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AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular for Waiver of installation charges for Landline/ Broadband connections (Copper / Fibre / Air Fibre) in all the circles on promotional basis for a period of 90 days.   Copy <<<>>


AGM RM CFA BSNL CO issued circular introducing New Plans for Enterprise Customers under PWP Open Policy.   Copy <<<>>


Ajadi Ka Amrut Mahostav ,

75th Independence Day.

SNEA CHQ wish one and all Happy Independence Day.


Grand and highly successful Circle Conference of SNEA Himachal Pradesh Circle: {Report by Shri. Jagtar Singh, JS SNEA CHQ}: The fourth Circle Conference of Himachal Circle was held at Hotel Laurant & Banon, Manali (HP) for two days on 30th and 31st July 2022 which was attended by delegates, District Secretaries and COBs from nook and corner of Himachal Circle.The entire proceedings of the Circle Conference were presided over by Shri. Ashwani Kumar, Adhoc CP SNEA HP Circle.

Sr. Advocate Shri. Chavinder Singh, Journalist of renowned Newspapers & chairman of Social Foundations and well known personality of HP was chief guest of the function.

Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ, Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, Jagtar Singh Joint Secretary North SNEA CHQ and Shri. Amarjit Singh Ex CS SNEA Punjab Circle, Shri. Ajit Singh VP SNEA Punjab Circle, Shri. Surjit Rai ACS SNEA Punjab Circle and Shri. Jagmohinder Singh, DS SENA Hoshiarpur, Punjab Circle, attended and addressed this long awaited Circle Conference in both delegate as well as in Open Session.

All the CHQ, COBs, DS and activists were felicitated and given warm welcome with shawl and traditional Pahari Cap as special gesture, love and affection by Shri. Sudarshan Kumar, who has rendered prolonged and dedicated services as CS SNEA HP Circle. 

Shri.Ashwani Kumar, Circle President SNEA HP welcomed all the participants and appealed all the delegates, DSs, COBs and CHQ leaders attending the Circle conference. He further told house that the present trend of the declining profit is a serious concern for all of us and there is a great need to think over it. He requested all the participants to give specific inputs to improve the quality of service.

Shri. Sudarshan Kumar, the former and founder CS SNEA HP Circle extended a warm welcome to our CHQ leaders and all the participants from various BAs of HP Circle for attending the HP circle conference despite adverse weather conditions. He apprised the house about various activities of Association. He elaborated that the Executives look forward with positivity and have great expectations from the new SNEA CHQ under the dynamic leadership of our GS Shri. M.S. Adasul.

Shri. Amarjit Singh Ex CS SNEA Punjab Circle, shared his views while working as life time CS SNEA Punjab Circle and gave valuable guidance to strengthen SNEA by practical approach and keeping focus on welfare of members. He appreciated the working of SNEA CHQ leaders and was optimistic of spectacular results by new team of SNEA CHQ in coming days. He conveyed thanks for inviting him and giving him opportunity of being part of this grand Circle Conference of HP Circle.

Shri. Jagtar Singh, Joint SecretaryNorth SNEA CHQ, in his address apprised the role played by Shri. Sudarshan Kumar in building the organization in HP Circle. He also appreciated the role of SNEA HP circle for unanimously electing the New CHQ body and thanked the host BA for making good arrangements for conducting the circle conference in grand manner. He updated house about the developments going at CHQ and shared his working experience with new team of SNEA CHQ.

Shri. Manish Samadhiya, President SNEA CHQ in his address apprised the house about various activities of Association. He told the house that govt has once again shown full faith on BSNL and extended support to BSNL by giving revival package. It has announced an impressive Rs 1.64 lakh crore package. He explained that the current package sounds very impressive, but the amount is not entirely a cash injection. A good amount of the Rs 1.64 lakh crore comprises administrative allocation of 4G spectrum and debt restructuring. The rest is made up of financial support and viability gap funding, Merger of BBNL and BSNL. At any rate, it will give the troubled firm some financial leeway to improve operations. He thanked CMD BSNL, the entire board of directors for getting such huge support from government. He thanked HP circle comrades for their contribution in unanimously electing new CHQ body in the AIC held at Vishakhapatnam and assured that CHQ will meet the expectations of all executive by resolving the long pending issues.

In his Marathon and highly impressive address, Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ, apprised the house about various activities of association since new CHQ took the charge. He conveyed best wishes for the long awaited Circle Conference of HP Circle. He conveyed thanks to all beloved comrades of SNEA HP Circle for the support they have extended in election of CHQ team and standing behind him like rock for years together. He appreciated the contribution of Shri. Sudarshan Kumar CS SNEA HP Circle in electing new team of SNEA CHQ unanimously and conveyed gratitude for his unconditional support always. He apprised house about the stand of management for long stay transfers with 26 years and how SNEA has extended supporting hand by overcoming all manmade hurdles. He informed that SNEA opposes rotational transfers at any level and will support for need basis transfers and request transfers.   He stressed that rotational transfers are not in overall interest of BSNL He shared with house that with persuasion by SNEA about all the request for change of Circle, request for retention of genuine grounds like Critical illness of self and dependents, request for correction in stay, Request for grant of immunity, retention on education ground of children staying in 12th standard are given due consideration and remaining will also be settled in coming days. He added that the issue of transfers from hard and soft tenure stations is also being pursued by SNEA and we are hopeful for some relief to these affected executives.  General Secretary put light on the present support from the Central Government and assured that with the support of Government and the hard work of Executives BSNL will turn the tide and will become revenue positive in near future. GS specially appreciated skills and expertise of Shri. P.K. Purwar, CMD BSNL in putting demands and needs of BSNL in front of DoT, Government of India by giving about 22 presentations at different level starting from DoT to Office of Hon. Prime Minister of India. He congratulated CMD BSNL and his team about his successful persuasion with Government of India and getting such huge support which is difficult task in today’s scenario. GS conveyed that CMD BSNL has great skills and expertise in getting financial support from GOI and was optimistic for its continuation. He assured house that SNEA will support BSNL management in full strength for revival of BSNL. He also added that all executives and non-executives will be highly obliged if CMD BSNL could bring further support and approvals for financial upliftment of BSNL workforce for implementation of Standard Pay scales and 3rd Pay Revision which are most important issues for all. He apprised the Chief Guest that the BSNL is the only Telecom Operator which is shouldering the Social Responsibility of the Government and providing services in the Rural, Backward and Naxal/Terror Affected areas across India where it has to suffer maximum revenue loss for providing services. He added that one side BSNL is compelled to provide Telecom services by bearing losses and other side we are denied our rights on name of affordability clause due to such losses. He also raised various issues faced by BSNL in general and the executives of BSNL in particular viz. Launching of 4G services by BSNL, freedom to Management, centralisation of powers, obligations and restrictions being PSU, 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scale, pay loss to executive’s post 2007, Superannuation benefit and SDE to AGM Promotion etc. He added that as discussed by SNEA CHQ with CMD BSNL in last week about issuing SDE to AGM Promotions by resolving bottleneck issues, a team of very senior officers of BSNL headed by Director HR visited DoPT for confirmation of issues pertaining to reservation in promotions. It is understood that the team has elaborate discussions with senior officers of DoPT and got update information on the issue and he was optimistic that AGM promotions will be issued before end of August 2022.  He submitted brief note on hardship faced by BSNL and its executives in telecom growth to Chief Guest on issues related to growth of BSNL and requested for using his personal relations in State Government of Himachal Pradesh and Government of India. He elaborated that CHQ OBs are aware that you all beloved comrades have high expectations from us and we will try to meet your expectations to best possible extent. We are also well aware that we have big challenges in front of us, but with your active support, we will definitely try our level best to reduce the list of pending issues of our beloved comrades.

Adv. Shri. Chavinder Singh and Chief Guest of Open Session, in his speech appreciated the GS Shri. M. S. Adasul and CHQ for their consistent approach for resolution of various HR and services related issues. During his very studied speech, he appreciated the role played by DOT/BSNL in growth of the country and thanked the SNEA HP circle for inviting him in function. He appreciated efforts taken by officers of BSNL in Manali for the quality services to customer. He remembered that from his childhood, his home is having telephone number and he shared how BSNL has started from local services, the trunk call services to present Mobile services. He informed that he has witnessed growth of BSNL in positive directions and till he is of the opinion that BSNL will flourish in days to come. He appealed the house that he will put best possible efforts in extending supporting hand to BSNL and its executives.  He specially mentioned that for security and to have competitive tariffs the existence of BSNL in Telecom sector is must. He apprised house that Government also is aware about need of existence of BSNL and hence such financial support is granted to BSNL. In conclusion he conveyed thanks to organisers for inviting him and giving opportunity to address the gathering of BSNL executives all over Himachal State.

In house unanimous elected Shri. Ashwani Kumar, DET Sunder Nagar, Shri. Rakesh Datt Sharma, DGM Circle Office Shimla and Shri. Nageshwar Bhardwaj SDE (Q&A), Shri. Parveen Saini JTO Mandi respectively as Circle President, Circle Secretary, Circle Treasurer and CWC Member.

List of Newly elected OBs <<<>>>

Shri. Jagtar Singh Joint SecretaryNorth SNEA CHQ gave oath of allegiance to newly elected Circle Body of SNEA HP Circle.

Shri.Balwant Singh Sharma outgoing CS SNEA HP circle extended vote of thanks.

The entire programme was nicely anchored by Shri. Yash Pal SDE Hamirpur in active support of Mrs. Monika Neer Khampi and Com. Reena Devi. Many other beloved comrades of SNEA Kullu and Manali have taken lot of efforts in successful conduction of this Circle Conference with awesome arrangement for this conference including Conference Hall, food and stay arrangements in same Hotel.

The proceedings of Circle Conference started at 1130 Hrs concluded at 1830 Hrs with National Anthem and grand celebrations thereafter.

PHOTOs <<<>>>


CMD BSNL writes all Circle Heads for preparation for provisioning of 4G Mobile services under Government Funded 4G Saturation Projects to connect 30959 villages across the India in mission mode and time bound manner of 500 days.    Copy <<<>>


AGM Elect BSNL CO writes all CGMs endorsing copy of Vigilance letter on management of assets as Preventive Vigilance Measures cum housekeeping activities during three months campaign from 16/08/2022 to 15/11/2022.  Copy <<<>>


GS SNEA CHQ writes to CMD BSNL to congratulating and conveying thanks to him for special and devoted efforts in getting revival package 2.0 and thereby getting support required support by BSNL from GOI. Copy <<<>>

While SNEA assures that we the officers of BSNL will firmly stand behind CMD BSNL in building the trust shown by Hon. MOC on BSNL and its workforce to make BSNL a profit making PSU, letter also points out the negative narrative by some of CGM/GMs stressing only on perform or perish and neglecting all points of address of MoC and without extending required support to BSNL workforce. SNEA requests for united efforts by all and mainly to have an active mechanism to resolve the issues faced by field units, Circles and stress for standing behind them firmly to Perform to the expectations of all.  


GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL Board in response to suggestions called by SR Cell on the proposed policy for allotment of office and residential accommodation to Unions/ Association of BSNL as called by SR Cell BSNL CO.  Copy <<<>>


AGM Elect BSNL CO published updated seniority list of EEs/AGMs in Electrical wing and calls for corrections/ modifications required if any latest by 22/08/2022.   Copy <<<>>


AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued orders for modification in Transfer under of SDE from HP Circle to GJ Circle by considering his request on medical grounds and now he is posted to UPW Circle.   Copy <<<>>

This is one of many other requests pursued by SNEA CHQ and total three request for change of Circle are under consideration and one medical ground is given consideration now. The other request for retention on 10 % Criteria and retention on grounds of ward Studying in 12th Standard are also being pursed by SNEA and it has been principally agreed by all, but the final call on differing views on formal written orders for same by Pers Section as required by BW Section will be taken by Director HR BSNL Board


DGM Recruitment BSNL CO writes all the successful candidates of MT Recruitment written Examination held by BSNL conveying that the MT result declared on 08/07/2022 is part of process and not final result of MT recruitment and the list of successful candidates for Group discussions and interviews is published with a categorical stipulation that any consequential action, pursuant to the declaration of the result, shall be subject to the outcome of the OAs.   Copy <<<>>


Director Estt DoT conveys cabinet approval for operation of unabsorbed 530 ITS officers from January 2022 to December 2026 and thereafter deputed ITS officers will diminished in phased manner as BSNL/MTNL will create its own management by that time.   Copy <<<>>


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued modified transfers orders giving consideration to the requests by individuals for change of Circle or retention in same Circle.   Copy <<<>>


AGM Admn BSNL CO writes all Circle Heads with copy to all employees of BSNL requesting for hoisting National Flag in their Homes from 13th to 15th August 2022 and make “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign a resounding success.   Copy <<<>>


AGM MS BSNL CO writes all Circles Heads about Fire safety norms which are to be strictly followed for prevention of fire in Telecom Buildings.   Copy <<<>>


GS SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL in response to suggestions called by SR Cell on the Partial modification in facility of immunity from transfer to recognised and support Association.  Copy <<<>>


Director Projects DoT issued Office memorandum on revival of BSNL and merger of BBNL with BSNL.   Copy <<<>>


Meeting with Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member Services DoT: On 03/008/2022, the delegation of SNEA CHQ led by SNEA Shri Manish Samadhiya President CHQ, Shri Rajesh Manchan VP CHQ, Shri Rajdeep AGS CHQ, Shri. Satish Kumar CS NTR Delhi, Shri Arvind Pal Dahiya, CP BSNL CO Delhi, Shri Rajesh Ranjan CS Chhattisgarh, Shri K. N. Murali Dhara ACS Karnataka, Shri. Jitender Singh OS SNEA NTR Delhi and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS had welcome meeting with Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, Member (Services) Department of Telecommunications, at his Chamber at Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. We had elaborate discussions on different HR and development of BSNL and role of DoT thereof.

Shri. Dr. Mahesh Shukla, has taken over charge of Member Service DoT on 01/08/2022 and delegation of SNEA felicitated him with bouquet and congratulated him for holding high position in DoT.

SNEA team also conveyed special thanks for extending support to BSNL through Revival Package 2.0 given by Government of India and DoT. We expressed that this package is received at particular time when BSNL is facing problems in getting 3G services in total and other operators are trying for 5G.

Dr Shukla agreed that there is delay as Government of India has special focus on manufacturing Indigenous GSM Equipment and was optimistic that very shortly India will be exporting the GSM equipments to other countries. We expressed that it is being informed that launching of 4G services by BSNL will be delayed as the equipment has not yet passed testing.

Member Services informed that yes, there is delay as new Technology is being developed, but the work of 4G is at final stage. He added that he has personally visited Chandigarh and reviewed the preparations. He added that only few tests are to be carried out and there are no serious issues in it and same will be taken care in due course of time. He informed that this work is being monitored at very high level and all out efforts are being made for early 4G services by BSNL. He was firm that BSNL will start 4G services very shortly.

He added that Government of India has also plan to start 5G services of BSNL and same also is being discussed at higher level. He appealed not to believe on rumours and be ready for immediate 4G services for which Government of India is extending total support.

Member (Services) DoT remembered his services in BSNL and assured that he will continue to support BSNL by all means and any proposal by BSNL Management for growth and development of BSNL will be given positive consideration.

Dr Shukla stressed that BSNL Management also has to come out of red tape procedures and need to extend supporting hands to field units. He added that BSNL is full of talents, but same is not properly explored due to lethargic approach by certain officers. He specifically pointed out that any proposal from Circles should not be held up in red tape procedure at BSNL CO and needs to be responded immediately and positively.

He narrated that BSNL has to utilise available infrastructure to its full capacity. He specifically mentioned that Telecom factories at Mumbai, Jabalpur and Kolkata can be better utilised and BSNL can have production of OFC by using available talent and infrastructure and same can be done at cost of rent to be charged to Manufacturers for using Infrastructure of Telecom Factories. BSNL will get OFC on priority and good revenue can be generated for BSNL.

We also specially requested him that BSNL is providing services at Rural area wherein loss is fixed. One side BSNL is compelled to provide services at losses and other side affordability clause is being applied for approval of third pay revision. We also drawn attention towards biased approach by Term Cell in applying Penalties against BSNL, allotment of USO funds to BSNL and Dr Shukla assured to have separate meeting on these issues after taking feedback and review of works he is assigned as Member (Services) DoT.

We have further requested Dr. Shukla for his intervention and support in resolution of pending HR issues at DoT viz. Pay Revision, E2/E3 Standard Pay Scales, Time Bound Promotion policy, Review of New Recruitment Rules which are not settled for years together. Dr. Shukla responded that he is aware about certain issues but as recently taken over charge, he has to check details with concerned officers in DoT. He firmly assured for extending support in resolution of the pending HR of BSNL executives and directed us to submit gist of pending issues along with brief note on it and he will look into it one by one.

In conclusion of meeting which lasted for 50 minutes, Dr. Shukla once again remembered his days with BSNL and shared that BSNL will flourish in days to come and no need of worry and only required is to put efforts by team BSNL. We conveyed thanks for sparing time from his busy schedule and assured to give gist of issues very shortly.

PHOTOs <<<>>>


AGM Elect BSNL CO issued orders modifying the transfers of SDEs in Electrical wing who were under 26 years transfer and now modification/cancellation orders are issued as per the requests by individuals.   Copy <<<>>

SNEA CHQ is pursuing for some more genuine requests and same also will be given consideration shortly.


AGM Pers BSNL CO calls for options from AGMs/DMs working at BSNL CO for posting in Vigilance Section BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi.   Copy <<<>>