e. for one parent the policy costs Rs. 40762.

·      Under Plan B GHI Policy is available for self, spouse, three children and One Parent at Rs. 62884 and under Plan C for Rs Five Lakh Insurance only one parent is added then it costs Rs 115472 i.e. for one parent the policy costs Rs. 52588. Addition of One parent under Ten lakh GHI Policy is Rs. 40762 and for addition of same parent under Rs Five Lakh Policy is 52558.

·      This action of arbitrary and non-logical premium amount by M/S Oriental Insurance Company and its blind acceptance and proactive support by officers in admin section BSNL CO is really ridiculous and disgusting.

Any wise and unbiased officer who has not lost his credibility will understand this cheating and day light looting by Insurance Company, but so called facilitators are blind enough on these issues which can be visualized and understood with open eyes.

We feel that the officers in Admin section are blind enough to understand this loot by M/S Oriental Insurance Company only due to their vested interest and we cannot allow them to loot our employees as being done now.

It is failure of the officers in admin section that they are not able to provide the minimum required support and medical facilities under BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme and by such actions, they only have created compulsions for opting for GHI policy by forcing BSNL employees to pay the Heavy premium of GHI policy by self-contribution and any benefits out of such high premium are passed on to these officers.  

By taking note of this doubtful actions by officers in admin section, SNEA CHQ has immediately taken up this issue with Shri. Kalyan Sagar Nippani, Director HR BSNL Board, on evening of 12/07/2024, who has joined back after long leave and we have discussed the issues created by PGM Admin and DGM Admin BSNL by issuing this biased policy even after strong opposition by leaders of all Associations and Unions.

We made it clear that we the representatives are here to negotiate rates in the interest of Employees and if this policy was to be continued at dictating rates and terms of M/S Oriental Insurance Company, then what for leaders of all recognised Associations and Unions were called for negotiation meetings for last three months needs to be clarified.

We also made it clear that except the vested interest of these officers, there is no any other reason for these officers to go ahead with and publish the so called voluntary GHI Policy, when this time it has been strongly opposed by leaders of all Associations and Unions and even the members of the Committee from Management side have not agreed for such high rates in any of the official meeting and if something has cooked behind curtains, we are not aware about it.

We have brought to the notice of Director HR how this policy is serving interest of certain officers in BSNL dealing with this policy and not serving interest of the employees of BSNL and after understanding the depth of issues and concern raised by us Director HR has assured to look into the issues.

We have elaborated all these facts here on website for information of all executives and Non-Executives in BSNL and now, it is up to individual Executives and Non-Executives  to decide to join hands with officers in Admin Section of BSNL CO for protecting their self-interest by accepting this GHI Policy with highest premium and stringent conditions or not to opt this GHI policy and register strong protest against the poor attitude of officers in Admin section to compel the employees to pay the higher premium for this GHI policy and get looted in hands of the Insurance company  and its blind support by certain officers in admin section of BSNL CO.

SNEA will continue to oppose to such biased and selfish act of the officers in Admin section thereby forcing Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL to pay premium at higher rates than the available in Market and we will expose the nexus developed over the years of dealing by these officers with Insurance Company.

We are hopeful that corrective action is taken by Director HR BSNL Board and if not, we will have to take up matter at appropriate forum to stop the loot of BSNL Executives and Non-Executives and to have good and long lasting Group Health Insurance Policy at affordable rates and strong and continued support under BSNL MRS Policy.   

To support the GHI Policy by BSNL through M/S Oriental Insurance company, it was decided by SNEA as well as AIGETOA to close the GHI Policies with M/S National Insurance Companies , but the this one sided action by BSNL Management under the influence of officers in Admin section, has compelled us to review our decision.

Last year also rate of M/S Oriental Insurance Company were higher, but same were reasonable and it was discussed and decided in the official meeting and this year officers in admin section have taken it granted to all employees and officers in BSNL and have introduced new GHI Policy  even without consulting the leaders of Unions/Assocations that to be with higher rates and stringent conditions.  Our strong objection is for Higher Rates , additional conditions and mainly not discussing the issues in the official Negotation meeting before going ahed with the proposal rejected in last official meeting on the subject.

After one sided opening of this policy, GS BSNLEU, GS NFTE BSNL, GS AIGETOA and GS  SNEA have  discussed about this wrong attitude of BSNL Management and write to Director HR to stop the GHI policy and we are also working on getting alternate GHI Policy for all Executives and Non Executives in BSNL which will be surely cheaper rates than what is proposed in the  M/S Oriental policy.  

Let us hope for the best. 


Felicitation of Shri. Rohit Sharma, Member Services, DoT: On 02/07/2024, Delegation of SNEA consisting  Mrs Anu Agarwal, President SNEA BSNL Corporate Office, Shri. P. N. Patil, OS SNEA BSNL Corporate Office,  Shri. Nimesh Yadav, OS SNEA NTR Delhi, Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya, CS SNEA BSNL Corporate Office, and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ felicitated Shri. Rohit Sharma, Member Services, Department of Telecommunications and congratulated him on assumption of charge of high office of Member Services, DoT w.e.f. 01/07/2024.

In reciprocation, he conveyed thanks to team SNEA and shared sweet memories he had while working in BSNL in different capacities and in different Circles. He categorically mentioned about the inbuilt protentional of BSNL and strength of workforce and was optimistic about overall growth of BSNL.

As Member Services DoT, he will be dealing with certain important issues related to BSNL and its Executives. We solicited his support is resolution of long pending issues of BSNL Executives viz. Upgraded Standard Pay Scales, Implementation of 3rd PRC for Executives in BSNL, applicability of Old pension for eligible executives in BSNL, Promotional issues of BSNL Executives, Allotment of Infra/Hostel Accommodation for smooth trainings at ALTTC Ghaziabad etc. Member Services DoT, was kind enough to discuss all the issues and assured for total support to BSNL.

On issue of Upgraded Standard Pay scales for affected Executives in BSNL, we have elaborated him the factual position and issues in implementation of PO dated 28/03/2017 and specially requested for his intervention for review of this order to cover the affected JTOs/JAOs in BSNL. After patience hearing, he noted the certain points and directed us to give brief idea about this issue to Sr DDG Establishment DoT. He informed that while in BSNL he was updated on this issue and assured to extend all possible support in resolution of this issue.

On our request for Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL, Member (S) DoT informed that this is genuine issue but by understanding financial conditions of BSNL , the associations need to come forward for implementation of 3rd PRC with 0% Fitment Formula and it will definitely pass on certain benefits to the BSNL employees and mainly it will overcome stagnation faced by many employees of BSNL.  

We requested that in 2018 it was proposed by DoT for with 5% fitment formula and at least this needs to be continued after seven years of delay. We further added that if after passing seven years, the fitment is reduced to 0%, then Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL may not get due benefits out of the 3rd PRC and it may continue level of demotivation among them.

We added that GoI & DoT, has invested about 3.25 lakh Crore in overall revival of BSNL and for implementation of different projects by GoI and revival of BSNL, there is need of minimum level of motivation for BSNL workforce and requested for minimum 5% Fitment formula in implementation of 3rd PRC.

Member (S)  elaborated that by now IDA has crossed 200% and this 0% fitment will also be win-win situation for all and association should analyse and think on it.

We assured to have detailed review on it, but insisted for continuation of discussions for implementation of 3rd PRC from the discussions from the stage at which it was halted.

Member (S) elaborated that issues needs to be understood by all from all angles and then go ahead with it. He assured for possible support from his side and reminded us that this is lengthy procedure and difficult task and it will surely take time.  He further added that the proposal can be discussed in DoT only if all Associations and Unions come with single proposal in voice, otherwise status quo will continue. We assured to discuss it among leaders of other Associations and Unions in BSNL and update him on such single demand proposal.  

On DoT Pension for eligible BSNL executives, he added that this issue has been decided by DoT and it is not applicable for BSNL. We requested to take up this issue with DoP&PW for its implementation in BSNL as during this period the eligibility is being counted for DoT Pension, BSNL was also direct part of DoT. He directed us to give detailed written submission on it and assured to look into issues if any.

On issue of the allotment of Hostel facility for ALTTC Ghaziabad and dispute thereof between NTIPRIT and ALTTC, he informed that both the institutions are important and the ongoing dispute is unfortunate and it could have been avoided.

On our request for consideration of proposal by BSNL for allotment of certain minimum Infra for smooth functioning of ALTTC and present burning need of Hostel accommodation, Member (S) informed that he has already issued instructions for allotment of hostel and DG NTIPRIT has assured him for issuing orders in weeks’ time and hopefully issue will be resolved. He made it clear that NTIPRIT will make Hostel facility available for all courses till March 2025, by in meantime ALTTC will have to make arrangements for the same. He added that the high level delegation from ALTTC and NTIPRIT will meet shortly to sort out the issues and training needs of each other. He assured that till any issues are left, same may be brought to his notice and assured to get it resolved.

We have also discussed about issues about promotional policies and need of intervention of DoT for streamlines promotions in BSNL by issuing certain queries and clarifications required by BSNL. He asked to submit brief note on it and assured to look into it.

We also requested for extending support for all development and Operational issues of BSNL and he assured for whatever possible support for overall growth of BSNL.

In conclusion, we once again Congratulated Shri Rohit Sharma, Member (S) DoT and conveyed thanks for giving ample time for discussions on different issues and for his assurance for extending required support in resolution of pending HR issues of Executives in BSNL. PHOTO <<<>>


DGM Admin BSNL CO published E- Digital Directory 2024 containing information about all the SGM and above level Officers working in BSNL all over India and contact of Inspection Quarters of BSNL. Directory<<<>>


Felicitation of Mrs. Madhu Arora, Member Technology, DoT: Delegation of SNEA led by Shri. Manish Samadhiya President SNEA CHQ along with Shri. Nimesh Yadav, OS SNEA NTR, Shri. Somenath Ghosh, CS SNEA WB Circle, Shri. Jagdish Rout, CS SNEA OD Circle, Shri. Rakesh Kumar, CS SNEA Jharkhand,  Shri. Niranjan Sahu, AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Tata Babu, Treasurer SNEA CHQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ felicitated Mrs. Madhu Arora, Member Technology, Department of Telecommunications and congratulated her on assumption of charge of high office of Member Telecom, DoT.

We had elaborate discussions on different issues related to growth and development of BSNL as well as critical HR issues of executives in BSNL.

We specially requested Member Technology, for her support is resolution of critical issue of upgraded Standard Pay Scales for the affected executives in BSNL as she is aware about this issue from BSNL side. Now action is required from DoT side in considering the requests from BSNL for upgraded Standard pay scales for all affected JTOs/SDE and JAOs/AOs in BSNL. Mrs Madhu Arora, Madam expressed that she has personally seen the impact of this issue on overall growth of BSNL & aware about the affected executives and assured for all possible support from her side. In conclusion, we conveyed thanks for her positive response on BSNL issues. PHOTOS <<<>>


DGM EW BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads to relieve SDEs in Electrical under Inter Circle transfer by 31/07/2024.  Copy<<<>>

SNEA CHQ is pursuing for consideration of genuine grievances and requests submitted by some of these SDEs and we are hopeful for its consideration. 


DGM Trg BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding mandatory Eight hours Training courses on iGoT portal in Q-2 (2024-25), under Mission Karmayogi. Copy<<<>>



AGM Pers BSNL CO issued Transfer orders of SDEs in Telecom wing giving consideration of OTP Request submitted by Tenure Completed SDEs and substitutes for them are also posted from SDEs who have submitted OTP Request transfers to all India Hard Tenure Stations Copy<<<>>

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Shri. A.K. Singhal, PGM Pers BSNL CO and his team of officers in Pers Section for timely consideration of the requests by executives for posting  to and from All India Hard Tenure Stations and giving relief to them.

There are some SDEs/AGMs, have completed their All India hard tenure but many of them not relieved by Circle Administration at all India Hard Tenure for want of substitutes.

SNEA CHQ has taken up this issue for timely relieving of all Tenure Hard Tenure completed executives and we are pursuing for ERP relieving of all such executives without waiting for substitutes to join as many of them are struck for want of reliever. Let us hope for the best. 


PGM Finance CM writes to all Heads of Territorial Circles & Metro Telecom Districts regarding Settlement of Claims recoverable from DoT on account of providing Mobile Telephone Service Connections to DoT Officers/Officials Working/Retirees up to the year 2023-24.Copy<<<>>


AGM Estt BSNL CO endorsed DoPT guidelines for grant of 60 days Special Maternity Leave in case of death of a child soon after birth/stillbirth in respect to woman employees in BSNL. Copy<<<>>

Though, DoPT has issued orders in 2022, same were not endorsed by BSNL and this facility was not extended in BSNL. same are now endorsed and this facility will be available for all Women Employees of BSNL. 


BRBRAITT, Jabalpur offering New Training Course on Data Analytics with Power BI in Online/Offline Mode: BRBRAITT, Jabalpur has come up with specially designed Four weeks Training Course on Data Analytics with Power BI in Online/Offline Mode which will commence in first week of every month.

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·       Course Duration: Four weeks.

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·       Location: BRBRAITT, Jabalpur.

·       Mode: Online/Offline (Both).

·       Course Fee: Online: Rs. 4000+GST (18%)

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AGM Rstg BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads ITPC, BBNW, QA/Insp and ALTTC Circle for assigning the IPMS Targets for the period Q2 (July-24 to Sept-24) and for entering achievements of Q1 (Apr-24 to June-24) of financial year 2024-25. Copy<<<>>

The last for assigning the IPMS Targets by controlling officers for the period Q2 (July-24 to Sept-24) is 15/07/2024 and for entering achievements by all executives of Q1 (Apr-24 to June-24) is 20/07/2024.

It has been clearly mentioned that these dates will not be extended and hence every executive as to take care to complete the activities of assigning targets to subordinates and entering achievements in given time.


DGM Elect BSNL CO issued orders for rejection of the request by individuals for retention/modification in Transfer from SDE in Electrical wing from UP East and WB Circles with directions for relieving these SDEs with immediate effect. Copy<<<>>


Addl. GM BW BSNL CO writes to PCE/Sr.CE/CE Civil in all Zones calling for option from EEs in Civil wing for filling vacant posts at NE-II, Assam and A&N Circles. Copy<<<>>


ET Government, National PSU Summit 2024: Shri. V. K. Tomar, Chairman Governing Council NCOA and GS MEA Delhi, Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA & President NCOA along with Shri. P. N. Patil, OS SNEA BSNL CO and Shri Vinay Tyagi, ACS SNEA NTR Delhi attended the National PSU Summit 2024 arranged by ET Government on 20/06/2024 at The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. This nice and beautiful function was arranged by leading daily News Paper Economics Times.

This summit was attended and addressed by various Secretaries of the Government of India and CMDs/Directors of various CPSEs, including BHEL, BEML, HAL, NTPC, Coal India, BEL, MIDHANI, TCIL, NEEPCO, and others. It was highly informative and provided valuable insights into the role of the public sector in developing India into a developed country by 2047. All the speakers elaborated on the importance of PSUs in Vikisit Bharat 2047 and have duly recognized the role of PSUs in overall Growth of country.   

The Hon'ble, Dr. Jitendra Singh ji, Minister of State for the Ministry of Science and Technology and Minister of State for Prime Minister's Office; Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions; Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space distributed awards to various CPSEs in different categories.

BEL, HAL, BHEL were amongst the winners of awards. During the summit, we met Shri Atul Sobti, DG, SCOPE. He recalled receiving the NCOA letter seeking an appointment to discuss the collaboration and cooperation between SCOPE and NCOA for the betterment of CPSEs. He mentioned that he would call NCOA representatives for a discussion shortly. PHOTOs <<<>>


Successful Migration of all South Zone Circles to CDR P3 System: In an milestone achievement, ITPC has been successfully now migrated all South Zone Circles to new CDR P3 system and entire South will be live from 08/07/2024.

This project started with migration of two SSAs of Maharashtra Circle i.e. Satara and Bhandara on pilot basis and then entire West Zone consisting MH, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh Circles are successfully migrated on 07/09/2023.

Now, achieving a major milestone, the entire South Zone consists of TS, AP, TN, CN, KT and KL Circles are successfully migrated and will be live since  08/07/2024.

In Next phase North Zone and East Zone will be migrated to CDR P3 making it PAN India One Data Center at Hyderabad with DR Data Center at Pune.  

With migration to new CDR P3 system, all legacy OSS/BSS applications like clarity CRM, PMS, FMS are replaced with latest applications and a major Digital transformation project for BSNL. It will  improve customer care by making available various integrated channels like social media, mobile app, portal, messaging and IVRS etc for Internal customers/ partners to facilitate faster onboarding of customers and resolution of complaints.

Moreover integration with OTT players with facility of auto provisioning shall delight customers. Though there is 360 degree change in DSCM & FMS modules, Marathon efforts done by team ITPC in conducting trainings to field units and arranging video recordings, short video demos/ documentation to all users to carry on all day to day activities will be helpful in going ahead with upgraded CDR P3 system.

The executives at ITPC working on this project and mainly SNEA members of ITPC in South Zone and West Zone played a lead role and put lot of efforts in Preparation of SRS (System Requirement  Specifications), AT/VT and project implementation and still working day and night in attending post migration issues and SNEA is proud of all such excellent talent and expertise available in BSNL.

SNEA congratulates Shri Vivek Banzal, Director CFA BSNL Board, Shri Govind Kewlani CGM ITPC and entire team of all officers of ITPC for successful implementation of CDR-P3 and migration of all Circles earlier in West zone and now all Circles in South Zone.


DGM EW BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of already issued Transfer order and one more transfer order in respect of SDEs in Electrical wing. Copy<<<>>

Earlier Shri. Vishal Kumar Sharma, SDE Elect Rajasthan Circle was transferred to NE-II Circle and has requested for cancellation of transfer on ground of working at all India Soft Tenure station.

Earlier request was not given consideration due to interpretation of soft Tenure guidelines, but then same was successfully pursued by SNEA for counting his stay by giving break in total length of his stay in Rajasthan Circle for his services rendered at All India Soft Tenure station before 09/12/2015.

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Shri. Rajeev Soni, CGM EW and Shri. A.K. Singhal, PGM Pers BSNL CO for due consideration of his request for giving break in total stay against services he has rendered at  all India Hard Tenure station and cancellation of  Inter Circle transfer and retention in same Circle.


DGM Trg BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding “KNOW BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited” Training course on iGoT Portal. Copy<<<>>

The course is specially designed to cover important aspects of BSNL which should be known to all BSNL family members.

It is expected that all Executives and Non-Executives complete this course on iGoT Portal and get useful and update information about BSNL. 


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued modifications in the posting of the recently promoted AGMs/DEs (T) as per their request. ORDER –I <<<>>    Order II <<<>>     

All these modifications, cancellations have been done as per the genuine request by the individual officers.

SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. P.K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL, Shri. V. Ramesh, Director EB, who is looking after charge of Director HR BSNL Board and specially to Shri. A. K. Singhal, PGM Pers BSNL CO and his team consisting Shri. Satish Kumar, DGM Pers I BSNL CO, Shri. Kuldeep Singh, AGM Pers-I STS and Shri. Sanjay Kumar Madan, DM Pers I for kind and sympathetic consideration of these genuine requests by individuals.


Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding Timeline extension in Processing of e-APAR for Executive and Non-Executive employees of BSNL online through ESS Portal for year 2023-24.  Copy<<<>>

The last date for reporting of APAR is 31/07/2024 and reviewing of APAR by reviewing officer will be 31/08/2024.


AGM BW- HR BSNL CO issued order for deployment of JTO/SDE Civil on four month tour to Leh / Kargil of J&K Circle for Execution of 4G Saturation Project. Copy<<<>>  


Addl. GM BW BSNL CO issued Transfer orders of SDEs Civil giving consideration to OTP request on completion of all India hard Tenure Station for posting to Choice Circle and substitutes are posted from long stayed SDEs from Non-Tenure Circle. ORDER-I <<<>>    ORDER –II <<<>>   

SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. P. Dayal, CGM EW, Shri. A. K. Singhal, PGM Pers BSNL CO and team of BW section for consideration to the requests on completion of All India hard tenure stations.


Update on JTO to SDE Civil/Electrical wing promotions: The JTOs is Civil and Electrical wing are victim of curtailment of SDE vacancies over the period and the lack of suitable policy for their promotion. SNEA has taken up this issue with BSNL Management for issuing JTO to SDE Civil and Electrical wing promotions as many of these JTOs have completed 25 years of services and till today they have not got even single promotion is their career of about 25 years.  

Accordingly, proposals for promotions of JTOs as SDE in Civil and Electrical were initiated respectively by BW and EW sections of BSNL CO before six months but the same was returned by DPC Pers section quoting pendency of the appeal by  BSNL at High Court Chandigarh.

One case filed by JTO Civil as applicant against JTO LICE combinedly notified for Civil and Electrical wing and this LICE notice was challenged in CAT Chandigarh and the court has given judgement in favour of applicant. Then BSNL has gone in appeal against it and same is admitted but not yet decided. The said applicant is retired and it was only notification issued and no promotions were issued due to this litigation and there is nothing left in the case, but due to pendency of appeal made by BSNL, the promotions are not issued by BSNL.

SNEA is continuously pursuing this issue and we have repeatedly requested Management for issuing JTO to SDE Promotions of Civil/Electrical wing subject to outcome of the pending court case and such written request was submitted to Director HR BSNL Board. COPY <<<>>

The matter was repeatedly pursued with CGM BW, CGM EW for resending proposal for issuing promotions subject to outcome of the court case and both the offices have resent the proposal for issuing SDE to AGM Promotions before one month.

SNEA has further discussed with concerned officers in Pers Section  and it was decided by Pers section to call for legal opinion. Then file was processed for legal opinion for getting green signal to go ahead with these promotions subject to outcome of the pending court case.

Now, legal opinion has been received and it has been conveyed that as the appeal is filed by BSNL against judgement of CAT Chandigarh, BSNL cannot go ahead with Promotions without permission of the High Court Chandigarh.

As such, the application will be moved in High Court Chandigarh requesting for permission to issuing JTO to SDE Promotions during pendency of appeal. After ongoing vacation, the Chandigarh High Court will open in coming week and we are hopeful for getting clearance from the court.    

SNEA will continue its pursuation with different options and ascertain for early promotion orders of JTO to SDE Civil & Electrical wing viz. getting case cleared from the court either by withdrawal or by early decision on pending appeal by BSNL, getting permission for going ahead with the JTO to SDE Promotions in Civil/Electrical wing, ascertain possibilities for SCF promotions and LICE promotions separately etc. We are hopeful for some early action and outcome in this case in coming days. Let us hope for the best.