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Messages updated during the month of  Nov 2017


Congratulations ----

Joint Secretary, SNEA CHQ Com Arvind Pal Dahiya has won Bronze Medal in 20 Kilometers Race Walk in 17th All India BSNL Athletics Tournament held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat from 15th to 17th November, 2017.




HUMAN CHAIN ON 23.11.2017

At BSNLHQ and Circle/SSA HQs. Make all out preparations. Activists working at other places to join the Human Chain at the Circle/SSA HQs.




by the Executives in all PSUs under the banner of NCOA.

March will start at 13.30 Hrs from SCOPE building, CGO Complex, near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

All our activists from BSNLCO and Delhi Circles to participate. Maximum activists from neighbouring Circles HR, UP(W), PB and RAJ also to participate.




Submission of Memorandum to all the Members of Parliament.

Our SSA/Circle Secretaries are requested to coordinate with other Union/Association leaders and submit the memorandum signed by all the Unions and Associations to all the Hon MPs by 30.11.2017. 

Copy of the memorandum submitted to the Hon MP may be sent to the General Secretary also.

Memorandum to be submitted to Hon MPs


Joint Forum agitation of Relay Hunger Strike to resume from next week. Since there is not much progress in the DoT on the standard pay scale issue, the agitation programmes which was postponed since May, 2017 to be resumed at BSNL HQs and Circle HQs from next week. 


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Notice for CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE meeting at Bhubaneswar on 15th and 16th December, 2017.


Venue: KALINGA CONVENTION HALL, Panthanivas, OTDC, Opposite to B J B College, BHUBANESWAR. (PH 0674-2432314/2432515)

CWC Notice


View Corporate Office Orders:
DE transfer order reg 
Inter Circle transfer of SDE (Telecom) - Retention reg 


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Telecom is reeling under mass layoffs. Casualties so far: 75,000 jobs & counting. 
Going Forward, You Can Re-Verify Your Mobile Number Using OTP, IRIS Scanning, or Via Mobile Application.


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Tenure Transfer order for SDEs.


Decisions taken in the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held at New Delhi on 14.11.2017.


A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, was held at New Delhi today the 14.11.2017. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, presided over the meeting. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, AIBSNLOA, BSNL ATM, BSNL OA and BEA BSNL attended the meeting.     The following decisions are taken  unanimously.


(1)The date of the human chain is changed, with a view to facilitate more time for the mobilisation. Now, the human chain will be held during lunch hour on 23.11.2017.

(2)The strike notice for the two day strike, to be held on 12th & 13th December, 2017, will be served on the Management  and the DoT on 23.11.2017.

(3)At the circle level, a meeting of all the circle secretaries of the unions and associations should be held on 18.11.2017. The ways and means to effectively organise the human chain and the two day strike,  should be discussed and decided in these meetings. (At   the Corporate Office this meeting will take place on  17.11.2017)

(4)The last date for submission of memorandum to the Honourable MPs has been changed to 30.11.2017. A copy of the memorandum to be submitted to the Honourable MPs, will be circulated within a day or two.

(5)Posters and hand bills will be printed at the All India level, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, in English and Hindi, and it will be sent to the circles. The expenditure for these will be borne by all the unions and associations. The posters and hand bills should also be printed in the regional languages, at the circle level.

(6)To effectively organise the strike, meetings will be organised in important centres, as per the following details. All India leaders of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL will address  these meetings.

20.11.2017 : Lucknow                02.12.2017 : Jaipur

21.11.2017 : Patna               04.12.2017  : Bhubaneswar

22.11.2017 : Kolkata                 05.12.2017 : Chennai

25.11.2017 : Pune                     06.12.2017  : Bengaluru

27.11.2017 : Ahmedabad          07.12.2017 : Bhopal

27.11.2017 : Guwahati              08.12.2017 : Hyderabad

28.11.2017 : Ludhiana


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Revision of DATA facility of GSM Mobile service connection to the Executives of BSNL reg.
Tenure transfer order of SDE ( Telecom) - reg.


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Preparatory work for promotion to AGM / DE (T) on Regular / Adhoc basis - Reminder regarding 26 SCR not received cases.   View List
SDE Inter circle transfer order - Cancellation reg.


The 2nd CEC of Assam Circle was held on 3rd November 2017 last in Centre Line Hotel at Tezpur. The meeting was presided over by Circle President Com. I. H. Mandal. CHQ, President Mr. A. A Khan along with  Circle Secretary Com. Arijit Roy Pradhani, VP com Rajesh Choudhury ,CWC members Com H. P Dutta and Com. M. Karki also attended the  CEC. Com. I. H. Mandal, the Circle president, in his opening remarks appealed to members to participate in a lively discussion and drew attention of the CHQ president to the core issues like financial viability, 3rd PRC, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc. It was also graced by BSNLEU’s CHQ treasurer and Assam Circle president Sri N Borah. Going by the agenda, the Divisional Secretaries read out their reports  highlighting the member strength and other SSA issues for consideration of the house before the ensuing Circle Conference. 


General Manager, Tezpur, Sri M. S. Beck arrived, and addressed the session. The circle Treasurer Com. Govinda Sarma gave a brief account of income and expenditure balance sheet of circle fund. Following a tea-break, Com. A. A. Khan, SNEA President, elaborated various issues, particularly the question of profitability of BSNL, in the present context. Com Khan replied each and every quary that was asked regarding all field specially the burning HR issues and 3rd PRC.


Finally, the Circle President Com. I. H. Mandal summed up the discussion and thanked all, particularly the members of Tezpur, the host division, for smoothly holding the CEC. At the end, Com. Pramod Pathak cast the vote of thanks to conclude the session.




HUMAN CHAIN ON 16.11.2017

Demanding 3rd PRC implementation


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BSNL partners with Fibre Home to make telecom equipment, fibre cables.
Trai plans to remove 50% limit on telecom spectrum holdings.
Top telecom companies interested in Bharat Net project: MoC.
Telecom companies fight now spills over to the broadband space.
Aadhaar-Mobile linking: Telecom department denies final decision; says matter with SC.
Trai hopes to share new telecom policy inputs with DoT in December.
New telecom policy by Feb: Minister.


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HUMAN CHAIN ON 16.11.2017.

Demanding 3rd PRC implementation:

Make all preparations.


Formal approval of the BSNL Board conveyed for:

1) 3rd PRC implementation with 15% fitment

2) Increase in Superannuation Benefits by another 2% from 23% to 25%.

Minutes of the BSNL Board meeting held on 24.10.2017 and the decisions taken are conveyed to the concerned sections. Now the formal proposal for 3rd PRC implementation will be send to DOT for further necessary action.

We once again thank CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR), other BSNL Board of Directors and senior officers of BSNL. This has strengthened our demand for 3rd PRC and now we have to focus on DoT and the Govt. 


View Corporate Office Orders:
Reduction of Executive staff from Circle Offices-reg.
lnter circle transfer of SDEs (Telecom) - Reg.
Inter circle transfer of SDE (Telecom) - Reg.


AIPCOC, Kolkata Convention is scheduled to be held on 09/11/2017 at 4 pm at Indian Institute of Engineers, 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata-700020. Landmark-opp-Rabindra Sadan; Metro Station-Rabindra Station. Bus Stop-Rabindrasadan or Exide / Rabindrasadan.  


View Corporate Office Orders:
Grant of facility of Deduction of subscription to Executives Associations: As  per our  request  BSNL  Corporate  office  has issued orders  that new members  can  submit  their  declaration form for deduction of monthly subscription  up  to  10th of every month. Opting out or Change of association  can be  done  twice a year during 16th December to 15th January and during 16th June to 15th July.
Tenure transfer orders of SDEs ( Telecom) - reg.
lnterCircle transfer of SDEs (Telecom) - reg.
DE transfer order - Retention reg.


Joint Forum postponed the agitation programmes to 27.11.2017.

JF letter to Secretary, DoTJF letter to CMD, BSNL


CPSU Cadre Hierarchy or Time Bound Functional promotion policy upto AGM equivalent grade approved by the MC of BSNL Board on 02.11.2017.

The policy approved by the MC is fully in line with the broad understanding reached with the Recognised Association SNEA, without a minor change. The discussions were held for more than 9 months with more than 50 meetings. Feedback from all the stake holders also considered by the management before the last meeting with us.

It can be easily understood now how AIBSNLEA as usual distorted the contents of the proposal even by circulating a fake document and its content as the CPSU proposal in their website on 04.11.2017. While reporting in the website, they forgot to maintain the dignity and minimum decorum to be maintained by a trade union. It may due to the frustration in their mind. They could have worked out the mechanism with us as done by AIGETOA in a matured manner. In all the earlier occasions also they will become active in the last moment of issuing a promotion order or any orders and claim it is their victory. Now we hope AIBSNLEA could understand the policy and why fresh DPC is not required for giving promotions. We could convince the management during discussions that there is no need for fresh DPC as the Executives are already working in the higher scales for which DPC already conducted.

Two of our demands, 10 years combined service for AGM promotion and bench marks as per Khan Committee did not agreed by the mgt citing administrative constraints and for making promotions more performance oriented. We will continue to pursue these points.

CPSU Proposal approved by the MC


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 06.11.2017: JF leaders met DIR(HR) and thanked her for the initiative taken for approving the Uniform Time Bound Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) in the MC held on 02.11.2017 by amending EPP 2007 and BSNLMS RRs. Since it is a major policy change, BSNL Board approval will be taken, DIR(HR) informed. Fine tuning of the proposal can be done before going to the Board to make it more oriented towards company as well as employees. Initiative will be taken to convene the Board meeting at the earliest to approve the proposal. JF pleaded that this is only an amendment to the EPP/ existing RRs which is already approved by the Board and basic features of EPP and RRs like residency period, pay fixation etc not changed to have more financial implications on the company or DoT. Considering the huge unrest among the Executives due to delay in promotions, we requested to implement the policy at the earliest and issue promotion orders immediately. DIR(HR) assured to examine the matter.

On 3rd PRC, for the first time, DIR(HR) hinted that it is becoming a difficult issue. The issue of pension contribution on actual basic pay is still in DoT and some officers are not favour of that. DoT Finance is not agreeing for refund of about Rs 2000 Crores paid in excess so far from 2007 onwards but DoT Finance has taken a neutral stand for the future contribution which is helpful for BSNL. BSNL has shown this refund amount of Rs 2000 Cr as source of income for meeting the additional expenditure for 3rd PRC, which may not be refunded now.

Last week DoT convened a meeting to discuss the revival of BSNL. As per the DPE guidelines BSNL is an incipient sick CPSU. During discussion DoT suggested VRS/reduction of retirement age for the revival as proposed in the case of MTNL.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL: Immediate implementation of Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) approved by the Management Committee of BSNL Board on 02.11.2017. BSNL Board delegated the powers to the MC of BSNL Board for amendment of RRs etc. Sending proposal to the full Board will unnecessarily delay the much delayed promotions.

JTO(T) with 18 years, JTO(C/E) with 23 years, JTO(TF) with 25 years are waiting for the implementation of CPSU Hierarchy for their first promotion. Similarly SDE(T) with 17 years and SDE(C/E) with 23 years are waiting for DE/EE promotion. Hundreds of Executives are retiring every month without promotion

GS letter to CMD, BSNL


BSNL to hire consultant for tower business spin-off blueprint .... View Media Report.


View Corporate Office orders:
Calling of option for posting in AP - TELENGANA circles from Executives of ARCHITECTURAL STREAM reg.
DE Transfer Order.



It is came to know that as usual, one Associations is circulating some document as draft CPSU proposal which is no way connected with our understanding with the management or the proposal approved by MC on 02.11.2017.

We will share the full proposal as and when received from the management.


Main advantages and major breakthrough of the broad understanding on new promotion policy upto AGM Grade:

1) Promotions will be given without fresh DPC. NO TIME DELAY.

2) Promotions w.e.from 01.01.2017, from a retrospective date.Practically all will get promotions one year in advance and service in the new cadre will be counted from 01.01.2017 onwards for further promotions. To great extent, this will compensate the losses due to delay in promotions.

3) Uniform promotional avenues for all the Executives in different wings. Dy Manager (E1 provisional scale) to Manager (E2 provisional scale) to Sr Manager (E3 scale) to AGM (E4 scale).

4) Khan Committee recommendations implemented as it is (ie. Promotions in 5-5-5 years and relaxation for SC/ST Executives), except for bench marks. Management slightly tightened the Bench marks upto AGM.

5) Functional promotion assured after every 5 years.

6) Date of promotion will be 01st Jan/01st July, irrespective of DPC date.

7) Continuing EPP upto E6 scale for all the Executives including DGM(Adhoc).


On implementation:

1) All JTO/JAOs joined before 2012 will get promotion as Manager (SDE/AO) on 01.01.2017 itself.

2) All Executives got SDE/AO promotion before 2014 will get promotion as Sr Manager or AGM on 01.01.2017 itself.

3) In the new promotion policy assured functional promotion is provided after every 5 years. In the present RRs, minimum qualifying service is fixed as 3 years for JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion but promotion is getting after 18 to 25 years (now SDE(T)-18 years, SDE(C/E)-23 years, SDE(TF)-25 years). The minimum qualifying service fixed is 7 years for SDE/AO to DE/EE/CAO promotion but promotion is getting after 17 to 23 years (now DE(T)-17 years, EE(C/E)-23 years).

More than 25,000 Executives completed 5 years of service (3 years for SDE/AO) in the post/grade will get promotion on the same day, 01.01.2017 to Manager or Sr Manager or AGM grade.

Promotion to AGM grade: The major challenge for the Assn was to make the promotion to AGM time bound for the existing SDEs in huge numbers.

In all the wing/streams, where ever stagnation is there, the promotional avenues got minimum doubled. In Telecom itself, the number of AGMs will be between 8500 and 9500 whereas present number of AGM posts is just 3978.

For the existing Executives in higher scales, promotions to AGM can be after 8 to 12 years of combined service in Manager (SDE/AO) and Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grades. In the present post based promotions, it may take another 6 more years to complete entire list no. 7 (ie. by 2023) for DE promotion.

As per the new policy all the Executives promoted as SDE/AO before 01.01.2014 can become AGM between 01.01.2017 and 01.01.2022.

SDE/AOs can become Sr Manager after 3 years and AGM after 8 (3+5) years.

New SDE/AOs as well as JTO/JAOs in E4 scale can become Sr Manager on 01.01.2020, after 3 years and AGM on 01.01.2025, after 8 (3+5) years.

JTO/JAOs in E3 scale can become Sr Manager on 01.01.2021, after 4 years and AGM on 01.01.2026, after 9 (4+5) years.

By Adhoc promotions, all 2008 promoted AOs can get promotion as CAO immediately.

Note: When we could convince the management to give promotions w.e.f 01.01.2017, one year early, it is surprised to see that some are continue to demand post based promotions from a prospective date.




Meeting with CMD, BSNL on 03.11.2017: JF leaders met CMD, BSNL and thanked him for approving the CPSU Hierarchy proposal by the MC on 02.11.2017 as assured to us, based on Khan Committee recommendations. We informed CMD that the Executives are eagerly waiting for its immediate implementation as all will get promotions w.e.f. 01.01.2017 itself. There is no need for sending it to BSNL Board as it is simply an amendment to the existing EPP approved by BSNL Board and DoT. MC of the BSNL Board is delegated all such powers. CMD assured to examine the matter. Since DIR(HR) was out of BSNLCO for some meeting, we could not meet her.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL: On behalf of entire 47,000 BSNL Executives, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the BSNL Management for approving the Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) upto AGM grade by the Management Committee of BSNL Board in its meeting held yesterday. This bold decision of Management to convert BSNL from a Govt Dept into a CPSU in terms of promotions, after 17 years of its formation is really commendable.

GS writes to DIR(HR): Issuing minutes of the formal discussions held with the Recognized Executives Association SNEA on implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and the broad understanding reached.

Letter to CMD, BSNLLetter to DIR(HR)


Congratulations to one and all ---

Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) upto AGM Grade approved by the Management Committee of BSNL Board today.  

We express our sincere gratitude to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL, Smt Sujata T Ray/DIR(HR), Shri Deb Kumar Chakrabarty, PGM(Pers) and Shri Manish Kumar, Jt GM(Pers) for bringing a uniform promotion policy for all the Executives irrespective of wing/stream and taking bold initiative and decision to convert BSNL into a CPSU in terms of promotions, after 17 years of its formation.

Further details about the proposal will be updated later. 


Broad agreement reached between the Recognised Association SNEA and BSNL Management on Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) proposal.

I.       It will be a Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy for all the Executives in different cadres and in different wings upto AGM grade. This will end the disparity in promotions between various cadres in different wings and provides uniform promotional avenues to all the Executives in different wings.

II.     New designations will be as follows:

JTO /JAO equivalent grade        - Deputy Manager

SDE /AO equivalent grade               - Manager 

Sr. SDE /Sr.AO equivalent grade   - Sr. Manager

AGM /CAO/EE/DE equivalent grade -Asst General Manager

III.  Date of implementation: 01.01.2017.

As a onetime measure, all the existing Executives in higher scales and completed the qualifying service will be placed in higher grades on 01.01.2017 itself without conducting fresh DPC.

IV.    Subsequent review: 1st Jan/1st July, 2018 onwards, twice in a year.

V.       Existing Executives in higher scales will be placed in higher grades without conducting fresh DPC.

VI.    Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Rect year/ vacancy year basis.

VII. Functional Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Time Bound basis as under:

a)  Deputy Manager (JTO/JAO) to Manager (SDE/AO)      --- 5 years.

b)  Manager (SDE/AO) to Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO)      --- 5 years.

c)  Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) to AGM (DE/CAO/EE)      --- 5 years.

d)  Since Sr Manager (Sr SDE) grade is newly introduced as a functional grade, time bound promotion to AGM grade will be after 5 years of service in Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grade or 12 years combined service in SDE & Sr SDE equivalent grades, whichever is less.

e)  If sufficient number of eligible Executives is not available for AGM/CAO promotion, Adhoc promotions will be given by relaxing the qualifying service.

VIII.          Time Bound upgradations to higher scales will continue for the Executives already working in higher scales, on completion of qualifying service in the lower scale.

IX.    Relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales:

a)  Manager (SDE/AO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

b)  Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E4 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

c)  Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 4 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 9 years.

X.     One year relaxation for the Dy Managers (JTO/JAO) recruited for the same rect year.

XI.  Present LDCE passed and corresponding vacancy year Seniority Quota Executives will be enbloc senior to other JTOs. They will be treated as SDE from 01.01.2017 itself.

On CPSU Hierarchy, the formal discussions are taken place with the recognized Assns only, as per the provisions of Recognition Rules. SNEA only have the right for negotiation/discussion with the management on such policy matters. On large number of issues, agreement reached between both sides. But on some issues, management did not fully agree to the demands, citing administrative constraints.

This will be the major breakthrough for all the Executives and a direct result of the membership verification and becoming recognized Association. During verification campaign, it was assured by SNEA that it will try to get promotions within 3 months, ie. by March, 2017. By this new policy, promotions will be effected from January, 2017 itself, just one month after the MV.

AIGETOA also contributed to frame the proposal by valid suggestions and we really appreciate their positive and pragmatic approach to end the deadlock situation in promotions.

Due to various reasons Assn could not update the latest developments and this major breakthrough to our activists at various levels for the last two months when proposal was under finalization.


Rcom and TTSL stopped their mobile services and large number of thier customers are trying to port-in to BSNL. But UPC code for port in is the problem faced by BSNL.

GS, Dy GS and AGS met CMD/BSNL and DIR(CM) /BSNL yesterday in this regard and held discussions. They elaborated the initiatives taken by the management and monitoring done by Director himself. This is a golden opportunity for BSNL to get maximum customers migrated to BSNL in a limited period of 15 days to one month, through MNP.

Make maximum efforts and activate all our members for the next 15 days to one month. Take all marketing efforts, special melas near to the RCom and TTSL outlets etc to get maximum customers.

a) BSNL increased the commission for retailers by Rs 20 for port in of RCom and TTSL customers.

b) RCom generated UPC code for all its customers and intimated them through SMS. This UPC can be used.

c) If the customer do not received UPC code, ITPC has developed one module to facilitate the port in.

d) BSNL is in continuous touch with TERM Cell for getting the UPC code.

All our CSC incharges, officers dealing with the franchises and retailers and all our activists and employees are requested to put their best efforts in this regard.


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DE Transfer order.


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Direct Recruitment of JTO in BSNL from open market through valid GATE score 2017 - Forclosure of Merit list / WL reg.
DGM transfer order.
DE Tenure transfer order.