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Finalization of 5 Million NGN tender for replacing all the NT switches reg - To CMD 14-03-17
Cancellation of engagement of Shri Rajiv Yadav retired CGMT Assam Circle as Full-Time Consultant for Govt projects in NE Region reg - To CMD 09-11-16
Provisioning of Broadband Services on cable TV network - Relaxation in provisions in EOI reg 28-09-16
Proposal for OMCR integration in Kerala Circle - Dir CM 31-05-16
Free call diversion from landline to mobile and vice - To CMD 22-03-16
Paperless working to be adopted in BSNL after ERP implementation - CMD 01-03-16
Priority issues which need attention - Monitoring 46 SSAs - Apprenticeship - CMD 01-03-16
Blackmailing tactics of Huawei to get its LD charges scaled down - To CMD 07-07-15
Rural National Broad Band connectivity to Private operators - To PM 25-06-15
Serious infirmities and loopholes in the tender NGN document reg - To Dir CFA 12-03-15
Execution of Civil Elec works of other CG Ministries Dept under Rule 126 of GFR 2005 by BSNL - To MoUD 07-11-14
Unjustified excemption on penalties to vendor - 09-03-11 - CMD
Shoddy ERP implementation in BSNL – reflection of poor professional abilities and commitment - To CMD 22-04-13
Total deterioration of GSM network in west zone due to extremely poor O and M –Dir CM 21-06-13
Resolutions passed by the CWC meeting at Chennai on 7 and 8-01-13
Purchase of obsolete Cordect WLL - 19-01-10 - CMD
Promotional offer on topups for Christmas and New Year - Corrigendum - GS writes to DIRCM -21-12-11
Phase VII GSM tower construction by Ms ZTE in AP Circle180513
Out come of Interactive session during CWC at Chennai on 07 and 08-01-13 for the viability of BSNL - To CMD
Obsolete and opaque business process - 25-10-11- MOC
Implementation of prestigious NGN project
Implementation of CRM by replacing inhouse developed CCM reg - DIR CM 16-07-12
GSM tender for 15 million lines 18-04-11 - CMD
Forming of Mktg teams exclusively for MNP Purposes in the Circles where Telcos are closing services after 18-01-13 - To CMD
Failure of C-Topup facility in Southern Region 05-05-11- DR CM
Failure of C-Topup facility 20-01-11- DR CM
Emulating efforts of CGM AP - MNP successful in AP 10-03-11 - CMD
Deterioting 3G services 11-02-11 - CMD
Delay in implementation of ERP 10-05-11 - CMD
Change of Designation 24-06-11- DR HR
CDR Terminal extension to Corporate office 18-04-11 - DR CFA
CDR service break down in SZ - 09-03-11 - CMD
BSNLs massive investment of 50 Million dollars in 700 million dollars EIG cable project between Bombay and London - sheer wastage reg 21-06-13 - CMD
Blatant violation of statutory RR 06-08-10- DR HR
Blatant irregularities committed by CGMWTP to favour Ms Spun Communications infrastructure Pvt Ltd 19-10-13
Augmention of already underutilized Project 3 of NIB 2 at Bangalore 13-08-10
Action on CCM report of TN- 13-09-11 - CMD