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Special Sanction extended for Reimbursement of OPD Medicines in CGHS... View MoHFW instruction.


Appointment order of Shri V Ramesh CGM / BSNL to the post of Director ( Enterprise), BSNL ....Congratulations.


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Demanding Post based promotion instead of CPSU Hierarchy is equivalent to stalling all the present and future promotions. That also when Management itself considering implementation of CPSU Hierarchy:

The deadlock situation in post based promotion (for the very limited vacancies) is mainly due to litigations on:

i) Reservation issue in all the Grades,

ii) Contempt of case (JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and JAO to AO),

iii) Seniority issue (JTO to SDE).

To overcome the hurdles due to litigations, CPSU Hierarchy OR Time Bound functional promotion upto AGM/CAO Grade (E4 scale) is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018. It is due from 01.07.2018 and all the Executives would have got 2 years service by this time. Instead of strongly pursuing its implementation for a smooth career progression, trying for post based promotion for very limited vacancies is just to help/support the management to implements its agenda: NOT TO GIVE PROMOTION TO ALL THE ELIGIBLE EXECUTIVES.

Forget SNEA, what is the action plan of others to get THE Board decision implemented before Restructuring and post reduction taking place? What is the logic in demanding post based promotion from a prospective date for limited Executives when they are eligible for promotion from 01.07.2018, 2 years earlier itself (Post based promotion will be always prospective). Resultantly all Executives will lose 2 years of service, is it an achievement?

Since top management is not keen on promotions before Restructuring, the whole process is delaying. When maximum Executives are getting promotion through CPSU Hierarchy, demand for limited post based promotion strengthens the management agenda to delay the promotions till the Restg and thereafter limit the promotions to the few vacancies.

Once the BSNL Board decision is implemented:

1) Promotion will be given from 01.07.2018 itself. By this, 2 years service from 01.07.2018 will be counted for future promotions.

2) Future promotions upto AGM Grade assured after 8 to 10 years of SDE/AO service.

3) After VRS, there is a golden opportunity to get assured AGM promotion after 8 to 10 years of SDE/AO service.

4) No fresh DPC is required as all are in higher scale. Only by taking VC, promotion order can be issued within a week.

5) On 29.06.2018, all the vacancies filled up. Only SDE(T) vacancy remain unfilled due to the court case.

Post based promotion never gives promotion to all the eligible Executives. At the same time, all the Executives getting post based promotion will get promotion through CPSU Hierarchy, on 01.07.2018 itself.

For example, in the case of Telecom Wing:

Through CPSU Hierarchy, all the JTOs recruited upto 2013 will get SDE promotion on 01.07.2018, JTOs recruited upto 2014 will get in 2019 and so on... All of them will get assured promotion to AGM Grade after 8 to 10 years of SDE service.

In the case of post based promotion, 2007 or 2008 rect JTOs may get SDE promotion if promotion happens before the Restg (remote possibility). Subsequent rects cannot dream SDE promotion in the near future. After Restg, no one will be able to predict what is going to happen? Whether they will get a promotion at all to AGM Grade?

In the case of SDE to AGM promotion, majority in the list 8 will be promoted on 01.07.2018 itself and remaining on 01.07.2019. In the post VRS scenario, AGM promotion is very much possible for the SDEs promoted from 2009 onwards, in 2020 itself.

In the case of post based promotion no one can predict when AGM promotion is possible. After Restg, situation further darkens. Majority of the young JTOs may retire as SDE itself if we continue to demand post based promotion as desired by the Management. Management will always support and encourage those who demands promotion for few Executives alone.

Implementation of the Promotion Policy as approved by the Board, complying with the Reservation Policy Requirements of the Govt of India and Court orders will protect the interest and career aspirations of all sections of BSNL Executives.

When BSNL Board decided to give promotions from 01.07.2018 onwards, what is the relevance in pursuing promotion from a prospective date? No one should spoil the future of the Executives by demanding prospective promotion for few posts.

In the continuing deadlock situation, when Restg and drastic post reduction is on the card, demand for post based promotion is equivalent to stalling all the present and future promotions.

Now Management itself understood the difficulty in giving post based promotion and asking the opinion of the Associations for implementation of CPSU Hierarchy.

Ultimately all Assns are working for the welfare of the members, the Executives. If all Assns could work unitedly to achieve this goal, management cannot divide us as seen today and issues will be resolved much earlier and all the Executives will be benefited.


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CHQ extends best wishes for all  comrades  who  retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful  retired  life. Comrade you are starting a new journey  and  exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph.  We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.


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GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on Promotions

Today, 28.05.2020 is the second anniversary of the historic BSNL Board decision. Hundreds of BSNL Executives are waiting for their Regular promotion for the last two years, from 01.07.2018 onwards through the amended EPP approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, exactly two years back, which provides non-post based time bound functional promotions upto AGM Grade in E4 scale as followed in other CPSUs.

95% to 60% positions in important Grades are lying vacant today, seriously affecting the field functioning but no initiative to give promotion. There is a strong feeling among the Executives that BSNL management is deliberately delaying the promotion.

GS letter to CMD


Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) on 27.05.2020

General Secretaries of SNEA and AIBSNLEA and AGS/SNEA met DIR (HR) and had a brief review of the developments on promotion to different Grades, in continuation to the discussions held on 05.05.2020.

On implementation of promotion policy, DIR(HR) informed that PGM(Pers) is seriously working on it. This can be the only viable option to give promotion due to court cases and reservation, Director opined. We explained the relevance of date of implementation as 01.07.2018, otherwise all the eligible Executives will lose 2 years of service and it will have serious implications for their future promotions. Already eligible Executives are not available for promotion to the higher grades. After VRS scenario, some more changes can be made, especially promotion to AGM/CAO Grade by reducing the residency period from 12 years for the existing SDE/AOs etc in higher scales. Since thousands of Executives are eagerly waiting for promotion, we requested to consider the changes after the implementation, by taking the proposal to the Board for approval. DIR (HR) was positive on further improvements. The concern over reservation can be overcome by incorporating the Board direction on reservation in the policy to make it in compliance with Govt policy. Further discussions will be held next Tuesday or Wednesday as PGM(Pers) will complete the assigned job by this week. After that DIR(HR) assured to take it to CMD.

On the proposed move to drastically reduce the AGM+DGM posts and other posts, we objected strongly. DIR(HR) reiterated that discussions will be held with the Associations before taking any decision. After completion of discussion within the Management, discussions will be held with the Assns.

On the review of sanctioned strength due to VRS, we suggested to distribute the upgraded AO and AGM posts among the Circles.

We requested for DGM(Regular) promotion for those already working as DGM(Adhoc) in the Telecom/Finance Stream.

On reversion of the 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007, next meeting with the Committee will be arranged next week. We expressed our gratitude for finalising the TOR which can address the issue.

Meeting with Shri Arun Kumar, PGM(Pers) on 27.05.2020

General Secretaries of SNEA and AIBSNLEA and AGS/SNEA met PGM(Pers) and had discussions on promotion to different Grades through implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion in Telecom/Finance Stream, review of sanctioned strength due to VRS, 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 etc.

PGM informed that as per the direction of DIR (HR), he is studying the policy and it will be completed by next Monday. Discussions held on various aspects like Date of implementation, Promotion without DPC for the Executives working in higher scales, incorporating the Board direction on reservation to make it compliance with Govt policy etc. In the post VRS scenario we can make further improvements as the eligible executives number has come down drastically, we suggested.

Further discussions held on review of sanctioned strength due to VRS, DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion in Telecom/Finance Stream, 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 etc.



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Transfer and Posting in the grade of AOs.
Transfer and Posting on Own cost in the grade of AOs.


Retirees in April 2020 - Retirement benefits as per new Dearness relief  reg  - View Instruction of DoT.


Terms Of Reference (TOR) of the committee announced:

During the discussion with the Committee members by both GSs regarding the issue of reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007, Committee members informed that they are waiting for the Terms Of Reference of the Committee. We brought this to the notice of DIR(HR) and PGM(Pers), next day itself. We requested to include: examining the eligibility of 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE 2007 with reference to SDE RR 2002 and the clarifications issued with reference to LDCE 2007. Now BSNLCO issued the TOR as we suggested. The focus is on resolving 2001  rect issue, segregating them from 2002 rect JTOs.

It is a great breakthrough in the case. So far the eligibility was examined by BSNL and the court cases defended based on the 30.07.2010 clarification issued during LDCE 2010 and the clarifications issued on 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 during LDCE 2007was not at all considered or produced in the court.

TOR of the Committee



Drastic cut in number of posts on the anvil in the name of Restructuring:

It is learned that through Restructuring and Review of assets, management is considering drastic reduction in the combined strength of AGM and DGM equivalent Grades in all the streams (Telecom, Finance, Civil, Electrical, Arch, TF, PPS and CSS) and AGM+DGM number in all the streams combined together will be about 3300 – 3500. The present combined sanctioned strength of AGM+DGM is 8953. In other words, drastic reduction of posts proposed, by about 65%. The final figure will be divided in some ratio between AGM and DGM. If it happens, then it will stop almost all the promotions to AGM and DGM Grade in all streams as we are apprehending.

This is in the name of Restg and M/s Deloittee recommendation. The same Consultant M/s Deloittee, in 2014, recommended an increase in the number of AGM(T) posts from 5303 to 6172 and DGM(T) posts from 1331 to 1607. After 6 years, the same consultant makes recommendation for drastic reduction of posts. This establish that the Consultant is acting on behalf of the Management and what management requires, that report is given by the Consultant, without making any work study.

Similar cut in the number of posts can be anticipated in other Grades also (SDE/AO and JTO/JAO equivalents). The provisional norms issued in December, 2019 by Restg cell indicates that and the Circles can work out the revised sanctioned strength of the Circle based on that provisional norms and find out the revised strength.

We may have to go for strong organizational actions in the near future if management is not coming forward and discussing and settling the matter.

Management is dragging the promotions to complete the Restg process, making assurances one after another. Restrg should not take away the promotional avenues of the Executives working in BSNL. On review of the assets, large number of posts will be surrendered in addition to the posts surrendered due to VRS. Knowing the adverse effect of Restg on post based promotions, we are insisting for Non-post based Time Bound functional promotion in all the streams.