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AGM Pers BSNL CO issued orders of SDEs to different Zonal Circles as per applications called and scrutinized by ALTTC Circle before few months. Copy <<<>>

The interviews and selection of these Executives was done long back by calling options but orders were not issued. SNEA CHQ has discussed this issue in our different meetings with Director HR including the last meeting held on 27/09/2022 and he has firmly assured for issuing orders this time.

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks and gratitude to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji Director HR BSNL Board, Shri. S. N. Gupta, GM Pers BSNL CO and other officers in Pers Section, ALTTC for considering the options and requests and finally issuing transfer orders.  


AGM Elect BSNL CO issued Own Cost Request transfer order of SDE Elect from Punjab Circle to HP Circle.   Copy <<<>>


AAGM Elect BSNL CO circulated Seniority list of AGM/EE Elect as on 01.02.2020 inviting errors/ omissions/ discrepancies, if any, by 22.08.2022. Copy <<<>>

This purified data and updated list will be used for issuing AGM/EE to SE/DGM promotions in coming days to fill vacant post of SE/DGM Electrical all over India. 


GM ALTTC Ghaziabad writes to all Circle Heads for nominations for nomination of DGM and above level Officers for e-Seminar on "Humanity 2.0" i.e. Humanity in the era of Modern AI from 07/12/2022 To 08/12/2022. Copy <<<>>


Supporting hand by SNEA KTK Circle: It is unfortunate that Smt. Krishnaveni, SDE STR Bidar and 2008 Batch JTO and Com. Vikas Kumar JTO Malda WB Circle recently passed away at the very young age of 40 and 39 respectively.  Smt. Krishnaveni, SDE was working at STR Bidar in Karnataka Circle and Com. Vikas Kumar served as JE in Karnataka Circle before his rule 8 request was given consideration in 2018. As the earning source of the family is no more in this world, their family members are in deep trouble.

Sensing the hardship faced by the family members, Shri.  Ardnani Srivastav, DS SNEA Bidar and Shri. Prabhakar ACS SNEA KTK Circle along with Shri. Somnath Jagdale CS SNEA KTK took initiatives and collected financial help for family members of late Smt. Krishnaveni, SDE STR Bidar. In a single day an amount of Rs. 150660.00 is collected which will be utilised for education of kids and SNEA Karnataka will make an arrangement.

In similar efforts by Smt. Kokila and Smt. Degala Navyashree, SDEs Mobile Service CO Bangalore and active SNEA members helped Shri. Jagdale CS KTK in raising the donation for the family of Late Vikas JTO West Bengal, who worked as JE In Karnataka in Shirahatti SDCA of Hubli SSA. Karnataka could collect around 1, 50,000.00 which will paid to family of late Vikas JTO WB through SNEA Cheque through CS WB.

SNEA KTK Circle under able leadership of Com Somanath Jagdale CS SNEA KTK and Shri. Tata Babu, Treasurer SNEA CHQ have set an example for standing behind family members for immediate relief. SNEA CHQ appreciates the efforts of SNEA Karnataka Circle and appeals to all comrades to come forward and extend financial support to the family members to get rid of the hardship faced by them after losing only earning hand in family. 


Petition against halving of BSNL Towers to BTCL is Disposed of: The Court case filed by SNEA and other associations i.e. AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA in High Court Delhi on halving of BSNL towers to BTCL was heard on 14/09/2022. This Petition was filed in 2018 against the halving of BSNL towers to the newly formed BSNL Tower Company. Thereafter much changes happened and BSNL has submitted to the court that in revised scenario there is no proposal for halving of BSNL towers to BTCL. Accordingly, the case is disposed of with liberty to BSNL before approaching this court if any action is taken by BSNL in days to come. Copy <<<>>>

One day before hearing of the case, GS SNEA, GS AIGETOA and GS AIBSNLEA discussed the issues with Shri. V. Ramesh, Director EB/CM BSNL Board to get updated information on this issue. He made it clear that as of today there is no proposal for halving the BSNL towers to BTCL. We have elaborate discussions on this issue and thereafter confirmation was given to Advocate by GS of all three associations in Conference call. Accordingly, our advocate requested the Hon Court to keep the right of Petitioner’s by granting liberty to petitioners to initiate proceedings in circumstances so warrants in future and Hon Court has accepted it and petition is disposed of.  


BSNL Own the long legal battle on Infra Charges: BSNL own the long Legal battle against Private Operator in the appeal filed by BSNL in Supreme Court of India against decision by TDSAT Delhi. The case involves infra charges for the period from Apr 2013 to Mar 2015 which may be to the tune of more than Rupees 100 Crore including interest till today as per the Agreement. Copy <<<>>>

Since the inception of the case before TDSAT till the final judgment in Supreme Court, the Case was being actively handled by Shri Bajrang Soni, then AM NWO-CFA BSNL CO with the help and advice of Shri Dev Prakash Jhang, DM NWO-CFA BSNL CO. Though Shri Bajrang Soni took VRS under 2019 Scheme, he was in continuous touch with the Advocates for consultation/ feedback.

It is matter of pride that Shri Bajrang Soni, AM BSNL CO was Circle Treasurer, SNEA BSNL CO and he is instrumental in pursuing the issue at TDSAT and Hon. SC. This judgement will benefit BSNL by around 100 crores.

SNEA CHQ appreciates the devoted efforts by all the officers in BSNL CO and especially congratulates Shri Bajrang Soni, AM BSNL CO and Shri Dev Prakash Jhang, DM BSNL CO who have successfully pursued this court case with all odds and saved interest of BSNL. 


Court Case at CAT Jabalpur: As scheduled the hearing in Court Case at CAT Jabalpur on SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions took place today i.e. 26/09/2022 and after hearing all sides the case is adjourned for today and posted immediately after a day i.e. on Wednesday, 28/09/2022. 


SAD NEWS: With deep sorrow, it is to inform that Smt. Krishnaveni SDE STR Bidar passed away at age of 40 years. She suffered from low BP and was immediately shifted to hospital, but her life could not be saved as she had severe heart attack and passed away in the hospital. She is survived with husband and two small kids son age 10 years and daughter five years.

Unfortunately she has also not opted for GTI and entire family was fully dependent on Smt. Krishnaveni SDE. As such, the future of her kids and family is in deep dark. Smt. Krishnaveni, was 2008 batch JTO joined BSNL in 2010 and was recently promoted as SDE.

SNEA conveys deepest condolences to aggrieved family and prays to the Almighty to give courage and sufficient strength to aggrieved family members to tide over this period of crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. May departed soul of Smt. Krishnaveni Rest in Heaven with the Nobel Peace.

Shri. Ardnani Srivastav, DS SNEA Bidar and Shri. Prabhakar, ACS SNEA KTK Circle along with Shri. Jagdale CS KTK took initiatives and    collected financial help to her kids. In a single day an amount of Rs. 150660.00 is collected which will be utilized for kids education like that SNEA Karnataka will make an arrangements.

SNEA appeals to all Executives/Non-Executives in BSNL in general and SNEA members in particular to come forward and stand with family members of Late Com. Smt. Krishnaveni, by extending financial support liberally. The amount may be deposited/ transferred to State Bank of India Account No. 32025272651 Com Ardnani Shrivastava IFSC: SBIN0011265, Honnali, Karnataka State or Phone Pay or google pay on 9449025129  


AGM BW-HR BSNL CO issued orders for retention of two SDEs in Civil wing up to 31/03/2023 on grounds of Ward Studying in 12th Standard.   Copy <<<>>

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks and gratitude to Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar ji, Director HR BSNL Board, Shri. P. Dayal, CGM BW and other officers in BW Section for considering request of individuals with keen persuasion by SNEA CHQ to follow the uniform policies as applied in Telecom wing to Civil wing and this is first such order of retention of Executive on grounds of ward studying 12th Standard. 


AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular regarding providing temporary Bharat Fibre Broadband connection in all circles with minimum Plan FMC (Fixed Monthly Charges) for temporary connection is Rs. 799.  Copy <<<>>


AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular regarding Bundled Wi-Fi ONT with FTTH connections in selected PAN India Bharat Fibre Broadband plans under committed payment options in all circles.  Copy <<<>>


DGM NWO CFA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for Renewal of agreement with M/s IOCL for cashless purchase of fuel through smart card for next three years i.e. up to 31/05/2025.  Copy <<<>>


SAD News: With deep sorrow, it is to inform that Shri Girish Mohan Shrivastava, DGM Inspection Ahmedabad Gujrat, passed away on 22/09/2022 at Ahmedabad. He was just 54 years and passed away due to a heart attack. On health complaints, he was rushed to nearby hospital, but he passed away on the way to Hospital.

Shri.  Shrivastava was just at age of 54 years and he was one of devoted officers of DoT/BSNL recruited JTO in Year 1989. recently transferred from MP Circle to Ahmedabad under Inspection Circle at Ahmedabad.  He was Very Dynamic officer and former SSA Head of Damoh SSA in MP Circle. He was an active SNEA member and worked in various association capacities in MP Circle. His untimely departure caused a big loss to BSNL and SNEA has lost a very active comrade.

SNEA conveys deepest condolences to aggrieved family and prays to the Almighty to give courage and sufficient strength to aggrieved family members to tide over this period of crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. May departed soul of Com. Shrivastava Rest in Heaven with the Nobel peace. 


SAD News: With deep sorrow, it is to inform that Shri. Vikash Kumar, JTO Malda, WB Circle passed away on 20/09/2022 at Apollo Hospital, Chennai where he was undergoing treatment for critical illness after he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was operated one month back at Apollo Chennai and was recovering. But on 20/09/2022, suddenly his condition become worst and he was admitted in ICU, but doctors could not save the life of this young Comrade.

Shri.  Vikash Kumar, joined BSNL as JE in 2008 at Karnataka Circle and on JTO promotions, he was transferred to Malda SSA under West Bengal Circle in 2018 asper his request.

Com. Vikas Kumar was only 37 years old and survived with Two small kids of age 7 years and 5 years and homemaker wife and old aged parents of age 90 and 80 years old.

SNEA conveys deepest condolences to aggrieved family and prays to the Almighty to give courage and sufficient strength to aggrieved family members to tide over this period of crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. May departed soul of Com. Vikas Kumar Rest in Heaven with the Nobel Peace.

Unfortunately, Com. Vikas Kumar has not was not opted for GTI. His family members are in very pathetic condition after meeting lakhs of rupees expenditure for Hospital treatment. The left-out family members of Com. Vikas Kumar is facing financial hardship.

SNEA appeals to all Executives/Non-Executives in BSNL in general and SNEA members in particular to come forward and stand with family members of Late Com. Vikas Kumar, by extending financial support liberally. The amount may be deposited/transferred to State Bank of India Account No. 30676386672 Name VIKASH KUMAR, IFSC: SBIN0003103, Dharwad, Karnataka State or on UPI ID of Vikash Kumar: 9480193618@paytm  


GM NWP BB BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding On-boarding of Bharatnet FTTH Channel partner for Lease Circuits Provisioning/Maintenance under Revenue share basis in rural areas. Copy <<<>>


GM NWP BB BSNL CO issued clarification to all Circle Heads regarding Infrastructure Charges applicable for second/ additional OLT installation in BSNL premises by BSNL Channel Partners on revenue share basis under Business Model IV.  Copy <<<>>


Conciliation Proceedings by DyCLC (Central) New Delhi: {Report by Shri. Vimal R., AGS SNEA CHQ}: As per the notification issued by DyCLC, delegation of SNEA led by Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President, SNEA CHQ consisting of Shri. Pavitra Singh, AGS HQ SNEA, Shri. Vimal Raghunath, AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri.  Abhishek Kanduri, OS SNEA NTR, Shri. Vineeth EM SNEA NTR Shri. Deepak EM SNEA NTR and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ attended the Conciliation Meeting held on 28/08/2022, under chairmanship of Shri. Dr. R.C. Meena, Dy CLC New Delhi.  

From the management side this conciliation meeting was attended by Shri. Manish Kumar Vimal, Director SR DOT, Smt. Sunita Arora, DGM SR BSNL CO and Shri. Pradeep Gupta AGM SR BSNL CO.

Before starting actual proceedings of the reconciliation meeting, Shri. Dr. R.G. Meena Dy CLC Delhi mentioned that after this revival package BSNL team should work hard for bringing back BSNL to its zenith where it should have been. He specifically narrated that with such support from Government of India, BSNL and its workforce has got good opportunity to improve the performance of BSNL and it should be visible to the customers. He specifically mentioned that this may be the last opportunity for BSNL and all should wholeheartedly work and contribute to the growth of BSNL by providing the best services to customers.  He also mentioned that BSNL sim and recharge facility should also be available in Delhi area also as there are large number of people coming from all parts of India to Delhi and almost all of them must change their sim on arriving in Delhi and sim taken in Delhi were not working in other remote parts of the country. He asked Director SR DOT to issue a note to BSNL Management to have CSC of BSNL in Delhi so that willing customers can use BSNL services and Director DoT to assured to send it within day or two.

Shri. Dr. R. G. Meena, Dy CLC also mentioned that the payment of contract labor should be promptly paid by BSNL and only by that BSNL can extract good output for the revival of the company. He added that one should not expect work without paying wages for months together. Dy CLC also insisted that BSNL should start assessing and ranking best performing circles and BA/SSA and motivate the performing Officers and officials and this will also help in improving the attitude and performance of the company. DyCLC elaborated on his work and experience with BSNL and especially mentioned that BSNL should continue its services with better quality for fair competition in the Telecom sector.

Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ appreciated the role played by the good office of Dy CLC during the time of their JTO promotion there by providing them with justice by means of his valuable support.  He also mentioned that with the package and offered with valuable support from Govt of India BSNL is hoping for positive outcome for the same it needs to motivate its employees both in the terms of timely promotion and better pay and he pleaded the support of the good office of Dy CLC on the same.

After preliminary and introductory discussions, the Conciliation Proceedings were held for a total of three cases i.e. two as per notice issued by AUAB in past and one as per notice separately issued by SNEA for historical 66 days Dharana at BSNL Corporate Office.

In two of those cases of AUAB, we informed that the other constituent Associations and Unions of AUAB are busy with their prescheduled meetings viz. AIC of NFTE BSNL and CEC Meetings and requested for giving next date for hearing.  DyCLC read out all the demands raised by AUAB and got updated information on each demand raised by AUAB and its relevance in changed scenario and developments since then. DyCLC directed BSNL representatives and SNEA leaders to see that the representatives of all constituent Associations and Unions are present in the next Conciliation meeting. Accordingly, a new date has been given in both cases and the next Conciliation Meeting on notices of AUAB is now scheduled on 20/10/2022.  Order I <<<>>   Order II <<<>>

In the further proceedings of the reconciliation meeting, the discussions were held in detail on the notice issued by SNEA. The discussions started in continuation of discussions held in earlier meetings. From the BSNL management side DGM SR submitted the written reply as directed by then DyCLC in last Conciliation meeting. Copy <<<>>

DyCLC asked for a copy of the written submission by SNEA on this written submission by BSNL management. We made it clear that BSNL management has sent this letter by email at 1100 Hrs on same of meeting scheduled at 1500 Hrs and hence we could not prepare written submission for same within two hours period. But we are ready with all facts and figures to establish how the say in this letter is misleading and against the interest of BSNL and its executives. On query, DGM SR BSNL confirmed that this letter is issued today only and SNEA may not have got time for written submission.     

Thereafter discussions were held on two points of Time Bound Promotions and Standard Pay Scales.

Though point to point discussions happened in the proceedings, with interchanging views on each point by all the three parties and DyCLC has done analysis of each and every point raised by SNEA and its response by BSNL/DOT representatives, we have listed details of say from each side together as stand taken by the different stake holders on these issues.

The details of discussions from each side and directions of DyCLC are as follows. 

Non-Implementation of Time Bound Promotions:

Stand of BSNL Management: From BSNL side DGM SR mentioned that BEPPARR was approved in 2018 in the pre VRS era of BSNL and DOT has instructed BSNL to review the policy in the Post VRS Scenario and BSNL management has reached a consensus that BEPPARR is not feasible in the post VRS scenario now after the implementation of Restructuring in BSNL. But management is giving promotions through DPC in all cadres now and are undertaking the process of amending RRs. DGM SR also mentioned that the BEPPARR-2017 is limited for Time Bound Functional Promotion only up to the cadre of AGM only and above AGM it is the same vacancy based system only. In conclusion, she stated that the Time Bound Promotions as per BEPPARR-2017 are not possible and RRs are being reviewed to bring this Time Bound mechanism in new shape.

Stand of SNEA: We explained in detail about the burning issue of Non implementation of Time bound functional promotion policy. As per the conditions of BSNL absorption, management should provide five functional promotions to each executive in BSNL. Whereas BSNL is giving only Time Bound Financial upgradation by virtue of EPP.

BSNL is extracting work from these executives of higher posts by means of Looking after arrangement, by making them do the work of higher grades without giving them regular promotion or proper designation, causing huge dissatisfaction and unrest among executives. Interestingly, double Looking after arrangement is also prevalent in BSNL, wherein an officer who is working in his immediate higher post under LA arrangement is further made to work and take responsibility in the next higher post again through double Looking After arrangement.

There are issues of disparity in promotional avenues in different streams where in some cadres promotions are provided in four years where in some other cadres an executive recruited is waiting after 24 years for his first promotion. BSNL has approved the Time Bound Functional promotion scheme and it is operational for officers in the rank of DGM and above. The same is also existent among Non-executives in BSNL as well. In BSNL Corporate office change of designation is made even though it is not related to pay scales but in field units even no such change has been made and many have to face customers and other departments on same 20 to 25 years old designation.

We added that for the middle management cadre of JTO/JAO to AGM/CAO time bound functional promotion mechanism is approved but not implemented for last four years. This BEPPARR-2017 policy was approved by the previous BSNL Board in May 2018 thereby granting four Time Bound Functional promotions in the span of 5 years each. These promotions up to the AGM grade are for all executives who are satisfying the required benchmarks.

But some officers in Management of BSNL have spread misleading information on name of reservation related issues and this duly approved policy is shown dustbin and the new policy is being framed.

Instead of implementing the Time Bound Promotion policy, BSNL has proposed amendment of SDE RRs where JTOs will be promoted as SDE under stagnation criteria after 12 years against five Years approved under Time Bound Promotion policy, this proposal is secretly sent to DoT.

With new RRs span between two promotions is increased from five years to Twelve years and the earlier promotions were offers on Regular basis now it is proposed that the promotions will be adhoc and not regular. The regular promotions will continue to happen only after the person occupying higher post is further promoted, retired on superannuation, opted for VR, or dies.

We narrated that present CMD BSNL, Director HR are very good and taking steps for better future of executives, but some of officers in Management are giving them misleading information and have created negativity about this well approved policy and have compelled them to show dust bin to duly approved policy and proposing more stringent policy which assures only one or maximum two promotion/s in life span that to be if post becomes vacant otherwise one will continue to be adhoc and his services will not be counted for any promotional reference in future.

BSNL is kind enough to give the executives financial benefits in a Time Bound manner and giving responsibility of higher post under temporary and stop gap arrangements but not giving designation as required for pay scales and work allotted.

One side it is quoted that the JTO and SDE are equivalent posts, AGM and DGM are equivalent posts and higher responsibility is given to each and every officer in BSNL under look after arrangements, but designation is not changed. BSNL is offering higher pay and higher responsibility even by two grades for years together but not giving required designation for which proposal has been already approved.

The said proposal has been kept on hold for the last four years by calling for for clarification from DoT on reservation issues in 2017. DoT has not replied to the letter till today and as directed by DyCLC in an earlier reconciliation meeting it is replied that BSNL should review the proposal in view of VRS. This has been officially conveyed to SNEA by BSNL.  Copy <<<>>

But neither DOT has cleared its stand on reservation issues nor BSNL has asked for it again, and indirectly attempts are being made to replace the Time Bound Promotion Policy with reduction of five promotions to merely two promotions that to subject to availability of vacancy.

Present vacancies created in AGM promotions as quoted by DGM SR are due to VRS. There was and will be a situation that after these AGM promotions there will be no vacancy for years together.  SDEs who are junior to these promoted SDEs, will have to wait for almost 10-20 years for getting promotions those AGM cadre and many may retire before that without promotion.

We mentioned that Time Bound Promotion Policy 2017 being approved in the pre VRS era when the executive count was about 65000, and when it was possible for BSNL to implement the policy at that period and only issue of reservation was raised. This reservation issue is also cleared now as DoPT has given guidelines in April 2022 for same and same has been agreed by BSNL management as well as all Associations in BSNL including SEWA BSNL which is major stake holder with reservations issues in BSNL.  Copy <<<>>

As such reservation issue is resolved and no need of further clarification required and as per directions of DoT, BSNL has to review this Time Bound Policy in after VRS Scenario.  But instead of following direction given by DoT, BSNL has sent proposal for revision of RRs of SDEs and waiting for response from DoT for its approval.

Thus, the present stand of BSNL is against its own decision and misleading and mainly it is depriving the executives from the Time Bound Promotions as assured by DoT and approved by BSNL Board and attempts are made in shifting existing span of Time Bound promotions from 5 years to 12 years and instead of regular promotions the Adhoc promotions are proposed and hence same is not acceptable to Executives in BSNL and SNEA representing BSNL executives of all wings and all cadres. SNEA is having highest members among all associations in BSNL and is fighting for the right and justice to executives in BSNL and this notice is part of it.

We made it clear that we have no issue if BSNL comes out with only change of designations on financial upgradation as per EPP 2007 as being operation in BSNL for DGM and above posts.

We made it clear that Government of India has given such huge package to BSNL and certain officers in BSNL are playing politics giving wrong feeding to Highest Management to create unrest among the working executives by demoralizing them by not accepting this genuine demand wherein BSNL has not to make expenditure of even single rupee.

Rather lakhs of rupees of BSNL will be saved on implementation of ongoing Looking After arrangements every six months all over India for all cadres and wings and manpower used in such non-productive works will be saved.

This simple change of designation will clear all court cases and huge money spent on both sides in hundreds of court cases and will also create a wave of motivation among executives.

We made it clear that SNEA has already given consent for filling all vacant posts as being initiated by BSNL before implementation of Change of designation. But once these posts are filled in, then the chances of creating vacancy in any post will be reduced as after VRS average age of BSNL executives is about 43 to 45 years and chances of post becoming vacant for years together are very less.

Thus, if BSNL reviews the Time Bound Promotion policy as per directions issued by DoT, then it will be clearly established that need of Time Bound Promotion Policy is must and there will not be single rupee expenditure on part of BSNL and executives in BSNL will be motivated and it will help BSNL to implement the projects given by GoI/DoT under Revival package 2.0. As such BSNL management has to come forward for Time Bound promotion Policy with any form but with regular promotions in Five Years or even change of designation with implementation of EPP and DOT also has to support this proposal with positivity as done by giving revival package and create positive energy among executives who have to implement the different projects and targets under Revival package 2.0 by DoT/GoI.

Stand of DoT: Representative of DoT Shri Manish Kumar Vimal Director SR was giving patient hearing to say by representatives of BSNL management and leaders of SNEA and its interpretation by DyCLC. When Director SR DoT was asked by DyCLC to clear stand of DoT on Time Bound Promotion Policy, he informed that DoT has issued directions to BSNL for taking further course of action on Time Bound Promotions and DoT has no any role at this stage as no financial burden is on DoT. He added that BSNL board is free and competent to decide on the future course of action. BSNL Management must decide this issue on its own. He clearly mentioned that BSNL has to work on directions given by DoT and any revised proposal from BSNL will be given consideration by DoT. 

Analysis and decision by DyCLC: Dy CLC Delhi gave patience hearing to all the parties. He has asked different queries among proceedings as per say of representatives. He mentioned that all the organizations give higher responsibilities and any designation as required by job profile but not give higher salary or pay scales.

But it is strange to see that BSNL is working exactly opposite to this widely accepted policy and giving higher pay and responsibility but not giving higher designation. DyCLC mentioned that this poor HR approach may be the reason for the poor performance of the BSNL. He questioned representatives of BSNL management why BSNL is having such poor approach and there was nothing to say from Management side.

DyCLC directed DGM SR to take up matter with BSNL management to take note of directions given by DoT and review of the Time Bound Promotion Policy in after VRS scenario and have analysis where it is beneficial for BSNL or it is loss making and just making it is not possible is not solution. He mentioned that if BSNL has to make no expenditure then why there is this much negative approach by BSNL on this simple issue, should be made clear.  He appreciated the plea of the Association with elaborate examples for Time Bound Promotions or even just for change of designations as per the financial upgradation if these executives are given higher responsibility to second higher posts.

DyCLC was much convinced with the approach of association in quoting ongoing practices in BSNL for giving higher pay and higher responsibility but denying higher designation which were not denied by the representatives of BSNL. He directed SNEA to give written submission about its say along with supporting documents about say of higher responsibility and higher pay scales and proposal of BSNL for changing the Time Bound promotions from five years to 12 years etc before next hearing. He directed BSNL to come with facts and figures in response to written say of association and assured to discuss the matter of Time Bound Promotions for BSNL executives in next hearing depending on the submission of BSNL management and SNEA and it was agreed by both the parties.


Standard Pay-scales E2 and E3 for Executives in BSNL:

Stand of BSNL Management: DGM SR BSNL read out the reply given by BSNL to the standard pay scales. She informed that BSNL has always recommended approval of standard pay scales but the same is not being approved by DoT. She elaborated on the history of the Standard pay scales in BSNL and narrated that BSNL abide by the orders of DoT and hence no further course of action is being taken by BSNL for grant of Standard Pay scales as demanded by SNEA.

Stand by SNEA: SNEA delegation deliberated before DyCLC that BSNL is adopting double standard and it is clearly visible from its actions. On Time Bound Promotions DoT has issued directions for review but no action is taken and for Standard Pay scales pointing out finger at DoT stating that DoT has rejected proposal. An important point is both the directions are issued by DoT in the same letter.

BSNL has neglected fact that in reply DoT has given directions to follow the Presidential order dated 28/03/2017 on which BSNL has already replied conveying difficulties in it. Also, again DoT has made unwanted reference about cascading effect, when BSNL has made it clear that there is no cascading effect. We handed over the copy of letters from BSNL wherein the above facts have been clearly mentioned. But even after three years of it, DoT has not bothered to read it and respond to it.

It was only pressure of office of DyCLC that DoT has bothered to reply the letter of BSNL for approval of cascading effect. We added that if the Presidential order is implemented then the salary of the executives will be reduced from what they are getting now and the same has been conveyed by BSNL to DoT.

During the formation of BSNL from DoT, as an agreement between DoT and SNEA, the Mid Scales E1A and E2A were approved for Executives in BSNL. Accordingly, BSNL continued to recruit the executives on E1A Scales and it has been clearly mentioned in JTO RRs and JAO RRs framed by BSNL.

On formation of BSNL and MTNL from DoT, the executives in DoT were absorbed in BSNL on E1A scales with pension and executives who were absorbed in MTNL were given E2 Scale but without pension. Thus, MTNL continued its recruitment at E2 Scales for JTOs/JAOs with same qualifications and BSNL continued to recruit JTOs/JAOs on E1A Scales till 08/07/2014, when DPE has issued clarification to BSNL for not recruiting JTOs/JAOs in E1A scales.

Thereafter BSNL also recruited JTOs/JAOs in E1A scales and it was clearly understood by BSNL that minimum pay scale is E1A in BSNL. Further BSNL upgraded the educational qualifications for recruitment of JTOs and it is made mandatory for candidate to be GATE qualified. When the pay scale with only Engineering Graduate was E1A, then BSNL started recruiting JTOs on basis of GATE Score and when there is additional conditions are put up by BSNL how the pay scale can be reduced is matter of concern. But repeated requests by BSNL to upgrade Pay Scales are deliberately neglected by DoT.

On reply from DoT dated 28/04/2022, BSNL has to act either by replying difficulties in implementation of Presidential Orders or convey reasons for not implementation of Presidential Order and what is stand of BSNL on cascading effect as referred by DoT in its reply. But BSNL has neither responded to DoT letter by implementation of Presidential Order nor responded by taking up issues with DoT in implementation of said Presidential order and deep silence is maintained on it.

The only copy of this letter is marked to SNEA for information and no further action is taken on it. By sensing the need of time, SNEA has given request letter to BSNL for taking up this issue with DoT as fresh by conveying factual position and its copy is given to DoT. Copy <<<>>

But our humble request also has not been given consideration. We have personally persuaded it with different concerned officers in DoT and BSNL and brought to the notice of these officers, about the wrong interpretation by DoT on issue of Standard pay scales and about all the officers have agreed to the concern raised by SNEA but DoT officers are pointing out fingers at BSNL stating that role of DoT is over as clear reply is given by DoT and action is required on part of BSNL.

DoT is with assumption that the Presidential order dated 28/03/2017 is implemented by BSNL as directed by DoT in letter dated 28/04/2022. But BSNL is neither implementing these directions nor responding to DoT about issues faced and attempts are being made to close this issue without any action.

We narrated our discussions with different officers in BSNL about disowning its own decision due to wrong and misleading clarification issued by DoT. During discussions all officers agreed that BSNL is ready to take the burden of implementation of Standard Pay scales but approval of administrative ministry is required.

It is also agreed by BSNL that as per guidelines issued by DoT and DPE, there cannot be intermediate pay scales and BSNL has to follow these directions. BSNL is ready to follow the guidelines of DoT/DPE without reducing pay scales of BSNL recruited JTOs/JAOs but DoT is not agreeing it by quoting revision of pension and cascading effect.

BSNL has already mentioned that there is no need of cascading effect and pension contribution will be minimum as many of DoT recruited officers in pay scales of E1A and E2A have opted for VRS and if required this amount will be paid by BSNL as done in settlement of many cases. When we requested responsible officers in BSNL management they expressed difficulties by quoting the present poor financial conditions of BSNL and it was directed to us to raise this issue once the financial condition of BSNL is improved. We agree the issues due to financial condition of BSNL, and we are hopeful that with such strong support of DoT, the financial condition of BSNL will surely improve, but the issue will be dead by that time as BSNL has not responded either way to this issue.

Our concern was agreed by all the responsible officers in BSNL and it was assured to respond to DoT letter but till today no action has been taken and now in reply submitted to DyCLC again finger is pointed out towards DoT making it clear that if DoT agrees BSNL has no issue in implementation of Standard pay scale in BSNL.

We brought to notice of DyCLC that whatever Revival package is given to BSNL will be implemented by these JTOs / JAOs recruited by BSNL with higher scores and standards of GATE /CA etc and they are facing pay loss of thousands of rupees per month. If Standard pay scales are implemented in BSNL, it will cost Maximum Nine Crores per month which is minor amount as compared to grand support extended by DoT and Government of India. If this small amount is not incurred by BSNL on implementation of Standard pay scales due to misleading information by certain officers in BSNL and its wrong interpretation by certain officers in DOT, this will have direct impact on implementation of different projects under revival package. Without redressal of these long pending financial grievances, the affected team of Executives cannot be motivated to work in the speed and enthusiasm required for achieving targets of 500 days given by Hon. Prime Minister of India. Certain officers in BSNL management and DoT cannot be allowed to play with the dream project by Hon. Prime Minister of India for making each and every village in India digitally upgraded with FTTH services and 4G Saturation Project by wrong interpretations and misleading information.

Unfortunately, the practically working force of BSNL is deprived and their genuine demands are rejected without given any reason and their voice is suppressed every time by giving different and unjustified reasons. When senior officers are able to get all benefits and facilities including pay revision as per 7th CPC, only these JTOs/JAOs are deprived of their salary as per second PRC.

In BSNL as of now for single post of JTO different pay scales are operational which is against principles and guidelines issued by DoT and DoPT. In this case BSNL management has taken a clear stand and is waiting for a decision from DoT which was not given consideration for years together.

Now when pressure was created due to conciliation meetings by office of DyCLC one more misleading clarification is issued by DoT and BSNL management has not responded and unofficially shown it cold storage and playing with sentiments and feelings of more than 50 % of total working strength of Executives in BSNL and about 80% of the executives who are involved in the implementation of projects given by Hon. Prime Minister of India under 500 days targets. Almost 15000 executives out of total about 29500 working executives of BSNL are suffering from pay loss and they are finding absolutely no motivation in this scenario.

The pay scales before 2nd PRC which was E1A and E2A for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO were degraded to E1 and E2 when standardization was made in pay scales with 2nd PRC. BSNL proposal was for the upgradation of E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 without cascading effect on higher scales, but DoT conveys approval downgrading pay scales for E1A to E1 and E2A to E2.

As per the recommendation of BSNL and as per the existing DPE guidelines pay scales of executives and staff cannot be degraded during pay revision and hence standard pay scales of E2 and E3 should be implemented in place of E1 and E2 proposed by DoT for cadres of JTO SDE and their equivalents.

Meantime understanding genuineness and depth of the financial grievances created due to 2nd PRC, BSNL granted five increments to some of JTOs/JAOs who joined till 08/07/2014 by taking decision in BSNL Board. But many JTOs/JAOs who were recruited earlier to 08/07/2014 but could not join before this date are deprived of the equal salary and their monthly pay as compared with their batchmates is reduced by Rs. 3000 at that time and now this difference has reached up to 15000 cases to case basis. Further, Some of JEs who were JEs at the time of implementation of pay revision of Executives in 2007 and promoted as JTO before implementation of 2nd Wage revision for Non-Executives, they are deprived of benefits of the 2nd PRC/Wage revision for no mistake on their part and administrative reasons of implementation of Pay and Wage revision of same office on different dates. All these disparities will be cleared to some extent if DoT approves the proposal by BSNL to implement the Standard pays scales from E1A to E2A and give justice to all these affected executives.

SNEA delegation also gave examples of various PSUs where non-standard pay scales were in existence before 2nd PRC which were only standardized by moving to the next higher scale only and it is only in BSNL that such degradation of pay scales have happened. We mentioned that the PO has not been implemented in BSNL as it will cause reduction of pay for executives and BSNL has once again written DoT for approval of pay scales in earlier days and now deep silence is mentioned without giving a response or taking action on DoT letter.

Stand of DoT: DOT representative Shri Manish Kumar Vimal Director SR DoT mentioned that DOT has already issued the orders stating the impact of cascading effect of approval of Standard Pay scales and has issued direction to BSNL to follow the Presidential Order dated 17/03/20217. and BSNL board has full powers to implement the same. Now it is up to BSNL to decide to implement this Presidential Order or continue its stand for grant of revised pay scales and send proposal for same to DoT by giving reasons and justification why the presidential order cannot be implemented. He mentioned in clear words that as far as DoT is concerned, this matter is closed and it is up to BSNL management to decide on it by implementation of order or sending it once again to DoT with clarification that there will be no cascading effect on implementation of proposal for Standard Pay Scales as demanded by SNEA.

Analysis and decision by DyCLC: Shri. Dr R. G. Meena, Dy CLC Delhi gave very patience hearing to points raised by SNEA and discussed accordingly with BSNL management team asking confirmation of points raised by SNEA delegation. He specifically asked BSNL team that without motivating employees how is management expecting 100 % commitment from its officials. He advised BSNL representatives that this will not be a suitable scenario at this time Govt of India have announced 2nd Revival package and the whole country is looking forward for a turnaround of BSNL and all those in BSNL who should make that happen, the young executives, the work force is unhappy with their pay and promotions. DyCLC specially narrated that there cannot be pay reduction in of any employee and one has every right to get the pay scales assured to him /her at the time of recruitment. He also narrated that BSNL cannot compel the executives in the same cadre to work in different scales. He shared that PSU like BSNL differentiates the executives by offering different pay scales for same work is matter of concern and BSNL management has to take serious note of it and come up with concrete proposal on it.  DyCLC directed SNEA for submission of its say in written with copy to BSNL and DoT and directed DoT to take review of the directions issued to DoT on implementation of Standard Pay scales and resolve the issue with practical approach and clear the disparity on pay scales abiding by guidelines by DPE for standard pay scales. He directed all parties to come with all relevant information and documents so that the issues are cleared in the next conciliation meetings.

In conclusion, we have conveyed thanks to DyCLC, Representative of DoT and Representative of BSNL for elaborate and detailed discussions on the issues raised by SNEA.  

The Conciliation proceedings started at 1505 Hrs concluded after three hours details submission by all parties and its review by DyCLC and concluded at 1810 Hrs after issuing minutes of the meeting with signature of all participants.  Copy <<<>>


PGM Restg BSNL CO issued directions to all Circle Heads for Online IPMS for Head of Territorial and Core Network Circles for the period Third Quarter (Oct-Dec 2022) and data of KPIs/Targets is to be entered in ESS before 04/10/2022 and this date will not be further extended.  Copy <<<>>


AGM RM CFA issued circular for introduction of Bharat Fibre Scheme Freedom 75 in all Circles. Copy <<<>>