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In Time Bound Functional promotions or CPSU hierarchy, the promotions will be regulated from JTO/JAO -->SDE/AO--> SrSDE/SrAO -->DE/CAO -->DGM -->SG DGM, if it is implemented in true spirit. Nobody can jump the in-between grades and go to a higher grade like JTO -->Sr SDE/DE or SDE -->DE/DGM. In that also to meet the future requirement at top management level, fast track promotion with lesser years of service is required which involve very tough screening as thousands will be eligible in each grade and among them 25 to 50 are to be selected. The screening mechanisms and other criteria are to be worked out. Implementation of CPSU hierarchy is a big challenge which involves lot of discussions with vision, commitment and strategy. The screening in each grade will be very tough and there is a possibility of dropping of hundreds, which is to be addressed. It should be better than what we have today and it should not take away what we are having as on today. If it was so simple as propagating, it would have implemented long back, our comrades should understand. Mgt is almost agreeable promotions upto SDE/Sr SDE but not above that! Our sincere efforts are to see that some brainstorming discussions are happening from this month in the jt committee atleast in a weekly basis to evolve a mechanism as we are desiring. We will try our level best to conclude the discussions on standard E2, E3 pay scales by the next meeting on 09.07.2015.


Meeting with CMD/BSNL on 02.07.2015: GS, CHQ President, AGS and CS/CO met Sri Anupam Shrivastava and held discussions on the following issues:

a)        Poor transmission network performance of Eastern regions and urgent need to lay OF cables. BSNL spending crores of rupees every year to PGCIL, OIL etc for reliable connectivity. The performance of ETP and NETF in laying of OF cable for the last so many years is very poor or practically nil. CMD informed that management is aware of the seriousness of the issue, started taking actions.

b)        Proposed move to hand over the NOFN work to private operators and state Govts: Assn shared the concern with the CMD on the proposed move initiated by PMO. The committee recommendations are pro-private and will badly affect the interest of BSNL. Majority of the potential Circles are given to private players. CMD highly appreciated the letter written by SNEA(I) to Hon Prime Minister with all facts and figures and he opined that it will definitely bring positive results.

c)        Marketing of Free night call facility and Free roaming. There is a quantum jump in the waiting list. We have to convert them as connections. Franchisees are given target on mobile connections. Assn informed the initiative taken by the Forum.

d)        On MT recruitment, CMD told that Management urgently needed it for the future top management and suggested to discuss with others to clear their doubts and apprehensions. CMD added that Management will take care of the uninterrupted promotional avenues for the Executives. In the larger interest of the organization, Assn extended full support for the recruitment of MTs from among internal candidates and on Extl MTs, it once again reiterated the stand that there is no need for Extl MT as thousands of talented Executives are available in the company and by proper screening BSNL can select 300 instead of 150 MTs from them as Assn demanded earlier. BSNL Board meeting on 19.06.2015 reiterated its earlier decision to recruit MTs after discussion.


The MT examination will be postponed to August last week or middle of September as the last date for submission of application was extended to 07.07.2015. According to the MoU with the external agency conducting the examination, minimum 45 days time is to be given for the examination from the last date of application.

BSNL initiated the rect of MTs to fill up the vacuum at the top management level in the near future. This will definitely help our demand for ending deputation of ITS and BSNL should be led by its own managers. Non availability of internal candidates at DGM/GM/CGM level allowed the continuation of deputation. Any further delay will only help the continuation of deputation. In CPSU hierarchy also a very fast track mechanism like this involving very tough screening is to be evolved for meeting the requirement at top level. Preparations and classes are going on at all the places including BSNLCO. More than 10,000 internal candidates applied so far.


GS writes to DIR(EB) regarding frequent failure of links connecting Kolkata to other parts of BSNL and strategic NE Circles under ETR -- ETP and NETF Circles have miserably failed for years to lay OF cable in Eastern region in order to provide a reliable media connectivity. Comprehensive action plan to lay OF cable on war footing in Eastern region and its day to day monitoring of execution requested to ensure reliable media connectivity.

GS letter to DIR(EB) on breakdown of transmission network in Eastern RegionAnnexure I Annexure II & III


It is surprising to note that our friends are not reported or hiding some of the proposals of the Management in the meeting on 30.06.2015 in MT rect: SNEA(I) all along in both the meetings strongly demanded the filling up of all the SDE, DE and DGM equivalent posts as per the existing RRs till CPSU hierarchy is finalised. We are not ready to delay the promotions even one day.

When SNEA(I) also strongly opposed the rect of Extl MTs and demanded immediate actions to fill up the vacuum at top Mgt level, GM(Pers) representing Mgt made the following offers: 1) Mgt may defer or postpone the rect of MT(Extl) and only conduct the exam for MT(Intl), 2) Mgt will consider rect of DGMs for limited posts as a onetime measure by making internal candidates also eligible. If these two proposals are implemented as suggested by SNEA(I) long back and demanded by all other Assns earlier till CPSU cadre hierarchy implementation, the requirement of officers at senior level in the future would have met along with the aspirations of the Executives. It was a golden opportunity to stop Extl MT rect and hence SNEA(I) didn’t opposed the proposal. Why others not reported this proposal in their website?

SNEA(I) earlier demanded for rect to limited DGM posts as a onetime measure (by creating additional DGM posts) without affecting the promotional avenues in the existing DGM posts by allowing Intl candidates to appear in the examination.

Is our friends are not aware of the fact that once CPSU cadre hierarchy is implemented by amending EPP, then there is no relevance for SDE, AO, MT, BSNLMS RR upto DGM promotion and it will be automatically scrapped and nothing new in it?


GS writes to Member(T), DoT regarding relieving of Executives working in TERM Cell, Karnataka on long stay replacing them with the substitutes already posted by CGMT, KTK Circle

GS letter to Member(T), Telecom Commission, DoT



Night Free landline calling and Free mobile roaming – potential game changers not only to stimulate growth but to avert definite and catastrophic jeopardizing and sealing of ensuing pay revision. Are we serious and keen not to be left in the lurch and profusely bleed? Only way out is to put the company on a sustainable growth trajectory.

Wounds inflicted by denial of on the cards pay revision would be deep, incurable and shattering. Psychological trauma would be incredible. Let us understand this reality and escape from going into vegetative state.

Comrades, even though it is needless to reiterate, time and again, that doors of coming pay revision would be shut for us, if we don’t considerably bridge, if not completely wipe out the losses, by the time 3rd PRC knocks at our doors, and which is not quite far away, yet, we are compelled to reiterate this hard and inescapable reality, keeping in view and fully visualizing and understanding the psychological trauma and magnitude of agony that denial of pay revision will inflict on us. We will be completely shattered, left in the bewilderment and keep on bleeding. It is not a question of scaring anyone but just a matter of going in for a very serious and honest self introspection to reveal and understand the deadly consequences of doors of coming pay revision getting closed for us - fatal consequences.       

Yes, it is nearly impossible to wipe out completely the accumulated losses of about Rs 7000 crores in the intervening time but if we succeed in considerably and continuously bridging the losses, it gives us strategic leeway in terms of arguments to convince and impress upon pay revision committee that we are on an upward and sustainable growth trajectory and are gathering momentum with each day to completely overcome the accumulated losses in due course of time. This surely should not and will not fall on the deaf ears of the wage committee, administrative ministry and the Management. And if it falls on the deaf ears, we get all the justification, legitimacy and strength in the world to hit back with a big bang. Otherwise nothing – we even cannot make smallest dent on 3rd PRC.

New Chairman of the Company having taken radical, unprecedented and bold decisions, hitherto never even thought about and fraught with huge risks, of Night free landline and free roaming, has not yielded tangible results in terms of revenue generation. We have miserably failed to capitalize on the huge business potential that these twin decisions inherently have. More than 200 SSAs are yet to generate any revenue increase, underlying our complete failure. These radical business decisions have not been marketed at all and obviously have not percolated to users. And we should understand that these decisions have been taken with incredibly huge risks – a virtual business gamble- we can lose revenues in hundreds of crores if we fail to capitalize on them as quickly as possible. True, we have good number of lousy and non performing CGMs/SSA heads that have no concern, affinity whatsoever towards the Company but it is our responsibility to ruthlessly thrash and expose them to make them act and decide. Strategies for marketing, providing of new connections, improving and monitoring quality of services, reaching out to users, strengthening of network etc. have to be closely worked out at SSA levels and got executed. Simply pleading that CGM/GM is not performing has no meaning - it only implies our failure and lack of commitment to get the act done.

Hon PM and MOC are pragmatically and proactively getting focused on revival of BSNL and its public and media acknowledgment and presence is getting increasingly visible. This is something great. Top Management is going on in a big way in expansion, with Wi-Fi hot spots, NGN project, major expansion on GSM by 50% add-on order etc. Mobile add-on order will cover south, east and north zones. For western zone, separate tender is planned.

Management and owners of the Company getting committed to revival of Company, it is our duty and responsibility to piece our acts together and respond to these initiatives in a spontaneous, outstanding and exemplary manner – exhibiting rarest of rare determination, focus, commitment and involvement to reach our destination. Reaching destination means looking forward optimistically and confidently to getting eligible to 3rd PRC and thereby escaping from the gallows of getting strangulated, incurably wounded and psychologically traumatized and finally going into a vegetative state. 


Media News...
The Department of Telecommunications will soon move a Cabinet note to hive off state-run BSNLs towers into a separate company.

The new unit would have a valuation of Rs 8,000-10,000 crore. BSNL has about 71,000 towers across India. The company generated revenues of around Rs 200 crore from the tower business, which is expected to go up to Rs 2,000 crore once the new unit was set up.
 "BSNL will have 100 per cent stake in the tower unit, which will be maintained at arms length," a senior official said. Sources said it would take at least six months to work out the modalities of setting up a tower subsidiary. The BSNL board had approved the hiving off earlier.
 BSNL has leased out 4,500 towers to Reliance Jio and about 1,500 to Bharti Airtel. The company was also working on setting up 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots with an investment of Rs 6,000 crore over three years. 
It would invest Rs 2,000 crore to modernise telephone exchanges and deliver modern services through landline phones. The project will be completed in two years. We will use landline phones to boost our broadband services as well, BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava said.

BSNL is also targeting profitability in two-three years on the back of data services, including 4G and Wi-Fi.
BSNL has been in the red for some time and the government was keen on a revival.