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Greetings of BSNL Foundation Day: Its matter of pride for all of us that today BSNL has completed 23 years. Since its foundation in Year 2000. The Journey of BSNL started as Strong PSU since 01/10/2000 and over the years BSNL has seen many up and downs including the worst days after VRS 2019 and Corona Period.

After two revival packages by GoI/DoT and day/night efforts BSNL Management and its Executives/Non-Executives, as of now BSNL is moving forward with positive growth and it has recorded operation profit for the last continuous three years.

The Telecom sector as a whole is facing serious issues and threats and many Telecom companies have undergone these threats and the very existence of many Telecom Companies is at stake and many Telecom companies are struggling hard for its survivals.

But our beloved BSNL has till now sustained this pressure of Telecom Market and has been successful in gaining confidence of GoI/DoT and Telecom customers. BSNL is instrumental in implementation of the digital India Project by GoI.

As of today, BSNL is one of the few Companies rather BSNL is only Telecom company which is moving ahead with its inherent strength of highly experienced man power.

With such great strength and inherent capabilities BSNL has a crucial role to play in coming days. Let us be part of this historic moment and join hands with full enthusiasm for this holy work.

Till now BSNL has given us the best and let us be with BSNL with the same strength and enthusiasm with hopes that BSNL will continue to give its best to its executives.

Let us renew our pledge to continue striving for excellence for customer satisfaction. Let's work together in unity to embrace the future and bring BSNL to even greater heights.

On this BSNL Foundation Day, SNEA CHQ keeps on record the highest appreciation to its executives and Management for being the strong strength of BSNL.

On this BSNL Foundation Day, let us keep our focus on growth of BSNL and SNEA CHQ assures for due benefits for the Executives of such growing BSNL. Happy BSNL Foundation Day to one and all.

BSNL Hai to Apana pan Hai!!!

Connecting India in real sense!!!

Long live BSNL, Long Live, Long Live !!!!.


AGM SR BSNL CO issued notification granting status of Recognized Representation Association in BSNL to SNEA and thereby granting facilities of Majority Recognized Association to SNEA. Copy<<<>>

It is matter of pride that with love and strong support of Majority of the executives in BSNL, first time in the history of BSNL any association/union has crossed barrier of 50% Vote in Membership Verification.

Now, SNEA is the only association with status of Recognized Representative Association in BSNL as no other associations has crossed barrier of minimum 35% eligibility votes for becoming recognized association.

There were total 8 applicant associations in BSNL and out of that AIBSNLOA has extended support to SNEA before elections. Out of six remaining applicant associations, only AIGETOA could cross the barrier of 15% votes for becoming support association and now AIGETOA is granted status of Support Association.

Thus as per mandate of 3rd Membership verification of Executive Associations, SNEA is given highest responsibility. We respect this love and affection of Executives in BSNL and assure for our dutybound efforts to give fruitful results for pending HR issues.   

SNEA has achieved this historical comeback with strong support of majority of the Executives in BSNL who have given green signal to the Five Star Alliance of SNEA, SEWA, CBOWA, DEWAB and AIBSNLOA.

We respect the mandate given by the executives in BSNL and will continue with our mission of One PSU One Association which is need of time.

SNEA once again conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to one and all who directly or indirectly supported SNEA for its comeback as Single Majority Executive Association in BSNL.

We will make all out efforts with leading role for strong unity of the executives in BSNL and mainly our focus will be on resolution of pending HR issues of the Executives in BSNL by co-ordination among all associations and we assure our esteemed Executives in BSNL for best possible efforts for fruitful results in days to come. 



Update on EPF Higher Pension Issues: SNEA team comprising Mrs. Anu Agrawal CP SNEA CO and Shri Praveen Kataria, ACS SNEA CO Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA had two different meetings on 25 & 26/09/2023 with Shri. Rajiv Singh, PGM CA BSNL CO, Shri. Jagdeep Singh DGM CA BSNL CO and Shri. Gulshan Kumar AGM CA BSNL CO discussed the issues related to EPF Higher Pension and shared difficulties faced by individuals and Nodal Officers of BSNL in submitting EPF Higher pension and overall pendency of final submission of EPF higher pension cases to EPFO before last date 30/09/2023.

We narrated that though some Circles are taking proactive actions and no case is pending in some of Circles, some of Circles are facing certain issues on part of BSNL or EPFO and also some of circles are not serious on it to complete the work by given deadline 30/09/2023.

We requested to take up matter with Circle Heads/IFAs by special letter for completing this task in time bound manner. Initially there was reluctance on part of PGM CA to issue any such instructions as already every issue is made clear to all IFAs/Nodal Officers and they are duty bound to complete the task.

PGM CA informed that Circles like Telangana and Maharashtra have settled all cases and hence there should not be any issue on part of any other Circle and only required is that they have to take up issues with Circle EPF Office and resolve the issues. 

We elaborated how the specific issues are faced by BSNL Nodal Officers and individuals in submission of higher option.

In many cases where the executives were transferred during their service are facing issues at the data at earlier Circle/s is not updated. PGM CA further informed the issues with EPFO or with portal of EPFO are to be resolved proactively by the Circle EPF Nodal officers and Circle IFAs of BSNL and there is no role on part of BSNL Corporate Office and till any issue Nodal Officers have to contact BSNL Corporate office EPF team.

We elaborated classic examples wherein the BSNL Nodal officer have submitted mismatching data and not able to correct it and DGM CA informed that all these issues will be taken care by EPFO Nodal officers who are nominated for BSNL activities and it is responsibility of Circle Nodal officer to get it resolved.

PGM CA specifically mentioned that every issue of EPF Higher pension is to be taken care by the present Nodal Officer and no employee/executive should be made to run from pillar to post. He added that his office has made entire data available in ERP and nothing is left to add in it.

We have drawn attention on the issued faced by Kerala Circle wherein many cases are not visible on EPFO Portal and DGM CA has taken up matter with EPFO Delhi and immediate email instructions are passed by EPFO Delhi to EPFO Kerala to settle the issues.

We have also narrated that similar cases are noticed by Circles like Karnataka and it was directed that these Circles also should follow action taken by Kerala Circle by writing similar letter to Regional EPF Officers with copy to BSNL Nodal Officer at Delhi and assured to resolve all such cases by taking up with EPFO HQ and regional offices.  

Considering the deadline set by EPFO for completion of verification of EPF and Pension Contribution Data for Higher Pension submission to be on 30/09/2023 and pendency of cases, we requested for taking up matter with EPFO for extension of last date for submission of EPF Higher pension option. PGM CA assured to take up this matter and informed that due to pendency of certain cases the last date will be extended by three months and official announcement may be done by EPFO shortly.

We further requested to issue directions to all CGMs so that extraordinary measures may be taken by Circle/BA units to expedite the verification process on war footing level and it was assured to issue reminder letter with Circle wise number of pending cases and expediating process so as to complete it in given time. 

Further to get the issues clarified from EPFO Delhi, the BSNL team headed by DGM CA BSNL CO visited EPF Office on 26/09/2023 morning hours and have taken up all such issues with EPFO Delhi and have got firm assurance for approving all EPF Higher pension by resolution of pending issues if any in any Circle.

As per our discussions and persuasion till now, we are hopeful that every issue related to EPF higher pension option is being taken care by BSNL and pending issues will be taken care in coming days.

All the EPF Members are requested to visit their Account on EPF Portal and check for their higher pension option status if that have submitted option. If it is still pending, he/she may take up it with BA/Circle Nodal officers who in turn will take up cases with EPFO Regional officers and get issued cleared. Till issues are not resolved, one can apply for grievance redressal through EPF Portal so that matter is officially registered with EPFO and issues are resolved in time bound manner.

If any EPFO member is facing any issue and not getting support/guidance on pending cases of Higher Pension Option, he/she may send details by what’s app to Mrs. Anu Agarwal CP SNEA BSNL CO on 9429893873 so that issues can be taken with appropriate offices and resolved in given time. 


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued retention in Inter Circle Transfer of DGM(Adhoc)/AGMs(T)/SDEs(T) of QA and INSP Circle in their present circle up to 31/03/2024 on administrative grounds. Copy<<<>>


AGM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding furnishing of joining status w.r.t. promoted executives from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% SCF quota.   Copy<<<>>

The details w.r.t to joining of awaiting SDE(T) and incomplete entries regarding SDE(T) joining of ERP and discrepancies need to be furnished by 30/09/2023.


AGM CSS & OL BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying of CPC from PS to PPS in Field units on regular basis for VY 2020, VY 2021 and VY 2022 as per BSNL MSRRs-2023.  Copy<<<>>

Details of vacancy, approved rosters, list of eligible executives and APAR assessment sheet for the last 5 years with reference to vacancy year etc. need to be forwarded to latest by 14/10/2023.


Director HR BSNL Board writes to all Circle Heads regarding cleanliness drive being undertaken in BSNL in October 2023 under Special Campaign 3.0 for swachhata.  Copy<<<>>


DGM Admin BSNL CO conveyed the directions of DoT for execution of Swaacch Bharat Activities a Swaachhata Hi Seva (SHA) campaign from 15th September to 2nd October 2023. Copy<<<>>


Addl. GM BW BSNL CO issued modification / retention in posting of recently promoted as EEs Civil Regular and posted to other Circles. Copy<<<>>


Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO conveyed the approval of DoT extension of the additional charge of CVO, BSNL, Delhi and the post of CVO, MTNL, Delhi earlier entrusted to Smt. Shefali Swaroop, IRS CVO, DoT for a further period of 6 months w.e.f. 16.08.2023 up to 15.02.2024 or till the appointment of a regular CVO. Copy<<<>>


AGM SEA BSNL CO issued orders for direct relieving of Accounts Officers who are under Inter Circle transfer to ALTTC Circle from UP(W) and MP but are not relieved by controlling officers and now they stand relieved directly through ERP w.e.f. 22/09/2023 A/N.  Copy<<<>>


AGM Elect. BSNL CO writes to concerned Circle Heads conveying retention of executives in Electrical Stream as per recommendations of review committee after assessment and Periodical review for ensuring probity and efficacy among employees of CPSEs as per Rule 55(A) of BSNL CDA Rules, 2006. Copy<<<>>


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued modifications in Inter Circle transfer of AGMs Telecom wing as per the request submitted by individuals for cancellation or retention or change of Circle. Order I<<<>>    Order II<<<>>

All these are genuine requests submitted by the individuals were pending for consideration due to the Code of conduct due to ongoing process of 3rd Membership verification and SNEA has pursued for consideration of these requests and we convey sincere thanks and gratitude to Director HR BSNL Board, PGM Pers BSNL CO and all the concerned officers in Pers section for giving consideration to these genuine requests. 

There are some more request under consideration of Pers section on genuine grounds and SNEA CHQ is pursuing for consideration of all such requests on genuine grounds. 


AGM Pers DPC JM BSNL CO issued orders for acceptance of request of forgo/refusal of regular promotion order in respect of JTO Telecom recently promoted as SDE but refused promotions due to genuine reasons.

Order I<<<>>    Order II<<<>>

These hard conditions on refusal of promotions are applied since 2020 and SNEA will take up matter for consideration of refusal at least in case of genuine issues faced by the executives without applying any such harsh conditions. 


Jt. GM Pers BSNL CO issued retention of DGMs at BSNL CO who are under transfer to other Circles till 31/03/2023 in view of ongoing works of Bharatnet vertical at BSNL Corporate Office. Copy<<<>>


AGM Pers writes to all Heads of Telecom Circles regarding Data on rotation of officers holding sensitive posts, the information in prescribed format needs to be send positively by 30/09/23 for July to Sept 2023 quarter for further submission to CVC.  Copy<<<>>


SNEA PB Welcomes Dr. Neeraj Mittal ji, Secretary DoT @ Chandigarh: On Thursday, 21/09/2023, the Delegation led by Shri. Gurbinder Singh CP SNEA Punjab Circle, Shri. Bandhan Preet Singh, CWC Member, Shri. Vijay Rathi DS SNEA CO PB, Shri. Navneet Kumar, DP SNEA CHD, Shri. Sushil Joshi, DT CHD & Shri. SP Singh, SEWA CO PB Circle along with others gave warm welcome to Dr. Neeraj Mittal ji Secretary DoT, Government of India in the presence of Shri. Ajay Kumar Kararha ji, CGMT PB Circle.

Hon. Secretary DoT was on Official tour to Chandigarh and by sensing the opportunity, the SNEA delegation along with SEWA leaders have meeting with him and presented the bouquet in the chamber of CGM Punjab Circle and submitted a memorandum listing the key issues of Executives in BSNL. Copy <<<>>

The brief discussion was also held with Secretary DoT on all the main issues like 3rd PRC, Pay-loss and DoT Pension issue etc. The Secretary DoT gave patience hearing to the issues and assured to look into issues.Photos <<<>>


SNEA/SEWA Delegation Congratulates Dr. Kalyan Sagar Nippani ji, the Designate Director HR BSNL Board: GS SNEA and GS SEWA, along with their dedicated office bearers, had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Kalyan Sagar Nippani ji, Director HR Designate of the BSNL Board during their visit to Chennai on 18/09/2023. Leaders of SNEA & SEWA extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Director HR designate and conveys him best wishes for the higher responsibilities in BSNL Board.

During the meeting, both GS along with representatives warmly greeted the officer with Shawl & Bouquet and engaged in a productive discussions. Topics included the overall growth and development of BSNL, the career advancement of executives, the welfare of SC/ST employees, and the future development prospects of BSNL to meet competition in Telecom Market.

The Director HR designate exhibited a cordial disposition and demonstrated a genuine interest in hearing our perspectives. Furthermore, the Director earnestly encouraged the wholehearted participation of executives for the betterment and growth of BSNL. PHOTOS <<<>>>


AGM SEA BSNL CO issued transfer and posting in the grade of Chief Accounts officer from Chhattisgarh to Odisha. Copy<<<>>

This long pending request was pursued by SNEA at different levels but could not be issued due to restrictions on transfers during MV Process and issued now. SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to PGM EF and his team of SEA section for consideration of this long pending request.