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Withdrawal of Officiating arrangement and interim introduction of looking after arrangement - TO DIR HR 25-03-13
Request to declare Gadchiroli and Sindhudurg SSAs of MH ciralce as AI tenure stations reg 25-03-13
Expeditious actions to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - To Dir HR
Victimisation activity by GM Bongaingaon 13-06-11
New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06-01-2014 - To Dir HR 01-12-14
Request to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM equivalent grade reg - Dir HR 25-09-17
MVP - Displaying the electoral rolls etc – requesting for extension of time reg - To DIR HR 24-08-16
Blatant violation of statutory RR 06-08-10
Suggestions on 30 percent Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees 050813
GM Kolar case - KTK 21-10-11
Appointment of external candidates – case of postal JAOs T and C reg - Dir HR 19-11-15
SDE to DE Adhoc promotion - Modification of order-20-07-10
Maintaining uniformity in TBP-04-05-11
Conducting Joint committee meeting withot SNEA reg 20-07-12
Relaxation in the minimum qualifying marks for the LICE to JTO(T) cadre held on 02-06-13 - DIR HR 23-06-14
Administrative approval for the BSNL Board recommendation on Superannuation benefit to BSNL DR employees reg - To DIR HR 08-07-16
Indifferent attitude of the GM, STR, Chennai Region - Kind intervention solicited - To Dir HR 13-10-16
Extension of E1A and E2A pay scales notionally from 01=10-2000 for the JTO SDEs in Civil Elect Arch TF wings PA PS reg - Dir HR 22-03-17
Processing the JC recommendations on CPSU cadre hierarchy -Dir HR 16-11-15
Pay fixation on Adhoc DE DGM CAO promotions for pay fixation on DNI - Dir HR 05-03-12
Anamoly in pay fixation 24-11-10
To stop the arbitrary move for further extension of transit accommodation quota reg - To Dir HR 01-06-16
Posting of JTOs considering Rule 8 - intra circle Transfers in KTK Circle reg - Dir HR 03-05-16
Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior-09-11-10
Senior getting less pay than junior in the light of EPP - Hon HC of Kerala - 10-07-2012
Extending notional date of promotion and fixation of pay from 23-01-2002 - In terms of BGE CAT order DIR HR 23-12-11
Huge stagnation in the cadre of JTOs - Action to fill up SDE vaccancies as on 31-03-12 - Dir HR 27-07-12
Antedating of increment to address the anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale -To Dir HR 13-01-14
Processing of Joint Committee recommendations on E2- E3 pay scales - Dir HR 16-11-15
Consideration of Rule-8 Transfer of JTOs reg - To DIR HR 11-07-16
Transfer to West Bengal and other Circles during middle of the academic session to meet the shortages is clear violation of the transfer policy reg - Dir HR 27-10-16
Pay anamoly after 2nd PRC- Antedating the increment date of senior reg - DIR HRD 23-12-11
Discontinuation of the LA arrangement in the grade of Executive Engineer Civil reg - Dir HR 01-03-18
Request to conduct LICE from TTA to JTO - To DIR HR 24-09-15
Notification for conduction of LICE from TTA to JTO reg 22-01-16
Change of designation of Executives as the first step of implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - Dir HR 23-05-17
Processing the Khan Committee recommendations on first TB promotion - To DIR HR 29-11-16
DIR HR - New Recognition Rules30-06-14
Tentative seniority lists 1 to 17 of SDE T to Expert Committee reg - To Dir HR 22-06-15
Promotion of Adhoc STS to JAG and SDE to Adhoc DE - 24-06-11
Pay protection in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs till the implementation of TBP on 18
Serious lapses in printing the ballot paper for the membership verification in MP Circle reg - GS writes to Dir HR 08-12-16
Change of designation of Executives as the first step of implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - Dir HR 23-05-17
Sympathetic consideration of the representation of JAO Officiating - Dir HR 31-07-17
Rule-8 transfers in the cadre of JTOs and amendment of Para-9 in BSNL Transfer policy - To Dir HR 02-02-17
Pay fixation on officiating promotion as per the provisions of EPP order and protection reg - Dir HR 26-08-16
Re-fixation of pay of officiating JTOs reg - Dir HR 31-05-16
Proposed amendments in SDE RR 2002 - To DIR HR 22-07-15
Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay - To Dir HR 02-02-16
Anamoly in pay fixation - Senior prmoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later reg DIR HR 23-12-11
Request to allow Intl candidates to appear for DGM(DR) rectt examination provisionally - To Dir HR 17-10-13
Promotion from Regular STS to adhoc JAG 14-07-11
Stalemate in issuing Adhoc JAG promotion-15-06-11
Regularising Officiating JTOs and Training reg - To Dir HR 22-09-15
Circulation of newly elected CHQ office bearers lists to field units - To Dir HR 29-01-16
Very casual handling of Court cases related to JTO to SDE promotions by CGMT Kerala Circle reg - To Dir HR 02-12-13
Pay scales 28 01 2015
DIRHR - Deduction of Subscription from salary of Executives 19-06-12
Relieving of Executives from tenure Circles especially from NE II Circle - To DIR HR 23-09-15
LICE to JTO cadre under 50 percentage Department quota reg - To DIR HR 10-12-13
Adhoc JAG promotion Stalemate
Misleading reporting done in the website of AIBSNLEA on 18-08-2017 - Dir HR 23-08-17
GS to DIR HR - Notional date of promotion and fixation of pay - Bangalore CAT judgement implementation in general- 13-04-12
Pay anamoly in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs - Dir HR 05-03-12
Junior getting More pay Anamoly - 2nd PRC - 13-04-11
Finalization of HR plan reg - To DIR HR 06-02-17
Submissions w r t the recommendations of the JC on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy - Dir HR 06-01-16
Restoration of All India soft tenure facilities-Reg Dir HR 11-09-17
Request for modification of postings of JTOs promoted on 30-3-11 and posted to tenure Circles - To DIR HR 08-04-13
Pay anamoly 13-04-11
Lunch hour demonstration on 09-07-2014 - To Dir HR
Complete parity in functional promotions in Civil Electrical Arch and telecom finance and end discrimination 14-05-13 To Dir HR
Restraining some office bearers from meeting officers - Dir HR 23-07-12
Pay anamoly due to acrual of increment - 13-04-11
Regularization of few TTAs officiated as JTOs earlier but declined - Dir HR 22-03-17
Formal meeting to discuss the issues - To Dir HR 05-04-18
Short Cut methods adopted by some SDEs in Karnataka Circle to avoid long stay transfers - To Dir HR 18-08-17
LDCE from Group C to JTO Elec conducted on 27-03-2016 and result declared - Sending the selected candidates for training reg 01-07-16
DE promotion to about 85 SDEs remaining in the seniority list No 5 - Dir HR 11-05-15
Illegal reversion of JTOs SDEs qualified in the Deptl Competitive exam for recruitment of JTOs under 15 perc quota reg -To Dir HR 13-0-14
Developments in Hoshiarpur SSA in Punjab Circle – request to take appropriate action reg - To DIR HR - 06-02-17
Change of Designation 24-06-11
Delay in processing the - Std pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy - To Dir HR 04-01-16
Considering the Rule 8 transfers in the cadre of JTOs in KTK Circle reg - Dir HR 17-05-18
Sympathetic consideration of the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTO Outsider - to DIR HR 21-07-14
Pay fixation on Local Officiating promotion and protection of pay on regular promotion - Dir HR 02-05-16
Pay anamoly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than senior after 2nd PRC fixation 27-08-12
Transfer of excess AGMs working in BSNLCO to the Circles - To Dir HR 19-03-15
DR of JTOs through GATE list visa vis Rule 8 transfers - Urgent need to circulate the 3rd merit list reg - Dir HR 07-12-17
Calling of long stay particulars from Circles in the cadre of SDE and DE for tenure transfer - Dir HR 20-05-16
Mandatory upgradation training under EPP shall be made optional - reg
Amendment of RRS 28 01 2015
complete parity in functional promotions and end discrimination
Regularization of about 1500 officiating JTOs reg - To DIR HR 16-08-13
Transfer to Kolkata TD in SDE cadre during middle of academic session to meet the shortages in clear violation of the transfer policy reg - To Dir HR 27-10-16
To transfer all court cases related to recent LDCE in various Tribunals to Principal Bench CAT ND 27-07-12
Extending TU benefits to AIGETOA against the provisions of Recognition Rules 2014 -strong protest reg - To Dir HR 31-01-2017
To expedite the results of TTA to JTO T - LICE held on 11-12-16 reg - To Dir HR 21-03-17
Pay parity of 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs at par with the 2005 batch JTOs joined after 01-01-2007 and the 2010 batch JAOs - To Dir HR 29-11-16
Grant of Seniority to Qualified people in 66 percent quota for vaccancies prior to 22-07-1996 - 25-01-12
Senior getting less pay than senior after 2nd PRC - Annexure
Relieving of Executives from tenure Circles especially from NE II Circle reg - To DIR HR 23-09-15
First TBP uniformly after 4 years instead of 4 to 6 as per EPP order dated 18-01-2007 reg - To DIR HR 03-04-17
Very casual and unconcerned approach of CGMT Kerala in handling JTO to SDE Court case - To Dir HR 04-06-15
Posting on DE Regular promotion reg- To DIR HR 20-08-14
Total ban on implementation of tenure transfer and other transfer orders reg - GS to Dir HR 29-06-16
Sympathetic consideration of Rule-8 cases - To Dir HR 05-02-16
Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 E3 reg - Dir HR 09-03-16
Posting of JAOs on completion of the training on 18-11-16 - To DR HR 18-11-16
Implementation of reservation policy while issuing Looking After Promotion - To DIR HR 11-07-16
Immediate action requested to declare the results of the LICE from TTA - Dir HR 31-05-16
Letter addressed to GS SNEA based on the letter written by some other Associations in which SNEA is not a party at all - To Dir HR 01-11-2016
Editorial of TESA FLASH published in the website on 27-08-2017 - Reply to SR section letter - Dir HR 13-09-17
Pay anamoly case of seniors promoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later - Dir HR 27-08-12
Inter Circle transfer and transfer to tenure circle from Inspection Circle reg - Dir HR 01-04-15
Early implementation of Hon SC judgments on 206 seniority and 147 seniority reg - Dir HR 01-05-18
Procedure for Membership verification among Executives Association reg - To Dir HR 03-10-2016
Extending FR22 benefit to JTO O -30-09-2014
Implementation of Executives Pay Scales of E1A - E2A in respect of JTO SDE Civ Elec Arch - Dir HR 12-04-16
Bihar UF on agitation aagainst mass rotational transfers in the cadre of DEs - To Dir HR 04-05-12
Bifurcation of AP Circle into AP and Telangana Circles reg - Retaining promoted Adhoc DGMd reg - To Dir HR 01-07-16
Pay fixation on officiating promotion - Withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued by BSNL - Dir HR 26-08-16
Implementation of Hon Kerala HC order on Pay fixation for Officiating JTOs reg 19-02-18
Important provisions to be incorporated in New Recognition Rules -- reminder Dir HR 19-08-14