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Com Y. B. Thippesh, Ex GS/AIGETOA, Com Santhosh Gowda, Ex AGS/AIGETOA and Ex CS/AIGETOA, Punjab Circle, Com R. C. Vasanth Kumar, Ex CS/AIGETOA, KTK Circle, Com Rajkumar  and all the followers joined SNEA at Banglore on 22.10.2014 in presence of our CHQ President Com G. L. Jogi, veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, CS Com S B Nagavi and others. CHQ once again welcome them into this mighty organization


Appointment to the post of CMD/BSNL and DIR(Fin)/BSNL: For the post of CMD/BSNL, the name of Sri Anupam Shrivastava, DIR(CM)/BSNL has gone to the ACC with the due recommendation of Hon MOC&IT.

For DIR(Fin)/BSNL post, interview will be held within one or two weeks among the applicants who applied for the post last time when applications were called for.


Meeting with Sri V. Umashankar, Jt Sec(T), DoT: GS Com K Sebastin met Sri V. Umashankar, JS(T) on 22.10.2014 and held discussions on the following subject:


a)         Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc: Since DPE rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A, Assn requested to implement the standard pay scales of E2 and E3. Those young JTO/JAOs joined after 01.01.2007 facing huge difference in pay comparing to their seniors and this demoralizes them at the beginning of their career. Further at the time of their recruitment, they were offered E1A pay scale which is likely to be revived upwards, but once they joined in BSNL, they were demoted to E1 scale. For the revival of BSNL, motivation of this young comrades are very much required. JS(T) concurred with our views and opined that they should not be de-motivated at all and everything possible to motivate the young recruits should be considered.

b)        Status of merger of BSNL and MTNL: JS(T) informed that the issue is under the active consideration of the Govt and discussion is going on at different levels. Assn pointed out that contentious issues like market liability of MTNL, disinvestment of MTNL and HR issues are to be addressed first before taking any final decision. JS(T) informed that now the market liability of MTNL has come down to Rs 10,000 Crores after the recent financial assistance and it has to be addressed by Govt along with other issues.

c)         Pension revision w.e.f 01.01.2017: GS told JS(T) that DPE is finalizing the terms of reference of 3rd PRC and the pension revision of BSNL absorbed employees also to be made part of the terms of reference as decided by the union cabinet. JS(T) directed DIR(PSU-I) to verify the cabinet decision and immediately take up with DPE for inclusion of pension revision also an item on the terms of reference.

d)        Support to BSNL in lieu of VRS: The proposal of financial assistance to BSNL in lieu of VRS (50% of the salary of the targeted employees of about 70,000) for the next 10 years in a diminishing way is under the active consideration of Hon Union Finance Minister. Dept of Expenditure agreed with the proposal but Dept of Economic Affairs having reservations on the proposal. Hon Fin Minister has to take the Final decision.


Meeting with GM(FP): GS and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya met GM(FP) on 22.10.2014 and held discussions on:


a)         JAO to AO promotion: Management is trying to find some way out to complete the DPC and issue promotion orders. The court order and the SC/ST reservation issues complicating the whole matters. Assn pleaded for considering all the vacancies so that maximum Assn requested to issue the promotion orders keeping the interest of the SC/ST comrades also.

b)        CAO(Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) promotion: The DPC for around 400 vacancies completed. The minutes of the DPC will be signed most probably today. The promotion orders will be issued at the earliest after getting the approval of the DPC minutes and promotion orders from the competent authority. The promotion order will be for around 350 nos as VC for the remaining cases not yet received. Assn assured to arrange the remaining VCs at the earliest.

c)    DGM(Regular) promotion: We extended our sincere gratitude for completing the DPC and issuing the DGM(Regular) promotion orders.

d)        Committee meeting on extending 30% fitment to 2010 JAOs: Few meetings held but didn’t come to any conclusion on the issue. Finance wing is very positive on the issue. Assn strongly pleaded for the settlement of the issue positively by extending 30% fitment to the JAOs of 2010 batch also.

e)    Extension of 5 increments for JAOs: The positive proposal is approved by BSNL Management committee along other cadres and under the consideration of BSNL Board.


BSNL introduces  Annual advance rental data plans under Postpaid mobile services with 3.6 Mbps data card offer from 01-11-2014 - View instructions.


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BSNL again Proves its Stand for Social Responsibility by Offering Free Talktime for HudHud Cyclone Victims.


Preparatory exercise for promotion to SDE(T) cadre under seniority quota for vacancies 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 onwards - Furnishing ACRs and assessment report -  View Reminder letter.
APAR grading for two years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 i.r.o of JTOs of 1998 recruitment year onwards (1998,1999,2000 to 2005) are required in place of all the JTOs as asked for earlier by Cor. office letter dated 17.09.2014. Assn wrtten to BSNL on 15.10.2014 for calling the ACRs of 1998 onwards. Screening committee to be sent positively by 31-10-2014.


Modifications in the DE Regular Promotion Posting Order Issued.
Modification order (1).
Modification order (2).
Modification order (3).


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SDE Inter circle own cost transfer order - 1.

SDE Inter circle own cost transfer order - 2.
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Regularisation of Deputy General Manager Ad-hoc services in Telecom Finance - View Promotion order to the grade of DGM Finance on regular basis.