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notice for TU actions_170417
JF letter to Secretary DOT 100417
Prolonged and irreversible growth momentum of BSNL being generated by Additional Secy DOT reg - To Secy DoT
Payment of Pension contribution for the Employees absorbed in BSNL on actual basic pay - DOT Secy 20-03-17
Enhancing the ceiling of DCRG from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs for the IDA pensioners in BSNL from 01-01-2016 reg - Secy DoT 06-03-17
Notice for Trade Union actions – Non-Approval of the BSNL proposal to replace non Std pay scale - Secretary DOT 28-02-2017
Expeditious actions to approve the BSNL proposal for replacing the intermediary pay scales - To AST DoT 31-01-17
Approval for the revised proposal of BSNL to replacing pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales reg - Secy DOT 06-01-17
Non Standerd basic pay scale in BSNL - Retrograde thinking in DoT to refer the issue to DPE reg 20-07-16
Unwarranted delay in responding to queries raised by DOE MOF reg Pension contribution by BSNL on actual basic - To Secy DOT 06-11-13
Spirit and basis of provisions of Rule 37 A stipulating complete parity with 1972 CCS Pension Rules being defeated 26-04-13 -DOT Secy
Request to implement 78-2 percentage IDA merger with basic reg - TO DOT Secretary 07-03-13
Request for the Strong intervention of Secy DOT reg 78-2 per IDA fitment reg
Proposed amendment to BSNLMS RR 2009 to facilitate ending decades old obsolete adhocism in STS promotion - Sec DOT 02-01-14
Posting of CGMs in BSNL - Blatant violation of Union Cabinet decision dated 13-02-13 - TO DOT Secy 01-04-13
Policy issues 22-02-11
NTP 2011 - Response of SNEA 01-11-11
GS To DOT reg ITS repartiriation 11-06-12
Extension of the benefit of IDA merger as on 01-01-2007 for the retired BSNL Employees - To Secy DOT 06-11-13
Deliberate prejudiced and uncalled for delay in granting approval to merger of 78
Continuing denial of extending merger of 78-2 pers IDA fixation to retired employees of BSNL on totally flimsy and untenable grounds -To Secy DOT 25-07-13
Arbitrary change in the eligibility criterion for selection of CMD - 031010