Finalisation of staffing norms_170417
Inordinate delay in implementation of CPSU Hierarchy_130417
Inordinate delay in implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy reg - To CMD 13-04-17
Extension of E1A and E2A pay scales notionally from 01-10-2000 for the JTO -SDEs in Civil Elect etc - CMD 10-04-17
JF letter to CMD 100417
Recognition of Executives Associations Rules 2014 notified on 06-01-2014 - suggestions To CMD 05-04-17
Declaration of DR DGM results – our strong protest regarding - To CMD 05-04-17
Immediate implementation of CPSU Hierarchy w e f 01-01-2017 - To CMD
Finalization of 5 Million NGN tender for replacing all the NT switches reg - To CMD 14-03-17
Superannuation Benefits to the BSNL directly recruited employees - To CMD 10-03-17
Fill up all the DGM vacancies including the vacant DR DGM and Addl GMs working as GMs reg - CMD 09-03-17
Circular issued by the SR section regarding Joint Forum - Immediate action to withdraw it - To CMD 09-03-17
Proposed amendment to BSNLMS RR 2009 to give it DOE from 2003 for the promotions in CSS Cadre _Extn to other Executives reg -CMD 06-03-17
Request to fill up all the DGM vacancies including the vacant DR DGM posts and Addl GMs taken charge as GMs reg CMD 06-02-17
Increasing the number of DGM T posts by matching savings reg - To CMD 06-02-17
Sending revised proposal to DoT for approving E2 - E3 pay scales reg 27-01-2017
Change of designations in line with CPSU structure- modification of earlier proposal reg - CMD 17-01-17
Change of designations of JTO JAO SDE AO and DE CAO EE equivalent cadres reg - To CMD 06-01-17
Strict instructions to adhere to the facilities provided to the Recognized Representative Association and Support Association -To CMD 26-12-16
Long pending HR issues --- urgent need to resolve the issues on priority basis - To CMD 14-12-16
Replacement of intermediary pay scales E1A and E2A by standard pay scales E2 and E3 - To CMD 15-12-16
Recognition of Majority Executive Association after first MVP among the Executives reg - To CMD 12-12-16
Successful conduction of first Membership Verification among the Executives Associations reg - To CMD 12-12-16
CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to be fast tracked to end the stalemate in functional promotion - To CMD 02-12-16
Serious discrimination and pay anomaly of Civil-Elect-Arch-PA-PS-TF reg - To CMD 30-11-16
Immediate intervention to stop the demotion of the basic cadres of JTO JAO and SDE AO reg 28-11-16
Replacing GSLI Scheme with Term Insurance for BSNL recruited Employees - Suggestion thereof - To CMD 10-
Cancellation of engagement of Shri Rajiv Yadav retired CGMT Assam Circle as Full-Time Consultant for Govt projects in NE Region reg - To CMD 09-11-16
Pending approval of BSNL Board- Grant of E1+5 increments as interim measure to JAO JTOs of 2013 and 2015 year of recruitment—reg -To CMD 09-11-16
Social Security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who dies untimely reg - To CMD 04-11-16
Conduction of Membership verification on 16th November 2016—Reg - To CMD 10-01-16
Action against the indifferent attitude of GMTD Mahaboobnagar SSA, Telangana Circle reg - To CMD 10-10-16
Provisioning of Broadband Services on cable TV network - Relaxation in provisions in EOI reg 28-09-16
Guidelines for considering requests of BSNL employees for deputation to outside organizations reg - CMD 26-08-16
Issues to be highlighted before 3rd PRC - To CMD 11-07-16
Change of designations of JTO JAO - SDE AO and DE CAO EE equivalent cadres reg - To CMD 11-07-16
Direct Recruitment to the Cadre of JTOs s reg - GS writes to CMD 19-05-16
Direct Recruitment to the Cadre of TTAs reg - GS writes to CMD 19-05-16
Deferment of Relay Hunger Strike from 18-20 May 2016 reg - GS writes to CMD 17-05-16
Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 causing justified unrest and frustration - CMD 12-04-16
Free call diversion from landline to mobile and vice - To CMD 22-03-16
BSNL Management to immediately address in totality the crucial HR issues - CMD 11-03-16
To complete the recruitment to MT from among the internal candidates - To CMD 29-02-16
Paperless working to be adopted in BSNL after ERP implementation - CMD 01-03-16
Priority issues which need attention - Monitoring 46 SSAs - Apprenticeship - CMD 01-03-16
BSNL contribution towards 30 perc superannuation benefit reg - To CMD 29-02-16
Withdrawal of the MT SRD recruitment notification reg - To CMD
Malignining the association SNEA reg - To CMD 12-11-15
Continuing vindictive actions and massive victimizations in Kerala Circe -SNEA and BSNLEU - Lr to CMD 16-10-15
Indifferent and vindictive attitude of PGM, BGTD reg - To CMD 16-10-15
Amendments to JTO Recruitment Rules -- sincere gratitude - To CMD 22-09-15
New Recognition Rules 2014 and restoration of TU facilities reg - To CMD 10-07-15
Blackmailing tactics of Huawei to get its LD charges scaled down - To CMD 07-07-15
Immediate intervention to put on hold move to recruit MTs from Outside - CMD 12-05-15
Withdrawal of TU action - Letter to CMD on 06-05-15
Revision of SDE T Seniority list 1 to 5 reg - To CMD 23-04-15
Trade union action notice served on 23-03-15 - To CMD
Immediate action to recruit atleast 300 DGMs and increasing MTs recruitment reg - To CMD
Response of the Association to the proposed HR plan - To CMD 19-02-15
Finalization of standard pay scales for JTO JAO, SDE AO reg - To CMD 18-02-15
Support of this Association in steering the Company - To CMD 20-01-15
Lapse on part of BSNL by not making effort to safeguard BSNL in Hon SC -3G ICR case 09-01-15
Restoration of Trade union facilities reg - To CMD 05-01-15
Proposal for diversion of 336 CAO posts for regular promotion reg - To CMD 04-12-14
Proposal for amendment in the BSNLMS RRs - Dip holders in Civ-Elec-Arch reg - To CMD 05-12-14
JTO RR 2014 to facilitate regularization of Officiating JTOs and rect -LICE to JTO cadre 05-12-14
Notification for LDCE from JTO-T to SDE T reg - To CMD 02-12-14
Finalization of scheme and syllabus for LDCE from JTO TF to SDE TF reg - To CMD 19-11-14
Regarding critical cadre issues 051114
Kerala issue 26-09-14
jao to ao promotion -22-09-2014
Regarding kerala issue 170914
Postponement of Indefinite fast to 17 sep
Support in restoration of services in J and K 08092014
To accomplish the basic objective of bringing about parity in RRs - Civl Elec 19-08-14
Executives or family suffering from deadly diseases must be exempted from tr – To CMD 07-08-14
30 perc superannuation benefit to directly recruited employees of BSNL - To CMD 05-08-14
Postponement of Hunger Strike - Kerala issue To CMD 23-07-14
Kerala hunger strike postponement 230714
Two days huger fast from 24th July by CHQ office bearers at BSNL CO - To CMD 240714
CGM Kerala to review Nortel penalty 2012-13 220714
Implementation of std pay scales of E2 E3-- E7 replacing the intermediary pay scales reg - To CMD 21-07-14
Casual approach of CGMT Kerala Circle in dealing with the court case reg 17-07-14 - To CMD
Facts clearly and unambiguously establishing retaliatory vindictive actions of CGM Kerala reg - To CMD 10-07-14
lunch hour demonstration on 09-07-2014 - 030714
Public opinion of eminent personalities like Sri V S Achuthanandan Ex Chief Minister - To CMD 03-07-14
Holding Lunch closing Hour demonstration on 09-07-2014 at all Circle-SSA HQs of BSNL -To CMD
Immediate intervention solicited to stop fast deteriorating Kerala Circle - To CMD 02-07-14
Irrational approach and motivated decisions of CGMKerala - To CMD 24-06-14
Kerala Agitaional program from 25 June 2014 240614
Serious discrimination and anomaly between Executives Civil Elec etc - To CMD 23-06-14
Resolutions passed in CWC Jaipur - Second letter - To CMD 10-06-14
Resolutions passed in CWC Jaipur - To CMD 30-05-14
Intervention of CMD requested to bring Industral peace in Kerala Circle -To CMD 19-05-14
Unjustified excemption on penalties to vendor - 09-03-11
Shoddy ERP implementation in BSNL- reflection of poor professional abilities and commitment-To CMD 22-04-13
SDE to Adhoc DE promotion - Unwarranted delay in diversion of posts from MT quota as per RR - CMD 11-10-12
Resolutions Passed in the CWC at Chennai on 08-01-13 - To CMD
Resolutions passed by the CWC meeting at Chennai on 7 and 8-01-13
Request to immediately resolve issues of standard IDA pay scales of E2 and E3- CPSU cadre hierarchy and 30 per superannuation benefits TO CMD 25-07-13
Request for an urgent meeting to discuss long pending unresolved issues - To CMD 19-08-13
Replacement of existing non standard pay scales by standard pay scales - To CMD 30-12-13
Purchase of obsolete Cordect WLL - 19-01-10
Proposed move for recruitment at CGM GM DGM level under Rule 37 based on the UC decision on conclusion of GR A absorbtion - To CMD 09-04-13
Promotion from SDE(T) to DE(T) on Adhoc basis large scale displacement 050813
Promotion from JTO to SDE cadre under seniority and LDCE quota –immediate measures to fill up the vacancies-25-06-13 -To CMD
Promotion from JTO to SDE cadre under LDCE quota large scale dislocation from Circles like Odisha Andhra Pradesh etc To CMD 04-07-13
Pre-revised IDA scale of 9850-14600 to JTOs- Delay reg - 09-11-10
Notice for BSNL management - 10-02-14
Posting of absorbed officers as CGMs - To CMD 14-03-13
Out come of Interactive session during CWC at Chennai on 07 and 08-01-13 for the viability of BSNL - To CMD
Notification to recruit DGMs from outside - Delibrately excludes huge pool of talented people within organisation - CMD19-09-12
Non finalization of standard pay scales E2, E3 etc of basic cadres JTO JAO, SDEAO etc 19-10-13
Neglect of resolution of legitimate and just HR issues of BSNL Executives forcing Trade Union actions- Notice - To CMD 10-02-14
MT RR 2013 - Rational and expeditious amends to include BE BTech in Mechanical - Radio Engg also for Intl candidates To CMD 15-07-13
Introduction of LDCE for the promotion from JAO to AO
Introduction of LDCE for the promotion from JAO to AO 14-10-13 - To CMD
Implementation of prestigious NGN project
GSM tender 18-04-11
GS writes to CMD reg issue related to sale of C Topup in Karnataka circle 25-05-12
GS writes to CMD to reconsider the decision of stopping suplly of diary 20-12-12
GS to CMD - Immediate relieving of ITS Officers 12-04-12
GS to CMD - Finalisation of Pay scale for JTOs - 14-12-11
Forming of Mktg teams exclusively for MNP Purposes in the Circles where Telcos are closing services after 18-01-13 - To CMD
Executives of all sections greatly agitated over abnormal delay in resolution of long pending legitimate issues To CMD 22-04-13
Emulating efforts of CGM AP - MNP successful in AP- 10-03-11
Eliminating mechanism of adhoc promotions in STS 08-01-13
E2 E3 scale for JTO SDE 14-02-11
Discrimination and anomaly between executives of Civil Electrical Architecture and Finance
Discrimination and anomaly between executives of Civil Electrical Architecture and Finance reg - 14-10-13 - To CMD
Dir REC DGM GM CGM - Suggestions - 04-11-11
Deterioting 3G services 11-02-11
Demotion of JTO Cadre-14-02-11
Demotion of JTO Cadre - Org action - 17-02-11
Delayed action to recruit MTs warrants increasing the number of MT Intl from the proposed 150 to at least 300 in the first phase - To CMD 09-12-13
Delay in implementation of ERP 10-05-11
CMD to address crucial HR issues 15-01-14
CMD 140313
Change of designations consequent upon change in pay scale 09-11-10
CMD - About CGM odisha - Transfer cases 04-06-12
CDR service break down in SZ - 09-03-11
Blatant irregularities committed by CGMWTP to favour Ms Spun Communications infrastructure Pvt Ltd 19-10-13
BSNLs massive investment of 50 Million dollars in 700 million dollars EIG cable project between Bombay and London - sheer wastage reg 21-06-13 - CMD
Appropriate amendments in BSNLMS RR-2009 to end existing Adhocism in STS promotions reg - TO CMD 25-03-13
Anamoly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in the revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC
Action on CCM report of TN- 13-09-11
Abnormal delay in JTO to SDE and SDE to DE promotions - To CMD 17-01-13
Abuse of authority and discretion - 01-02-11