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Messages updated during the month of  Mar 2021


Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021:

Excellent preparations are going on in many Circles by conducting Branch, SSA and Circle level meetings. As per the initial report itself, much more members (from the allotted number) are coming forward to participate in the Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 from Circles like CHTD, UKD, UPE, KRL, AP etc. Other Circles are also gearing up.

List of participants are not received from Circles like Jharkhand, CTD, A&N etc. Elected CSs has to lead the agitation from the front and reach New Delhi as decided in the meeting and this is the time we have to show the real leadership qualities. 


Final hearing on the court case for CPSU Cadre Hierarchy promotion (Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion) through BEPPARR 2017 approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

The case filed by SNEA & Others at Hon CAT, Chandigarh for Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion through BEPPARR 2017 for all the eligible Executives on Regular basis came up for final hearing yesterday, 01.03.2021. The case was listed for final hearing. However, before arguments starts, BSNL counsel informed the Hon Court that BSNL filed an MA along with counter to the rejoinder filed by SNEA. BSNL filed the counter in the last minute to the rejoinder filed by us on 26.10.2020. Since the documents are submitted late by BSNL Counsel, it could not reach the bench by the time of hearing. These documents are to be accepted by the Hon Court before final hearing.

After preliminary pleadings on the urgency of the matter, Hon Court gave the earliest available date, 30.03.2021 for final hearing of the case.


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Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021.

Do or Die battle for the smooth career progression for BSNL Executives.

Promotion is the best tool to boost the morale of BSNL Executives and increase the productivity without spending a single penny. Unfortunately, BSNL management repeatedly failing to recognize this fact. BSNL may be the only PSU where JTOs are working in different pay scales E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5 scales! Still BSNL Management unmoved.

Last two and half years, from June 2018, thousands of Executives in BSNL are waiting for their promotion to the next higher Grade. That also, after the approval of the BSNL Executives Promotion Policy by the BSNL Board. BSNL took 18 years to frame its own Promotion Policy for the Executives. It is not a small period. Executives completed 20 to 30 years in the same cadre are waiting for a promotion. Many youngsters with 05 to 15 years of service also waiting for promotion to shape their career.

The post based promotions for limited posts also under doubt, atleast for few more years till Hon Supreme Court take a final call on Reservation issue in the pending SLPs and Govt take a final call on Reservation issue. Since the AO, CAO and DE promotions become provisional, any further promotion to these cadres and promotion from these cadres to higher Grades also possible only after the appeal in the Hon High Court is decided in favour of BSNL.

In the new Promotion Policy, three functional promotions are assured in 15 years, after every five years, still some are confused. Today not a single functional promotion is assured in 15 years. In that case, can they say that post based promotion is better than the new Promotion Policy which assures three functional promotions in 15 years? The discussions on framing the new Promotion Policy started in 2012 as a result of the joint agitation by SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Thereafter it took long 6 years to shape the present Promotion Policy in 2018. When someone welcome post based promotion and calls for further improvement, can they assure that it can be done in a time bound manner? In any case, it cannot be done from 01.07.2018! When management is having serious reservations in the present proposal itself, especially on promotion after every 5 years, we cannot assure improvement in the policy. The best option is to get the Promotion Policy implemented from 01.07.2018 and address the promotion issue first, shift from post based promotion to Time Bound promotion and then work on improvement in the policy.

Promotion is the only one demand which is having no financial implications. Executives are highly demoralised, still management is unmoved. Management made its intensions very clear that they are not in favour of promotion, especially Time Bound promotions. They want to continue with limited post based promotions as in Govt Departments, after Restructuring. Without switching over to Time Bound promotions, delinking from availability of posts, BSNL Executives cannot expect any promotion in the near future. They don’t have any future. We are in 2021, almost twenty years passed after formation of BSNL. The time has come to go for the Do or Die battle. The solution may not be possible in a day or two. So the agitation will continue for days together, weeks together till management listen to our demands. We are gearing up for that. We are getting ready to shed our blood to see that the promotion issue is resolved once for all. Let us join hands.