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BSNL enters critical revival threshold - no complacency- final destination is wiping out losses. All the kudos to new BSNL captain and his team for the path breaking business initiatives and leadership.

True to our profound and inherent commitment of driving the prestigious “National Telecom Institution” to the pinnacles of glory, this Association has had been relentlessly struggling to bring this prestigious institution out of the morass that it has been in for past several years. Huge paradigm shift was quite perceptible, putting our career related issues to the backburner and, instead, single-mindedly focussing on the growth of our beloved company. As responsible members of an integrated family, we were and continue to be   conscious of the fundamental fact that our promotions, entire future and the   upcoming crucial wage revision are irretrievably linked and interwoven to the continuing upward growth trajectory of the Company. Perhaps we were at our very best and the first in recognizing and realizing the strategic significance of this hard reality and then getting glued to accomplishing it. We really displayed unparalleled and exemplary craftsmanship in this direction.  

Balance sheet of the year just gone reveals that we have started succeeded in hitting the bottom line i.e increase in revenues and that is what matters finally. The data, even though small in magnitude, give us huge confidence and strength to inch forward and reinforces our conviction that we can and have the capacity to reach the goal post. Comparing operational profit of 672 Crores for 2014-15 to the loss of 691 Crores during 2013-14 stimulates us to look forward with renewed optimism and vigour. Our income from services increased by 4.16% to Rs 27,242 Crores in 2014-15, the highest in last five years. Even the highly neglected but potential CFA segment has shown remarkably positive trends.

And the distinguishing feature is that all this has occurred when BSNL unlike other major telecom giants has not incurred heavy market debt. This undoubtedly has redoubled and reignited the raging fire within us that we are all determined and confident of taking this company back to its pristine glory and positioned once again as a leading telecom operator in terms of services, market share and revenues. It is writing on the wall which has to be read meticulously and not lost sight of it by getting complacent. The only thing that can derail and endanger our upward journey is complacency. It has the potential of killing us and thus has to be defeated by staying on course and on our toes.    

Needless to say, it has been a two way affair, with trade unions taking the lead in mobilizing, motivating, sensitizing and finally preparing its members to respond to the great challenge of revival of and the top management too playing a very pragmatic role in terms of taking key and timely policy business decisions, marketing initiatives of various attractive schemes and to top it all streamlining the crucial procurement mechanism that is the nerve centre of growth.

Hats off to the new leader of BSNL for he understood and recognized the greatest impact that talking to employees and taking to them in close confidence can have on growth of the Company. He did not insulate himself from the workforce and that is what has started yielding tangible results. This process of close interaction between the management and the workers has not only to continue but has to be fostered further in a big way at Circle and SSA level and the results of this close and harmonious relation would be truly and incredibly spectacular. Congenial industrial ambience and trustworthiness will create miracles. Last few months, positive trend is seen in both GSM and CFA segments.

Our final destination is wiping out completely the accumulate losses and clearing our balance sheets. Our commitment and conviction in wiping out losses has to be extraordinary in the coming days. We have no other option but to respond in an exemplary way to the initiatives and business decisions of the management and fully capitalize on them. Our real challenge is “quality of service”. We have to fully live up to the huge trust and expectations that people of this country continue to repose in us as a Govt company. Meeting their expectations in quality of service and not betraying their trust is itself a big challenge.

As CMD, BSNL announced, BSNL revival has started. We have to take it forward in the coming days with greater strength and commitment. We should not be lagging on this issue till we achieve our goal, “Revival of BSNL’’, not only by making operational profits, but by wiping out losses has to be the ultimate goal. 


Historical, truly unprecedented and sustained struggle by valiant Comrades of SNEA and BSNLEU of Kerala will be scripted in “Golden Letters in Trade Union History”.

Red Salute to our beloved warriors of Kerala


Photos of Tamilnadu - Circle  Conference held on 5th and 6th Nov-2015


Joint Committee recommendation on E2, E3 pay scales: SNEA is pursuing the matter with Estt section. Now Estt wing submitted the recommendations of the committee to DIR(HR) with the recommendations of the committee, the dissent note by two members and the views of the section. Assn will be meeting DIR(HR) and CMD next week for pursuing the matter further. Once the proposal is cleared by DIR(HR) and CMD, then only, MC note will be prepared and processed.


GS writes to Central Vigilance Commissioner: Unwarranted and inordinate delay in giving clearance to the draft charges against Sri. M.S.S Rao, Ex-CGM/Kerala, BSNL, sent by CVO/DOT more than four months before raises very serious and justified concern that the accused who is retiring on 31st Dec.,15 is getting shelter from some quarters in your Organization. Delay is a clear affront to the directive of the Hon PM to the bureaucracy and the investigating agencies to come down ruthlessly on corrupt people.  
GS letter to CVC


View Corporate office orders:
AGM Transfer order - Retention reg.
STS regular promotion - Modification reg .
Regular Promotion to SDE Civil - Calling for VC reg .


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GPRS/3G facilities to all the Executives: The management Committee of BSNL Board approved the proposal to extend data facility to the Executives and authorized DIR(HR). As soon as the minutes are issued, necessary orders will be issued. Earlier the facility was extended to DGM and above only. The free data of 500 MB available to 525 plan is extended to all Executives below DGM. Payment has to be made for the excess usage. SNEA was pursuing the matter with BSNL management for the last few months.


DoT /BSNL issued orders extending the benefit of payment of Family pension at the enhanced rates (60%) & Ex-gratia lumpsunn compensation to the family in case of death occurred while on duty. The case was referred by Gujarat Circle. SNEA pursued the case with BSNL and DoT to get favourable orders which will help to settle similar cases for other cases.
DoT order


GS writes to Hon MoC & IT: Abnormal, intriguing and inexplicable delay in according approval to initiation of disciplinary action against Sri. M. S. S. Rao, Ex-CGM/Kerala, against whom serious charges of corruption have been prima facie established after extensive investigations. Delay raises legitimate, serious and justified concern that officer who is retiring on 31st December, 2015 is getting tacit support from the office of MOC&IT so as to allow him to retire without initiation of appropriate disciplinary proceedings prior to his retirement.
Letter to Hon MoC & IT