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CHQ extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today  on superannuation, for  a  happy  and  peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a  new  journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.


Forum decided to postpone the indefinite strike from 17.3.15 and decided   for 2 Days Strike on 21-22 April 2015 as first phase on Revival of BSNL. Make extensive preparations by conducting Branch /SSA and Local level meetings. Fresh notice will be issued 6 weeks prior to the strike. GS 


Madame Sujata Ray present ED/Finance is selected as Director(HR)/BSNL Board. We extend  our wholehearted congratulations to her and assure her of our unqualified and total support in accomplishing challenging tasks as Director(HR).


CS/CHQ office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 26.02.2015

Highlights on organizational and HR matters:

a)  The meeting reviewed the CHQ quota and legal fund payments. All Circles assured to clear the dues shortly.

b)  SNEA(I) urgently to focus the HR issues of E2, E3 pay scales, new HR plan and TB functional promotion atleast upto AGM/DE level as proposed by the consultant, 30% superannuation benefit, 1st TBP uniformly after 4 years from 01.10.2004 etc. Since new CMD has taken charge and the issues are brought to his notice by the Assn, we are waiting for the positive response from the new CMD and DIR(HR). If positive results are not coming, the agitation programmes already decided will be started by mid April. Ground level preparations to start now itself. Since management given repeated assurances but never met the same, serious preparations to be made for the agitation so that the issues are to be decided once for all.

c)  The proposed norms in HR plan is too stringent. Norms has to be framed analysing the ground realities and operational requirements.

d)  JTO to SDE DPC, LDCE to SDE(T) and SDE(TF), SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions to be expedited.

e)  Pending amendments in JTO RR, BSNLMS RR and SDE RR to be expedited.

f)  Since no decision is coming on membership verification, all trade union facilities to be restored to SNEA(I). Subscription from salary deduction to be implemented as done in the case of others sections without waiting for the verification. Contentious issues in the recognition rules to be addressed comprehensively.

g)  The AIC venue and timing of next AIC will be announced by 15th March.

h)  FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation for offtg JTOs and JTOs officiated earlier will be pursued and if required, case will be filed next month.


CS/CHQ office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 26.02.2015

Highlights on BSNL growth related issues:

a)  The meeting reviewed the Parliament March and preparations for the indefinite strike. The Parliament March was a grand success. Conventions in the remaining Circles will be held at the earliest. SNEA(I) has to take initiatives for the success of the strike.

b)  It is reported by several CSs that AMC penalties are waived off in large scale and BSNL is loosing crores of rupees in this regard. Most of such decisions are taken at Corporate office. When field units are struggling for fund for operations and maintenance, the vendors are paid waiving the penalty for which they didn’t extended any AMC support. Very old cases are reopened and payments made by waiving the penalty. Large scale corruption is suspected in the case. Assn to take up the matter at appropriate level.

c)  Transfer of Assets and mutation of land in different Circles are at very slow pace. Assn to focus of this issue of land mutation.

d)  Posting of CGM/SSA Heads to be transparent and performers only should be given the responsibility. Non performers should be shifted immediately based on their performance during this financial year.

e)  Sharing of tower and 2G BTSs/Antenas to be encouraged. OF, MPLS, 3G and FTTH network to be expanded.

f)  Subsidiary formation and merger of BSNL and MTNL without addressing the contentious issues to be opposed strongly.

g)  OF cable shortage to be addressed. Modem, data card, EPBT etc procurement to be discouraged and direct purchase by the customers from the vendors to be encouraged from the QA empanelled lists.

h)  Issues related to TERM cell and payment due from TERM cell for the BSNL staff on deputation will be taken up with DoT/BSNL.


Meeting with Maj. Mohd Ashraf Khan, ED(NB):

GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met ED(NB) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a)         Approving the new scheme and syllabus for SDE(TF): GS explained the issue to ED(NB) and requested his intervention to get the proposal approved in the MC. LDCE from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) is pending for long time since the syllabus is not finalised.

b)        Posting of SDE(C ) in A&N Circle treating it as All India tenure: Assn requested to treat A&N Circle as a separate Circle and post SDEs to A&N from All India seniority / long standing list. As of now, SDEs from WB/CTD only sent to A&N on rotation. Like other tenure Circles, A&N posting also to be regulated from All India lists. ED(NB) assured to consider the proposal.


Meeting with Sri S. K. Bharadwaj, GM(FP):

GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met GM(FP) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a)         Option for the 2010 JAOs: Assn explained to GM(FP) that all the JAOs of 2010 qualified well before the cut off date of 07.05.2010 (the date of pay revision order) and due to administrative reasons their training has been delayed.  Further the recruitment process itself started in 2004-05 and delayed for years together. So the case has to be considered sympathetically. GM(FP) informed that he will try to discuss the issue further in the committee.

b)        Promotion to 230 CAO posts: Assn requested to complete the DPC in this financial year itself, by 31st March. GM(FP) assured that we will try to complete the DPC with the support of the Assn before March, 31st. Almost all the ACRs are received except 31 and we are pursuing the remaining cases.

For the next 336 CAO vacancies, ACRs will be called this week itself.

c) Promotion from JAO to AO for the remaining vacancies: Assn requested to process the DPC for the next vacancy year so that remaining JAOs of 2006 batch and some of the JAOs of 2010 batch (OC category) also can be promoted. GM(FP) assured to consider the case at the earliest so that the vacancies can be filled up at the earliest.


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