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As per the decision of AIC at Ludhiana, Membership Subscription (Monthly deduction of Quota from Salary)  enhanced from Rs.70/- to Rs.100/-  with effect from January 2019 as detailed below.
CHQ: Rs.50/-

(CHQ Quota: Rs. 15/- + Welfare Scheme Rs 21/- + AIC Fund - Rs.14/-)                          
Circle: Rs.25/-
(Circle Quota - Rs 15/- + Circle conference Fund - Rs.10/-)     
Division / District Quota: Rs.15/-.    
Branch: Rs 10/-


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100% Executives of Ghazipur SSA, UP(East)  Circle become members of SNEA. Ghazipur dist is the constituency of Hon MoSC. Congratulations to DS/Ghazipur and CS/UP(E) Circle for this milestone.


Meeting with GM(Pers), GM(SR) and DGM(Pers):

GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao and Com Sanjeev Sharama, Jt Sec Com Sumit Saxena, CS/BSNLCO Com G K Das and CS/UP(W) Com R P Sharma met Shri Arun Kumar, new GM(Pers) on 14.01.19 and held discussions on JTO to SDE and DE to DGM promotions.

Later on we met DGM(Pers) and held further discussions on promotions.

BSNL sought the legal advice from ASG on OWN MERIT, in reservation. AGS reply is expected by this week.

On DE to DGM promotion, the demand for publishing the provisional seniority list is under examination. Review DPC as per 206 is not formally completed to publish the seniority list.

In a sudden move, BSNL transferred GM(Pers) and DGM(Pers) last week immediately after the developments on contempt petition in Kerala. Top management is upset with the developments after so many promotions.

In the evening GS, AGSs Com P P Rao and Com Sanjeev Sharama and Jt Sec Com Sumit Saxena met GM(SR) and held further discussions on DE to DGM promotions.

Com Sumit Saxena, Jt Sec will be available at CHQ for few days.



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Instructions regarding CGHS Beneficiaries Prescription Slip  by CGHS Additional Director.... View copy of the letter.  


Join SNEA, Strengthen SNEA and Strengthen Executives Unity to settle the pending issues of BSNL Executives:

Strengthen SNEA for the Revival of BSNL.

Strengthen AUAB by joining SNEA, one of strong constituent of AUAB to settle 30% Superannuation benefits and 3rd PRC.

Strengthen SNEA to settle E2, E3 pay scales. The court cases at Chandigarh and the contempt petition lead to hurriedly notifying lower pay scales of E1 and E2 by DoT. SNEA is committed to reverse the DoT decision and working for that.

Strengthen SNEA for the promotions in all the cadres, parity in promotions, uniform promotion avenues and for Time Bound Functional promotion for all.

The court cases complicated and delaying the promotions, SNEA is trying to remove the hurdles one by one.

Strengthen SNEA for your Social Security and implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI).

Strengthen SNEA for the settlement of other issues, through continuous persuasion.

All SSA/Branch/Circle Secretaries and office bearers are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum membership. Till tomorrow, 15.01.2019, new members and changes in membership can be done.


 Meeting of the Committee for Periodic Interaction and meeting between the AUAB and the Additional Secretary.

A meeting of the Committee for Periodic Interaction (Institutional Mechanism) was held in the Sanchar Bhawan on 10-01-2019. From the AUAB, Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU & Convenor, Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS/NFTE & Chairman, Com.K.Sebastin,  GS/SNEA and Com.Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSLEA participated. Shri.R.K.Khandelwal, Joint Secretary(Admn.) Shri S.K.Jain, DDG(Estt.), Sri Rajeev Sing, DDG(Budget)  and officers participated from the DoT. Shri.P.K.Sinha, Advisor(Finance), DoT, who is a member of the Committee did not participate attend as he is on tour. Ms.Sujata Ray, Director(HR) and ShriA.M.Gupta, GM(SR) represented the BSNL.


It may be remembered that the AUAB strongly demanded that this Committee should be chaired by the Additional Secretary and that no result would be achieved if it is presided over by the Joint Secretary level officer. Whatever we predicted has proved to be correct. The Joint Secretary(Admn.) and the DDG(Estt.) were not able to give any worthwhile information about the status of the issues, viz., 3rd Pay Revision, Allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay and Pension Revision. Both the officers are completely negative on our issues. No worth mentioning outcome came from this meeting.


Hence, after this meeting, the AUAB leaders went and met Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary and expressed their total dissatisfaction about the outcome of the meeting. Shri R.K.Khandelwal, Joint Secretary (Admn.), Ms.Sujata Ray, Director (HR) and Shri A.M.Gupta, GM(SR) were also present. Thereafter, full fledged discussion took place with the Additional Secretary on our demands.


3rd Pay Revision

Detailed discussion took place. The Additional Secretary told that the DoT is ready to settle the 3rd Pay Revision. But, he categorically told that it will be very difficult for the DoT to get the approval of the Cabinet for 15% fitment, since BSNL’s financial position does not allow payment of such high salary. He requested the AUAB and the BSNL Management to discuss and come back to him by next week with a workable solution which can be convincing to other ministries also. DIR(HR) informed that she will start negotiation with AUAB immediately.


4G spectrum to BSNL.

As regards the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, the Additional Secretary confidently told that the DoT would do it’s best to get the Cabinet approval for the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. He expressed hope that the Telecom Commission meeting to be held in the 1st week of February would give the necessary clearance, after which it would go for the Cabinet approval. Reservation on the part of Niti Ayog and Dept of Expenditure will be sorted out in the Telecom Commission meeting with the support of the recommendation of the consultant, IIM Ahmedabad. BSNL response on IIM report will be submitted by Monday and thereafter it will be processed to discuss in TC meeting.


Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay.

As regards the issue of Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay, the Additional Secretary told that the Department of Expenditure (DoE) has sought certain details and that the DoT has already written to the BSNL in this regard. The Director (HR) replied that within 1 or 2 days, BSNL would send a reply to the DoT. The Additional Secretary assured that thereafter prompt action would be taken to get the approval of the DoE.


Pension Revision.

On this issue, the AUAB representatives expressed their dissatisfaction and demanded that prompt action should be taken by the DoT. Thereafter, detailed discussion took place with regards to the fitment, etc. Finally, the Additional Secretary requested the Director(HR) to provide with copies of relevant documents like Government orders related to payment of Pension to the BSNL employees, etc.


Outstanding issues of 2nd PRC.

On this DIR(HR) informed that there are two parts, one pertaining to BSNL and the other one pending with DoT. DIR(HR) informed that an understanding has been reached between AUAB and the CMD BSNL in respect of increasing the contribution towards Superannuation Benefits. She also assured that a record of discussion would be issued for the meeting held on 02.12.2018 between CMD BSNL and the AUAB.

On the second issue of approval of E2 and E3 pay scales, DIR(HR) told that DoT issued PO by lowering the pay scales to E1 and E2, degrading the cadres which BSNL is not agreeing. It is to be reviewed as requested by BSNL.  

GS explained the matter further and requested for early settlement. In the last meeting on 03.12.2018, Hon Minister agreed to reconsider the DoT decision and assured early action as it can be decided within DoT. AST finally told directed Director(PSU) to process the case and brief him on the subject.


At the end of the meeting, the Additional Secretary suggested that the AUAB representatives could again meet him next week.

AUAB Circular


On 10.01.2019, AGS Com P. Padmanabha Rao, CHQ Treasurer Com R. Rajan and Jt Sec(S) Com A. Chandrasekhar met GM(BW) Sri. A. D.P. Keshri & GM(LD) Sri. D. K. Shinghal and  discussed land management, about discrepancies in the SDE(C) Seniority list, publication of year wise vacancies, Seniority list of JTO(C). GM(BW) assured to settle the issues within BW Unit based on individual representations received. If any legal issues arise, they will be sent to legal for clarification and will be placed accordingly. Regarding JTO(C) seniority, provisional seniority list is under preparation, for the approval of the competent authority. Around 205 JTO(C) data is available for the preparation of the seniority list. We also discussed about promotions of JTO(C) to SDE (C), SDE(C) to EE (C) & SE(C). Administration is trying to settle the seniority related issues and afterwards promotions will be issued for the availability vacancies.

Land Management issue discussed with GM(LD) and he informed that a draft on Land Management policy for BSNL has been submitted to DoT for approval. He also informed that with this Land Management, within three years span, there is a possibility of generating Rs. 8,000/-Cr per Annum as revenue to BSNL. This will become major source of income for BSNL revival. Leasing of open lands, extending leasing period upto 30 years under the purview of BSNL are notable points in the policy.


Meeting with GM(Pers): GS, CHQ Treasurer and AGSs met new GM(Pers) Shri Arun Kumar and held discussions on JTO to SDE and DE to DGM promotions. In view of the contempt proceedings against CMD/BSNL and GM(Pers), management is not at all thinking about further promotions rather the entire focus is to file appeal against the contempt proceedings in the HC and Supreme Court. Ernakulam CAT directed the personal appearance of CMD and GM(Pers) on 24.01.2019. Indications are that management will consider JTO to SDE promotions only after getting relief on contempt petitions.

However we are trying our level best to get the promotion orders issued at the earliest as majority of the DPC related work is already completed. We are committed to see that promotion orders are issued at the earliest for the JTOs as most of them are waiting for more than 17 years for their first promotion and they are in no way connected with the mess created by others.

As anticipated, the court cases and the contempt petition is badly delaying the promotions eventhough all the DPC work is completed. It is really unfortunate that the stubbornness of AIGETOA activists (many of them are already SDEs) for the personal appearance of CMD and others really casting shadow on the prospects of thousands of JTOs waiting for SDE promotions.

On DE to DGM promotions, new GM(Pers) assured to have discussion on Monday as the entire Pers section is busy in filing appeal against the contempt petition in higher courts. 


Appointment of JAOS on Probation under DR quota after Pre appointment training on 11-01-19 reg ... View Order copy


Implementation of Group Term Insurance (GTI):

Today the GTI meeting held with LIC and the draft Policy is finalised after corrections. The policy document will be finalised by Monday and it will be signed by next week. GS and President participated in the meeting. 30 days grace period allowed for the payment of premium on renewal. There will not be any medical. The age group of 50 years is defined for 50 years, 5 months and 29 days. For all types of death, 100% coverage provided.

Considering the demands from various corners for re-negotiation of the coverage and premium for the age group above 50, it is negotiated for 20 lakhs with quarterly payment of the premium. This has been accepted by LIC without any hike in the premium. A separate option will be called from those above 50 years.

This initiative is taken by SNEA immediately after the MV mainly for the BSNL direct rects who don’t have the social security on the event of any unforeseen incidents.



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Interim Report on Revival/Restructuring of BSNL - IIMA   


AUAB meeting with the Secretary, Telecom.

Representatives of the AUAB met Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom, on 09.01.2019. Shri Anshu Prakash, Additional Secretary, Telecom, was also present. From AUAB, Com.P. Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU & Convenor/AUAB, Com. Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE and Chairman/AUAB, Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com.Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA took part. AUAB expressed their concern to the Secretary, Telecom, over the slow implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoS(C). In reply, the Secretary, Telecom, told that a status report on all the issues would be given to the AUAB, by the DoT, in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism) meeting to be held on 10.01.2019. The Secretary, Telecom, suggested that the AUAB could meet her thereafter, and apprise her of the actions needed to be taken. In the discussion, AUAB demanded the inclusion of four representatives from AUAB in the Committee (Institutional Mechanism). This was accepted by the Secretary, Telecom.

AUAB Circular


Implementation of Group Term Insurance:

GS, CHQ Treasurer Com R Rajan, AGS Com Dilip Saha, AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, Jt.Sec (South) Com Chandrasekhar, Jt.Sec (East) Com I H Mandol and AGS Com Jagdish Rout met Sr GM(Estt), GM(Trg) and GM(CA) on 08.01.2019 and held discussions on implementation of GTI w.e.f 01.02.2019.

The Estt section is nominated as the nodal section for the implementation of GTI. Estt section issued direction to ERP cell to take action to deduct the amount from the salary of January, 2019 onwards. CA section will implement the premium deduction and accounting.

SNEA requested for some mechanism for the Executives on deputation to other Depts like TERM Cell for exercising the option for GTI. In principle it is agreed and modalities will be worked out. Further monthly or quarterly premium payment for the Executives above 50 years as the premium amount is higher. This also will be discussed with LIC. Next meeting with LIC will be held on 11.01.2019 for finalizing the MoU and the policy document.

We requested for a mechanism to monitor the contribution towards the Pension fund (5%). For this necessary modifications are under process in ERP to monitor the contribution from BSNL. The fund status in LIC also can be monitored for that LIC will extend a link for the BSNL employees. This is already under testing for individual cases and will be implemented at the earliest. pension fund, GM

Increasing the Gratuity from 10 lakh to 20 lakhs for BSNL direct rects: We requested to issue a separate order in this regard. GM(CA) informed that BSNL Board approved the gratuity at par with Central Govt employees for the future also and any change for Central Govt employees will be automatically implemented for BSNL Direct rects. For notifying the enhancement of Gratuity from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs, the intimation is already given to Income Tax Dept and on their clearance, separate orders will be issued to all the field units, it is assured. 


Project Ojas implementation

CHQ Treasurer Com R Rajan, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, Jt.Sec(South) Com Chandrasekhar and Jt.Sec(East) Com I H Mandol met CGM (EW) Sri. Praveen Varshney on 08.01.2019 and discussed about Project Ojas implementation. CGM EW has informed that at present BSNL is spending about 13.5% of its revenue towards Energy charges compared to industry average of around 5%, so there is lot of scope for improvement on that front. The target under Project Ojas is 25%. He was confident that this financial year target of Rs 500 Cr saving from Project Ojas will be achieved. He very much particular about necessity of ACs to be audited and where ever ACs can be avoided they should be avoided. He also emphasised the need for early implementation of Roof Top Solar (RESCO Model) power generation wherein there is no CAPEX required from BSNL, while BSNL will be assured of Electricity from these plants at a much cheaper rate compared to existing power distribution companies.

On promotions, it is informed that he is waiting for the implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy which is the best possible solution to address the promotion issues for ever. Otherwise, assured to fill up the vacancies immediately after March 2019.