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Leaders of Officers’ (Engineers and other professionals) Associations serving four vital sectors of the economy {Banking (AIBOC), Telecom (SNEA / MEA), Power (AIPEF) and Public Enterprises (NCOA) } met at YMCA New Delhi on 16TH & 17TH August 2014, to discuss the present state of Indian Economy and challenges being faced by the Public Sector organizations and common masses in the context of certain policy decisions taken by successive governments adversely impacting growth of critical and strategic PSUs. 

View the issues emerged from the deliberations and Resolutions.


GS Writes to GM Personnel regarding:
1. Corrections in the DE Regular promotion - Letter 1
2. Corrections in the DE Regular promotion - Letter 2


Attn of our CSs, SSA Ses and office bearers: The VC for JTO to SDE promotions to be expedited. Eventhough fresh VC called by BSNLCO on 24.07.2014, some small circles only send so far. All VCs should reach BSNLCO latest by 29.08.2014. Otherwise our DPC will be delayed evenif we are getting relief from the court cases tomorrow. All CSs may treat it as very urgent.


DE Regular promotion – VC pending cases: It may be ensured that the remaining VCs are send by Circles to CVO office for two dates – as on 06.08.2014 and current date (as DPC started on 06.08.2014). The pending list mailed to respective VOs by CVO office on 20.08.2014.


Lunch hour demonstration held at BSNLCO on 21.08.2014 by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations against the recommendations of Consultant Deloitte. The demonstration arranged in connection with the HOCC meeting held at BSNLCO. Forum Convenor Com V A N Namboodiri, GS Com K Sebastin, GS/NFTE Com Chanteswar Singh and other leaders addressed the gathering and warned the management, the serious repurcations on implementing the recommendations.    


Click here to view the DE Regular Promotion order in Excel format.


Congratulations to one and all !!! DE Regular promotion orders issued for 2303 SDE/Adhoc DEs: This promotion will be another historic milestone in the history of BSNL/DoT.

Singular efforts of SNEA(I) in 2013-14 increased the DE regular quota from 50% to 75% and increased the posts by 1378, ending Adhocism.

By this DPC, clearing a record no of 2771 vacancies for 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 in a single list, DE regular promotion becomes current.

Practically SNEA(I) worked in tandem with the DPC team and BSNL Management for the last several months to achieve this goal. 

Last Seniority No: OC- 19270, SC—23400, ST-30818.308.

The DPC conducted for 2771 vacancies, 2303 promoted in this list. Remaining 468 cases are a) un-assessed cases due to non availability of ACRs or b) VC not received cases or c) other sealed cover cases. 132 SDEs are still left out in list no 5.


Around 1000 SDEs are promoted as DEs and those vacancies can be utilized for JTO to SDE promotion.

SNEA(I) is extremely grateful to Sri A. N. Rai, CMD/DIR(HR), BSNL for filling all the DE vacancies on regular basis. Further, we are also thankful to Sri Neeraj Verma, Chairman/DPC, Sri S S Aggarwal/GM(Pers), Sri Ram Shakal, CLO, Sri P S V Rama Rao, AGM/DPC, Sri G. D. Mishra, AGM/VA, Smt Elizabeth, DM/DPC, Smt Ponnammal, DM/DPC, Sri Vijoy Choudhary, DM/VA and Smt Kanakalakshmi, DM/DPC for making the dream come true.

There are no words to express our gratitude to Sri Deepak Aggarwal, Addl GM(Pers) who took all the pains to complete the DPC for 2771 vacancies in a record time.

Our CSs, SSA Secs, CHQ Office bearers and activists at different levels took all the pains and worked with all sincerity to arrange ACRs and VCs in time.

Our team of both AGSs at CHQ, especially Com Vivek Wankhede were fully involved in this DPC work, round the clock, for the last few months in collecting ACRs and VCs from different Circles.

Once again congratulations to all the promoted comrades and wish them all the best.

List 1

List 2
List 3
List 4
List 5
List 6
List 7
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DE Regular promotion order for  2771  vacancies  ( 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014) will be issued today.


Important provisions are to be necessarily incorporated in the New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06.01.2014 before the commencement of membership verification to meet the basic objectives of verification  - reminder reg.....GS writes to Dir HR.... View Copy of the letter.


View Cor. Office orders: