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Regularization of few TTAs officiated as JTOs earlier but declined - Dir HR 22-03-17
Extension of E1A and E2A pay scales notionally from 01=10-2000 for the JTO SDEs in Civil Elect Arch TF wings PA PS reg - Dir HR 22-03-17
To expedite the results of TTA to JTO T - LICE held on 11-12-16 reg - To Dir HR 21-03-17
Expeditious actions to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - To Dir HR
Developments in Hoshiarpur SSA in Punjab Circle – request to take appropriate action reg - To DIR HR - 06-02-17
Finalization of HR plan reg - To DIR HR 06-02-17
Rule-8 transfers in the cadre of JTOs and amendment of Para-9 in BSNL Transfer policy - To Dir HR 02-02-17
Extending TU benefits to AIGETOA against the provisions of Recognition Rules 2014 -strong protest reg - To Dir HR 31-01-2017
Serious lapses in printing the ballot paper for the membership verification in MP Circle reg - GS writes to Dir HR 08-12-16
Pay parity of 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs at par with the 2005 batch JTOs joined after 01-01-2007 and the 2010 batch JAOs - To Dir HR 29-11-16
Processing the Khan Committee recommendations on first TB promotion - To DIR HR 29-11-16
Posting of JAOs on completion of the training on 18-11-16 - To DR HR 18-11-16
Letter addressed to GS SNEA based on the letter written by some other Associations in which SNEA is not a party at all - To Dir HR 01-11-2016
Transfer to West Bengal and other Circles during middle of the academic session to meet the shortages is clear violation of the transfer policy reg - Dir HR 27-10-16
Transfer to Kolkata TD in SDE cadre during middle of academic session to meet the shortages in clear violation of the transfer policy reg - To Dir HR 27-10-16
Indifferent attitude of the GM, STR, Chennai Region - Kind intervention solicited - To Dir HR 13-10-16
Procedure for Membership verification among Executives Association reg - To Dir HR 03-10-2016
Pay fixation on officiating promotion as per the provisions of EPP order and protection reg - Dir HR 26-08-16
Pay fixation on officiating promotion - Withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued by BSNL - Dir HR 26-08-16
MVP - Displaying the electoral rolls etc – requesting for extension of time reg - To DIR HR 24-08-16
Implementation of reservation policy while issuing Looking After Promotion - To DIR HR 11-07-16
Administrative approval for the BSNL Board recommendation on Superannuation benefit to BSNL DR employees reg - To DIR HR 08-07-16
Consideration of Rule-8 Transfer of JTOs reg - To DIR HR 11-07-16
Bifurcation of AP Circle into AP and Telangana Circles reg - Retaining promoted Adhoc DGMd reg - To Dir HR 01-07-16
LDCE from Group C to JTO Elec conducted on 27-03-2016 and result declared - Sending the selected candidates for training reg 01-07-16
Total ban on implementation of tenure transfer and other transfer orders reg - GS to Dir HR 29-06-16
Immediate action requested to declare the results of the LICE from TTA - Dir HR 31-05-16
Re-fixation of pay of officiating JTOs reg - Dir HR 31-05-16
Calling of long stay particulars from Circles in the cadre of SDE and DE for tenure transfer - Dir HR 20-05-16
Posting of JTOs considering Rule 8 - intra circle Transfers in KTK Circle reg - Dir HR 03-05-16
Pay fixation on Local Officiating promotion and protection of pay on regular promotion - Dir HR 02-05-16
Implementation of Executives Pay Scales of E1A - E2A in respect of JTO SDE Civ Elec Arch - Dir HR 12-04-16
Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 E3 reg - Dir HR 09-03-16
Sympathetic consideration of Rule-8 cases - To Dir HR 05-02-16
Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay - To Dir HR 02-02-16
Circulation of newly elected CHQ office bearers lists to field units - To Dir HR 29-01-16
Notification for conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO reg 22-01-16
Submissions w r t the recommendations of the JC on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - Dir HR 06-01-16
Delay in processing the - Std pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy - To Dir HR 04-01-16
Appointment of external candidates – case of postal JAOs T and C reg - Dir HR 19-11-15
Processing the JC recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy -Dir HR 16-11-15
Processing of Joint Committee recommendations on E2- E3 pay scales - Dir HR 16-11-15
Relieving of Executives from tenure Circles especially from NE II Circle reg - To DIR HR 23-09-15
Relieving of Executives from tenure Circles especially from NE II Circle - To DIR HR 23-09-15
Request to conduct LICE from TTA to JTO - To DIR HR 24-09-15
Regularising Officiating JTOs and Training reg - To Dir HR 22-09-15
Proposed amendments in SDE RR 2002 - To DIR HR 22-07-15
Tentative seniority lists 1 to 17 of SDE T to Expert Committee reg - To Dir HR 22-06-15
Very casual and unconcerned approach of CGMT Kerala in handling JTO to SDE Court case - To Dir HR 04-06-15
To stop the arbitrary move for further extension of transit accommodation quota reg - To Dir HR 01-06-16
DE promotion to about 85 SDEs remaining in the seniority list No 5 - Dir HR 11-05-15
Inter Circle transfer and transfer to tenure circle from Inspection Circle reg - Dir HR 01-04-15
Transfer of excess AGMs working in BSNLCO to the Circles - To Dir HR 19-03-15
Pay scales 28 01 2015
Amendment of RRS 28 01 2015
New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06-01-2014 - To Dir HR 01-12-14
Extending FR22 benefit to JTO O -30-09-2014
Important provisions to be incorporated in New Recognition Rules -- reminder Dir HR 19-08-14
Posting on DE Regular promotion reg- To DIR HR 20-08-14
Sympathetic consideration of the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTO Outsider - to DIR HR 21-07-14
Lunch hour demonstration on 09-07-2014 - To Dir HR
DIR HR - New Recognition Rules30-06-14
Relaxation in the minimum qualifying marks for the LICE to JTO(T) cadre held on 02-06-13 - DIR HR 23-06-14
Senior getting less pay than junior in the light of EPP - Hon HC of Kerala - 10-07-2012
Withdrawal of Officiating arrangement and interim introduction of looking after arrangement - TO DIR HR 25-03-13
Victimisation activity by GM Bongaingaon 13-06-11
Very casual handling of Court cases related to JTO to SDE promotions by CGMT Kerala Circle reg - To Dir HR 02-12-13
To transfer all court cases related to recent LDCE in various Tribunals to Principal Bench CAT ND 27-07-12
Suggestions on 30 percent Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees 050813
Stalemate in issuing Adhoc JAG promotion-15-06-11
Senior getting less pay than senior after 2nd PRC - Annexure
SDE to DE Adhoc promotion - Modification of order-20-07-10
Restraining some office bearers from meeting officers - Dir HR 23-07-12
Request to declare Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg SSAs of MH ciralce as AI tenure stations reg 25-03-13
Request to allow Intl candidates to appear for DGM(DR) rectt examination provisionally - To Dir HR 17-10-13
Request for modification of postings of JTOs promoted on 30-3-11 and posted to tenure Circles - To DIR HR 08-04-13
Regularization of about 1500 officiating JTOs reg - To DIR HR 16-08-13
Promotion of Adhoc STS to JAG and SDE to Adhoc DE - 24-06-11
Promotion from Regular STS to adhoc JAG 14-07-11
Pay protection in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs till the implementation of TBP on 18
Pay fixation on Adhoc DE DGM CAO promotions for pay fixation on DNI - Dir HR 05-03-12
Pay anamoly in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs - Dir HR 05-03-12
Pay anamoly due to acrual of increment - 13-04-11
Pay anamoly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than senior after 2nd PRC fixation 27-08-12
Maintaining uniformity in TBP-04-05-11
Pay anamoly case of seniors promoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later - Dir HR 27-08-12
Pay anamoly after 2nd PRC- Antedating the increment date of senior reg - DIR HRD 23-12-11
Pay anamoly 13-04-11
Mandatory upgradation training under EPP shall be made optional - reg
LICE to JTO cadre under 50 percentage Department quota reg - To DIR HR 10-12-13
Junior getting More pay Anamoly - 2nd PRC - 13-04-11
Illegal reversion of JTOs SDEs qualified in the Deptl Competitive exam for recruitment of JTOs under 15 perc quota reg -To Dir HR 13-0-14
Huge stagnation in the cadre of JTOs - Action to fill up SDE vaccancies as on 31-03-12 - Dir HR 27-07-12
Grant of Seniority to Qualified people in 66 percent quota for vaccancies prior to 22-07-1996 - 25-01-12
GS to DIR HR - Notional date of promotion and fixation of pay - Bangalore CAT judgement implementation in general- 13-04-12
GM Kolar case - KTK 21-10-11
Extending notional date of promotion and fixation of pay from 23-01-2002 - In terms of BGE CAT order DIR HR 23-12-11
DIRHR - Deduction of Subscription from salary of Executives 19-06-12
Conducting Joint committee meeting withot SNEA reg 20-07-12
Complete parity in functional promotions in Civil Electrical Arch and telecom finance and end discrimination 14-05-13 To Dir HR
complete parity in functional promotions and end discrimination
Change of Designation 24-06-11
Blatant violation of statutory RR 06-08-10
Bihar UF on agitation aagainst mass rotational transfers in the cadre of DEs - To Dir HR 04-05-12
Antedating of increment to address the anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale -To Dir HR 13-01-14
Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior-09-11-10
Anamoly in pay fixation 24-11-10
Anamoly in pay fixation - Senior prmoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later reg DIR HR 23-12-11
Adhoc JAG promotion Stalemate