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AGM transfer order reg .... View Order copy.


List of Left Out JTOs for getting fixation under FR22 (1) a (1) - CSs are requested to verify the list and  corrections if any may be intimated to CHQ.


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3rd PRC implementation

STRIKE ON 27.07.2017


All India PSU and Central Govt Officers Confederation (AIPCOC) national Convention at Chennai on 05.08.2017: It is an important event in view of the serious developments with regard to pay revision for CPSU and Central Govt employees and the Govts move on disinvestment, merger, sales etc. All CSs should attend the convention. In case of any difficulty, other office bearers may be deputed. Accommodation will be arranged. Make the reservations urgently.


Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations met Shri Amit Yadav, Jt Sec(A), DoT and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007:

Jt Sec(A) informed that the file is submitted to Secretary, DoT. As per the direction of Secretary, the matter will be further processed. Secretary, DoT given us a formal meeting next week, most probably on Monday or Tuesday to discuss this matter and the recent order on pay fixation under EPP.

b) 3rd PRC: Jt Sec(A) informed that yesterday Union Cabinet approved the 3rd PRC recommendations. Details are yet to be known. BSNL has to try for exemption of affordability clause with proper justification and it has to be approved as a special case. Then only BSNL will become eligible for pay revision, Jt Sec informed.

Yesterdays Cabinet decision established our belief that 3rd PRC will be implemented in BSNL only after a prolonged struggle. This was our past experience also. Our decision to start the agitation well in advance was the right decision and we have to gear up for the Strike on 27.07.2017 with all the strength. We all have to be united. Those who confused the Executives by propagating that Secretary is positive, Minister is positive and there is no need for agitation etc simply be fooled the Executives and other employees. In fact the draft cabinet note is still with Hon MoSC office without taking any decision.


Various developments on promotion.

Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations discussed with PGM (Pers) and Jt GM(P) regarding various promotions for the last two days and worked out possible options to complete the promotions already initiated as early as possible and switch over to CPSU Hierarchy immediately thereafter.

The reporting done by some Assn quoting PGM(Pers) that CMD approved the file related to promotions is not at all correct. That news is misleading. The proposal is still with CMD. CMD and DIR(HR) are on foreign tour and will be back only next week.

JTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam: The direction to file MA reached KRL Circle last week. However BSNL lawyer informed BSNL yesterday that the judgment may be delivered within a fortnight and wait till the month end. 

JTO to SDE promotion: Almost all the preparatory works are over except the pending VCs. Remaining VCs to be expedited. Once judgment is delivered and policy decisions are announced by BSNL, promotion orders can be issued in the month of August.

SDE to DE promotion: The SC/ST roster is prepared for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 vacancy years and sent for approval of CLO. About 1250 vacancies reported. VCs will be called for in a couple of days. Large number of missing ACRs and untraceable cases (maximum in list 6) are there which are repeatedly uploaded in the intranet and our website. All CSs are requested to take special care to send the missing ACRs to the CR cell of BSNLCO. The missing ACR list published is as per the records of CR cell of BSNLCO. Simultaneously the screening committee report also to be send by Circles as reported few days back.


View Corporate office orders:

Transfer and posting in DGM cadre.

SDE tenure transfer order.


VC status for JTO(T) to SDE (T) promotion: All CS assured that the VC will reach by 30th June 2017. The status of VCs received as on 19th July, 2017 is 



All the CSs are requested to pursue with respective Circle Administration for immediate dispatch of VC to BSNLCO. 


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View Corporate Office Orders:
Revision of Bandwidth for Broadband service connections to the JAG and above level officers-reg.
AGM transfer order.
SDE tenure transfer order - I.   Order - II.
Revised Seniority list of AE Civil - Order      View List
Closure of requests for refusal of promotion in DGMs Grade against Order on 03-05-17 - Deemed Refusal there of.
Refusal of promotion in the grade of DGM on Adhoc basis-reg.


SDE to AGM(T) DPC: DPC section of BSNLCO,asks for updating the information of the persons in seniority list no. 5,6 & 7.

The details like  pending HR no. DOB etc are to updated in Annexure A.

The details of pending Screening report are to be updated in Annexure B.

CSs are requested to go through the Annexure A & B and  take immediate steps with  updating in respective CGMT offices and sending it to DPC section of BSNLCO.

Letter from DPC section of BSNLCO regarding SDE to AGM(T) DPCAnnexure A regarding missing details of individuals in seniority list no 6 & 7 Annexure B regarding non receipt of screening report in seniority list no 5 & 6


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BSNL Sports and Cultural Board meeting was held on 14.07.2017 at BSNL CO,New Delhi. In absence of CMD BSNL, Director (HR) presided over the meeting. Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya , represented SNEA in this meeting. Decisions of the meeting are as under:- 
1) Recruitments under sports quota (ratio of men and women 60: 40) will be put on fast track. 
2) Recruitment will be done for National meets. Promotion and increment pending will be processed on fast track. 
3) All India event total 8. 
4) In AIBSNL tournament, rates of breakfast and lunch revised to 75 and Rs.125. 
5) Kit money enhanced to AIBSNL meet Rs.3,000/- and for PSU Rs.4,000/. 
6) Honorarium for circle treasurer increased to Rs.4,000/-. 
7) Corporate sports fund increased to 2.5 Crs. Refreshment allowance increased to Rs.300/-.


Streamlining the work by HR integration and processing of promotions / up gradations in the case of executives of all cadres of BSNL...View Corporate Office Instructions.


View Corporate Office orders:
Transfer and Posting in the grade of Accounts Officer and Sr AOs.
SDE transfer order.
SDE tenure transfer order.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding conduction of BSNL Sports & Cultural Board meeting on 14.07.2017 with ineligible persons. GS/AIBSNLEA attended the 11th meeting held on 14.07.2017 which is illegal as AIBSNLEA is not a Recognised Association in BSNL. All such illegal nominations are to be reviewed immediately and withdrawn, Assn demanded.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL


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JTO to SDE promotion under Seniority & LDCE quota: VC from remaining Circles shall be send urgently. As and when Hon EKM HC gives permission for promotions, the stalemate in DPC promotions will be over and BSNL will be in a position to issue promotion orders under DPC quota. LDCE promotions shall also be issued with administrative approval from management on reservation issue.

Joint Forum is equally focused on promotions to the subsequent batches also and pursuing it. CPSU Hierarchy proposal is in its final stage and can be implemented in a couple of months which will ensure promotions to the JTOs of remaining batches immediately. In the meanwhile, we are pressurizing the mgt to call the gradation particulars of all the eligible JTOs who have completed the residency period for preparing the AIEL for the remaining vacancies.

SDE(T) to DE(T) promotion: Urgently send the screening committee report and missing ACRs. The missing ACR list is repeatedly uploaded in the website with huge number of non traceable cases. Unfortunately most of the Circles are not responded whether those SDEs are still working or retired or taken VRS or expired etc.

The screening committee report status is as follows:

Screening committee report not recd for list 6: OR Circle.

Screening committee report not recd for both lists 6 & 7: HP, NCNGN, NE-I, NTP, NTR, RAJ, UKD and WB Circles.

Screening committee report not recd for list 7: AP, J&K, KTK, PB and QA Circles.

First TBP: The data sought by BSNLCO received from very few Circles like BR, GUJ etc. Other Circles to expedite.


Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations vigorously pursued the HR issues with CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR), PS to MoSC, PGM(Pers), PGM(Estt) and GM(FP) during last one week. The following positive developments also happened in various issues. In addition to the CHQ leaders of JF, Com Laxman, President/AIGETOA was also available at HQ during this week.

a) Implementation of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007:

BSNL proposal is not seriously processed by DoT so far. The matter is still at Director/Jt Secretary level. So JF leaders met PS to MoSC for expediting the approval. After discussion, PS assured that the matter will be discussed with Hon Minister and an opinion will be made. Thereafter necessary actions will be taken. We sincerely hope that DoT will review its decision and approve the BSNL proposal for E2 and E3 scales before 06th August as JF agitations on pay scales are postponed till 06.08.2017. 

b) Promotions in different cadres:

i) JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion in both quotas: The gradation particulars of the JTOs upto 2005 rect year called by BSNLCO from the Circles. This is due to huge retirement of senior JTOs and large number of JTOs in the AIEL passed the LDCE for SDE(T) promotion. BSNLCO directed Kerala Circle to file an urgent MA for allowing BSNL to go ahead with DPC and promotions subject to the outcome of the court cases. Pers section of BSNLCO called the applicants of the case at Ernakulam for discussion during the month of May, on the initiative of JF. Mgt assured them that there are sufficient vacancies to promote all the eligible JTOs and to facilitate the DPC and promotion. Seniority fixation will be decided as per court decision. They responded very positively. Once court grants permission in the MA for conduction of DPC and issuing promotion orders, we will be able to go ahead with promotion orders immediately. JF is in touch with the applicants and have clarified the stand and the strong initiatives from management side in this regard.

Meanwhile an administrative decision shall be taken by the management to go ahead with promotions in light of the court judgments on reservation, Govt guidelines and the SLP filed in the Hon SC. This will be filed as an affidavit in the Hon Chandigarh HC before effecting promotions in all the cadres where judgment on reservation is involved. This will pave the way to promotions through LDCE/DPC which have been held up for so long.

ii) JAO to AO promotion: The proposal for administrative approval for conducting the DPC is processed, vacancy yearwise. More than 650 vacancies are there as on date. After the approval, ACRs will be collected and VC will be called.

iii) SDE to DE promotion: The roster preparation for 2014-15 and 2015-16 (as on 31.03.2016) almost completed. It will be sent to SCT Cell for approval. Simultaneously action will be initiated to call the VCs. Large number of missing ACR cases are there which is uploaded in the intranet and in our website. All CSs and SSA secretaries to pursue urgently and send the ACRs. The assessment report and soft copy also required urgently.

iv) AO to CAO promotion: Action is initiated for administrative approval. After that ACRs will be collected from CR section and VCs will be called.

v) SDE( C) to EE( C) promotion: Once BSNL mgt taken a decision on reservation issue based on the judgment and Govt orders, this promotion can be issued. DPC is already conducted. Only fresh VC required.

c) 30% Superannuation Benefits: After lot of persuasion, management moved a proposal for increasing the contribution by 2%. However, JF and the Unions & Associations are trying its level best to increase the contribution as per our demand. Earlier management proposed the increase in stages, starting with 1%. File is in EF section, discussion completed and expected the clearance by Monday. It is expected to be cleared by the MC of the BSNL Board in a month time.

d) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation: The draft proposal is examined by Legal Cell and returned to Pers Cell with their opinion. During discussions with management, it was decided to switch over to CPSU Hierarchy on completion of the ongoing DPCs which are in advanced stages. A presentation on CPSU Hierarchy will be given to the CMD in the last week of July. We demanded CPSU Hierarchy implementation w.e.f 01.01.2017, protecting all the ongoing promotions. We are trying to get it approved in the next Board meeting in Sept/October. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation will ensure that all the Executives are promoted to the next grade, upto AGM grade, in a time bound manner independent of the number of vacancies. 

e) Approval of HR plan: After lot of discussions, on 12.07.2017, Restg cell made a presentation of the draft HR plan to the MC of BSNL board. Since all the HR issues are pending in the Board due to non finalization of HR plan, we are strongly pursuing it so that HR plan also will be approved in the next Board meeting. E1+5 increments, SDE RR, CAO post diversion, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation, increase in Superannuation fund, E1A/E2A notionally from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/TF/PA/PS etc, 1st TBP etc will be approved by Board only after finalization of HR plan.

On approval of HR plan, posts in all the cadres will be drastically reduced due to large scale closure of landlines. So along with approval of HR plan, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy also to implemented, otherwise all the functional promotions will be stopped.