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Messages updated during the month of  Feb 2023


AGM SR BSNL CO issued letter for formal agenda meeting with SNEA and accordingly agenda meeting with Director HR BSNL Board is scheduled on any day from 21 to 23 February 2023. Letter  <<>>>  Agenda  <<>>>

We have tried to cover all pending issues in the agenda and till any HR issue is not covered in this agenda points, same may be please intimated to Shri Pavitra Singh AGS HQ SNEA CHQ by email on or by sms on 9415046646 latest by 13/02/2022. 



AGM DPC Pers BSNL CO writes reminder to certain Circle Heads for sending combined residency period details of JTOs for corrections in the AIEL List No 5 of JTOs in Telecom wing as per revised guidelines issued by Establishment section of BSNL CO and this information is to be submitted latest by 20/02/2023. Copy<<<>>

CS SNEA concerned are requested to look into it and see that the required information is sent from their Circles without any further delay.


AGM BW HR BSNL CO writes to PCE/CEs Civil of all Circles to update data of Educational Qualifications of Executives in Civil wing with compliance report by 10/02/2023. Copy<<<>>  


Forum of Associations of BSNL Comprising SNEA, AIGETOA, SEWA, AIBSNLEA and TOA writes to CMD BSNL about conduction of CPC for AGM promotions to the SDEs in Telecom wing stagnating in the cadre despite completing their requisite residency in the SDE grade and making provisions to extend justice to the all eligible SDEs of List 9 to 13 Copy<<<>>  


SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL Board requesting for review of certain decisions conveyed in recent modification issued by SR cell in granting facility of Immunity. Copy<<<>>    Annexures<<<>>

We have elaborated the hardship and difficulties faced by the Associations and pointed out how certain discrimination has paralyzed the working of Majority/Support Associations and Welfare association.  

By elaborating factual position and how there is difference between the assumptions at BSNL CO and difficulties in its  practical implementation, we have requested for review certain stringent restrictions proposed and directly and indirectly affecting functioning of associations viz. Existence of SSA/OA level Branches, minimum number of members for formation of branch, issues related dual membership, legal complications, eligibility to become  OB of the association at any level, real issues related to immunity which needs elaborations to avoid mis-interpretation by field units, nomination of observers for Election process to avoid confusion, issues related entry of OBs in ERP, existence of third tire branches at Circle Office, BA Branches in Metro Circles , issues related to ERP data and compulsions on confirmation of membership only on basis of ERP data, delinking of Immunity cases with publication of long stay list, wrong interpretation of retrospective application etc .

We are hopeful that all these issues and concerned raised by SNEA will be taken care by the management. 


Internal Meeting of BSNL on finalization of GTI Premium Rates:  As per notice issued by Jt GM Admn BSNL CO, the internal meeting of stakeholders for finalization of Premium Rates of the Group Term Insurance of BSNL Executives was held at 9th Floor Conference Hall, Bharat Sanchar Bhavan BSNL CO New Delhi at 1215 hrs on 01/02/2023. Copy <<>>>

From Management side this meeting was attended by Shri. Saurabh Tyagi, PGM Estt BSNL CO, Smt. Anita Johri, PGM Estt BSNL CO, Shri. Surajit Mandal, GM CA BSNL CO and Shri. S.P. Singh, GM Admn BSNL CO, Shri. Maynak Mishra Jt GM Admn BSNL CO, Smt. Rupmala AGM Admn, Shri. Sanjeev Sharma, AGM Estt BSNL CO.

From SNEA, this meeting was attended by Shri. Rajdeep, AGS SNEA CHQ, Smt. Anu Agarwal, CEC Member, SNEA BSNL CO and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ.

Meeting started with welcome by Admn section and sharing the revised offer given by LIC as per the discussions held in last meeting for negotiations of premium rates.

The team of officers from Admn Section also shared the Internal calculations justifying the premium rates offered by the LIC.

We had elaborate discussions on the revised rates offered by LICs. SNEA insisted for further negotiation rates as LIC has not accepted BSNL proposal for premium rates of 2019. We also requested to go for the minimum three years Term Insurance on same rates.

It was stressed by GM CA BSNL CO that there is no time with us to complete the process of approval and deduction of premium and hence we will have to finalise the rates in todays meeting itself.

PGM SR was of the opinion that the rates quoted by LIC are reasonable and we there is no need of further negotiations. PGM Estt and GM Admn also have similar opinion.

Then the LIC representatives Shri. Vishal Jain was contacted telephonically for further negotiations of rates and continuation of premium for next three years. Shri Jain responded that he has offered the best possible rates as compared to Market rates and it is difficult to further negotiate the rates, but if it is insisted by BSNL, then she will take up matter with his office but reduction will be maximum of 100 rupees in overall premium per head and added that he need some time for its confirmation. He did not agree with the proposal of continuation of GTI for three years on same premium rate.

Thereafter discussions continued and it was proposed by GM CA that by understanding the shortage of time in hand, and understanding the high profile of BSNL and LIC, we should not wait for small amount of hundred rupees with further negations and should confirm the rates offers by LIC.

Though we were of opinion that there should be further negotiations, by understanding issues shared by administration and as there was overall understanding that we should not go for further negotiations of rates, we also have given consent for going ahead with the revised offer by LIC.

We have also proposed for payment of GTI Premium fully or partially by BSNL but it was shared by the officers in the Management that at present conditions chances of payment of the premium even partially will not be accepted by the Management and it was feared that if we add this condition then the ongoing proposal may be held up. 

The rates proposed by LIC in initial proposal and rates offered after negotiations by BSNL are as follows.

Thus after elaborate discussions from all angles, finally it was decided to confirm the revised rates given by LIC and details of GTI Premium rates after final negations are as follows.

1.    Up to age of 50 years for Rs. 50 Lakh sum assured: Earlier it was proposed as Rs. 17700 plus GST and revised rate is Rs. 11,000 plus GST. Rates reduced by Rs 6700 per head.

2.    Above age of 50 years for Rs. 50 Lakh sum assured: Earlier it was proposed as Rs. 47490 plus GST and revised rate is Rs. 38,500 plus GST. Rates reduced by Rs 8990 per head.

3.    For age group of above 50 years for Rs. 20 Lakh sum assured: Earlier it was proposed as Rs. 19116 plus GST and revised rate is Rs. 15400 plus GST. Rates reduced by Rs 3716 per head.

Accordingly proposal has been moved by administration and after formal approval CMD BSNL same will be published by giving time of ten days for submitting option through ESS Portal, the premium amount will be deducted in Salary of February 2023 and the GTI will be effective from 01/03/2023.

SNEA conveys thanks to all the officers in the Team of Negotiations for successful negotiation of rates and reducing it by 40% as compared to last year rates.

With these about 40% less rates than the rates fixed in last year the chances of opting it by a greater number of Executives are more and we are hopeful that no family will be deprived in case of an unfortunate incident as happened in some unfortunate cases reported last year. 


AGM Training Management ALTTC Ghaziabad writes to all Circle Heads conveying the Marks secured by the JTO Trainees who have successfully completed the JTO Phase-I Induction Training in All India basis online examination which was held on 01/02/2023. Copy<<<>>

Its is nice to see that all the trainees have secured excellent marks in this examination and have established their talent.

This is first time in the history of BSNL that the LICE Passed JEs were sent for training on same date and time, in single lot and single common Examination was held in place of earlier system of modular examinations.

Due to change in pattern with single examination that to be at the end of Training, Examination all Over India at a time, Examination pattern was shifted from offline to online mode and criteria of minimum 50% passing marks, some fear was created among these Trainee JTOs and many of them were found worried.

But these spectacular results shows the talent of these Trainees JTOs as except one, all trainees have successfully cleared this training and examination against fear created earlier and about all have secured excellent marks.

With this spectacular results after successful completion of JTO Phase-I training all are now promoted as JTO and will be relieved from Training Centers on 03/02/2023 for Four week Field Training which will commence w.e.f. 06/02/2023 equally for all.

Meanwhile DGM Training BSNL CO has informed that to maintain uniformity across all the circles, the field training for all the trainees will start from 06/02/2023 and will end on 04/03/2023.  Copy<<<>>

SNEA Congratulates all these JTOs for successfully completing JTO Phase-I Training and gives the warm welcome to Executive Fraternity with firm assurance of total support on platform of SNEA for resolution of issues in day to day working and also assures for successful persuasion of pending HR issues for their better future as Executive of BSNL.  


Director HR BSNL Board writes to CGM ITPC Pune congratulating ITPC Circle and Kerala Circle for implementation of Web Portal for Retired BSNL Employees for submitting and checking the status of their claims. Copy<<<>>

In first phase the portal will be implemented in few circles and by March 2023 it will be implemented in PAN India level.


On 7th Death Anniversary of Great, Visionary and Veteran leader of SNEA Shri. W. Seshagiri. Rao, SNEA remembers him for his extraordinary contribution for betterment of Executives in BSNL and erstwhile DoT and pays homage with two minute silent prayer at SNEA Office at Eastern Court, New Delhi.  Photos<<>>


AGM SR BSNL CO constituted a Core Group to deal with matters relating to holding of 3rd membership verification process in the month of Sept 2023 for grant of recognition to majority association of executive employees in BSNL. Copy<<>>


AGM SR BSNL CO issued orders for appointed Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for conduction of 3rd Membership Verification for electing majority representative association/s representing BSNL executives. Copy<<>>



Director HR BSNL Board writes to all Circle Heads on KPl-based IPMS in BSNL and necessary action to be taken by all circle heads on Q4 targets and Q3 Achievements. Copy<<>>

Letter appreciates the efforts of field units in stabilization of IPMS system and underlines that over the period, all executives are now familiar with IPMS

These are special guidelines to Circle/Vertical Heads to use this online tool for productivity and project delivery.

The letter directs for close examination of the pending IPMS cases in Q4 Targets i.e. Jan-Mar 2023 by the respective business verticals and job roles also need to be optimized.

Letter specially stress for setting realistic and achievable KPIs /Targets and directs for review of job roles accordingly.

The Circles/BA showing positive Revenue as compared to last years same quarter will be awarded Bonus score.  

It also stresses for timely entry of Q3 Achievements by executives in time bound manner by and confirmation by reporting/ reviewing officers in given time frame.

The letter also calls for feedback from all stakeholders to further improve the system.

Many executives in field units have reported issues for improvement of IPMS as well as critical issues and hardship by filed units like unachievable targets assigned to certain officers and all such issues may be taken with concerned BA /Vertical Heads and Circle Heads.

Further consolidated detailed of all such issues may be please send by email to Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ SNEA CHQ by email on and we also will take up matter centrally to make this IPMS very effective and supportive to the executives working in filed Units. 


DGM Training BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of the Karmyogi Motivational training for JTOs undergoing JTO Phase-I Training at different Training Centers all over India. Copy<<>>

Recently an order was issued for Karmyogi Motivational Training for the JTOs who are supposed to complete their JTO Phase-I Training in between the period of Completion of Training and joining in field units.

But many of them have booked the tickets for the return journey and were facing other issues like lack of joining period, Cancellation charges etc and have requested for cancellation of this Karmyogi Training.

SNEA has taken up this issue at different levels and it was firmly assured to cancel this training to reduce the hardship to JTOs completing Phase-I training and joining for field training.

SNEA conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji Director HR BSNL Board, Shri. Nitin Jain CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad, Shri. Manish Shukla, PGM BRBRAITT Jabalpur, Mrs. Samita Luthra GM Rectt/ Trg BSNL CO and Shri. Manoj Chawla, DGM Training BSNL CO and all concerned officers in ALTTC Ghaziabad for their positive response to request of Trainee JTOs and mainly for giving relief to these JTOs from the hardship they would have faced due to last moment action of extending Training. 


SNEA CHQ pays rich tribute to the legendary leader and hero of many successful struggles on platform of by JETA, TEOA, and SNEA Late Shri. W. Seshagiri Rao, then AGS, GS, All India President on his 7th Death Anniversary.

Com. W. Sheshagiri Rao Amare Rahe.   


As discussed in the meeting held on 24/01/2023 for Negotiations of GTI premium amount, LIC has submitted revised rates and accordingly second meeting is scheduled at 1200 Hrs today i.e. 01/02/2023. Copy<<>>


Update on Motivational Training and Extension of Training of Trainees JTOs: In continuation to the request of many JTO Trainees to cancel the motivational training to JTOs undergoing Trainee at different training Centers, SNEA has taken up matter at different level elaborating difficulties faced by trainees in getting revised journey tickets and reservations, issues related to date of joining in field training etc.

Now finally the difficulties faced by trainees have been taken care of by the Administration and it has been principally decided that the orders for Motivational training thereby extending ongoing JTO Phase -I training will be cancelled. Now, the JTO trainees can join field training as per their original schedule and no need of booking fresh tickets. The Formal cancellation order will be issued today.  


Update on Court Case on DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotions: In the long pending Court case at CAT Chandigarh about DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotions,  hearing could not take place on 31/01/2023, and next date of hearing is fixed as 10/02/2023. Hopefully, the matter will be cleared in the next hearing. 


Interactive session by SNEA with JTO Trainees at ZTTC Kalyani under Calcutta Telephones Circle: On 20/01/2023, Team SNEA led by Shri. Amit Sarkar, CS SNEA CTC along with Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Uttam Kumar Pal, CP SNEA CTC, Shri. Amit Khan, CP SNEA WBTC, Shri. Koushik Bhowmik, VP SNEA CTC, Shri. Sankar Karan ACS SNEA CTC, Shri. Jaydeep Sinha, ACS SNEA CTC, Shri. Soumik Ghosh, ACS SNEA CTC, Shri. Harekrishna Fouzdar Organizational Secretary SNEA CTC, Shri. Shyed Kirmani Karim, ZS City-Central Zone, Shri. Prasun Roy Chowdhury, ZS NE Zone, Shri. Amit Pal, ZS Howrah Zone, other distinguishable office bearers  from all other Zones of Calcutta Telephones Circle  visited the training center and had interaction with all 32 JTO trainees  out of which 26 trainees belong to CTD Circle and 6 trainees belong to NE Circle.

Shri. Kuntal Mondal, ZP NS Zone, Shri. Sanjib Ghosh ZS NS Zone and Faculty member of ZTTC Kalyani Training Center and all OBs of NS Zone had organized the interactive session in very nice oriented manner.

The session was a fantastic one and started from 1700 Hrs at Prof. Meghnad Saha Hall, ZTTC Kalyani, comprising of more than 70 executives.

In the beginning of the meeting, beloved Shri. M.S. Adasul GS SNEA was felicitated by the NS ZONE SNEA CTC with flower bouquet, garland and a Memento by hands of JTO trainees.

Shri. Hare Krishna Fouzdar, Org. Secretary SNEA CTC congratulated them and narrated the lacunas of the presently passed MSRR 2023 and enlighten them the recent development of the court case filed in Ernakulum CAT to resolve the pay loss issue of some JTO batches by SNEA CHQ and made them understand the pay loss issue and what the steps have been taken by SNEA to resolve the issue.

Shri. Soumik Ghosh, ACS SNEA CTC also expressed his view regarding pay loss and standard pay scale issue in his deliberation.

Shri. Amit Khan, CP SNEA WBTC also graced the occasion by participating in the session as a guest speaker and portioned out his precious views on the future of new executives.

Shri. Amit Sarkar, CS SNEA CTC gave warm welcome to JTO Trainees and shared idea behind this special meeting at ZTCC Kalyani. He elaborated on ongoing activities at Kolkata Telephones and steps taken by SNEA at Circle and CHQ level. He gave valuable guidance to the JTO Trainees about day to day working in BSNL and assured for total support from SNEA. CS briefed the hall about the importance of joining as a member of SNEA fraternity, discussed about the activities which is not aligned to a particular group of executives, of SNEA   for the interest of all section of executives of BSNL and assured them to extend full cooperation in all respect from SNEA CTD.

Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, congratulated the trainees and gave them warm welcome in Executive family. He encouraged them and guided about how to be successful JTO in BSNL after completion of ongoing JTO Training and assured them to extend the full co-operation from the SNEA end. In his address GS narrated the present scenario of BSNL and placed an open request to them regarding taking membership of the Association by utilizing their prudence with self-analysis of the issues. The trainees became spellbound and get overwhelmed by hearing the valuable deliberation from our GS.

Shri. Uttam Kumar Pal, CP SNEA CTC concluded the meeting with vote of thanks and group photos with trainees and National Anthem.

Photos <<<>>