Formal meeting to discuss the issues - To Dir HR 05-04-18
Review of medical treatment to serving employees on outdoor medical treatment With vouchers reg - CMD 20-03-2018
Editorial of TESA FLASH published in the website on 27-08-2017 - Reply to SR section letter - Dir HR 13-09-17
News updates uploaded on SNEA website on 17-08-17 reg - GM SR 04-09-17
Hearing on 24-08-17 in the Civil Suit reg - News updates uploaded on SNEA website on 24-08-17 reg - GM SR 04-091-7
Misleading reporting done in the website of AIBSNLEA on 18-08-2017 - Dir HR 23-08-17
Conduction of BSNL Sports and Cultural Board meeting with ineligible persons reg 15-06-17 - CMD
Withdrawal of notice for two days Dharna on 01-06-2017 and 02-06-2017 by JF - To CMD 31-05-17
Strong protest against the repressive measures and vindictive actions against the Executives - CMD 29-05-17
Notice for organizational actions – postponement of trade union programmes - Secretary DoT 29-05-17
Trade union action notice served on 23-03-15 - To CMD
Withdrawal of TU action - Letter to CMD on 06-05-15
Two days huger fast from 24th July by CHQ office bearers at BSNL CO - To CMD 240714
To stop the arbitrary move for further extension of transit accommodation quota reg - To Dir HR 01-06-16
Support of this Association in steering the Company - To CMD 20-01-15
Successful conduction of first Membership Verification among the Executives Associations reg - To CMD 12-12-16
Strategic and key positions of board directors of BSNL lying vacant for years - To MoC and IT 19-06-14
Procedure for Membership verification among Executives Association reg - To Dir HR 03-10-2016
Social Security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who dies untimely reg - To CMD 04-11-16
Serious lapses in printing the ballot paper for the membership verification in MP Circle reg - GS writes to Dir HR 08-12-16
Restraining some office bearers from meeting officers - Dir HR 23-07-12
Restoration of Trade union facilities reg - To CMD 05-01-15
Restoration of trade union facilities extended to SNEA(I) reg 24-03-15 - To Dir HR
Response of the Association to the proposed HR plan - To CMD 19-02-15
Resolutions passed in CWC Jaipur - To CMD 30-05-14
Resolutions passed in CWC Jaipur - Second letter - To CMD 10-06-14
Resolutions passed by the CWC meeting at Chennai on 7 and 8-01-13
Request for a meeting to discuss issues related to revival of BSNL 23-06-14 - To MOC
Replacing GSLI Scheme with Term Insurance for BSNL recruited Employees - Suggestion thereof - To CMD 10-
Recognition of Majority Executive Association after first MVP among the Executives reg - To CMD 12-12-16
Permitting some Associations to participate in the ensuing membership verification in complete disregard and violation - To CMD 08-08-16
On joining of new GM Pers - Letter to GM pers 23-0415
Nomination of Circle level SNEA representatives for the purpose of Membership verification reg - GS to CGMs 17-08-16
New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06-01-2014 - To Dir HR 01-12-14
New Recognition Rules 2014 and restoration of TU facilities reg - To CMD 10-07-15
Neglect of resolution of legitimate and just HR issues of BSNL Executives forcing Trade Union actions- Notice - To CMD 10-02-14
Lunch hour demonstration on 09-07-2014 - To Dir HR
MVP - Displaying the electoral rolls etc – requesting for extension of time reg - To DIR HR 24-08-16
Long pending HR issues --- urgent need to resolve the issues on priority basis - To CMD 14-12-16
Humiliation and scorn met out by BSNL in the host of Digital India Launch reg - To PM 07-07-15
Letter addressed to GS SNEA based on the letter written by some other Associations in which SNEA is not a party at all - To Dir HR 01-11-2016
Important provisions to be incorporated in New Recognition Rules -- reminder Dir HR 19-08-14
Guidelines for considering requests of BSNL employees for deputation to outside organizations reg - CMD 26-08-16
GS writes to CMD to reconsider the decision of stopping suplly of diary in the austerity measures 20-12-12
Govt decision to denationalize Coal sector reg - To MOC and IT - 13-11-14
Finalization of HR plan reg - To DIR HR 06-02-17
Filling up of Director Finance post - MOC and IT 05-03-12
Draft regulations governing conduct of membership verification of Executives Associations in BSNL - feed back and comments - To GM SR 06-09-13
DIRHR - Deduction of Subscription from salary of Executives 19-06-12
DIR HR - New Recognition Rules30-06-14
Dir HR - Conducting Joint committee meeting withot SNEA reg 20-07-12
Deduction of monthly subscription from the salary of the members from the month of January 2017 reg - To GM SR 14-12-16
Creation of vendor code for deduction of monthly subscription from the salary of SNEA members reg 17-01-17
Conduction of Membership verification on 16th November 2016—Reg - To CMD 10-01-16
Circulation of newly elected CHQ office bearers lists to field units - To Dir HR 29-01-16
Circular issued by the SR section regarding Joint Forum - Immediate action to withdraw it - To CMD 09-03-17
Change of designations of JTO JAO - SDE AO and DE CAO EE equivalent cadres reg - To CMD 11-07-16
Change of designations of JTO JAO SDE AO and DE CAO EE equivalent cadres reg - To CMD 06-01-17
Change of designations in line with CPSU structure- modification of earlier proposal reg - CMD 17-01-17
Cancellation of engagement of Shri Rajiv Yadav retired CGMT Assam Circle as Full-Time Consultant for Govt projects in NE Region reg - To CMD 09-11-16
Abuse of authority and discretion - 01-02-11 - CMD